4.53: Hope You’re Happy

You’d think I’d be happy right now. But instead I feel like shit. Absolute shit.

Things were bad enough already – Jocelyne hasn’t talked to us in over a month as it is.

But now I’m really starting to think she may never talk to us again.


She deleted all of us on Facebook – even Mama, Papa, and Gus. The only one she stayed friends with is Clara.


And she blocked our numbers from her phone, I think. None of our texts will go through, and all our calls go straight to voicemail, every time.


I really thought things were gonna get better after Mama drove out to talk to her… Honest to God, Lettie and I had talked about it so much. We were so ready to suck it up and learn to accept this whole ‘Mark’ thing.


How was I supposed to know he had other plans?

Clara called to tell Lettie and I what happened. Well, “tell”… It was a lot of screaming and swearing, actually. I almost couldn’t believe how upset she was for Jocelyne – she was almost in tears. And I’ll never forget what she said to us before she hung up – “I hope you’re happy.”


And I know I probably sound like the biggest hypocrite in the world… But no matter how I felt about Jocelyne and Mark’s relationship, how can I possibly be happy when my little girl’s heart is broken? How can I be happy when she’s shut all of us out of her life?

I don’t know what to do. This is what I’d expect from Clara, sure… But Jocelyne?!

This is the girl who’s always the first to apologize after any argument. The little girl who used to send herself to her bedroom if she ever talked back or gave us attitude. The one who tries so hard to keep peace in our house, even when everything’s falling apart. Maybe the only person in our family who never holds a grudge, or stays angry…


Lettie and I even drove to Falkenburg yesterday. We didn’t know what else we could do.

Of course, we made the mistake of saying something to Clara first.

By the time we got there, Jocelyne had already locked herself in her bedroom, and my Schwester was standing in the entryway, telling us to leave.


And, much as I hated it, that’s exactly what we ended up doing.

Jocelyne refused to say a word to us. We must have begged outside her door for a good thirty or forty minutes before we finally gave up. My poor Lettie was sobbing the whole time… But I guess even that wasn’t enough to get through to Jocelyne.


She only said one thing to us the entire time we were there. Her voice was hard to hear through the door, but we could still make out what she said to us. Colette wouldn’t stop talking about it the entire drive home, and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.


We’ve been through all the usual stuff with my Tochter when she was growing up. Childhood tantrums, teenage hormones… Even through all that, I can only count on one hand the number of times Jocelyne has ever said she hates us.

But this time, I really, really think she meant it.


52 thoughts on “4.53: Hope You’re Happy

  1. I read the last line, and said out loud, “Ya think, shit for brains?!”

    Seriously, this ain’t the sort of thing that can be fixed with just a few apologetic words. This is probably the sort of thing that takes years to fix, if it can even be fixed.

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  2. And I continue to dislike Tobi. After all this, he still paints himself as the innocent, offended party. “How was I supposed to know what he would do?” Get your head out of your ***, you got exactly what you were asking for. Everyone is merely a supporting character in Tobi’s narrative.

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    1. So harsh haha not necessarily disagreeing, mind you. I guess I can’t help it — even at their worst, I love all my characters haha even Tobi when he’s being a selfish jerk.

      For what it’s worth, he was serious — he and Colette were legitimately ready to give Mark a chance. Unfortunately it was too late… 😦


      1. You are the author and therefore the Watcher, but Tobi’s comment (to me, at least) comes off more as a post-hoc self justification. “Oh dear, of course *I* was going to do the right thing like the loving and accepting parent I am, but then that nasty *other* person screwed up and he (and he alone) broke my dear daughter’s heart. Like I said would happen.”

        Once burned, I guess. Still, don’t stop being such a great writer!

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  3. As horrible as this situation is for everyone… I am with Jocelyne here. It might sound harsh but the family deserves to realize how much their behaviour has hurt Joce. If she just went on normally they would have just said “see we were right it was just a stupid fling” and went on as usual. Not his time.

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  4. Yay! Everyone’s miserable! *throws confetti*…. er… wait. No, that’s not right. I’m glad Jocelyne is giving them a run for their money. They need to know how awful they behaved. How little they valued her sense of judgment when it came to people.

    And Mark…ah Mark you gave up far too quickly, see they were turning around. I really feel they would have accepted you eventually if you’d held strong against the Rosebrook storm. You could have born it together and shown them that they had to accept you. But no…you gave up and now Jocelyne is all alone. More alone than ever. She doesn’t even have her family.

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    1. This is a sad and harsh truth haha He really did give up so soon 😦 And that just makes if even more awful!

      This is a tough situation all around. I think the Rosebrooks are learning a very unfortunate lesson that they’ll never forget… :-/

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      1. Yeah that’s why I’d mentioned to Maladi that Tobi talking to Mark probably wouldn’t do much. Hazel was what ultimately mattered most (though I do think Joce’s parents’ reaction definitely had an impact of its own)

        Joce also recognizes that Luc and Hazel are primarily to blame, though she puts her parents as a close second haha


    1. I feel bad for all of them! I appreciate that you’re able to have a touch of sympathy for Tobi and Colette here. I think you’re gonna be in a minority haha But I am with you!

      I feel the worst for Joce. And I think her family “deserves” this kind of reaction, but it doesn’t change that this is really terrible for them too.

      Tobi and Colette aren’t monsters. And neither are Luc and Hazel. But they all made horrible mistakes and are now paying for it. It’s sad all around 😦

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  5. Yes, yell at them, Clara. I would too.
    Tobi is indeed acting like he fell from the Moon. Or perhaps he got abducted by aliens while we weren’t looking. He led the charge against Mark when he and Joce told them about their relationship for plumbob’s sake! Is he still dazed or something? And he doesn’t know what to do? Does he ever? Get up and go to Mark! Apologize and at least attempt to make things right instead of sitting on a couch and weeping like a child.

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    1. I don’t really know of talking to Mark would help right now. Though I suppose it couldn’t hurt to try! I’m not sure if Tobi is gonna think of that/see it like that though… :-/


      1. It doesn’t matter if it would help. It would be a start. The right thing to do for his little girl, if he loves her. Next step would be a family meeting with Luc and Hazel to hammer some sense into their heads too. There’s a lot of damage to repair.

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      2. even if it doesn’t help it would be the decent thing to at least apologize to Mark after all the nasty things he said ^^ but I guess tobi doesn’t actually believe joce’s and mark’s relationship was real. He said it himself he would ‘suck it up’ but I don’t think he truly believed in their love.

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  6. Yes, Clara is #TeamJoce all the way right now! Hopefully some kind of resolution will come. But like you said, it will probably take a lot of time…


  7. Well, go Clara. The one only time I will ever say the swearing was a good thing. (And yes, I know my characters swear, but I will be the first to criticise them if need be. Just so you don’t think I@m a hypocrite.)

    I hope you’re happy, too, Tobi.


  8. Jocelyne’s revenge is up to the max, especially blocking their numbers and deleting them off Facebook. 😛 I’m happy that Clara is on her side and supporting her 24/7. In fact, I’m with Joce for this one because what her family did was horrible and unforgiving. This has to be the worst thing that has ever happened in Rosebrook history. Bad Rosebrooks. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This revenge will work for a certain time, but Joce needs to come out and listen to what her family has to say. They will be forgiving at one point. I have a feeling in the future, her family will be banging on her bedroom door nonstop, begging her to listen to what they have to say.


  9. Time is of the essence, Tobi, and yours (and everyone else’s) has run out! You pushed and you pushed and you pushed until your “little girl” cracked. All the while you were banking on her good nature to carry her through. Don’t you know that even the most even-keeled person has a boiling point?

    Nothing good ever comes out of hate. Hopefully after a time you’ll calm down and will be able to let your family back in. Maybe not to the level they were before. Maybe unblock them on FB so they can see your passive aggressive status updates LOL.

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    1. So true about time — he waited way too long and now has to accept that he’s hurt his own relationship with his daughter because of it 😦

      But you’re also right about hate. Joce really needs to calm down, eventually. And hopefully she will! I got a little giggle imagining her passive aggressive Facebook messages 😂

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      1. I think passive aggressive FB messages would totally be her style right now lol. Yeah, she kinda said “I hate you” to her parents which is reeeeeeeeeally harsh, but I can imagine that she would go on an all out hate rampage on everyone in public lol.

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  10. I don’t really know what to say to this. I mean, I’m sure deep deep down she still loves her family. Not because she has to, but because this is Jocelyne. Right now she’s seeing red and believes they’re all trying to sabotage her happiness, but I don’t think she REALLY hates them. Not by far.

    She might think right now that she does though… which is really sad. I know it’s hard, because basically she lost Mark because of them. But in a way she needs them now more than ever. But i understand she can’t see that. I wouldn’t be able to see that either. It’s definitely a difficult situation for her right now 😦

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  11. Well Tobi, you know what? You should feel like shit. Because what you did is not okay, and it’s time your learned that not everybody is going to forgive you when you screw up. (Sorry. I’m really, really mad at this whole situation, but Tobi and Luc especially.)

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  12. Well, of course she meant it! In her eyes, you just made her lose her chance at love!

    It sounds like they took Joce’s good-naturedness for granted. They never viewed her as the grown-up she is. They kept taking advantage of her and overlooking how she felt until she finally broke. I’m glad that they’re going to have to seriously grovel. Even then, it might be too far gone to fully repair.

    Joce, girlie, again, at some point, you are going to have to let them back in, if only a little. You can’t go on hating the world and locking yourself in. That’s no way to live.


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    1. My new favorite hashtag Hahahaha You’re so right about everyone taking Joce for granted 😦 I hope she can learn to forgive one day after they’ve earned it!

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  13. I feel so bad for everyone involved here! I don’t think anybody is giving Tobi and Collete enough credit, they’re only human! Sure they made a horrible mistake and dealt with this very poorly, but if anybody was able to respond to every situation in their life with the perfect understanding and grace the comments section seems to be expecting then the world would be a very different place.

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    1. I really appreciate this comment 🙂 Tobi and Colette (and even Luc and Hazel, who are even moe to blame!) are not monsters — they’re only human, like you said. Humans who messed up badly and are now suffering as a consequence. I feel for everyone too! Though I do feel for Joce most of all!

      Thank you for this great comment 🙂

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  14. This is so sad 😦 I understand Jocelyn’s hate and anger and I hope she doesn’t let it eat away at her for too long because it could be very detrimental to her, like it was for her grandma. Tobi and Colette are very young parents and this shows, the lack of knowing how to fix things. It’s often the way that people take for granted the quieter, kinder person. I think Jocelyn is really damaged by the lack of her family support. I hope she can get through it. I hope she can at least, at some point in time, forgive them, but I think it’s going to take a long time for her to ever believe that her family, outside of Clara, will have her best interest at heart. A broken heart is not easily fixed.
    I have a bad feeling that Mark and Jocelyn may never end up together! I hope I’m wrong.
    I’m just hanging out for the next chapters!!


  15. After the last few chapters, I see that Jocelyne really is a child. She throws bigger tantrums than my little sister! She’s definitely not mature enough to be with Mark.


    1. I appreciate that you always have a different perspective on the situation! 🙂

      There is definitely a lack of maturity in Jocelyne’s reaction. She’s dealing with years of pent-up emotion, and it’s finally pushed her over the edge.


    2. I don’t think she’s being childish. Though her reaction when when Mark broke up with her was definitely immature. But she’s feeling so broken right now, and that can mess with anybody’s head and emotions.

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    1. Hahaha it’s true. Like, depending on what POV you choose, everyone involved kinda has an understandable perspective. It’s not exactly a black-and-white thing. It’s hard!


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