5.15: Shot Down

Ugh. I seriously hate my life. Everything’s just so messed up right now. I just need a minute to vent about it or something. Maybe that’ll help me feel better.


So, I tried talking to Tante Joce the other day about moving out… And she just shut me down! She wouldn’t even listen to what I had to say!

She just kept saying all this shit about how I can’t afford it – even though I have tens of thousands of euros sitting in a bank account waiting for me! Actually more like hundreds of thousands, I bet. Papa and Onkel Florian’s band never really hit it as big as other bands out there, but I’m not an idiot. I know they did pretty damn well for themselves. And I know Papa left me more than enough to be able to live on my own!

But of course Tante Joce said no.


And when I even said I’d get a job to pay for rent instead (which I’d totally be willing to do!) she still shot me down!

This is exactly what I’m talking about when I say she babies me – she won’t listen. She won’t give me a chance!

It made me so mad… And then I kinda made things worse, I guess.


I ended up calling her a bitch. And I’ve never called her that before. Ever. I still feel like shit for saying it. I mean, no matter how ridiculous or unfair she was being, Tante Joce didn’t deserve that. I know she didn’t. Me and my big mouth.

Dom says I totally blew it. He thinks she’ll probably never understand what I was trying to say, because she’ll be too caught up being mad that I called her a bitch. And I kinda can’t help worrying that he might be right.


But Remi made me feel a little better, at least. He says River’s called Tante Clara a bitch a bunch of times, but it always blows over. “Mama knows she doesn’t mean it,” he told me. “I’m sure this’ll be the same.”


And I really, really hope he’s right. Because I know I can’t apologize now, no matter how bad I feel. It’s too late. It’s been too long. And it’ll make it look like I’m saying she was right or something. And she wasn’t. She was being ridiculous and overprotective, just like she always is.

Anyway, I think Remi maybe had a point. I mean, it’s been like three days, and Tante Joce still hasn’t mentioned it. So maybe she’s over it? Of course, she hasn’t really said much to me at all, to be honest. Neither has grandpa. Or Oma and Opa. It almost feels like Tante Joce asked them not to. I mean, grandpa’s been giving me these… ‘looks’, y’know? Like he really wants to say something. But he never does.

I guess they’ve all kinda been looking at me a little weird though. Sometimes it’s like they’re mad. But other times it’s like they’re… nervous? Waiting for something to happen, I guess? It’s kinda hard to explain.


Even the girls noticed something was up. The three of them cornered me after dinner last night and asked me what happened… They could tell there was something weird going on. So I told them about it (minus the part where I called their mom a bitch… Something told me that wouldn’t be the best idea).

Tony got all nervous and started spewing all the same garbage Tante Joce was saying about why moving out’s a bad idea and how Tante Joce is just worried about me and blah blah blah. Typical Tony. I get that she’s trying to help, but… Ugh.


And I couldn’t believe it, but Alex actually laughed at me. She told me I’m being an idiot, and says everyone’s probably acting funny because they’re waiting for me to blow up and start “throwing a temper tantrum” again. Yeah, whatever. I’m starting to think I should have reserved the “bitch” title for her instead of Tante Joce…


Charlie was the only one who was at least a little helpful. Or at least not mean. Or annoying. She did roll her eyes at me though…

But anyway, she thinks they’re afraid I’m gonna try to run away or do something stupid like that. “If you do, it’s over.” That’s what she told me. She says if I’m serious about this thing, I need to give it some time, then try asking again another way. And in the meantime I should try to “earn some brownie points”.


Sounds like the best option, I guess — Play nice for a while and see what happens. I mean, what else can I do anyway?

I definitely can’t run away, even if everyone really thinks that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m not dumb. I know I can’t just leave without somewhere to stay. And where would I even go?

Until Tante Joce says I can leave, I’m stuck here. No matter what.

And it sucks.



31 thoughts on “5.15: Shot Down

    1. I actually think Alex is the one who sees Zayne as the most immature (though she shows it in a mean way by mocking him haha) Though Tony is very cautious and very concerned 🙂 Even Charlie sees his immaturity too haha so I wouldn’t say tony is the only one! But yes he gives her a hard time because she acts the most like Jocelyne does 🙂

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  1. It feels like typical teenage rebellion. Hopefully he will settle down and realize it isn’t that bad. Something tells me that won’t happen. The fact that he keeps mentioning the money his parents left him worries me. 😏 This will probably be light compared to what may happen later when he gets his hands on it and is not responsible enough to manage it properly. Fast cars, loose women, partying all night, drugs, alcohol, gambling – ohhh I need to stop. This is getting depressing. You would never do that to Zayne – would you? *sigh*

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  2. I feel like Zayne isn’t using his head! Life isn’t perfect and as soon as he gets out there on his own he’s going to realize it. He’s had it rough, but can we break the trend somewhere and do some nice things. Some great things. Some smart things.

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  3. Hahaha I love Zayne. His stupidity is so endearing to me 😂 He’s very realistically written I think, such a fine specimen of a “misunderstood” teen who’s the only one that gets the world around him and everybody else just doesn’t understand hahaha!

    I also liked seeing the snippets of everyone’s reactions, especially the girls! Zayne’s face when Alex laughed at him was priceless!

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad you love him! I love him too (though I love all my characters so I guess that isn’t saying much :P) He’s such a dumb kid but he has a good heart and really just wants a chance to prove himself.

      I’m glad you enjoyed those reactions! I really enjoyed taking that shot of Alex and Zayne 😛


  4. Zayne needs to take off the rose-colored glasses in regards to this whole ‘moving out’ business.

    Even if he did have ‘hundreds of thousands’ of euros in the bank, like he says, who’s to say any place he’d choose wouldn’t end up having a freakishly high rent? And also, what if he were robbed of all that money? Then he’d be in big trouble.

    Until he understands that the world isn’t going to be this fabulous party that he’s trying to get an invitation to, (and in fact can be an extremely cruel place that won’t show him any mercy, just because he’s a kid (I say kid, and not teen, because he’s acting like a damn spoiled child over all this)) he’d best stay with Tante Jossy.

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  5. Y’know… if he could prove that he’s responsible now, by getting a job and helping out with things around the house, Joce might reconsider, although he really is too young still to be on his own, maturity level aside. Life’s hard and 16 would be a super difficult age to be on your own. I know they’re in Germany, but at least here in the U.S., you can’t even sign a lot of legal agreements if you’re under 18, unless you have a parent or guardian sign with you. Maybe it’s different in Germany, but I have my doubts.

    Nevertheless, I somehow doubt that he’s even going to consider how he might go about proving he’s responsible enough to be trusted, so it’s a moot point. Considering how much drama is involved in this family’s story, I am expecting him to go into full-blown rebellion and have a kid with a girl he doesn’t love. … Which might turn into an interesting story if the mom didn’t want the child or couldn’t raise him/her, and then Zayne ended up having to be a single dad.

    … I swear, reading your legacy story is twisting my mind with family drama ideas.

    Now back to my own real world housework, and maybe some Sims 3 mod downloading. Just spent the entire day yesterday downloading all my Sims 3 base game, expansions, and stuff packs. Now I remember why I hadn’t bothered doing that before…

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    1. Sorry to reply to my own post, but also… proving he’s mature with the job and housework, and equally importantly, an apology to Joce, might also help to show he really is sorry about calling her a bitch. As an adult woman I’ve got a lot of issues with that word as an insult, and I actually try to avoid using it unless I’m referring to an actual literal female dog. That’s not to say I don’t use profanity, but just… some words I think are particularly ugly to use. I can only imagine how poor Joce felt when the kid she’d raised like her own son called her that.

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      1. I love that my legacy is giving you family drama ideas 😂😂 Being on your own at 16 would definitely be extra challenging, and you’re right that at this point who knows how far Zayne’s rebellion could go and what kind of trouble he could get into!

        I definitely think that being called a bitch really hurt Joce deeply. He’s a son to her and she’s done so much for him. Not a great move on his part :-/

        Have fun with TS3 🙂 And thanks again for reading!


    1. What?! You’re telling me heartbreak, self-loathing, teenage pregnancy, marriage troubles, forbidden romance, estrangement from your family, death of a loved one, and crippling guilt are worse than a 16 year old not being allowed to live on his own?! 😮

      😛 Lol Zayne is a ridiculous, dumb kid (but I love him anyway!)

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    1. LMAO What else can I say when people predict things? 😛 “Yes, actually you’re exactly correct” and “No, you’re so wrong” just don’t seem like good options 😉

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  6. So Tony’s also pretty sane. Alex…gosh. I’m irritated with Zayne too, but that was a low blow, man. And I agree with all his friends. He really messed this up. Apologize, Zayne. That’s your best bet.

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