Interlude: Long Night

“Um… Jocelyne?” Clara’s voice called out over the loud music that filled the air around them.


Her niece turned toward her expectantly as she placed the tall glass back on the edge of the bar. She’d already downed half of her drink in just a few seconds.

“Maybe you should slow down a little? I mean, you don’t wanna be crawling back to the hotel, do you?” The purple-haired woman laughed softly. “You do realize I was joking… When I said you should get drunk off your ass tonight?”


Jocelyne shook her head. “I’m fine, Clara. Seriously. I’m fine. It’s okay.” She raised the glass to her lips yet again before continuing. “I just need to take the edge off and stuff, y’know? But it’s okay.”

“Take the edge off what, exactly?” Her aunt raised an eyebrow at her.

“Everything. All this.” The girl gestured to the room at large. “Being at my stupid Bruder’s wedding. Being stuck in the same room as…him…” Jocelyne could not bring herself to say Mark’s name. “For the first time in two fucking years… Spending eight goddamn hours on a plane with three screaming babies…” She let out a small, bitter laugh. “I’ve earned this, Clara. Trust me.”


Her aunt just shook her head, sighing softly. “I know you have.” She agreed. “But are you even listening to yourself? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have said any of that three drinks ago… You don’t wanna piss anyone off, right? Not tonight…”

Jocelyne just shrugged. Lucas should be grateful she even showed up at all, shouldn’t he? Less than four months after giving birth to triplets, she was willing to fly across the Atlantic to see the two people responsible for ruining her life get married – be happy together. Something she and Mark would never have.

10-10-16_2-23-55-pm 10-10-16_2-23-06-pm

But now she actually had to be nice about it too?!

Still… It was really great for her family to finally meet the little munchkins in person, wasn’t it? Jocelyne couldn’t help but smile as she glanced across the room to where Tobi and Colette stood, cooing excitedly over their new grandchildren. Elliot stood off to the side, beaming proudly as he chatted with Mari and Jonas about the little ones.


“Elliot’s such an amazing dad.” She said softly. “Look at how proud he is. He’s so great with them.”

Clara smiled. “It’s sweet.” She agreed. “Sounds like the two of you have been doing pretty well… I mean, I thought Florian and I had it rough with two. Especially now that they’re running around all over the place.” She and Florian had opted to have Remi and River stay with Florian’s parents for the weekend, rather than worry about chasing them all over the reception hall all night. “But I can’t even imagine what it’s like to have three.

Jocelyne nodded. “It’s hard. But we’re making it work. Especially Elliot… God, he’s just so amazing with all three of them… And I feel so guilty, y’know? He loves them so much. Like, so damn much. And he loves me so much… But I… I don’t really… I mean…”


Her aunt’s face fell. “Jocelyne, we’ve had this conversation so many times. You already know what I’m gonna say.” Clara sighed. “But I don’t wanna talk about it when you’re… Like this. Okay? Just… slow down a little. And try to have some fun tonight.”

In the edge of her vision, Jocelyne could see the familiar spectacled figure across the room. So handsome. So perfect. She could still feel his gaze on her, just as she had all afternoon.


But she willed herself to keep her own gaze fixed firmly on anyone, anything else.

“Yeah, sure.” Jocelyne muttered. “Fun.”

It was going to be a very long night.

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A warmth that had nothing to do with the alcohol washed over her at the sound of his voice. Deep. Soothing. Beautiful. Oh God. I missed him.

Jocelyne finished her drink and placed the empty glass carefully back onto the bar. She blinked a few times against the annoying spinning sensation that washed over her, took a slow, deep breath, and turned to face him at last.


“Hi, Mark.” She smiled softly at him, her eyes drinking up every line, every detail of his face. He still looked exactly the same as he had when she’d said goodbye to him over two years ago. “Congratulations.” Jocelyne said seriously.

“Thank you.” Mark returned her smile. “I almost can’t believe my little girl’s all grown up…” He shook his head slowly. “And I suppose some congratulations are in order for you and Elliot too.” Mark glanced over his shoulder at the distant bassinet. “They’re beautiful.”


“Thanks. I really love them.” Jocelyne replied. “They’re kind of a handful though.” She admitted. “I don’t think I can even remember the last time I slept more than four hours at a time. It’s pretty exhausting. They’re such a handful. It’s so exhausting. But I love them.” The tipsy young woman didn’t even realize she was repeating herself as she continued to ramble. “I don’t know what I’d do without Elliot. Probably lose my mind or something. He’s so good with them.”

For one moment, Mark’s smile almost faltered. “You’re lucky you found each other again. I’m so happy for you, Jocelyne.”


“Heh. Yeah. Thanks.” Jocelyne’s voice was flat and lifeless. “Anyway… It’s really nice to see you, Mark.” She changed the subject quickly. “You look great.”

The older man chuckled, shaking his head. “Not sure if I agree, but thank you. And, Jocelyne, wow. You…” Mark’s eyes seemed to trace every inch of her, head to toe. The way he was looking at her sent a pleasant shiver down her spine. “You… You look…” His voice trailed off into silence.

Jocelyne said nothing for a few moments. And neither did he.

10-10-16_4-09-37-pm 10-10-16_4-07-39-pm

At last, Jocelyne reached down, unfastening her shoes and kicking them from her feet. They fell to the floor below with a pair of soft thuds. “Do you wanna dance?” She asked. “Now that I won’t break my ankles in those heels…” Jocelyne giggled. She knew that even trying to stand in those shoes in her current state would be disastrous.


Mark bit his lip uncertainly. “I’d love to, but… I’m not sure if that’s the best idea…”

“Oh come on. I’m not that drunk. I promise.” Jocelyne teased.

“It’s not that, it’s just…” Mark’s gaze traveled across the reception hall to where Elliot stood.

She sighed. “It’s just one dance. It’s not a big deal.” Jocelyne assured him. “Please? Just one?”

He hesitated for just a moment. “Okay.”

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“Mmm… This is a blast from the past, isn’t it?” Mark whispered softly. “Remember that little lounge up in Falkenburg? The one I used to take you to?”

Jocelyne could smell the hint of whiskey on his sweet, warm breath as he spoke. Her eyes looked down at his lips, watching intently as they formed each word. She wanted nothing more than to lean forward and taste them.


She nodded slowly. “I’ve never really liked dancing.” Jocelyne confessed. “It’s not really my thing.”

His hand was so strong and warm against her waist. Jocelyne began imagining what would happen if he moved it just a bit lower…


“It’s not?” His voice was so soft and gentle. “Then why did you let me keep taking you there?” Mark’s gaze bored deeply into hers.

“Because I would have let you take me anywhere.” The girl leaned forward and laid her head against his shoulder. She could feel the gentle rise and fall of his chest with every breath he took. “It didn’t matter. As long as I was with you.”


His hand slid gently down the lace of her dress, coming to rest on her hip. Jocelyne let out a soft sigh, wishing he would keep going.


She closed her eyes, breathing in the intoxicating scent of whiskey and cologne and old books.


And imagining all of the things that hand could do…

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Jocelyne’s legs felt weak as she staggered out of the messy closet. She fought to catch her breath as she straightened her skirt and tried to steady herself enough to stand properly. And this time, it had nothing to do with her drunkenness.

There had been nothing gentle or romantic about what she and Mark had just shared. It was desperate. Frantic. Hungry.

And Jocelyne felt certain it was the best she ever had.


“Wow. That was… wow.” She managed to gasp. “You were holding out on me! Who knew?” Jocelyne laughed softly. He’d always been so slow and gentle when they’d made love before. Back when she was just a naïve young girl…

But those days were over now, weren’t they?

Beside her, Mark did not smile. He buttoned his pants hastily, not even bothering to tuck in his shirt. His jacket and tie still lay discarded on the closet floor.

Jocelyne’s face fell. “What’s wrong?”


This.” He replied seriously. “This is wrong. Jesus… What was I thinking?!”

Her eyes widened. “You are NOT pulling this shit on me again, okay?!” Jocelyne cried. “That was amazing, and you know it!”

“Amazing or not, that doesn’t make it right!” Mark held his face in his hands for a moment. “God, your boyfriend is out there! The father of your children!”


Jocelyne felt her stomach drop as a wave of guilt washed over her. Elliot. It didn’t matter whether she loved him or not, did it? He was the father of her children. And she’d cheated on him.

Three chubby little faces came to the forefront of her drunken mind. Charlie. Alex. Tony. So sweet. So innocent. Just like their father. And she’d betrayed them all.


“Shit.” She said at last. “You’re right… I fucked up.”

Mark shook his head. “I’m just as much to blame as you are. And I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking…”

“I do.” Jocelyne lifted her eyes to meet his. “You still love me, just like I still love you.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. “And this is why we shouldn’t be apart anymore… Don’t you see that?”


“No. No this again…” Mark stepped away from her as he spoke. “We both had too much to drink. We were stupid. Careless. But… But this doesn’t mean anything.”

“You know that’s not true!” She cried desperately. “We shouldn’t have done this, okay? I know that. But Mark, seeing you again proves that we’re meant to be together! And I know you feel it too!” Jocelyne paused, but Mark remained silent. So she continued. “I can break things off with Elliot. We can work this out. You’ll see.” The words spilled from her lips faster and faster as she continued. “Hazel and Luc are married now. We’re not a ‘threat’ anymore, or whatever the hell they thought we were before… I’m not gonna let you walk away from this. Not when we’re meant to be together. Not when we can make it work this time!”


Mark simply shook his head. “You’re drunk, Jocelyne. You don’t know what you’re saying.” A soft sigh escaped his lips. “Now please, just… Go out there and be with your family. Forget this ever happened… And I’ll try my best to do the same.”

“Like hell you will!” She cried out to him.

But he was already heading for the door.


“HEY! Come back here!” Jocelyne raced after him back into the reception hall.


“You can’t just walk away from me!” She screamed.


Every head in the room turned to look at her. But she did not care.

“Jocelyne, please.” Mark’s voice was pained. His dark eyes flicked back and forth at the faces of their friends and family. “M-maybe we can talk about this later…”


“Is this what you wanted?! Was this your plan the whole time?! Fuck me in a goddamn closet and then toss me aside like it meant NOTHING?!”

10-10-16_5-20-36-pm 10-10-16_5-38-42-pm 10-10-16_5-40-25-pm 10-10-16_5-40-12-pm 10-10-16_5-45-52-pm 10-10-16_5-45-01-pm

Shut up.” Mark hissed at her through clenched teeth.

“Is that what I am to you now, huh? Some easy piece of ass?! That’s bullshit and you KNOW it!”



But it was too late. The damage had been done.

10-10-16_5-50-37-pm 10-10-16_5-54-45-pm

“Jocelyne, tell me you’re lying. Tell me it’s not true.” Elliot’s voice was pleading. “Tell me you’re so fucking drunk that you don’t know what you’re saying.”

Jocelyne felt like she was going to be sick. “I’m sorry, Elliot.”

“You didn’t. Please… Say you didn’t.”


“I… I fucked up so bad. And I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never meant for this to happen. I –”

“YOU BITCH! YOU FUCKING BITCH!” His cry of anger was so abrupt, Jocelyne almost jumped. She had never seen Elliot so angry. It was almost frightening. “I can’t believe you would… H-how could you ever… Just… FUCK YOU!” He turned his narrowed eyes toward Mark. “Oh sorry, I guess you already took care of that, you piece of shit.”


“ENOUGH!” Lucas shoved his way forward, his entire body trembling. “Get the hell out of here, all of you.”

10-10-16_6-25-57-pm 10-10-16_6-33-12-pm

“I’m so sorry, Lucas.” Mark said softly to his son-in-law.

“Yeah, you should be.”

“I never meant for this to happen. I never wanted to –”


Hazel stepped forward. “Just go, dad.” Her voice was cruel and cold.

Mark left the room without another word.

10-10-16_6-49-43-pm 10-10-16_6-53-05-pm10-10-16_6-53-31-pm

“And you two…” Lucas narrowed his eyes at his sister and Elliot. “Go. Maman and Papa will take the babies, okay? Just go.

For a moment, Elliot almost looked like he wanted to say something. But in the end, he seemed to think better of it, and headed straight for the door.

10-10-16_6-40-03-pm 10-10-16_7-14-55-pm

Jocelyne could already feel tears welling up in her eyes. Oh God, I ruined everything. Her relationship with Elliot, any chance at fixing things with Mark, and now her own brother’s wedding too. And no matter how much anger and hatred she still felt for him, no one deserved to have their wedding ruined like this, did they? To be so embarrassed by their own sister in front of their friends and family…

“L-Luc, I’m sorry.” Her voice was pleading. “I swear, I never meant to do this. I never meant to –”


“I knew I never should have invited you.” Lucas spat bitterly. “Just get the fuck out of here, okay? Now.

10-10-16_7-25-42-pm 10-10-16_7-26-09-pm 10-10-16_7-27-05-pm 10-10-16_7-27-16-pm 10-10-16_7-28-30-pm 10-10-16_7-27-49-pm 10-10-16_7-27-31-pm 10-10-16_7-29-39-pm 10-10-16_7-31-31-pm 10-10-16_7-43-01-pm


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    1. I’m so sorry, but i am really conflicted here. I don’t really know whether or not i like this post… In a way it was really drama filled, which i like. But WHAT happend, i don’t like. I don’t mind so much that Jocelyne cheated with Mark because… well it’s mark after all. But that she stormed out into the room and yelled at him in front of every one, saying he fucked her in a closet? That was so unclassy and unsafe to do. Very stupid, I know she was drunk, but honestly. That was fucking stupid to do. But then again, you do stupid things when you are in love, hurting and drunk at the same time. I can totally see things from Jocelyne’s perspective here. Doesn’t make it right though. I feel sorry for Elliot. He’s done nothing than being nice to her, being there for her and their kids… taking care of them all. And this is how she repay him? Sorry, but for this single one, you can’t get a “like” from me :3 So sorry.

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      1. It’s ok, you aren’t really supposed to “like” what happened in the chapter! This is like other sad ones like the breakup. Haha it was very upsetting!

        Joce was not thinking due to being drunk and in love, yes haha and she ended up ruining things for everyone. This was a painful one for sure. Maybe for Elliot most of all :-/

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        1. Yeah it was actually really upsetting for me to read. I still feel upset now tbh. I don’t know if i’m too sensitive or something haha… But yeah.


  1. Okay WHAT? First of all, the unplanned twin curse morphed into triplets? You made the names gender-neutral? Elliot seems great? It’s Mark? Jocelyne DON’T YOU DARE in a CLOSET really? JOCELYNE ROSEBROOK THIS IS YOUR BROTHER’S WEDDING HAVE SOME RESPECT! Okay now you really did mess up Luzel… ELLIOT DON’T SAY THAT TO HER!

    Alright, but seriously, Joce chose Mark over Elliot twice now and their relationship can’t survive. But goddamn raising three infants by yourself would SUCK- oh, is this why Jocelyne will move home? If they don’t hate her? And when we said we wanted Mark and Jocelyne back together WE DIDN’T MEAN THIS. And JOCELYNE COME ON if you’ve just cheated- that’s terrible and DON’T SCREAM IT AT YOUR BROTHER’S WEDDING ESPECIALLY IF HE JUST FORGAVE YOU FOR BEING WITH HIS BRIDE’S DAD. No one let Jocelyne Rosebrook near adult beverages ever again. Honestly, I am so disappointed in everyone right now. But man Citizen, I can see you’ve been leading up to this for a while. 👏👏👏 I applaud your chaos- causing talents. I can’t imagine what will happen after this, just… wow.

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    1. Hahahahaha I love how dramatic this comment is 😂 Almost as dramatic as the chapter 😛

      Yes, the triplets were unplanned, and I literally screamed out loud when I found out. This family is cursed beyond believe, good lord!

      I like your prediction about why Joce might come back home. But we will see! And yeah, I feel like even Marklyne folks won’t be pleased with how this went :-/ Joce was drunk, angry, and blinded by love and totally blew it by screaming it out! The whole thing is just a total disaster. And yes, no more alcohol for Joce ever hahahahahaha

      This is a chapter I have been looking forward to for some time, yes! I’m glad you kinda-sorta enjoyed the chaos hehehe

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      1. Yeah, Tony is most likely a boy but it could be short for Antonia I suppose? That’s kind of a stretch. Charlie could be short for Charlotte and Alex is definitely androgynous. I felt like Citizen was purposely being vague though, she didn’t ever mention the babies’ genders and gave them neutral outifts.

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        1. Hahahaha you are too observant 😛 I will divulge a bit so I don’t leave this unaddressed haha. They MAY not all be boys and I MAY be trying to leave some mystery as to who the heir actually is 😛 My plot has been ruined haha. We’ll see in time the real genders/heir identity 😉

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  2. Oh my god.
    …. I don’t know what to say. I think the most heartbraking part of all of this is the horrible relationship between Joce and Luc. They were so close. 😦

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    1. Yeah, this one was so intense haha I can understand it leaving you a bit speechless!

      And yes, things are so bad right now between Joce and Luc and I’m sure this only made things worse :-/ It’s really upsetting. I’m evil 😂

      Thank you so much for reading! (And putting up with the melodrama :P)

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    For starters, Joce shouldn’t drink at the first place. Poor girl!! Everything’s broken for her! I’m currently off duty from the SS Nuggy and on the SS Marklyne bailing water. Whoa, the ship hit like five thousand rocks and icebergs!

    Citizen, the queen of drama, you are the BEST! I love this type of drama and chaos! You get a sticker and a gold medal for all this! 👏👏👏👏👏 Can’t wait to see the aftermath of all this!

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  4. I was actualy thinking the same thing, while they were on the dance floor. That them going to the closet was a daydream of hers. Just forgot to mention it in the comments 😛 Thank you for reminding me 😛

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  5. Love this comment 🙂 I’ll try to touch upon everything you said.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the writing so much. This was a chapter that I spent three days on (hours per day!) between writing and screenshotting. I really wanted it to be perfect. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you liked Hazel’s dress! It reminds me of a swan or something haha it felt fitting for her!

    2. Hahaha he looks so dashing in that suit, doesn’t he? 😉

    3. We now know the scents we need to combine to create Eu de Mark 😛

    4. I wanna know what number 4 was 😦 hahaha

    5. Unfortunately, it was very, very real hahaha. Like you said, they are soulmates and their hearts (and in this case, bodies) call to one another, largely against their will haha.

    6. I am really glad you said this. I was fearing that some people would actually end up getting mad at Luc for kicking her, Mark, and Elliot out… But I totally think he did the right thing. She really did ruin the wedding, and I’m mad at her too! 😦 I think that this was a huge setback when it comes to any kind of progress toward reconciliation that had been made. Luc’s gonna be so mad at Joce for what she did, and Joce will be so ashamed that she’ll probably distance herself from him even further :-/ We’ve seen that Joce has a tough time forgiving… Maybe Luc will be better? Haha

    7. Auggy is currently 18, which, in my stories, is the last teen year. So he’s JUST on the cusp of YA 🙂

    8. TOTALLY. Jerk or not, Lucas is a very handsome man, and that tux looked great on him haha

    9. That is so kind of you to say. Thank you ❤

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  6. Congrats Joce, you’re now more self-absorbed than your brother – which is quite an achievement lmao! I actually found myself thinking the thing Luc uttered a few chapters ago, that I don’t recognise her anymore, ha! I literally went from liking Joce to thinking she’s a selfish cow within the space of this chapter, wow.

    Ok, so firstly, she just shouldn’t have gone to the wedding in the first place. It’s not like she talked to Luc there, she just made the day uncomfortable for him… so if it was meant to be a gesture, why bother? (and this is obviously before the mega blowout).

    Also, it really annoyed me how little time she spent looking after her kids all day. Oh, I’ll just cuddle the baby for a bit and then go continue getting hammered. Sigh.

    I get why the hookup with mark happened. (Boy was she discreet about that lmao). And I know she was drunk. But wow, how can she go like, oh I’ll just leave Elliott and move back here to be with Mark? Surely any mother should think of her children first? So would she just have transatlantic joined custody? Leave them in the US with Elliott? Take them away with her from the father that clearly looks after them way more than she does? Don’t think that would be Mark’s style.


    Haha what a wedding!

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    1. I don’t think Elliot looks after them more thans he does. She just happened to not be with them in the short peiod of time we saw 🙂 I’m sure she is a good mother, though she did show a lot of selfishness right now 😛

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      1. I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t doubt that Joce loves her kids, sure, and I don’t have first-hand experience with this, but I feel that for a mother, especially one whose children are this young, the children should always be on the forefront of her mind. Even when she’s hammered. She didn’t even give them a second thought. That to me is a red flag.

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    2. Okay I actually love this comment because you are calling Joce out on her shit. Hahahaha. This was NOT her proudest moment by a long-shot… I’ll briefly touch upon the things you said 😛

      1. I think you’re right that she shouldn’t have gone. Lucas invited her as a way of extending an olive branch haha but like you said, she just made it awkward and avoided him. I know we’ve all been mad at Luc for a while now (and we can still be mad at him!) but he’s genuinely trying and (as I tried to show in that one shot) she basically runs away from him when he tries to talk to her. It’s like she’s DETERMINED to stay mad at him or something. It’s sad :-/

      2. Yup, she kinda left Elliot to the parenting duties while she hung out at the bar hahaha. I mean, in her defense (I’m not disagreeing, she should have been more attentive to her kids haha I’m just saying), this wedding was probably her first chance to have any fun since the babies were born. She’s been working non-stop on taking care of the babies (well, her and Elliot) so she saw this as a chance to finally throw back some drinks and relax. Of course, Elliot didn’t seem to get that same chance haha so she was still being selfish in the way this all went down.

      3. I think if Jocelyne were not drunk, angry/emotional, and high on love/lust in that moment, she wouldn’t have said those things. Sober, clear-thinking Joce would not leave her babies behind for Mark (or try to take the babies from their father). That was truly a moment of irrational thinking and passion and she never would have gone through with it. That much I can assure you haha

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    3. Oh, I forgot to say, but really, in drunk-Joce’s mind, leaving the babies with Elliot was not on the table. I think her drunken thought was “Oh yup, I’ll take the babies and come be wtih Mark and we will live happily ever after!” Which is still awful, I know haha


  7. Wow! What a wedding!
    The character I feel sorry for most is Elliot. He’s been hurt twice without ever hurting anyone himself.
    An award for the second place of my little pity contest goes to Mark. He messed up bad and should have been the more reasonable one, because he was probably less drunk than Joce. But in the end it’s going to be him again who will be hated most by the whole family, I think.
    Joce I really don’t envy you the morning of the next day when you wake up and remember all this.
    Part of me is grinning wickedly though because of what the family did to Joce and it backfired now. They separated two people that were supposed to be together (Hazel must have noticed her father shooting glances Joce’s direction. It would be hard for me to be happy on my wedding day knowing that there is at least one unhappy person in the room.) Mark and Joce were meant to be together, them being separated feels unnatural and it only leads to further disharmony in the family. It’s like trying to defy laws of physics.

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    1. Hahahaha that’s an interesting way of looking at things… They made Joce and Mark miserable, so now they get to be miserable too haha

      I think there’s gonna be a lot of tension within the family after this one. What a way to ruin a wedding hahaha.

      I agree that I feel most sorry for Elliot. TWICE he’s had his heart broken by Jocelyne. He doesn’t deserve that 😦


  8. First and foremost love all this drama! Although I’d prefer my adorable 5th gen prince will have less problems than his mother. Okay so yeah I’m feel sorry Elliot he doesn’t deserve to be rejected twice.
    But what I don’t get is during the entire wedding reception everyone clearly saw that Joce glued hers self to the bar for most of it but the only one who did something was Clara and she only gave her a warning.
    Her entire family saw she was getting super drunk but they were to involved in the wedding to be like okay she’s had enough she needs to lie down or something. And why would Luc think it was a good idea to invite her. To me it seems like they still aren’t really talking so there has been no resolution to the problem.
    And when they saw she was getting drunk why did they leave her alone?
    And Mark clearly had been eyeing her all night so he knew how drink she probably was when she asked him to dance he should have graciously refused. He knew she was here with her boyfriend/baby daddy how could he be so disprepectful.
    But what I hate the most is that beside Clara everyone else is acting like time healed everything so we can just go back to normal. They didn’t notice Joce is still clearly hurt but has been putting on a facade that she’s okay. Somehow she’s still trying to accommodate people and tonight.
    I just ugh! Hopefully tonight is a wake up call that things are still F*** up and we need to deal with it now. And sober Joce is only going to hate herself. I’m happy for the drama but I couldn’t even enjoy the triplets and I love nooboos!

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    1. I’m glad you love all the drama 🙂 We’ll have to see what the future holds for our Gen 5 heir hahaha And yes, I feel awful for Elliot too!

      As for how the family reacted, I don’t think they saw it as too much of a problem. I mean, she went and was talking to them and interacting with them and the babies and everything in-between the drinks. It wasn’t like she completely isolated herself from them. And she wasn’t tripping over herself or puking or anything haha so I think they just figured “Oh, she’s been really stressed with the babies and now she’s letting loose a bit. Cool.”

      Luc invited Joce as a “peace offering”. We’ll hear a bit in the next chapter that things were very very very slowly starting to get better between Luc and Joce. So he invited her as another way of hoping to mend things. But clearly it backfired horribly (even before the big blow-up… she was avoiding him all day/night :-/)

      And yeah, Mark messed up royally here too. He also drank too much, which didn’t help. But yeah, they made such a mess of this whole thing… As usual. Haha


    2. You’ve made a great point. And we all know the Rosebrooks don’t handle bad things well. Perhaps this was their wake up call and they’ll actually make moves as a family to resolve this situation. It’s only gotten worse, never better in the three years since Hazel made Mark dump Joce.


  9. I’m so used to having sympathy or siding with Joce, but I guess in this chapter I really can’t… I feel terrible for Elliot, after how well he’s treated Joce and cared for the babies Joce just treated him like crap… And Jocelyn and Mark… I’m really disappointed in them and what they did. Most especially Jocelyn for feeling the need to just ruin Luc’s wedding by all that shouting. Wow, what’s she going to do now?

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    1. Yeah, Joce and Mark royally screwed this whole thing up :-/ And poor Elliot. My heart breaks for him!

      This definitely is not going to help things between Joce and her brother, that’s for sure… :-/

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  10. I’m jumping back and forth between the comments and this post so I can “live-stream” my thoughts while reading.

    On seeing Joce drinking: girl, why are you drinking while pregnant? This time jump better have jumped at least past breast-feeding.

    Joce’s need to take the edge off: damn, girl, THREE?!?! The Rosebrooks are cursed. And… she’s still in America I see.

    On seeing Lucas and Hazel: they’ve got the nerve to look so happy, with their selfish asses. Love Hazel’s dress though.

    On seeing Mark’s sad face: That bed you made not so comfortable to lie in, huh? Not feeling seeing her doing exactly what you told her to do, huh? Any chance you’re noticing the unhappy look on her face, hmmm?

    Seeing the couple’s first dance: I ain’t even looking at them. I seriously can barely tell Jonas and Mark apart. I’m just assuming Mark is the one seated.

    That drinking montage: so much alcohol, so many bad decisions ahead. And she’s still gonna melt at the first sound of his voice. Argh… this should be a movie for real.

    On Joce and Mark dancing: ooooooooh, y’all so messy, I love where this is going though. I hope she gets pregnant again, lmao.

    On the closet sex montage: oh yeah! Ohhhhhhhh, this is not going to end well. I no longer want her to get pregnant.

    When Mark walked away after breaking her heart again: He’s not ready for this new Joce, he’s crazy if he thinks she’s just gonna let him walk away.

    “Is this what you wanted?! Was this your plan the whole time?! Fuck me in a goddamn closet and then toss me aside like it meant NOTHING?!”: Hell yes girl, give it to him. Get it all out. Not the healthiest response, but you’ve got a lot of rage tucked away, why not vent some it right in Mark’s face?

    On Angry Elliott: That’s right, get in there! You’ve got plenty to be mad about too. I know you’ve had nagging doubts, and it sucks for them to come true in this way.

    On the last picture montage: Welp, I’m definitely a diehard #TeamJoce on this one. Everyone in these pictures is currently reaping what they’ve sowed. Luc and Hazel, I don’t even like y’all anymore, I hope you raise your children to be less selfish and dictatorial. You think you can just dictate how people are supposed to act? Repression only works for so long. And Mark! You Suck.

    Please tell me there’s an upcoming chapter that shows the family discussing what happened at the wedding. I’d love to get Mari’s perspective. And Gus’s. And I suppose the rest of them too.

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    1. Haha okay I’m gonna try to reply to everything you mentioned 🙂

      On seeing Joce drinking: As you now know, not pregnant, thankfully! And no breastfeeding that night. Either formula or pumped milk or something haha. She’s not THAT irresponsible 😛

      Joce’s need to take the edge off: I know, wtf. I flipped out. She was supposed to have ONE kid! But the game threw a giant wrench in my plans haha

      On seeing Lucas and Hazel: It’s their wedding day. I don’t care if they’re jerks, aren’t they allowed to be happy on their wedding day?

      On seeing Mark’s sad face: Yeah, seeing Joce with someone else was much harder for him than he’d anticipated, I think.

      Seeing the couple’s first dance: Haha yeah, Mark was sitting. The glasses, dark hair, and beards make it hard, I suppose. But to me there is no mistaking them! Probably because I look at them so much.

      That drinking montage: Yes, bad decisions incoming!

      On Joce and Mark dancing: Yeah, we all should have known that wouldn’t end well haha

      On the closet sex montage: I love how fast you changed your mind on wanting her to get pregnant haha

      When Mark walked away after breaking her heart again: He totally recognizes the mistake he made and yes, Joce is way more intense than the Joce he used to know haha

      “Is this what you wanted?! Was this your plan the whole time?! Fuck me in a goddamn closet and then toss me aside like it meant NOTHING?!”: She definitely was mad there and let it all out! Though the time/place/word choice may not have been ideal haha

      On Angry Elliott: Yeah, I feel the worst for Elliot out of everyone.

      On the last picture montage: This is where I have to firmly disagree with you haha. I don’t think anyone deserves to have their wedding ruined the way Luc and Hazel’s was, and I think Joce (and Mark) were in the wrong here. You’re totally entitled to your own opinion, I’ve just gotta disagree here 🙂

      Unfortunately no real reactions to this one. We are moving forward full steam ahead from here haha There is a 1-2 year time jump in between chapters for a little bit. But the repercussions from this night will certainly be felt.

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      1. On seeing Lucas and Hazel: It’s their wedding day. I don’t care if they’re jerks, aren’t they allowed to be happy on their wedding day?
        Eh…… Once they decided their only chance for normal happiness had to come at the expense of Mark and Joce, I was no longer invested in their relationship. Hazel has one family member, ONE, and she decided she’d prefer him unhappy. Luc has one twin, ONE, and he decided he’s prefer her unhappy. What they did, what they decided, that’s the original sin here to me. Everything else is just fruit from the poisonous tree, not admissible in the court of my opinion.

        On Angry Elliott: Yeah, I feel the worst for Elliot out of everyone.
        I’m glad he’s such a good guy and father. Otherwise, he’d totally write a tell all book about the salacious Rosebrooks. Tabloids would pay good money for that story I bet.

        On the last picture montage: This is where I have to firmly disagree with you haha. I don’t think anyone deserves to have their wedding ruined the way Luc and Hazel’s was, and I think Joce (and Mark) were in the wrong here. You’re totally entitled to your own opinion, I’ve just gotta disagree here🙂
        Eh…. I’ve been to weddings with similar, if not more drama. Sex in a closet between family members of the bride and groom? Seen it. Loud yelling on the dance floor followed by people getting kicked out? Seen it. It doesn’t have to ruin the wedding.

        Another thought, who kicks someone out of a wedding without their babies. Luc just decided for Joce and Elliott that someone else was going to take their babies for the night. If I were Joce, that would’ve totally redirected my anger to him. You not gonna kick me out without my babies.

        I’ve clearly got so much to say about this chapter. All by myself being #TeamJoce, lol.


  11. Jocelyne! Oh my God…

    Poor Elliot. Stupid Mark. Even though I’m still not happy with Luzel I feel bad that their wedding was ruined.

    I’m wondering what’s going to happen to everyone. Is there gonna be another timejump soon?

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    1. Such a mess… This chapter was so fun to write, in a sick way hahahaha but also so upsetting!!! 😦

      There is another time jump very soon! The next few chapters are all 1-2 years apart, so there’s a series of small-ish time jumps ahead. 🙂 We are moving forward toward Gen 5. We’re in the home stretch! haha

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      1. Exactly 🙂 No one is perfect. I think some people (including some of my readers haha but I still love everyone!) see things as black and white. You’re either a saint or a monster. And that’s not true of anyone, including my Rosebrooks 🙂 Joce has a bad side. Luc and Hazel have a good side. They’re neither perfect, nor villains 🙂 I enjoyed showing the not-so-perfect side of Joce here. I’m glad you liked seeing it!


  12. Wow….Just wow….I mean, yes, Jocelyn screwed up big time, I am not giving her a pass. You don’t air your dirty laundry I front of everyone. But she snapped again – was already upset and not happy. She is only going through the motions with Elliott. And, Mark….really….did you really think you could just act like nothing happened. You needed to talk it out, not say Oops, just kidding. Neither of them really moved on. Elliott isn’t taking her back and she shouldn’t try to go back with him. She has hurt him badly just like Mark hurt her. I am pretty sure the Markyln is also damaged beyond repair because even if he came back to her she may not take him back. Unless…nooboo number 4 makes an appearance. Grasping at straws here … I suppose she will move back to her parents and share custody of the kids with Elliott.

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    1. Yeah, you bring up a great point — Mark’s “whoops, just kidding” TOTALLY didn’t help and helped lead to that massive blow-out in front of everyone! Everything is a mess, as usual. :-/ We’ll see what happens from here.


  13. Damn Elliot! You didn’t deserve that to happen to you and Joce certainly deserved all those bad words you said to her because what she did was absolutely horrible! Bad Joce! However I’m not mad that Luc and Hazel’s wedding got ruined, not one bit. The two of them are responsible for Mark and Joce being miserable just because they wanted their own relationship to be ‘normal’. That’s karma if you ask me! Having the happiest day of their lives ruined was the best kind of punishment given what those two did. I just feel bad that everyone else at the wedding was humiliated. Especially Elliot! I’m afraid to see what implications this will have for the babies. Elliot is angry and he may become vindictive because of what happened and start a fight with Joce over their kids. I’m also afraid of what this will do to Jocelyne. Losing Mark again as well as losing Elliot who has been her rock for the last two years might lead her down a destructive path. Hopefully when she recovers from her hangover she can find clarity and a means to mend her wrongs.

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    1. Wow, you guys are so dang harsh! It’s been two years, and we don’t know how Luc and Hazel are feeling now, but everyone is just like “Yup, they deserved it!” haha Sorry, I’m never gonna agree with anyone saying Luc and Hazel deserved this. Ya’ll are cruel hahaha

      I definitely agree that Elliot DIDN’T deserve it though. Joce has hurt this poor guy way too many times, and you’re right that this could have bad implications on the babies 😦 We’ll have to wait and see how things go from here, but this is definitely a massive bump in Joce’s road haha. She lost Mark and Elliot in one go! 😦

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  14. Oh Joce… What she did here was pretty horrible but I somehow can’t be mad at her. Actually I want to wrap her in a blanket and bring her some hot chocolate so she feels a little better. But maybe I should wait until she’s sobered up. She’ll need it even more then.
    Elliot has every right to be pissed. She used him but if she hadn’t gotten pregnant maybe less harm would have been done there.
    And Mark… he should have known better but I can see a pattern there. He (subconsciously) waits till the damage is done before he realizes and runs away without noticing that that actually makes things worse.
    As for Luc and Hazel I’m just mad. Whenever something disturbs their happy little bubble they do their best to crush it. No matter the consequences. Yes, this was their wedding and it sucks to have something like that happen, but they seriously just made things worse. Luc especially. He would honestly deserve it if Joce never spoke to him again. He’s lucky she even showed up. (Not so lucky with the consequences though)
    It’s going to be a long road before the Rosebrooks can just be a big happy family again.
    But WOW triplets. TRIPLETS! The Rosebrook Curse seems to get worse over time… I hope we’re not facing a custody battle here.


    1. Yeah, Joce was pretty awful here. I respect that you can’t be mad at her. We’ve been bred to love our heiress hahaha but she did hurt Elliot so much, as you said. And Mark… he also messed up so bad here 😦 They’re both to blame.

      I will have to disagree with you about Luc and Hazel. I am willing to bed if Luc made a scene and Joce’s wedding and she angrily kicked him out, you’d be applauding her haha. I think you have every right to be upset if someone ruins your wedding. Maybe they spoke a bit more harshly than necessary, but I personally see nothing wrong with how they reacted. Luc invited her as something of a peace offering and she royally blew it haha.

      And yes, the curse just gets worse and worse!

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      1. Maybe you’re right about Luc and Hazel. I can’t get over how horrible he acted when he found out about Joce and Mark. (is it weird that I’m talking about this like they were “real” people?) BUT I wouldn’t have cheered if she had kicked him out either. I just want them to somehow get past this. Both have lots of things to apologize for (Joce really added to that list today) but they are family. They’re twins. They should work this out.

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  15. The laughs came from seeing that Jocelyn had triplets and imagining your expression when you saw she had triplets. LOL
    Then they turned almost hysterical as I read on.
    Oh poor Jocelyn has royally fucked up.
    How much worse will it get?
    If she is now pregnant with Mark’s child and has triplets again I don’t think I’ll stop laughing until next year.

    Another laugh came from the screenshot of Hazels face when Jocelyn announced her infidelity. Almost it looked like her eye twitched. Like the thing between Jocelyn and her dad has become a tick. LOL
    I feel really bad for everyone involved.
    I guess Lucas and Jocelyn won’t be talking until they’re 60 after all. 😦

    (Sorry for double posts the first was initial reaction.)

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    1. I DIED. You have no idea. It killed me hahahaha. The game hates me, I think. And yes, Joce has fucked up so terribly.

      We’ll see if the curse continues LMAO but hopefully no pregnancy is in store! And yeah, Hazel totally had an eye-twitch moment hahaha probably less because of Mark and Joce being together and more because Joce screamed “You fucked me in a closet!” in the middle of her wedding reception hahaha

      And oh goodness, hopefully it won’t take THAT long. But we’ll see…?


      1. I imagine! I think I would die too haha. I feel bad for you but at least you have options? XD
        I think any of us would have a bit of a twitch in Hazels situation. She actually handled it pretty well.

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  16. Oh Gosh. Wow. This is drama at its finest XD Loving it.

    Oh dear, we all knew Joce and Elliot weren’t going to work out long term (the whole have a baby to bring you closer doesn’t tend to go too well generally), but this really went down in flames. I dunno, I see other people are wondering if splitting with Elliot will make Joce move home to get help with the babies, but from what I’ve seen I think it’d be super cool to see Elliot try to take them on as a single dad. I know that doesn’t happen much (and tbh probably won’t happen here) but I think it’s a shame for him to have to lose out when he seems to be enjoying being a Dad.

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    1. Glad you love the drama! Yeah, this thing most definitely went down in flames. So upsetting! We’ll see what happens with custody. The idea of Elliot as a single father is definitely intriguing!


        1. Hahaha it’s kind of time consuming (and I repeat myself so much lmao) but I enjoy it ^_^ I appreciate all the comments I get, and I wanna show that appreciation 🙂

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  17. Wow. this was intense. At first when I saw the closet pictures I thought Joce was just imagining it happening, but then I realized. And when she screamed what she did out loud, I literally had to stop reading for a second because I was feeling so much embarrassment for Joce. I was facepalming so hard. Jocelyne maybe should take a break from alcohol for a while, or forever. And all this happens just when she was sort of kind of making up with Luc (maybe?) It definitely won’t happen now, for a VERY long time I would assume. At the end of the day, this chapter made me feel frustrated (in a good way) because I thought things between Joce and Luc might cool down after a couple years. Seriously, your chapters make me feel so many emotions it’s crazy. I can’t wait to find out who the heir is going to be though.

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    1. Thanks for this comment! (Is this your first time commenting? Welcome and thank you for reading!)

      Definitely a face-palm moment. Gah. Joce messed up so badly (and Mark too!). And yeah, this is a huge setback for any hope of reconciliation between Luc and Joce. 😦

      Sorry for the frustration haha but I’m glad you are so invested. 🙂 Thanks!!!


  18. OH. MY. GOD.

    Literally, I have SOOOOOO many thoughts. Let me try to get them all down.

    Okay, Joce. Calm the drinking. You’re a mommy now. Can’t be that irresponsible! Hopefully you weren’t breastfeeding. 😦 What is she doing????

    Damn, not twins but TRIPLETS?!

    See, they still have feelings for each other, Rosebrooks! Time did not help.

    Mark’s sad face at seeing Joce and Elliot together: 😦

    Dancing together most likely leads to bad things.

    YEP, SEE?! BAD THINGS! What the actual fuck are you doing?! Bad, very bad, DEFINITELY BAD.

    Are you seriously just trying to walk away again, Mark. That ain’t gonna fly after what just happened. “But this doesn’t mean anything.” Yeah, no.

    “Is this what you wanted?! Was this your plan the whole time?! Fuck me in a goddamn closet and then toss me aside like it meant NOTHING?!” Facepalming here.

    Damn, Elliot. Joce is just really treating you like crap right now. I understand the outburst.

    I also understand Luc’s outburst at the damn drama happening at his own wedding. It is supposed to be his and Hazel’s happy day and everything….

    Damn, it is just so fucked up right now……………………………….. 😦

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    1. I love this comment. This chapter was a massive rollercoaster ride for sure! And don’t worry, Joce wasn’t breastfeeding that night. She’s not THAT irresponsible hahaha. And I know! The curse continues. Horribly. Gah. I just about died when it was triplets!

      Joce and Mark both messed up so bad here, in different ways. This whole thing turned into a disaster quickly. My heart breaks for Elliot. And I’m glad you felt bad for Luc too. What a thing to happen at your own wedding. Gah. I’m evil.

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  19. Okay, for once I don’t blame Luc (don’t get used to it, buddy). If my drunk sister started screaming about … erm … woohooing with my father in law in a closet at my wedding, I’d kick them both out too. I think Elliot will probably stay with Joce, and she’ll feel super guilty about it, so she’ll never divorce him ….
    I hope this over drinking doesn’t become a habit, because that could be really scary for her children to see/grow up with. I like the names Charlie, Alex and Tony. Did you mean for her to have triplets? And is Tony a nod to Tony Corleonesi of the Heffner Legacy?

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    1. Hahaha I’m glad you don’t blame Luc… I’d probably do the same in his shoes!

      We’ll see soon whether Elliot sicks with Joce or not. And I think this over-drinking is just a one-time thing. But… you never know?

      Glad you like the names! 😀 And hahaha Tony is not named after the famous Tony from Maladi’s story, though I did think to myself “she’s probably gonna love that name” XD


  20. Am I the only one who said YES thanks goodness.
    I know I may be horrible.
    But I just hope mark put our heir in the oven now.
    There will be time for the triplets to build a relationship with Joce but I would never have felt legit about one of them being the heir.
    Am I so mean if I say that I hope Luc and Hazel shouldn’t have kids at all? They deserve to be a dead end.
    And to elliot id like to say it’s not your fault dude 😦
    You were just at the wrong place in the wrong time when you met our broken Joce in us

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    1. Oh goodness, hopefully no more unplanned pregnancies! Haha but we’ll have to wait and see.

      And we’ll have to see if Luc and Hazel have any kids too. I know they were very cruel to Joce and Mark but I’m not sure if I’d go as far as saying they don’t deserve to have children if they want them.

      And yes, poor Elliot 😦


      1. Hm the comment about them being a dead end is just SIMS world related of course. I don’t know about you but when I am mad at some of my sims i don’t let them reproduce as punishment.
        *evil simmer* lol


  21. Karma comes back to bite Luc and Hazel in the ass. Joce was in the wrong, sure, but they’re the ones that ruined her happiness in the first place.
    I do feel really had for Elliot though. He truly doesn’t deserve any of this.

    (Also, holy crap, TRIPLETS)


    1. I feel so awful for Elliot too 😦 He got his heart broken TWICE by Joce (this time much worse than the first of course)

      And I know. I screamed when it was triplets hahahaha my first ever triplets in TS4 actually!

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  22. I was yelling out loud. Luckily no one was home to hear me 😀 I kept saying, “No! Surely not!! No way!!. Don’t have sex in the closest!! Oh god Jocelyn, what the hell were you thinking by chasing after Mark!! NOT in front of EVERYONE!! OMG not at your brother’s wedding!!!!!! Needless to say I was quite traumatized. She well and truly screwed up. Funnily enough I’m actually more mad at Mark currently. Rather than man up, he just runs away. Joce, and although her actions were terrible, is left to deal with the brunt of it all. Mark should have known better too. Maybe she’s the only honest one at the end in this chapter, but she could have been a lot more honest with Elliott at the start which wouldn’t have resulted in this whole horrible mess!!!!
    I don’t know how you get to go back from this sort of mess??? I feel Jocelyn will be irrevocably damaged from here on out. Unless she can forgive or find some peace within herself.
    I can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds. In my heart I want her to be with Mark but I also feel Mark lets other people dictate what and what he shouldn’t do. His daughter is all grown up now. He should no longer have to answer to her. Jocelyn had every right to call him out by just screwing her in the closest, just the way she timed it was damn lousy, but then alcohol can make all of us act and do stupid things we would not ordinarily do!

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    1. Yes this one was so crazy. I almost wish you’d recorded yourself reading this and shouting hahahaha. You make a great point about Mark. He basically ran away from the issue and it all fell on Joce. And now poor Elliot… you’re right, she should have been honest 😦

      I don’t think any of them are going to forget this night…


  23. I have no sympathy for Joce or Mark. None what so ever. She was a fool to get drunk with Mark in the room and Mark was a fool to let her get into his brain. It was inevitable! Sorry Citizen, but I have to draw a line somewhere. Their behavior was unacceptable. And they should have kept it together for Luc and Hazel, because they don’t deserve to have their wedding spoiled like that.

    I pity Hazel. That’s not a situation you want to see your parent in.

    *hugs Elliot protectively* Poor Elliot. He deserves so much better.

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    1. Don’t apologize for sharing your opinion haha I don’t have quite as much sympathy for them as most readers either. Getting drunk was definitely not Joce’s best interest, and Mark also played a part by letting it all happen.

      And yes. Poor Elliot!!!! 😦


  24. No fertility treatments or cheats! This dang family is just cursed apparently. I screamed when I found out it was triplets!

    This wedding was definitely a giant, dramatic mess! Hopefully it didn’t feel different in a bad way!


    1. Hahahaha I’m glad you liked that dress! 😀 It’s beautiful, right?

      And yeah, Joce was actually the selfish one here. She made it all about her and kinda ruined things 😦

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  25. Oh – yes, loved the drama in this one as you well know. 😉 And I completely agree with what most folks are saying – smart moves not done by all. Mark shouldn’t have approached her, she was avoiding him. Sure Clara would probably have had to cart her passed out ass home, but that would have been at the end of the night. And then Mark just up and left after the closet? “So long and thanks for all the fish”? WTF Mark, really? Of course she’s going to run after you.

    My only point of contention is ruined? really? Well it was a horrible moment and def. put a stain on the wedding but it’s not like the whole thing was irreparibly damaged. Totally shitty that it happened to them, yes. Yes is does put a cloud over their further memories of their wedding, but ruined? That feels too strong.

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  26. I thought we learned with Florian that getting totally hammered only leads to stupidity! Jocelyne and Mark now get to be in the shame corner. SHAME.
    This was so awful to read DX
    This is the only time I’ll sympathize with Luc.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah this whole wedding was such a horrible mess :-/ And my heart really broke for Elliot when I wrote this one. The poor guy has had his heart crushed by Joce not just once, but twice!

      And yeah, poor Luc and Hazel definitely had an awkward wedding… :-/ Gah.


    1. They’re so in love and attracted to each other and hadn’t seen each other in years. And yes, the alcohol did help (or rather DIDNT help…)

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      1. I’m not talking about the fun in the closet. That happens.
        But I was seriously shocked to see Jocelyn scream about it in front of everyone. It’s just so… classless. I guess she watched too many reality shows in America. 😀
        (Have you ever witnessed someone making a scene like this? I’m just curious, because I haven’t – except stupid people on TV that are probably paid to do it.)


            1. To be honest that’s kind of the intention of this arc 😂 We start out feeling bad for her, but now we are seeing a darker side to her personality

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              1. I get it, no worries 🙂 It’s just that – I really want to love her and to be on her side because her family treated her horribly and she has every right to be mad. But it’s hard to do when she lowers herself to a pathetic behavior like this.

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                1. She’s definitely changed from this whole experience. She’s kind of become pathetic in many ways (as you said) and she’s also become very bitter and is holding on to a grudge for (in my opinion) way too long. It’s sad how bitter she is 😦

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                  1. Yes, she’s really bitter, but as a fellow grudge-holder, I understand her. She feels like forgiving would mean approving of their behaviour. Coming back would be like saying “No matter how bad you treat me, I’ll come back to you.” And she doesn’t want to send out that kind of signal, so she’s determined not to give up on her grudge.

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                    1. Yeah I think it’s a combo of feeling like forgiving them excuses what they did, and also just being so used to holding on to that anger that she doesn’t know how to let go.

                      I also tend to hold grudges IRL, but I have also been on the receiving end and I can see how bad it is from that angle — when you’ve done everything possible to try to apologize and no matter what you do, it’s never good enough for the person you’ve wronged and you end up miserable.

                      I think it’s important to forgive… but not forget. If that makes sense haha

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                    2. Totally. I understand holding grudges is childlish and unreasonable, but it doesn’t really stop me from holding them. That’s probably why I can’t be mad at Jocelyn even when she’s being awful. I know where she’s coming from. (Although I have never took it this far! )


  27. At least this was a wedding for the ages, lmao. The drama is too much, I love it.

    I can’t condone what Joce and Mark did, even though I ship them so hard. Joce chose to keep the babies and stay with Eliott, so she should’ve stayed faithful. She shouldn’t have gone to the wedding in the first place, for god’s sake! Of course Mark was gonna be there – why would she torture herself?!

    Mark… you fucked up. You knew she was drunk, and while you were probably a bit tipsy yourself, you shouldn’t have given in to temptation. You broke up with Joce because you wanted your daughter to be happy and because you thought it would be the best thing for Joce. So this behaviour right here is just so fucking stupid and hypocritical.

    As much as I dislike Lucas and Hazel, I can’t blame them for being mad at what happened here. This whole situation is a mess…

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  28. Utter chaos and a complete catastrophe!!! Joce is a mess. I feel so bad for Elliot. He cares so much for her and she is still in love and desperate to be with Mark. I don’t know if he will forgive her for this and if he does damn he’s to good for her (sorry but not sorry). Damn girl, it was bad enough to screw Mark in the coat closet at her brother’s wedding but to out THEMSELVES in front of everyone like that was insane. Ain’t that much alcohol in the world. She should of just passed out or something because that was brutal. Kudos for yet another drama filled chapter.

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    1. I think this one will always be one of my personal favorite A2A chapters. It was so much fun to write this train wreck 😂 But I just feel so bad for basically everyone in the room (but Elliot most of all!!!!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah it’s like you know the outcome is going to be terrible but you can’t stop watching (reading in our case). You’ve definitely got a knack for the mouth dropping drama. But yeah poor Elliot 😔

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