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5.15: Shot Down

Ugh. I seriously hate my life. Everything’s just so messed up right now. I just need a minute to vent about it or something. Maybe that’ll help me feel better. So, I tried talking to Tante Joce the other day … Continue reading

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Interlude: Permission

“Oh, come on! That one was too easy!” Mark chuckled heartily, his laughter echoing around the large room. “Give me another.” “Okay, okay.” Jocelyne smiled, swiping her finger across her phone screen to bring up the next trivia question. “Ooh! … Continue reading

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5.14: While We Still Can

Dear Diary, Ugh! You know I try so hard not to complain all the time, but Zayne’s really been getting on my nerves. He’s been acting so friggin’ weird lately. (Yeah, yeah, I know he’s always weird… But weirder than normal, … Continue reading

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5.13: Out of Here

Okay, today was so awesome. Remi invited me and Dom over to check out the new Space Dementia game that just came out. I’d been thinking about using some of my birthday money to buy it, so getting the chance to … Continue reading

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Interlude: Free At Last

“I think that was the last one!” Rory cried excitedly, kicking the empty box across the apartment’s hardwood floor. It struck sharply against the wall, passing between the couch and coffee table and landing directly in the corner. “GOAL!” “Rory, … Continue reading

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5.12: Downhill

Well, last night went downhill pretty damn fast. It started out wonderfully, of course. I love our date nights – It’s always nice when Mark and I can get a little time to ourselves. Of course, I made the mistake … Continue reading

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5.11: Not The Worst

Welcome to the teen arc! 🙂 HUGE thank you to JoieWilder, who made some MAJOR renovations/additions to the Rosebrook house for Gen 5. It looks gorgeous! Since the Rosebrooks are millionaires, I guess it was about time they got a fancy … Continue reading

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