5.12: Downhill

Well, last night went downhill pretty damn fast.


It started out wonderfully, of course. I love our date nights – It’s always nice when Mark and I can get a little time to ourselves. Of course, I made the mistake of letting him pick the movie this time… But the good company more than made up for it.


It was when we got home that wasn’t so nice.

The lights were on when we pulled in, and that was a red flag right away. Zayne and the girls like staying up pretty late, so I’d expect a few lights in their windows.

But not the whole house.


We got the whole story as soon as we walked through the door. Apparently poor maman and Papa woke up to the sound of a loud crash, and someone throwing up in the bathroom, so they went to investigate.


The crash was Zayne. He tripped while he was trying to help Tony to the bathroom, and knocked over a vase in the hall. An expensive one too. It had belonged to bis-vovó. Poor Oma was so upset when she found out.


And the throwing up was Tony. I guess she didn’t even make it to the toilet in time. Papa told me the poor thing was just lying there on the floor when they found her. He says Alex was in there too, trying to help clean up, and Charlie was out in the hall with Zayne, panicking about the vase.


I guess looking back on it, it almost sounds funny, doesn’t it? But I definitely wasn’t laughing last night.

They’d already put Tony to bed, and were right in the middle of giving the other three a good lecture by the time Mark and I walked in. The kids were all drunk off their asses, of course. One look at them was enough to figure that out.


Zayne wouldn’t tell us where he got the vodka from, but I have a pretty good guess. I remember Remi and River going up to his room with him at his birthday party the other day. They’d said they wanted to give him his present ‘in private.’ I guess I didn’t think much of it at the time… But that had to be it.

I just can’t believe my own children would be so irresponsible! I mean, a glass of wine or beer at dinner is one thing. Heck, even one shot of vodka isn’t so awful, I guess… But drinking so much that they’re tripping over themselves? Getting sick?! Didn’t I teach them better than that? Haven’t they ever heard of alcohol poisoning? It could have been so much worse. And thank God it wasn’t.


Mark had to talk me down from punishing them this morning. They all woke up with pounding headaches, of course. Poor Tony even threw up again. And all four of them were almost too embarrassed to even face us all day. I have to admit, it was pretty darn pathetic seeing them so sick and miserable. I didn’t really have the heart to yell at them any more… And Mark thinks it was the right choice.

He says the lecture from last night and how they felt this morning are enough of a lesson. “Sometimes you’ve just gotta let them make mistakes,” he keeps saying. “They’re smart kids. They’ll learn from them.”


And maybe he’s right. I mean, there was no harm done, right? Not really, anyway. Not this time.

I don’t know. It just feels like they’re all trying to grow up so fast. Too fast. Especially Zayne. I hear him complaining to the girls about how we treat him too much like a kid. And I get that he wants to be independent. I get that he wants to be grown-up.

But he just turned sixteen. He still is a kid, no matter how much he doesn’t want to be.

Can’t he see that?



I just wanted to let everyone know that I’ve updated the Rosebrook Family Tree for Generation Five (both the one I made as well as the full PlumTree version, which is linked on that page too!). Feel free to check it out! 🙂


54 thoughts on “5.12: Downhill

  1. Oh dear! I do hope Tony threw up because she isn’t used to drinking not because she was bullied into it. But I guess this kind of experience is fairly normal for any teenager, and they’ll learn from it. Not saying it’s nice, just that nearly everyone I know made this experience xD

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    1. Hahaha don’t worry, Tony was the sick one because it was the first time she’d ever really drank before. But I don’t think they bullied her. More like she kinda had a “Oh, what the hell — why not?” moment and decided to try it with them… And is now seriously regretting that decision hahahaha

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    1. Oooh I want to know more aobut this deja vu! Haha (I have one idea of what it might be… and if it’s what I’m thinking, it’s semi-intentional haha).

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  2. I Hope too that they Learn from this. Though Don’t be too sure :p every time i have a horrible hangover i say that i will never drink Again… But hopefully they had fun ;D

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  3. All of you are incredibly stupid. I have no sympathy at all. I credited Tony with more sense than this. They ruined Joce and Mark’s date night – which is worse than drinking. I’m going to go now before I say something I regret.

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    1. You’re being very unfair, I think. If nothing else, people – teenagers especially – make mistakes. I’m pretty sure all of them learned a lesson from this. They’re not stupid; they’re teenagers.

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      1. People make mistakes throughout their lives. I’m not a fan of blaming mistakes on age. Some people are mentally mature as teenagers some are not even in their forties. When you were properly educated about effects of certain substances and you still go and misuse them, well then you are stupid and have to learn the hard way. It’s not like you didn’t have a choice, because you had.


        1. I think what Joie is trying to say is that younger people typically make more mistakes than older people because, as a general rule, your brain is not fully matured at that point, and that includes the part of your brain that controls things like decision-making/impulse control/etc. Yes there are mature teenagers and immature adults, of course. But in general, a teenager is less mature and more likely to act impulsively and make a mistake (and making these mistakes does not make you a bad person who should be hated/judged!). There are always exceptions to this, but this is a general rule backed up by the science of brain development 🙂


          1. I understand. I was just expanding on what Spotty had said and what reasoning I thought was behind her statement about stupidity. Teenagers are less experienced. We can agree on that it is the reason why they are more prone to riskier decisions. Still, they have a choice. Tony could refuse to drink. She didn’t. I understand Spotty’s frustration, because I think she wanted to identify herself with the character and was disappointed when Tony did something Spotty wouldn’t do and thus breaking the connection she had with her. 😉


            1. I can understand being upset about a character not doing something you’d expect, so I understand that 🙂 I guess I’m just trying to defend my characters a bit. It’s a shame for them to be judged so harshly based on one action (especially something that is very common/typical for teenagers around the world). Hopefully they can redeem themselves later in some way 🙂

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  4. I think it’s hilarious the thought of the four of them drunk off their asses trying to get Tony to a toilet in the middle of the night cracks me up. Especially when just last chapter Zayne talked about how he was good at not getting caught😂

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            1. Hey, I like the idea of having one house that holds all the family’s history under one roof. 🙂 And even when you do renovations or additions, the main foundation of the same house is still there for all the generations, and you get to see the walls fill up with generations-worth of photographs from the past heirs and it brings a nice unifying feel to the story 🙂 So snort all you want, but I like it 😛

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  5. This was funny! Also I really liked looking at the family tree, I love that kind of stuff even though I haven’t followed since the beginning. But I love all the different branches of the tree and all the different names and how different people start looking, thanks for posting that!

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  6. I’m gonna be weird and say the kids are actually relatively responsible. They got drunk in the safety of their home, with help nearby and nobody around to take advantage of them. I think typically this kinda thing happens in a seedy club that’s questionable enough to serve tbe hard stuff to teens. So, honestly… I think this was still pretty safe and reserved.

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    1. This is an excellent point! 🙂 And I think you’re right. The whole “drinking-way-too-much” thing in itself was probably not the most responsible, of course haha. But if they were gonna do it, they picked the best place for it!


  7. LMAO I love that you were so amused by this hehehehe. I must admit, the image of all that chaos is pretty hysterical, isn’t it? 😛 (Though technically they ARE still breaking the law 😮 In Germany, you can have beer and wine at 16, but hard liquor (like vodka 😛 ) is off-limits until you’re 18. Still… they’re just being kids! Like you said, we’ve all been there 😉 haha)

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    1. Haha I used the death animation/pose on her because the ‘pass out’ one looks funny with the but in the air haha. So it was the best option 🙂


  8. Oh dear XD
    One of my friends was the Tony of the group, and she got so drunk that the others locked her in the bathroom so she couldn’t get into trouble. I don’t remember the whole story, I was still only 15 or something. I’m 18 now and have never even touched the stuff. (Plus US laws are 21, but that doesn’t stop most people.)

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    1. Wow, that’s crazy! Haha (and I am from the US actually 🙂 East coast! 😀 I have a lot of fun doing research about foreign laws and stuff for my story though 🙂 )

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