4.57: Never Coming Home

My little girl is gone.

There was no note. No goodbye.

She just packed up some clothes and left.


Gus was the first one to figure out what happened. He went to her room to let her know breakfast was ready, but she didn’t answer her door. So he went inside… And she was gone.

We looked all over the house, but of course, there was no sign of her.


And poor Lettie must have called her about two dozen times, but she never picked up. Then we called Clara, Lucas, even Mark… And none of them knew where she was either. We were literally seconds away from making another call – to the police this time – when my phone started ringing.

I almost did a double-take when I saw Stefan’s name pop up on the caller ID. We’ve had a lot of practice with this whole ‘time zones’ thing over the years – I knew it was barely even 4am over in Willow Creek. Why would he be calling? What could have happened?


Somehow, the thought never even crossed my mind that it could be about Jocelyne.

I almost couldn’t believe it when he told us – none of us could. But afterwards, we checked our bank statements and there it was – the credit card we’d given Jocelyne for emergencies had a charge on it for over a thousand euros at the Windenburg airport.


She refused to talk to any of us, of course. But Stefan promised she was fine and that he and his wife would take care of her until we figure this out.

If we figure it out.

I called Josh a little while ago. I wasn’t really sure who else I could turn to. And even though he’d been pretty critical of how we handled things with Mark and Jocelyne, he agreed that she needed to come home. “Don’t worry.” He told me. “I’ll talk to her.”

But will that be enough?


God, I don’t know what to do. Part of me wants to hop on a plane myself and go over there… But what good would that do? How would it do anything but make her hate us even more?

All I can do right now is thank God for Josh and Stefan and keep hoping they can talk some sense into her.

Because if they can’t, well…

Something tells me my little girl is never coming home.



Note: This chapter ends the overall Gen 4 YA arc 😮 I almost can’t believe it! Starting tomorrow, we enter a section of the story I like to call “Gen 4.5” (but I’m still including it as part of Gen 4 😛 )

Tomorrow will be our last daily update, then I will return to my usual schedule of having no new chapters Mondays or Fridays. 🙂

Thank you so much to everyone for reading, as always!

73 thoughts on “4.57: Never Coming Home

  1. This really worries me. Especially your comment about Generation 4.5. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see :/ Gosh you really have me on the edge of my seat

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  2. I find it interesting that Tobi says Josh was critical of their way of handling it but never admits to himself that he simply handled it wrongly and made a mistake. As far as I recall he only ever admitted to “being a bit harsh” but he still has the same opinion of Mark’s and Joce’s relationship which you could see in a previous chapter when he said he would “suck it up” and let Mark and Joce be together – he still doesn’t believe their Relationship was ever real or valid.

    I’m glad Joce went Stefan, so at least someone can tell the family that Joce is okay – otherwise they might have started a full-fledged police search action. But as long as Tobi and Colette don’t understand that they were simply wrong about Joce and Mark and that they made a mistake I can’t see a reunion coming in the near future.

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    1. Definitely true that Tobi still doesn’t 100% “get” it, but he’s slowly starting to? If nothing else this is gonna be the biggest dang wake up call for him! Haha

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        1. I think maybe Joce WANTS them to find it so it can tell them all the thing Joce can’t tell them without yelling or which they won’t believe if she just tells them like that she loves mark for real etc.

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  3. Yay! So we’re out of the woods for Joce’s young adult drama! Adulthood awaits I feel a time skip coming on! I can almost smell the 5th gen nooboo(s) I’m so excited bring on the change I’m ready!

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    1. I can’t believe you’re still doing 5 posts a week you’re too generous Citizen! But I guess it’ll get me to my 5th gen nooboos faster. Also Joce’s future hubby! Gen 4.5 one leg still in 4 and another in 5 I hope she won’t have to hold that pose long😋

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  4. I don’t know why I’m laughing. Maybe it’s because Joce has to come home and have babies at some point so we can contiue on with this legacy. How many updates have we got left? 10? I’m trying to work out, how, in that time, Joce could have babies and settle down back in the legacy house unless there’s a time jump which will mean skipping Joce’s ‘Okay, so hating my parents isn’t going to solve anything nor is hiding AMerica so lets go home and forgive and forget’ phase. Hmm…

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    1. “Joce has to come home and have babies at some point so we can contiue on with this legacy.” This is exactly why I’m still considering all possible ways to avoid this predictable outcome in my legacy. Haven’t gone the “vaporize the whole heir family and start over” path yet. Might happen one day though. Starting a legacy story puts you in disadvantage as a writer, because the readers don’t have to worry about the heir – they will survive because the legacy must go on, right?

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      1. Hahaha well the rules can always be bent, can’t they 😉 Haha and sometimes you can find a creative or unexpected path to keep things not 100% predicable 😀

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      2. Not necessarily? She could very well just stay living abroad and someone else could become the heir. Tobi and Colette could easily have another kid to satisfy the rules demand for a female heir. And from a story POV it would just be them filling the void, so it would be believable.

        Do I think that’s going to happen? Not really. But it could. An heir can always be replaced. That’s what spares are for. So I don’t think legacies necessarily need to be predictable.

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  5. Hahahaha Sawwy. You will have to find another way to spend your Monday and Friday mornings 😛 Hehehe I love that I was part of the ritual though 😉

    We’ll see what’s to come. We definitely will get to see River and Remus as kids, what becomes of Luc and Hazel, and Joce’s future too. But what happens to all of them is still a mystery 😉

    Glad you enjoy the cliffhangers!


  6. It’s going to be exciting to see what drama folds in Joce’s adulthood!!! Luzel will be together or not, Ramus and River will be kids, Joce will think about her life, SO MANY POSSIBILITES!! It’s all up to the queen of cliffhangers and drama making!

    I need to get back to my legacy and as I’m reading yours, I’m plotting some light to medium drama to happen. 😛

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    1. That shift has really come mostly with Tobi and Luc. I think a lot of it has to do with them being celebrities. I feel like there’s some inherent selfishness that comes along with being a famous person who is used to getting what you want.

      And based on this comment, I think you will be pleased with how Joce acts from here haha (oh no, I’m saying too much 😛 )

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      1. Yeah… being a Rosebrook can make you self-involved without making you selfish, I agree with that. But sheesh, is the celebrity more important than the happiness of the next heir? For now, I suppose it is.


          1. I don’t really think they have “heirs” in this story. The heir is just a thing for us readers since we know it’s a legacy-based story, but I’m pretty sure that’s not a concept the characters of A2A think off. The heir so far has simply been the focus of the arc, that’s all.

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            1. Exactly, the heir is just the one we focus on, pretty much. They carry on the Rosebrook name and we watch their life unfold


          2. Haha well in my legacy, they don’t “pick” the heir, really. It’s just one character who ends up being the one we follow/who carries on the family name and legacy 🙂


  7. Well, I thought that would be it, I wonder how Jocelyn will handle things from now on…I’m almost sure this will not be the end of it, really, this discussion will continue and revive in another arc, I think….Better life in the other side, Joce! Let’s see how Clara will handle this…

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    1. Hopefully a better life is ahead for our girl Joce, yes! We will see… even though this arc is over, this family tension definitely won’t be…


  8. Whoa…. 4 to 4.5…. So Joce does come home – and probably with a time jump. And I am seriously mad at Tobi. It is like he has given up on reconciling with Jocelyn because she can’t see that he was right about her relationship with Mark not being real. I know he didn’t say that, but it feels like that. He is almost as bad as Luc being in denial that they had anything to do,with the break up. I love that Josh was “critical” of the way they handled Marklyn. I do think Josh is probably the best person to help Jocelyn come into the acceptance phase of her grieving. He has a lot of life experiences that he can share.

    I have to say it is going to be hard for us to accept anyone else for Jocelyn. I wonder. Are you bringing Elliot back into the picture since she is in America???? If so he better have matured significantly to deserve her. I keep thinking she will move forward but will never feel as deeply about anyone else and will always feel like something is missing. I can see lots of ways that could play out. Sooo curious.

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    1. Well, we’ll see if she does come home. No guarantees right now! Haha And I do t think Tobi has given up. I think he’s just feeling defeated because he knows he’s broken things with his daughter maybe beyond repair.

      As for Elliot haha, well you never know? We’ll have to see if he shows up at all. I am curious about the maturity comment in regard to him though. He was always kind and mature (especially in how he handled their breakup). He did have his “you worry too much” moment though, yes. Haha

      Definitely many ways it could go from here. Stay tuned? 😛


      1. Yes, as for Elliott, I do think it was that worry comment and maybe another made me think that. And the fact that he did handle the break up a little too well seemed as if he wasn’t really ever committed. I never thought of him as unkind, just not being in tune to Jocelyn. I feel like she is an old soul in many ways though inexperienced in many others (not so much anymore) and he was just skating along happy go lucky and Jocelyn was just a nice stop along the way. So if he does reappear he needs to have grown into a man worthy of our Jocelyn. Or anyone else she may find has to be extra special. :(. I am sad thinking of her with anyone other than Mark.

        And there is a wedding coming up. Next chapter maybe?

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        1. Hard to say why he reacted so well. Could have been that he didn’t take it seriously, or that he was more mature than we thought 😛 we’ll probably never know haha

          True though that Joce is an old soul, and an older man is a better fit for her! Poor Marklyne </3

          And there is a Clarian wedding coming soon, yes! 😀


  9. Tobi keeps saying “little girl” but she’s an adult. She should get a job so she doesn’t have to use their credit card and take care of herself. If she feels like they choose Luc she should choose herself and go off and live her life! But I guess everyone is right, it is a sim legacy story hahahaha so there are rules.

    Good for her anyway. They can’t control her and make her love/date the people they want for her. She. Is. An. Adult.

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    1. Well, she’s an adult, but aren’t all children always “little girls” or “little boys” in the eyes of parents who love them? Obviously he’s not treating her as the adult she is, but it’s coming from a place of love for sure.

      But yes, she’s making a great choice to do what’s right for herself and go live her life! There are rules to this legacy, but rules can always be bent or even broken haha so we’ll see what happens!

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  10. The end of gen 4, start of 4.5? *ponders this*

    Jocelyn gave EVERYTHING to Mark… *ponders*


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  11. Ooh… Generation limbo 😉

    “All I can do right now is thank God for Josh and Stefan and keep hoping they can talk some sense into her.” Uh while this may end up happening, it still just sounds like Tobi still doesn’t understand where she’s coming from. He thinks that she’s just having some silly melodrama and that she’s being ridiculous. (But another side of me is like, “Well, YEAH he doesn’t understand! THEY NEVER TALKED….” :l)

    You’ve got me on the edge of my seat here 😛

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    1. Hahahaha true, Tobi still doesn’t 100% “get it”, I don’t think 😦 And yes… communication is not the Rosebrooks’ forte LMAO. My poor, poor little family.

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    1. Thanks! I’m already writing Gen 5 right now, wooh! 😀 Can’t believe it. But so sad. 😦 Poor Rosebrooks. Gen 4 is not ending on a great note haha


    I don’t know how far I’ll read tonight, but I’ll probably at least read until I get to where gen 5 officially starts unless that’s far off.

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    1. Awesome, you are pretty close! ^_^ I wanna say it’s like 8-10 chapters away now. I guess that sounds like a lot. But we’ll see 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for reading my story! This whole situation with Joce was so painful and devastating to write (but oddly one of my favorites to write too). I’m sorry for the tears 😭 And I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts a bit as you read. Thank you again! ❤️❤️❤️


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