Interlude: Unhinged


“Hmm… Know what?” Clara looked down at the large brown box she’d just finished sealing up.

Jocelyne glanced up from her book, staring at her aunt curiously. “What?”

“I think I’m finally done! That was the last of it!”

Jocelyne forced a smile. “That’s great.” She said, hoping she sounded sincere.


In truth, the thought that Clara would be moving out in less than twenty-four hours made her almost want to cry. Jocelyne had spent nearly two months on her own back in Falkenburg, and now, less than a week after she came back home, the one member of her family she could still stand was leaving her.

As it was, Clara was the only reason she even bothered leaving her bedroom anymore. In fact, her aunt had insisted on it. “If you’re going to wallow,” Clara had said, “At least give me a little company while you do.”


So Jocelyne obliged. And honestly, she was grateful not to be cooped up all alone in her bedroom. She liked the company, even if most of their time together was spent with Clara in front of her keyboard and Jocelyne’s nose in a book. It was comforting just to have her aunt nearby.

Clara crossed between the moving boxes to sit beside her niece on the bed. “I can’t believe it snuck up on us so fast… I’m really gonna miss you.” She said seriously.

Jocelyne nodded. “Me too.”


Now that she thought about it, Clara was the only member of the family whom Jocelyne had never lived without. Even back when they lived in separate dormitories during their first years in Falkenburg, they’d always lived within walking distance of each other. It would be so strange without her now. So lonely.

“But hey,” Clara continued, smiling, “Florian and I have that spare bedroom in our new place… And a big couch too. I know things are still rough around here…” Her face fell slightly. “So any time you wanna escape, you know who to call.”

“Thanks, Clara.” Jocelyne smiled. “Seriously.”

“Hey, what are friends for?” The purple-haired girl replied warmly as she spoke.


Before Jocelyne could reply, the sound of heavy footfalls in the hallway reached the girls’ ears.

“Oh… The guys must be back for the last round of boxes.” There was something unusual in Clara’s voice that Jocelyne could not quite place. But she said nothing.

Florian, Jonas, and Tobi had been driving back and forth with the moving van all morning while Clara watched the babies and packed up the last of the boxes. It looked like this would probably be the last trip. Jocelyne glanced up expectantly at the sound of the opening door, waiting to see Florian or her father or grandfather stepping through the doorway.

10-02-16_12-08-06-am 10-02-16_12-08-11-am

But it wasn’t them.

10-02-16_12-11-34-am 10-02-16_12-10-06-am 10-02-16_12-10-47-am

The look on Clara’s face said it all.

“What the hell, Clara?!” Jocelyne snapped. “Did you invite him here?!”

“I-it’s not what you think.” Clara insisted. “I just had Florian ask him to come help us move the last of the boxes. That’s all.” She sounded anything but convincing.

Lucas sighed. “We don’t have to lie to her, Clara.” His eyes turned toward his sister. “I just wanted to talk to you. Is that so terrible?”


Jocelyne said nothing. None of them did.

It was Clara who finally broke the silence. “I’m gonna take this last big box downstairs for when the guys get here. We can get the small stuff in the morning…” Her eyes flicked between her niece and nephew. “Do you mind keeping an eye on the munchkins for a few minutes?”

Jocelyne rose to her feet immediately in reply. “Why don’t I help you with the box?” She suggested. Her voice was almost pleading.


Her aunt shook her head. “Stay. I’ve got it.” She said firmly.

Clara grabbed the small handtruck, slid the box onto it, and left the room as quickly as she could.

10-02-16_12-18-58-am 10-02-16_12-18-41-am 10-02-16_12-18-33-am

As soon as they were alone, Lucas stepped toward his twin nervously. “Joce, look, I… I’m sorry. I really am. I just…”

Jocelyne’s entire expression darkened the moment he opened his mouth. “Can you please cut this fucking ‘guilty’ act?” She practically snarled at him. “I know why you’re here.”

His eyes went wide at her words. “Oh yeah? And why is that, exactly?”

“To gloat.” Jocelyne narrowed her eyes at him. “To remind me how you won. Just like you always do.”


“What the fuck, Joce?!” Lucas cried.

The girl just shook her head. “Don’t even try to deny it! You just wanna rub it in my face. Just admit it!”

“That’s not what I’m doing at all! Will you just listen to me?!”

“I’ve heard enough already. Just get out of here, Luc.”

“Do you even hear what you’re saying?!” He threw his hands up in exasperation. “I knew you’d be like this. I knew it!” Lucas paused, a heavy sigh passing his lips. “You’ve changed so goddamn much, Joce. It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore! But you’ve gotta cut this shit, okay?! Shutting us out, being such a bitch all the time… This isn’t you!”


“YES IT IS!” Her shrill cry echoed throughout the empty room. Remus and River stirred in their bassinets at the sound. “This has always been me, Luc! You just never saw it… Because I was too damn afraid to actually let myself FEEL anything! So instead it was sweet, innocent Jocelyne who sits there and smiles while her whole fucking family WALKS ALL OVER HER! Poor little Jocelyne who stands by and watches while Luc gets EVERYTHING HE WANTS!” She pointed an accusing finger in his face as she continued.


“You have ALWAYS come first… Back when we were little kids, back when you started that stupid fucking band… And I was too much of a goddamn coward to speak up about it.” Jocelyne shook her head in disgust. “And now guess what?! Maman and Papa picked you again! They ALWAYS pick you over me! And now the ONE TIME that mattered most of all, they did it again!” Her throat ached and burned with every word. “And now I have NOTHING because you just HAD to win! And I am SO FUCKING SICK OF IT!”


It was a few moments before Lucas could find his voice. Jocelyne’s chest heaved with every breath and her heart raced in her chest from her outburst. She clenched her fists at her side as she waited for her brother to say something – anything.

“Joce.” He said at last. For a moment, his voice was strangely calm. “You aren’t… well.”


“All this shit you’re saying… It’s not normal. It doesn’t make any sense!” Lucas cried. “You’re delusional! It’s like you’re… unhinged or something!”


Jocelyne didn’t even bother trying to deny it. “Yeah, maybe I am!” She replied venomously. “And whose fault do you suppose that is, huh?!”

“Mark’s!” His deep voice boomed. “This is Mark’s fault! We didn’t force him to do anything, okay?! You’re mad at the wrong people!”

“Do you REALLY think he would have done this to me if weren’t for you and Hazel? Or Maman and Papa?!” Jocelyne shook her head. “You brainwashed him!”


“We didn’t do shit, Joce! Yeah, okay, maybe we didn’t keep it a secret how we felt about you guys being together, okay?” He admitted. “But… But we just wanted what was best for you. For everyone!” He cried desperately. “And we NEVER made Mark do ANYTHING. This was his choice. No one else’s.” Her brother paused for a moment. “I’m sorry you got hurt, Joce. I really, really am. But… I think it might be better this way. For all of us.” Lucas admitted. “You have to know that, right?! Obviously Mark could see it… So why can’t you?!”

Jocelyne felt her entire body trembling. How DARE he have the gall to stand there and say that to her, after everything she’d been through?! How could he be so cold? So selfish?!


“I cannot believe you! You said you don’t know who I am anymore?! Listen to yourself! My Luc would never be such a selfish fucking asshole! My Bruder would never talk to me like I’m some kind of helpless child!” Jocelyne shrieked.

“Well it’s hard not to when that’s what you’re acting like, Joce! Jesus!”


“Why don’t you just leave me alone, okay?! You’ve said what you wanted to say, now get the fuck out of here!” Jocelyne pointed toward the door.

Lucas narrowed his eyes at her. “If you’re gonna keep acting like some kind of fucking psycho-bitch then yes, gladly.”



As though on cue, the bedroom door swung open, just in time for little River to start screaming.

“I’m pretty sure I asked you to keep an eye on my kids, not fucking traumatize them.” Clara sighed in annoyance as she crossed to the bassinet and lifted her daughter into her arms.

Lucas just shook his head. “Yeah, whatever. I was just leaving anyway.” He shot his sister one last glare and left the room without another word.


“So…” Clara began nervously as she returned River to her bassinet. “I’m guessing it didn’t go well…”

“What the hell were you and Florian thinking inviting him here?!” Jocelyne snapped.

Her aunt shrugged helplessly. “It was a mistake, okay? I admit it, I just…” Clara sighed. “I’m worried about you.” She admitted. “I know you’re hurting. I know everyone was unfair to you, but… They’re still your family. And they’re my family too. I can’t stand seeing you hate them like this. And I thought maybe if you talked to each other, you could…”


Jocelyne’s eyes widened. “You’re just as bad as they are!” She snapped. “It’s none of your business how I feel, Clara!”

“I know, I know!” Clara raised her hands almost defensively. “It’s just killing me to see my family torn apart like this. Can’t you understand that?”

Her niece said nothing for a few moments. Give her a break. A small voice in the back of her mind seemed to say. She means well. She’s on your side. At last, she opened her mouth to speak.

“I get it. I really do. And I’m sorry you’re caught in the middle of this whole thing.” Jocelyne said seriously. “I’m… I’m sure things will get better someday.” She lied. “It’ll just take a while.” Probably forever.


“I know. But you’ll get there, Jocelyne.” Clara smiled gently at her. “And I really should have told you I invited Lucas over. That was so shitty of me, and obviously it just made things worse… I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I know you were just trying to help.” Jocelyne tried to return her aunt’s smile. “Look… I’m not exactly feeling the best right now…” Her voice was apologetic. “So I’m gonna go lay down for a little while, okay?” She asked softly. “Unless you need more help in here…”


Clara nodded in understanding. “Nah, I’ve got it covered. You go rest.”

With a tiny, forced smile, Jocelyne headed for the door.

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84 thoughts on “Interlude: Unhinged

      1. Well, all right then.

        Because not only is Luc still very deep in denial, I can’t help but feel like he’s showing an ableist side here. (Or would it be mentalist/sanist in this case? Whichever is more fitting, I guess)

        I’m probably just looking too deeply into that second part, though.


  1. I’ve been waiting for this kind of reaction from Jocelyne. It’s so sad to see how Lucas doesn’t seen how she felt when they were kids. True, it was Marks decision to end things but how everyone reacted didn’t help things.

    I hope they can all make things work and maybe start over. Be a family again. Maybe with Mark?

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    1. Yeah, Joce has finally reached her breaking point! And Lucas is still so blind to the reality of the situation :-/ I think he’s trying in his own way. But clearly he still doesn’t “get” it 😦


  2. First suggesting that Joce is mentally ill Then topping it off with “fucking psycho bitch”. That’s going to fix the relationship, Lucas. Well done. And don’t act like you wanted what’s best for Joce. You didn’t think about that for a second. You wanted what’s best for yourself. Even if that means breaking your sister’s heart. If he hadn’t been your girlfriends dad the age difference wouldn’t have been as big of a deal as it is now.

    Joce isn’t being fair either, but they did break up her relationship. And if Mark hadn’t broken up with Joce, Luc would still be trying to get them there. Also I think Clara was trying to do the right thing. It ended up completely backfireing and predictably so, but I guess it was worth a try.

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    1. Lucas really is so stubborn right now. He doesn’t want to accept his part in it. And it’s so frustrating 😦 Joce is being kind of extreme too, like you said. But again, she’s also broken-hearted (like you said too).

      Clara tried. But it failed horribly. Neither Joce nor Luc are in the right head space to talk right now. 😦

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  3. More emotional manipulation from Luc… I can only hope that Hazel hears this same spiel from him when she’s upset about something and sees that it’s a trend of his and drops him.

    Yes, I’m manning the torpedoes against the SS Luzel.

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    1. Oh wow, you might be the first person to actually hope for the sinking of a ship hahaha but I totally get it.

      Luc is still so blind to reality and not accepting responsibility in this. I think neither he nor Joce are ready to have a serious talk about this. They both need to calm down.


  4. Yeah this is definitely a two-sided situation. I agree that Joce’s feelings are totally understandable, and Lucas is still in total denial of his part in things 😦

    But yes, she really needs t start talking to her family again and try to let them know how she’s feeling to she can move on. Getting it off her chest would probably help so much. But she’s choosing to sulk and hold grudges :-/


  5. Oh my. Lucas seriously tuned in this narcisstic asshole….. He could at least be more gentle with Joce. Calling her a psycho won’t help….. If I were Joce I’d seriosuly punch him. He has every right to have his own opinion, but he should hide it for sometime and be a brother Joce needs…. He is delusional (telling her what they did was for her good..) not Joce.

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    1. The way he’s handling himself is totally not cool. And yes, the name calling was so harsh and probably did nothing to help :-/ Definitely delusional in that he’s still refusing to accept his responsibility in this situation *sigh* 😦


  6. Hahaha yes. You kind of answered your own question haha. It’s because she is SO radically different from how she normally is. I don’t think she’s ever screamed like that to anyone in her family before, and it truly shocked him.

    That being said, I do think there might be a touch of truth there — something has snapped in her. Mostly because of him… But he’s still too blind to see that. *sigh*


    1. Oh I’m not saying he should have implied she was mentally ill, and he DEFINITELY should not have called her a psycho bitch. That was completely uncalled for.

      All I was saying is that she has become somewhat “unhinged” in a way. I wasn’t trying to defend the awful way he spoke to her.


  7. Is Mari’s Councillor still alive? Actually, I’m with Luc on this one. Sure, he shouldn’t have planted those seeds of doubt in Mark’s mind, but he’s just trying to do what’s best for Joce, and the way Joce is acting is not like her. She is behaving like me when I don’t get my own way, and I am a hormonal teenager, for plumbob’s sake! Joce needs to suck it up, grow up, and try to make amends. Wallowing in self-pity, hurt and refusing to give anyone a chance is not going to help anyone, least of all her. It will make her mental state worse.

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    1. I love that you’re seeing a different perspective here than most readers! Thank you for sharing it!

      I think that Luc was just making an excuse when he said he wanted what was best for her. His reasons for wanting her and Mark to break up were purely selfish.

      However, you’re definitely making a good point about Joce’s wallowing not helping. Even at the very start of the convo, Lucas was actually trying to apologize. But she refused to listen and that made him really angry. I wonder what he really would have said to her if she’d given him a chance…

      We’ll never know.


    2. Makes me wonder if you ever had your heart broken. 🙂
      Of course she’s not herself right now. She’s hurt. Atop of that she feels betrayed by her family. She needs time to heal. It’s a slow process, can take months even years, depending on how deep the wound is. Some people prefer solitude some go out and start partying like there’s no tomorrow to escape their own thoughts and memories. You can’t tell such person what they should or should not feel or how to act. And that’s what Luc did the worst possible way. Like her feelings were annoyance he had to deal with.

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      1. So, so much this. Any apology that starts with “I just…” is not an apology. They don’t care about how you feel, they want to justify whatever they did.


          1. I’ve heard the “I just” apologies too many times. They’re always excuses for actions that show the apologizer still thinks they’re right and you’re just a silly biddy for getting upset .

            There’s a writing challenge for you! Write an apology that starts with “I just” where the apologizer isn’t trying to cast themselves in a position of superiority to the offended party.

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            1. “I’m sorry, I just get defensive about my characters because I love them. I completely understand why people are being so unforgiving toward Lucas. That was the reaction I was expecting. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was trying to invalidate your opinion. I was simply offering an alternative perspective to the situation. But everyone has their own point of view!” How was that? 😛

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              1. Oh no, I think that came off meaner than I meant! You’re really stirring up all sorts of feels. At least my feels. Do you think there’s a market for published SimLit? ‘Cause you’ve got gobs of talent.

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                1. Haha don’t worry, I was just being cutesy in my reply. I don’t think you were mean at all 🙂

                  And haha I wish there was a way to publish this! But alas, my only payment is lovely comments from readers like you hehe so thank you 😀


  8. Oh Luke. Such a smooth attempt at fixing their relationship… not. Haha! I think he could benefit from abiding by the simple “if you’ve got nothing nice to say, say nothing” rule. At the moment his delusional attempts are just making scar this whole shebang is gonna leave deeper.

    I do actually understand that he’s unaware that he’s always been favoured. If the whole family bends over backwards to make sure things go your way, the only reason you’d ever notice it is if they suddenly didn’t. Which is probably why he reacted so poorly to the Joce and Mark relationship, suddenly not everything at home was exactly how he wanted it, for the first time.

    On the other hand, how can he genuinely believe that Mark’s decision had nothing to do with him? Did he forget about the time him and his girlfriend flat out asked Mark to break it off? Perhaps he got hit in the head by an avid marklyne shipper that night so he has no recollection of the event 😀 But jokes aside, had Joce witnessed that conversation, she’d be even more pissed off – if that’s possible!

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    1. The only thing I will kinda-sorta say in Luc’s defense (which I haven’t pointed out to anyone else yet) is that Luc came there ready to apologize. He started trying to say he was sorry and Joce cut him off and started yelling/throwing a massive fit.

      That really hit a nerve with him and I think it changed the whole conversation. Who knows what he would have said if she’d just listened?

      I’m not trying to say it’s her fault, but what I’m saying is that his continued denial/refusing to admit that what he did was wrong was likely influenced (at least partially) by a defensive reaction when Joce lashed out at him without listening.

      You are definitely right that he doesn’t recognize what Joce was saying about things always going his way. He never noticed because it was just the way things have always been in their house.

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      1. I noticed that he came there to apologize, but then again he came there to say what he wanted to say and obviously not to listen what the other side had to say on the matter. Unsurprisingly things didn’t go the way he expected so he resorted to his usual “stop acting like a bitch” attitude.

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        1. It is true that he got thrown off when things didn’t go the way he expected, so he totally reverted to his usually defensive ways. That is very true. I’m not saying Luc still isn’t quite self-centered. He totally is (he was raised as always coming first, and chose a career where he’s the constant center of attention. He has been raised to believe the world revolves around him 😂)

          I just feel like he deserves some tiny shred of credit for at least making an effort to apologize. And it is easy to turn it around and say he only wants to apologize because her being mad upsets him. But I truly believe that deep down, he feels bad that she is hurting and wants to make things right. He just sucks at doing it haha


      2. Well yeah, he came there with the intention to apologise, but on his terms. That’s not generally how apologies work. You should be prepared for the other party to antagonise you – that’s why you need to apologise in the first place (I know YOU know this :)). But I do understand why this is hard for him to grasp, honestly.

        You know, Luc’s more like Vito than you’d care to admit 😛

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        1. Immature? Check. Selfish? Check. Attractive? Check. Yup. Vito 😛

          I guess the point I’m trying to make is that Lucas is at least SOMEWHAT trying here haha. It’s not much, I know. But he’s making some hint of an almost-babystep haha. He just messed up horribly and ended up making things worse because he went back into selfish/defensive mode way too easily hahaha

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  9. *tsk* *tsk* *tsk* Lucas. If you don’t get your act together, this photo of your mother will go on the Windenburg Times newspaper: 😛 It’ll be title “Famous Colette tries Dragon’s Breath Ice Cream For the First Time!” 😛 If you’re cool with it, oh well. 😛 At least this will give you laughs.

    Joce, you had the right to act the way you did. Clearly this situation is so sad, nuff said. 😦

    That scene where Joce looked at the picture of her and Lucas when they were kids made me sad because all the happy memories are gone.

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  10. Luc….here’s what….STFU and GTFO! That’s basically what I was saying as I was reading all the garbage spewing from your mouth. Yes, Mark made his own decision….after you and Hazel guilted him into it! After Hazel practically told Mark to choose between her and Jocelyne even if not in those words and you fully supported that because you thought their relationship was “weird”. Your sister is happy and in love for the first time but because it’s “weird” for you, it needed to end. She’s right when she assumed you came to gloat! You always win and because she’s not backing down now and letting you win again by forgiving you despite your obvious apathy towards her heartbreak and moving on from this ordeal so you could feel better is frustrating you. You call her crazy because she’s rightfully angry and called you out on your shit! You can’t accept any blame in this because then you would have to admit to yourself that you and your girlfriend acted selfishly and that’s why your sister and Hazel’s father are in pain. I guess for someone who’s accustomed to winning, it must be too weird for you to have a little humility, huh Luc?

    Ok, now that my rant at Luc is over….another great chapter Citizen! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your comment!

      I have been pointing this it/trying to explain this to a few other commenters but I’m getting lazy so forgive how brief this is haha.

      Basically Luc came there ready to apologize. I think he truly did recognize some of the blame. But before he could say anything Joce cut him off and started yelling and flipping out at him. That made him really angry and defensive and he regressed back to his usual defensive-act.

      I’m just saying that a bit of the blame falls on Joce here. She’s snapped to the point where she won’t even listen to her brother, and that feeds into his selfish/denial POV because she makes herself look irrational (“unhinged”) in his eyes and helps him justify himself haha.

      I think this conversation would have gone very differently if she’d let him apologize.

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      1. Probably. It might have gone differently if Joce was more patient but then Luc proceeds to call her a child when he was so quick to forget about his apology and regress into denial/defensiveness the moment she said something he didn’t like? Isn’t that childish as well? He’s thinking she’s just throwing a tantrum so its fair for him to throw one too and either way its not right, but I think Joce has earned her tantrum more than he has. He’s getting upset because she’s upset? Of course she’s mad! She’s hurt and you helped make her that way. He obviously doesn’t realise how much pain she is in nor does he truly feel like he’s to blame so I ask Luc, what were you going to apologise for?

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        1. Oh without question he’s being childish and selfish here. That much has not changed at all haha. I think he just wasn’t expecting such an extreme reaction from his sister. He was seriously not expecting that kind of outburst and it totally caught him off guard.

          He’s still the “wrong” one here for sure. I just feel like he’s at least STARTING to try. Which is actually more than Joce is doing because she isn’t even trying to listen (mind you, I’d still do the same in her shoes, I bet. So I’m not judging her haha.)

          Just trying to see other sides here haha. But I knew and expected and understand everyone hating on Luc right now. He’s still being a jerk haha

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  11. Luc is so in denial. I don’t see how he can talk to his sister like that, blaming Mark for hurting her – turning her into a Psyco Bitch. I think he knows deep down what they said to Mark gave him little choice, but it is easier to blame Mark. She is right, if their families had been supportive, even with what happened at the University, they would very likely still be together. Jocelyn really is about to become unhinged. Her only life support (Clara) is leaving and now she will feel more completely alone than ever.

    Jocelyn and Luc will likely never have a relationship after the mean things they said to each other especially as long as he continues to think he and Hazel are innocents in all of this mess. I feel like it will take a life changing event (something like death or near-death) for them to ever reconcile. That goes for her parents and grandparents too. The wounds and scars left by the horrible words said by her family are not easily healed or forgiven.

    Jocelyn is mourning the loss of not only her lover but her family as well. Double whammy. She is definitely going through all of the stages of grief. Denial – take it back, Anger – I hate you, Negotiation, one last time and now Depression is setting in. Eventually she will get to Acceptance if she can get through the depression. Her walk to her room at the end worries me.

    Actually, I am quite surprised she moved back home. She doesn’t feel like she belongs there anymore. I suppose it was circumstances. She doesn’t have a job – at least we haven’t seen that she does. She needs to get a job so she will have something to focus on other than her pain and get out of that house so she can move into the acceptance phase.

    Maybe she and Mark will reunite, but my ship is almost completely under water. 😦

    Sorry for the long post.

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    1. I love how long and thoughtful this comment was! I’m on my phone so my reply can’t be quite as long haha but I loved reading it!

      Luc is definitely in denial, but like you said, deep down he totally knows what he did. And I think when he first arrived he had plans to apologize and own up to it, but he reverted back to his usual defensive ways as soon as Joce opened her mouth and started yelling at him instead of listening.

      You’re so right that Joce has essentially lost her family — especially her brother. Things might get *better*, but I don’t know if they’ll ever be the same again 😦 I love your connection to the stages of grief! ^_^

      And yes, you’re right about why Joce moved home. She doesn’t have a job anymore so she can’t afford to live on her own. She really had no choice but to come home :-/

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  12. Lucas making Jocelyn out to seem crazy really bothers me.
    Was he always such a jerk?
    She may not be stable but she isn’t crazy. She’s fed up.

    The cute babies were a very welcomed change of pace. (I had a bet with myself that Clara would have a mommy blog.. I won! I’ll buy myself some chocolate hehe)
    And that scene with Mark was so final.. I think it was the saddest part so far.

    I want her to forgive her family for herself. These emotions are poisoning her more than anyone.

    Lucas really has no redeeming qualities at the moment. I don’t like seeing him anymore and that makes me sad because I used to like him. ;-;
    Coming to apologize was a start at least.. Even if it didn’t go well it was a step towards.. Something. I hope he takes what she said to heart and evaluates himself. Assuming he even heard her.

    I was so busy the past few days I couldn’t comment, so I’m sorry for the mashup. I didn’t want to spam you!

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    1. Thanks for your comment! ^_^

      Lucas was not always such a jerk haha but what’s going on is that he’s so used to always getting what he wants/things going his way that now that they aren’t, he doesn’t even know how to deal with it, and the worst side of him is coming out. He’s defensive and having a hard time accepting that he might be wrong. Though, like you said, he tried to apologize. He failed miserably and ended up just making things worse by yelling at her and calling her crazy :-/ But it was a step!

      I’m sorry you hate him right now, but I know you’re not alone too 🙂

      Glad you liked the babies/Clara’s “mommy blog” post! 😀 and yes, that goodbye scene with Mark and Joce was even sadder than the breakup for me 😥

      Thanks so much for your comment!


      1. I don’t hate him.. I just want him to move or something.
        Myshuno sounds pretty good. LOL
        He’s not heir so he can go there.
        But that won’t fix things. And them ignoring eachother until they’re 60 or on their death bed just won’t do. 😦

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  13. I understand that Joce is hurting (and she has the right to) but it seems like Luc really wanted to make amends here. I can hardly blame him for losing his temper when Joce started screaming at him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very true, I think he came there with genuine good intentions, and was completely thrown by Joce’s outburst. She didn’t do herself any favors by yelling, that’s for sure!

      Now, that being said (lol I am always contradicting myself and defending EVERYONE haha) he ended up ruining everything and coming off as a selfish asshole yet again in the way he responded to her. I don’t know if he’d have said that if she’d just let him apologize. But he dropped the ball here and proved that he lacks both maturity and self control (but then again… So does she. Just in a different way…)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think if you’re approaching somebody with an apology, you should be prepared for some intial backlash. If there was none, you probably wouldn’t need to be aplogising. Of course, that’s easier said then done 🙂

        Liked by 3 people

  14. being able to trigger such deep and vibrant emotions in us proves that you are a very good writer citizen. I so hate Luc right now i was like “BOOOO” “Shame on you!” the whole time!!!
    i can totally relate to how Jocelyn is feeling and i will step a lilttle bit out of chorus saying this: she really doesnt HAVE TO make up with her family.
    i mean family is not something we can choose and some people are toxic for us! i havent spoke with my mother the past 3 years and i’ve never been this happy!
    we don’t owe anything to our parents for mainly 2 reasons:
    1) even animals can reproduce so becoming a parent is not that hard yaknow.
    2) we don’t get to chose the family we are born into. I value much more friendships and love bonds as those are people that i choosed to be in my life.

    this being said of course the rosebrooks are a great family and it’s not just for this that she shouldnt talk to them ever again. but she actually has a choice!
    i know maybe this comment won’t be popular but i strongly believe that we are given 1 and 1 only life and being happy is more important than make others happy.
    i am very tolerant with other but when they try to ruin my life or destroy my happiness and then they just keep trying i exclude them from my life.

    just a personal story. already said that the rosebrooks are a great family and this is not the case!

    Great as always Citizen ❤

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  15. I knew that someday, sometime, Jocelyn would explode, just like eberyone in the family, and this was the event that made her explode, really…well, I guess Jocelyn has to find some new friends now, because her family was her world and now it’s broken, like her world is borken, so she has build a new one for her, I would not be surprised if in the nect christmas they just receive a e-mail form Jocelyn saying: ”Merry christmas.” and the same in all special events…I wonder how Clara will menage thought, in how to make her famiy don’t see Joce and Joce don’t see her family…kind of hard!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great comparison — her entire world is broken. She doesn’t have Mark, and now she basically doesn’t have her family either 😦 This is so sad. We’ll see what happens!


  16. Oh, Luc… I was so ready to forgive him when I saw he’d come to apologize… but then he went into the same spiel about how none of it is his fault. I don’t think even he’s fooling himself anymore. But Joce, honey, you need to relax. I love Jocelyne sooo much, trust me, but this is her fault too. Not the situation, but her reaction. She’s justified to some extent, but I think part of her problem is she doesn’t WANT to forgive her family. She’s trying to show her individuality, and it’s obvious how angry she is. Her family has walked over her for her entire life and now she’s snapped. I think she’s trying to show that she won’t be compassionate, sweet Jocelyne any longer. And yes, her family is selfish and ruined her relationship with the love of her life, but it wasn’t ALL of them. Mari was certainly on her side, and Jonas and Gus at least agreed with her.

    What I’m trying to say is that she’s trying to prove a point here, but she’s taken it too far. She wants to be angry, and she wants to show that the fam can’t just win
    her back. She’s letting her resentment become illogical and, towards some, misplaced.

    But Luc can’t accuse her of being “unhinged.” How would he feel if Hazel had broken up with him for the same reasons Mark did? He would react worse than Joce, I bet. It’s just that her family hasn’t seen her this angry before. I really really hope that she’ll let Mari talk to her because we all know what she’s been through.

    Gosh, I’m sorry for my long-ass comment and possibly for making incorrect assumptions about the characters. I always feel like my comments are essays on here, but that’s just because your story gives me so much to think about. 😂 I also really really hope Marklyne can get back together because I can tell Mark has regrets about breaking up with Jocelyne and Hazel has regrets about forcing it. Btw Tobi and Colette really need to take a page out of Mark’s parenting book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Never feel bad about leaving long comments! I love them! ^_^

      You bring up so many good points here. You’re right about Luc — he really did come with every intention of apologizing. But as soon as Joce started yelling, he totally reverted back to his usual selfish and defensive ways. I think it’s much of what you said — the family is totally not used to seeing her like this. And to Luc, it’s a sign that she’s “unhinged” haha. But in reality, that poor girl is just HURT and ANGRY (and can we blame her for that?)

      Now… all that being said, YES. I love you because you are the first one to point out a very important fact here — Jocelyne WANTS to be mad at her family right now. She doesn’t want to forgive them. And she won’t listen to them when they try. I think her pain and anger is justified, but I also think she’s being too dang stubborn. So I love that you see that too!

      Thanks again for this wonderful comment 😀 And yes, Mark seems to be a better parent than poor ToCo, huh? Haha take notes, people 😛


  17. I have no words. I hate Luc. If I was there I would’ve slapped him. In fact, please send him an internet slap. He deserves it.


      1. I think Joce really might be depressed though. If she is, I’ll have to kill Luc. Because calling somebody with depression mentally unhinged just isn’t okay.


  18. So….. they still don’t get it. They tore apart Jocelyne’s life and all they care about is that she isn’t back to docile and smiling Joce yet… I guess she’s gonna have to curse a couple more family members out. Maybe they’ll see it at the next big holiday family gathering.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, things are still so horrible right now. And poor Joce is still hurting so much. Lucas had a glimmer of hope at the start here, but he totally blew it and went back to his selfish, denial-ridden ways 😦 *sigh*

      Liked by 1 person

  19. “NO, don’t traumatize the kids!” is what I was thinking the whole time. If those twins start acting like the older twins, this family is gonna get nowhere fast. :l

    Okay, let me start with this: I’m giving some credit to Luc for being ready to apologize. That must have been a hard decision to make and I can respect that.

    HOWEVER, saying that Joce is CRAZY or UNWELL is absolutely ridiculous! Just because you haven’t seen her like this before doesn’t mean she’s delusional. Like she said, she’s sick of letting all of you walk all over her. She is finally letting her emotions out. And while you didn’t force him to break up with her, you can’t say that you didn’t plant that seed in his mind. “It’s better this way”?! Maybe for you at least… 😡

    BUT HOWEVER, Joce, you can’t just blow up like that. While it is definitely understandable, you need to talk things over and learn to forgive. You weren’t even listening to what Luc had to say. At some point, hopefully very soon, you NEED to talk to your family and come to some kind of forgiveness. Stop being so stubborn! Also, Clara was just trying to heal the rift. Believe it or not, she’s trying to make everyone happy. 😦

    Wow, I think I just defended everyone there.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seriously love that you understand everyone’s POV here! I agree with everything you said here. You made some awesome points! And I love that you recognized that Jocelyne is a bit at fault here too (even though Luc is definitely being a jerk hahaha)

      Liked by 1 person

  20. I wanted to punch Luc so hard in the damn face.
    I mean, Jocelyne is obviously VERY emotional, but he is a complete ass! She has always allowed everyone to walk all over her, and he can’t even try to see things from her eyes. Calling her unhinged and psycho, that’s incredibly offensive. Lucas is my least favorite. Him and Hazel can go be shipped in a box somewhere. He has no right. He can be upset, but the things he’s said are completely uncalled for, hurtful, and disgusting. Go fuck yourself Luc 🙂


  21. I wonder what he wanted to apologize for when as far as he’s concerned he hasn’t done anything wrong? If Jocelyn didn’t start with the screaming what would he say? “I’m sorry I asked Mark to break up with you.” ? Most certainly not, since he keeps saying he didn’t force Mark into it.


    1. Well, that’s the thing. He KNOWS he did something wrong. He was actually getting ready to admit that what he did wasn’t right, but then Joce started screaming and the window of opportunity passed :-/

      Liked by 1 person

  22. I feel so bad for Joce. She’s harboured resentment for Lucas for years now, like when his band performance took precedence over her play. Everyone has perceived her to be this good, almost unassuming little girl when she’s so much more than that. She was always hoping to find someone special who would lavish her with the love and attention she deserves and found that in Mark.

    Of course fate had to go and complicate things. Of course that relationship she’d been hoping for for YEARS had to end. Of course it’s mainly because of Lucas. I feel like she does need to seek counselling because all of this baggage she’s carrying is weighing her down.

    Lucas’ behaviour this chapter was so out of line, though. I really don’t like him… I want to, but right now I can’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s totally understandable. I don’t think Lucas is a bad person, but he’s a selfish one for sure. Like you said, Joce has always kinda been put aside in favor of him. And she’s sick of it and now it’s all come to a head now that she’s lost the best thing in her life. Meanwhile, Lucas has been spoiled for so long and is so used to getting what he wants… I think that has really shaped him (in a not great way). Plus he’s trying to be loyal to Hazel, who is obviously super against things too. I think he feels bad for hurting Joce, but not bad enough :-/

      Loving your comments! Can you actually see my replies? (Just curious! I know you don’t have a WP account). Either way, THANK YOU ❤️


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