5.16: I Can Do This

Okay, I never dreamed I’d actually be writing this…

But I’m moving out. Next week!


I still have no idea what made Tante Joce change her mind. All she’d tell me was that she “thought about it” and decided to give me a chance. I guess I kinda can’t help feeling like there’s something she’s not telling me – not anything bad, necessarily, just… something else that helped convince her? I dunno. Every time she talks about it, I feel like there’s more she wants to say or something.


But I guess it’s not really the reason that matters anyway, huh?

Anyway, I’ll be living in the same building as Remi and River. Awesome, right? I seriously can’t believe this. I’m still kinda scared I’ll wake up all of a sudden – that this is all some crazy dream. But Tante Joce went downtown and co-signed all the paperwork with me this afternoon. This is really happening!


All I had to do was agree to a few “conditions” first.

The biggest one is that I have to get a job to pay for my rent and all the bills. Tante Joce said she’d give me a loan to help pay the first month’s rent. But after that, I’m on my own. She still won’t let me touch my inheritance yet, and it’ll definitely suck having to work and go to school at the same time… But Tony’s been helping grandpa down at the library since last year, and she seems to be doing okay with it so far. And if she can handle it, then I guess I can too.

The other conditions are easy – I have to call or text home at least twice a week (So they know I’m still alive or something, I guess?).

And if I get to the point where I can’t afford it on my own anymore, I have to move back home. “Sorry, no bailing you out.” Grandpa said. And I’m fine with that.


They want me to prove that I can do this – and I will.

I’m not even bringing any of my furniture from home. I asked grandpa and Opa to take me shopping this weekend (and help me lug it all back home too!). I still have most of my Christmas money left over, so I figure I can at least get the basics – enough to get started until I’m getting paid, at least.

And hopefully that side of things will be worked out soon. I put in an application at this little restaurant down the street from my apartment. Bussing tables and washing dishes seems easy enough, right? The manager seemed pretty cool, and she’s supposed to call me this weekend about setting up an interview.


Can you believe it? My first job, my first apartment… This is all happening so fast. It’s incredible!

I just wish everyone could be happy for me.

Oma and Opa have been acting kind of funny about it. They keep giving Tante Joce these looks whenever she mentions me moving out, and I’ve overheard them talking to her about it. I never pay enough attention to what they’re saying, but they definitely don’t sound happy. Who knew your parents are still allowed to give you shit even when you’re an adult!


Ur-Oma and Ur-Opa haven’t said too much. They just kinda smile and nod whenever we talk about it. And sometimes they look at each other too. Almost like they have some kind of inside joke about it or something? It’s a little weird… But hey, they aren’t giving Tante Joce a hard time about it like Oma and Opa are, so I’ll take it.


And then there’s the triplets. They’re reacting exactly how I’d expect them to… Which is not exactly great, I guess. Tony’s freaking out and talking about what a bad idea this whole thing is. Alex is laughing at me and making bets on “how long I’ll last”. And Charlie, well… She hasn’t said much to me about it, really. But she still seems pretty shocked that her mom changed her mind. If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost say she’s jealous. But I think it’s really just shock more than anything.


But whether she believes it or not, this is seriously happening.

After all this time, I’m finally getting the chance to make it on my own.

And I can’t wait.



64 thoughts on “5.16: I Can Do This

  1. I’m with Alex on this one and see how long Zayne will last. If he showed up in a fancy restaurant for a job with a baseball cap I don’t think the manager will be calling him anytime soon… and if a hiccup happens and it’s not all perfect anymore, how will Zayne handle it? I just wonder. (On another note, working at a restaurant isn’t as easy as Zayne thinks it is, so I guess if he does get the job he will be very surprised). I am also surprised he only went to one place to ask for a job. Seems like he expects to get hired straight away? Imo it would be better to apply to multiple places and keep your options open until you get a solid job offer.

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    1. Haha well as for the fancy restaurant, he’d be working in the kitchen as a dishwasher, so it’s nothing fancy. I think if he was applying as a host or a server it would be different! And if this job doesn’t work out for him I imagine he’ll try somewhere else 🙂

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      1. The job may not be fancy, but it’s at a fancy establishment. I agree with July that he probably should have dressed more appropriately for the interview. However, he’s Zayne and wants to be independent and probably didn’t ask for advice on the matter.

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  2. Should have made him get a job and pay for the first months rent and the down payment and just co signed . That way he already has a steady job and one less thing to worry about on your end. Plus he’ll know how hard it is to earn money, keep a job and go to school. But I’m all for this sudden free fall 😈

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    1. Hahahaha definitely a sudden free fall 😉 Zayne was eager to be on his own ASAP, so he’s getting exactly what he wanted 😉


  3. I think Zayne will make it for a while pretty well. He is motivated now but I guess this won’t last too long. Still I think he is stubborn enough to stay as long as possible to just to be right.

    On another note I guess Zayne moving in the same house with Remi and River means we get to meet our party peopke soon. Yay!

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    1. Haha there are many ways it could go now! I definitely think you’re right about his stubbornness… even if things aren’t great, I think he’s gonna be too stubborn to actually go home haha.

      And yes, the casting call folks will start appearing soon! Now the truth is out there 😉 They weren’t just for Remi and River, they were for Zayne too 🙂

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  4. *snort* Good luck! Entitled, spoiled brat lol. “Who knew your parents are still allowed to give you shit even when you’re an adult!” Pfffft. It kills me how some people (kids and adults; mostly adults) believe that parents have no right to advise you when you’re grown. Like parents’ suddenly become “unemployed” when their kids turn 18 LOL.

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  5. Hmmm.

    I’m foreseeing some serious decline in Zayne’s GPA in the near future.

    I’ll be honest and say that I’m optimistic enough to think he’s going to actually succeed in this. However, he’s going to have a really rough time. His GPA will drop, which might make it hard for him to be accepted into university. The first time something breaks in the apartment, he’s probably going to freak out because he doesn’t know what to do about it. Should he fix it himself? Call the landlord? He can’t afford to pay someone to repair it, he’s only making a little over minimum wage!

    And he’s going to get so, so distracted by all the parties… And when he’s surrounded by young adults, there will certainly be parties and they may get wild and he might end up in over his head (single dad?).

    Hm. He’s 16 and I’m pretty sure there are some things in Germany he won’t be able to do until he’s 18 (I’m not German so I have no idea, really), so he might even go so far as to get a fake ID, and if he does that… well it’s not going to look good for him if he has to spend some time in jail!

    … So I amend my early “I think he’ll manage but struggle with it,” to “he’ll probably manage to struggle through this, as long as he doesn’t end up in jail.”

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    1. I love all the thoughts and predictions you’ve shared here! Zayne definitely has a lot of potential for things like suffering grades for sure, as well as getting in over his head with other stuff! There are definitely some interesting times ahead for him, I’ll say that much!


    2. Well you can drink since you’re 12 with your parents’ permisson. But you have to be 18 for anything stronger (Am I right Citizen?) so there isn’t much he can do which requires (fake) ID.


    3. there are a lot of clubs in Germany which will let you in without looking at your ID too closely. But they certainly aren’t the good ones and we wouldn’t want to see our poor Zayne end up there… or would we? *evil glare*

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      1. In Austira it is the same. Even though you are allowed to go in most of the bars and clubs with sixteen you can just drink beer and wine there. Most of the Ausrtian teenager have their first total being drunk with 14 also in clubs. As with the first time having sex it is often with 14 to 16. Smoking is allowed when you reach 16 but those who start with it are most of the time between 12 and 16. Yeah Austria and their rules … I guess in general you could say that teenagers try things out two years before they are allowed to 😀

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  6. I knew ToCo wouldn’t be happy. But Mari and Jonas sharing a look? I guess she knew about her father living in a tent before he met Jade.

    As for Zayne, can’t wait to see what happens. There haven’t been any love interests for him so far so I suppose that will definitely happen and from the casting call sims no less. But they are all older than him so maybe he toughs it out and meets one later OR pretends he is older and hooks up with someone older than him. Lol. Hmmmm. I can’t wait for reality to bite him in the ass! Ha!

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    1. I think Mari and Jonas are more amused than anything haha rather than disapproving 🙂

      Lots ahead for Zayne! And yes, now I can reveal that the casting call sims were just as much for Zayne as Remi and River! Whether friends or romantic interests or enemies remains to be seen 😉


  7. Oh Zayne, you poor naive soul. You will learn how to balance work, school and fun, I’m sure. However, I have a feeling you’ll learn it the painful way.

    I give him a week.
    Just wait until he starts to pay the bills on his own. Then it will be agony.

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    1. Hahaha the bets are already coming in on how long he’ll last! 😛 Time will tell 😉 Something tells me it won’t be as easy as he’s expecting!

      (By the way, I didn’t get to ask you on your last comment — how did you end up finding A2A? 🙂 I’m just curious, since you mentioned this is your first simlit! Thank you so much for reading ^_^)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I learned about simlit thanks to SimsVIP. They did an article about it and had made a list of the best legacy stories. A2A was the second on the list, I think (Congrats btw!). I read the blurbs and decided to check them out. Now I’m hooked on the Rosebrooks.

        I also started reading Heffner Legacy and Thoreau Legacy, but I haven’t caught up yet.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Awesome! I’d wondered if maybe it was that article 🙂 I’m so glad you’ve checked out my story! I still haven’t read the Heffners (though I want to!) but I love the Thoreaus! (Obviously, given the crossover 😛 hehe)

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    1. Haha it’s a pride/stubbornness thing. Minus his clothes, Zayne is bringing nothing from home with him. He wants everything in the apartment to be purchased with his own money so he can prove himself as truly 100% independent. He’s basically ridiculous 😂

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      1. Aw! He’s going to be fine in the long run. This will be a great lesson for him I think. Tante Joce is making the right choice I think….
        Unless this apartment burns down and everyone dies! But you’re not capable of writing that into your story 😉

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  8. “Who knew your parents are still allowed to give you shit even when you’re an adult!” *intense rolling of eyes* 😛

    Well, he’s making some questionable decisions (like not bringing any furniture with him), but best of luck to Zayne.

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  9. Citizen! I have a question…
    In “Interlude: Too Late,” Mark notices (in third person),”His grandson wriggled gently in his arms, blinking up at him with his big blue eyes.”
    However, as you can clearly see in the pictures from this chapter, Zayne has BROWN eyes.
    So my question is, where did the blue eyes go?

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    1. I’m not Citizen, but I can say that most babies, if not all, are born with blue eyes (low pigment). Some stay blue, but most change color as the baby grows up.

      You can see the same thing happen with puppies and kittens.

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    2. Brass Buckles beat me to it 🙂 Most babies are born with blue eyes, and in that chapter, Zayne was only a few weeks old so his eyes wouldn’t have changed yet 🙂

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  10. ‘I never pay enough attention to what they’re saying, but they definitely don’t sound happy’ – you missed a trick there, Zayne. I spend more time loitering in corners listening to my parents talking (when it’s about me) secretly more than I’d like to admit. And heh, I’m with Alex. I think… 3-4 months. What’cha say – if I lose, I don’t critise you next time you get drunk? Hehehe XD

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  11. Wait till the reality of living on your own hits him like a ton of bricks! It’s all great in theory till you find out the real cost of everything. *sigh* to be a kid in primary school again where the biggest worry was what was in my lunchbox each day!

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  12. Loved the little private moment between Mari and Jonas – says a lot about them as a a couple that even though we see them for about three seconds in the chapter, something about them still stands out 🙂

    Paying for rent, bills and food on a part-time minimimum wage salary… Zayne’s going to poop himself 😀 I say let him enjoy his excitement while it lasts haha!

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    1. I’m glad you liked that ^_^ I still love Mari and Jonas as a couple, even though we barely see them anymore haha. I imagine the two of them have had some private conversations and have their own opinions on the matter 😉 But they wanna let the younger folks handle it and instead just watch and smile 😛

      And yes, I think Zayne may be in for a rude awakening! Haha he will be officially moved out soon… so we will see!

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  13. Ughhhhh Jocelyne, you’re going to regret this decision.
    I like the rules for him; it’s very practical, but I just don’t think it’s going to go well. He wants independence so he can do dumb stuff.

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  14. Zayne, you are going to fail. Apologies. But moving out at sixteen doesn’t work unless you get picked up by an Andrew Lloyd Webber tv show, and I don’t see that happening for you, buddy.

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