Month: January 2017

5.23: Rollercoaster

Ever feel like you’re on a rollercoaster? One minute everything’s great — you’re flying. You’re having the time of the life… But then out of nowhere there are all these twists and turns that make you feel like you’re gonna puke, and all you want is to get the hell off that crazy ride and go home.

Yeah, one more twist and I was pretty sure I was gonna get thrown off.


I’m still having fun. I’m still making friends. But money got tight. Like, ridiculously tight. “So-tight-that-my-landlord-was-probably-gonna-evict-me” tight. I should have done the math sooner — all my bills, plus rent and groceries… There was no way I could afford all that. Not on minimum wage.

I was really starting to panic. I was SO sure I was gonna end up back at home… I mean, what other choice would I have had?


That’s where Eun came in (yes, that super terrifying guy who lives next door, believe it or not). To be honest, he still scares the crap out of me. But he also saved my ass, so… Guess it’s not really fair to keep talking about him like that anymore.

Anyway, I’ve been working for him and his friends for a couple of weeks now… Extra money on the side, y’know? And it’s amazing what a difference it makes. It’s probably the easiest job in the whole world, but the pay is INSANE. One delivery gets me almost half of what I make at the restaurant in a week!


So thanks to Eun, things are finally back to normal now. Better than normal, actually!

I finally had another chance at a uni party — Axel had one at his place a couple weeks ago. It was a lot smaller than Remi’s and River’s, which was actually pretty nice. I didn’t drink as much as last time either. I had enough that I’m sure I still sounded a little dumb, but at least I didn’t puke all over the place.

And Axel wasn’t kidding about inviting cute girls! Damn.


I think the best part was that they actually talked to me like I was on ‘their level’ or something, y’know? Not like I was just some kid (of course, I never told them I was either… But still).

And working down at the restaurant ended up being a great conversation starter with a couple of them. There were these two girls who are in the culinary program, from the sound of it. Hot as hell and easy to talk to too. I mentioned I work in the kitchen at the Italian place around the corner, and they were pretty impressed. I mean, I’m sure they’d be less impressed if they knew what I did in the kitchen… But they didn’t ask for details, so I didn’t give any.


It’s been a pretty good push to brush up on my cooking skills though. Now that I’ve tried out the stove a few times, I’m trying to be a little braver about it, so this is as good an opportunity as any (And maybe next time I see the girls from the party, I’ll actually know what I’m talking about!)

I think Tante Joce thought I was going crazy when I asked for some new cooking supplies for Christmas… But she delivered! I’ve been kinda keeping an eye on the chefs at work, and one of the only channels my shitty TV can actually pick up happens to be the cooking channel, so I’ve had lots of chances to pick up a few new tricks.


And I’m thinking I might end up putting some of those tricks to use soon…

I’m throwing a party this weekend!

Yes, really. An actual party… With food and booze and music and (hopefully) a bunch of super-awesome people too. Maybe I’ll even make some new friends while I’m at it. I’ve been trying to stop and say hi when I bump into people I recognize, but that can only get me so far, y’know? I’ve lived here for almost three months now, and I really think it’s time to put myself out there a little more.


I’ve been cleaning up the place all week, and now that I have a little extra cash, I was able to buy a little stereo so we can have some music. I should even have enough for some beer and liquor too (as long as I send Remi to buy the hard stuff for me).

I won’t lie – I’m kinda terrified of this whole idea… But excited too.

I think it’s gonna be amazing.