5.8: Seven

I don’t think I’ve been this exhausted in a long time.


Today was crazy… But really fun too. And mostly drama-free. Which is probably the best I can ask for these days.

My babies turned seven today. Seven. I almost can’t believe it. When did they start growing up so damn fast? And how the hell can I get them to stop?


Elliot and I had a good laugh about it at their party today. We’ve come such a long way since the girls were born. We’ve been through hell and back… Mostly because of me. Okay, maybe completely because of me. And I know I don’t deserve to have someone as amazing as him to help raise my children.

But I am so grateful that I do.

I know I don’t tell him that enough, so I tried to today. I just hope he realized how much I meant it.


This time last year, we took the girls to the movies and had cake with Elliot’s parents. I never would have dreamed we’d be spending their next birthday in Germany with my family. Let alone that we’d all be living here. Or that the girls would have a new adopted sibling.

Or that Luc would be gone.


I regret so many things these days. Too many to list. They haunt me all the time.

But I think one of the biggest is the fact that the girls never really got know Luc very well. And now they never can. Charlie really reminds me of him sometimes. The way she laughs, and her sense of humor… It’s so different from her sisters’. And so much like Luc’s.


Anyway, it was a fun day with the family. We all got together for dinner and cake… Even Mark was there.

I guess I wasn’t too sure about inviting him at first… But the girls really love him. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d see Mark laughing and playing with my kids the way he does. I mean sure, I used to imagine I’d be having his kids one day… But that was different. The childish fantasy of a naïve young girl.

Seeing him so kind and loving toward kids that aren’t even his own… I guess I don’t really know how to explain how it makes me feel. Confused, I guess. But good too. I think.


I know the girls were so excited that he came, and Zayne definitely loved having him there too. He did so well today. It’s been a few weeks since his last meltdown, and he seems more and more like himself every day. It takes one brave kid to make it through what he’s gone through, and to handle it so well. I really think Luc and Hazel would be proud of him. Or at least, I hope they would be.


It was nice seeing Gus and Noah together today too… They finally fixed their rough patch a few weeks ago, and today was the first time we’ve seen them since Gus moved back in. And guess what? They’re engaged now! I guess that was the source of their issues in the first place. I know commitment had been something they never quite saw eye-to-eye on… But I guess Noah had a change of heart. And I’m so happy for them. I think Luc would be too.


There was only one thing that kept today from being perfect. And I should have predicted it from the get-go…



He promised me he wouldn’t drink today. We had a deal. He’d try to be happy. He’d act normal. He’d stay away from the beer.

Yeah, that didn’t last long.


I can’t believe he’d do this. How could he break a promise like that? And then have the gall to get MAD at me when I called him out on it?

He’s not well. And I know this goes so much deeper than the drinking. We all see it. We all try to talk to him. But he still won’t listen.

I’m not sure how much longer I can take this.


31 thoughts on “5.8: Seven

  1. I’m sorry your family has had to deal with addicts 😦 Hopefully they can get through to Tobi soon and convince him he needs to stop drinking and also get help for his depression 😦

    And yes, Elliot is lovely 🙂 A lot of people disliked him for so long and I always felt sad about that because I knew his future 😛

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  2. Joce is not looking happy there while Tobi drinks his can of beer or hard lemonade, or how Zayne would say, his special juice. Tobi needs help and fast!

    I’m realizing Tobi is a bit passive-aggressive. He says he’s fine when he’s not! I fear that if continues drinking, his blood pressure will go sky high. He might get pancreatitis, where the blood vessels in the pancreas swell and prevent proper digestion, or maybe some cancer. Also, his immune system will weaken, allowing him to get sick often. What if he gets tuberculosis or pneumonia? Somebody save him before he dies or goes insane!!

    Gus and Noah are engaged? Yes!! The Royal Nuggy ship shall sail on, so hop on a board folks! 🙂


    1. If you mean literally where she was, I was lazy and had moved her out of the household to make more room for the sims for the birthday party shots hahahaha

      But in story-talk, she’s distancing herself from Tobi in general right now, I think. 😦


  3. Seven! How time flies weather you’re having fun or wallowing in pain and guilt I guess. Poor Tobi. Its early yet,not too late for him by a long shot. I love the Charlie shot. Cant say if she looks like Luc, but it’s clear Jove sees it.

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    1. Well, it’s not Charlie’s LOOKS that remind her of Luc, it’s her personality 🙂

      And yes, not too late for Tobi. Let’s hope they do something about it before it IS though :-/

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  4. I feel like Mari would be the one to help Toby. ‘Either in a been there done that’ kind of way, or ‘You lost your son don’t make me lose mine too.’ way. Either option, I feel like Mari is the one that should talk to him.

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  5. Love how Mark treats Jocelyn’s daughters!!! Yes, Mark was a fine catch, if it weren’t for the age difference. I’m still hoping these two get together at some point, but I won’t hold my breath. At the same time I also really like Elliott. But your heart tells you who to love at times and not necessary the head, although Joce is fighting it and I don’t blame her.
    The screen shot of her look pissed off when Tobi is drinking is a classic! I don’t how you managed it, but it’s really good. If Tobi is breaking his promise and can’t stay off the beer for one day means his drinking problem is worsening. I guess it’s only a matter of time before it hits a crisis point. I’m looking forward to that, but that being said, I think it’ll take time for Tobi to overcome it.
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

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    1. I’m happy that you haven’t given up hope 🙂 It’s nice when people don’t abandon ship (even if things are really over!)

      I’m glad you liked that shot too! It was part luck haha Joce looked in the right direction without me telling her to 😛

      And yeah, Tobi’s problem is definitely getting worse :-/ Hopefully something or someone can get through to him soon!


  6. oh my GOSH, TOBI! *sigh* It is so dangerous for you to keep going like this! We love you man, but you are hurting everyone by continuing to drink, especially in front of the kids.

    On a happier note, I’m glad to see that Zayne is so much better! ❤

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  7. Tobi, right in front of the kids >_<
    I'm glad Noah and Gus Gus are doing well at least 🙂
    and Zayne is starting to do better
    Clara and Florian have their baby coming
    Mari and Jonas(?How am I forgetting if that's his name or not) Are still kicking it
    Things are good, yeah. Yeah?

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