Interlude: Take It Back

Jocelyne hummed softly to herself as she walked down the sidewalk, enjoying the warm spring sun as it washed over her face. Winter had been so brief this year — March hadn’t even ended yet, and they were already back to clear blue skies and sunny afternoons.


I hope it stays this way. She thought to herself. After everything that had been going on, Jocelyne could definitely use a little warmth right now.

She and Mark had made plans to hang out that afternoon, and Jocelyne knew it would be the perfect opportunity to take Mari’s advice — Sit down, talk it out, and, with any luck, put some of their concerns to rest.

It wouldn’t be easy, but it was something she had to do. They both did.


When she reached Mark’s house, Jocelyne didn’t even bother knocking.

The young girl smiled happily as she crossed the threshold into Mark’s familiar living room. Lately it had begun to feel more like home than anywhere else – more than the apartment she shared with Clara, and definitely more than her parents’ home back in Windenburg. She felt like a stranger there now. Isolated. Judged. Unhappy.

But not here. Not with him.

She leaned forward, pulling Mark into a warm embrace. “I’m so happy to see you.” She said seriously.


“Me too.” Mark replied.

There was something different about the way he spoke. His voice was so quiet, empty, almost. And Jocelyne knew exactly why.

“I’m sorry things are so shitty right now.” She sighed. “It sucks. And it’s not fair. I know it isn’t.”

Mark nodded. “You’re right. It’s not.” He replied sadly. Without another word, he headed for the couch. Jocelyne followed.

Oma was right. She thought as she took a seat beside him. No one else matters but him and me. Her grandmother had been the one to remind her of that. And now she needed to remind Mark of it, too.


“Jocelyne.” Mark’s soft voice called her back to the present. “We need to talk.”

“We do.” Jocelyne agreed. “Things are such a mess right now… But we’ll figure it out.” She assured him. “It’s like you always say, right? We’ll get through it. Together.” The young girl smiled hopefully at him. In truth, he hadn’t said those words to her in a long time.

Mark did not return the gesture. “I think… I think I do have it figured out.” His voice was thick. It shook slightly as he spoke.


Jocelyne felt a wave of dread wash over her at the sound. “Mark…”

“I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. It’s been killing me, Jocelyne. Eating away at me. Keeping me up at night…” He paused, and held his face in his hands for a few moments. When Mark looked up at her again, there were tears sparkling in his eyes.

Jocelyne couldn’t breathe. Her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. “No.” She managed to choke out. “Please.”


“I’m sorry.” Mark’s voice was barely above a whisper.  “We can’t do this anymore, Jocelyne. It’s like you said… It’s not fair. Not to my daughter. Or to your brother. Or to you.”

“N-not fair?!” Jocelyne spluttered. “That’s bullshit, Mark. And you know it!”

“Is it?” He countered. “You’ve heard what they say about us on campus, haven’t you? You’ve seen how this has torn you away from your family.” Mark shook his head. “This is just the beginning, Jocelyne. You don’t deserve to be put through that. And I won’t let you.”


“Jesus, you sound like my Papa! Don’t act like I can’t handle myself! Don’t talk to me like I’m stupid, okay? I know exactly what’s in store for us. And I can handle it!”

For a moment, Mark seemed to falter. “W-well, it’s not just about what’s in store for you and me… Jocelyne, this relationship affects more than just the two of us.”

The girl’s eyes went wide. She knew exactly who he was talking about. “What we have… It’s not hurting Luc or Hazel! No matter what they try to tell you, okay?! It’s not hurting anyone!” What is he DOING?! Her heart raced violently in her chest. He can’t… He CAN’T.


Mark shook his head slowly. “You’re wrong. It is hurting them. If you could have seen the look on my daughter’s face, or heard the things she’s said to me…”

Fuck your daughter!” Jocelyne shrieked. Mark’s eyes went wide at her outburst. “Why the hell should it make any difference what she thinks, huh?! What anyone thinks?!”

“Jesus, she’s my child! Of course it makes a difference!” He cried. “Someday you’ll have children of your own, and you’ll understand…”Jocelyne watched as a few stray tears found their way down his cheeks. The sight of them simply made her anger rise.


“Can you please cut the ‘someday you’ll understand’ bullshit?! Hazel is your daughter, not me! And what about what want?! Don’t I get a say in any of this?! What about what’s best for me?!”

This is what’s best for you! You’ll see that someday.” He promised her.

“You’re wrong.” Jocelyne just shook her head. “And what about YOU? What’s best for you, Mark? Look me in the eye and tell me it’s not me.”


He held her gaze for a long time. “You know I can’t do that.” Mark confessed at last.

“Don’t you see?” She reached out, taking both of his hands in hers. “I’m best for you… And you’re best for me, too.” Jocelyne smiled softly at him. “We were made for each other, Mark. No one else matters but you and me.”

He lifted her hands to his mouth and pressed his lips against them gently. “You’re right.” Mark whispered. “I think we really were made for each other…” He gave her a small smile. “You’re the love of my life. You know that.”


“See?” She said softly. “This is how it’s meant to be. We can’t just throw it all away.”

“I love you. And I will love you for the rest of my life, I promise.” Mark’s voice trembled slightly. “But… It’s over. I’m sorry.” He let go of her hands and turned away as he spoke.


“STOP SAYING SHIT LIKE THAT!” It felt like someone else was speaking. Like Jocelyne was standing to the side, watching the terrible scene unfold. Powerless to change it. Powerless to stop it. “You don’t know what you’re saying! You’re letting Luc and Hazel brainwash you! You don’t know what you’re talking about!”


“Please. Please don’t make this any harder.” Mark’s tears were flowing freely now. He didn’t even bother trying to wipe them away. “I was a fool to think we could make this work. And I’m sorry I led you on like this. I never should have let things go this far…”

“So now you’re saying you regret it?!” Jocelyne shot at him. “I gave everything to you, Mark! Did these past few months mean NOTHING to you?!”

“They were everything to me! YOU were everything! But it was all a mistake…” Mark reached up, rubbing one of his large hands down his face. “Jocelyne, you are beautiful and smart and kind… You can do so much better than an old man like me. I know you’ll find someone worthy of you one day. And he will be the luckiest man in the world.” Mark smiled softly through his tears.


“What the hell is wrong with you?! Are you really that blind?!” Jocelyne felt herself coming unhinged. She felt a rage unlike anything she’d felt in her life, and a sorrow deeper than anything she’d ever endured. “I don’t want anyone else! I want you!” At last, her own tears began to fall.

“I’m so sorry.” Mark replied helplessly. “I don’t know what else I can say.” He shook his head.

“SAY YOU TAKE IT BACK!” She shrieked. “Say you’re not choosing Hazel over me!”


“I-I’m not!” He insisted. “I know it sounds like I am, but…” Mark seemed at a complete loss. “Please, you need to know this is for YOU too. You will thank me for this someday, I promise.”

“SHUT UP! That’s not true!”

“I think… I think maybe you should go now.” He said softly. “Go home, think about it… And you’ll understand. This is the way it has to be.”


“Bullshit! That’s BULLSHIT! I’m not going anywhere until you take it back!” Jocelyne’s throat burned in pain as her screams echoed throughout the small living room. “You can’t do this to me! You can’t!

“Jocelyne, listen to yourself.” Mark said, his voice firm. He rose to his feet, closing the distance between them. “This is getting ridiculous… You’re making a scene!”

Jocelyne reached forward, shoving sharply against Mark’s chest. “STOP TALKING TO ME LIKE I’M A CHILD!”


“YOU ARE A CHILD! I kept fooling myself into believing you aren’t. But you are, aren’t you?” Mark’s voice was suddenly so cruel. So cold. “You’re nothing but a scared little girl, Jocelyne. And you need to go home.” He grabbed her by the arm then, pulling her roughly toward the front door. “Leave. Please.

The room was spinning. The entire world was lost in a fog. Jocelyne didn’t remember much after that.

Just the sensation of her legs carrying her to the door.


The feeling of a cool breeze against her wet cheeks.


And the slamming of a heavy wooden door in her face, shutting her out of Mark’s house.


And out of his life, too.



89 thoughts on “Interlude: Take It Back

      1. Thought 1: People are going to see how miserable they are and feel bad.
        Thought 2: Jocelyne is not a child. Dammit Mark.
        Thought 3: So they’re still in love? Perhaps there will be a reconciliation.
        Thought 4: Do the family think that things will go back to normal now? Of course not! It’ll still be super awkward. If Luzel make it Marklyne would never escape each other!

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        1. 1. Hopefully! They should totally feel bad for their role in this 😦
          2. I know! He gave her zero choice in this. It’s sad and unfair 😦
          3. They are most definitely still in love, but right now I think mark plans on sticking with his decision
          4. We’ll see what happens with the family…

          Thank you for reading, Azzy!


      2. I don’t know, I’m imagining that if Luzel works out, and Mark and Jocelyne never get back together, every time it’s a family event they’ll be in the land of Tight-Lipped Smiles and Awkward Small Talk for a while…

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    1. Yeah, this one was so painful for me. I was so emotional while I wrote it, even though I kinda indicated this was where things were heading, it doesn’t make it much easier *sigh* 😦

      And at least I’m doing dailies now, so you only have to wait a day for a little while, instead of two 😛

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  1. You took this so much better than I thought you would hahahaha

    You’re right that he really IS picking Hazel over Joce… But I don’t think he wanted to actually say that out loud haha. She’s his daughter. And as much as he loves Jocelyne, Hazel came first this time.

    This really hurt him so much. And her too, of course. But he thought this was for the best. Now we have to see if it really was…

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  2. I hate you Citizen! I really do! Ok no I don’t…you’re an awesome writer! Got me all worked up and on the verge of tears. Good thing no one else is in my office right now because they might think someone died. Nope, no one died, just Mark and Jocelyne’s relationship. *cue confused stares* LOL. I don’t like this at all! I wanted them to dodge that iceberg but it looks like they crashed into it after all. Well so much for taking Mari’s advice. There’s no way Jocelyne will ever forgive her brother or her parents now. If Mark thought letting her go would bring her back to her family then he’s about to realise how badly he screwed that up too. I feel for Jocelyne. She just wants to be with the man she loves but the whole world is against her. Where’s Clara? Or maybe Gus? Joce needs someone right now!

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    1. Hahahaha I’m sorry I made you all emotional at work! I totally understand though. I actually shed some tears while writing this one!

      You bring up a great point about how this probably will do nothing to help her relationship with her family (probably the opposite…) But Mark is trying to do what he thinks is best… Even though he just broke his own heart, as well as Joce’s 😦

      I promise that Clara will be there for our girl. She so needs it 😦

      (And thank you for not hating me haha)

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  3. Fucking forever hating Luc and Hazel for planting this seed in Mark’s brain that their relationship is unfair or hurting them. Also, Mark, I get your reasoning, but lemme tell you, you’ll regret breaking up with Joce for the rest of your life if you don’t fix it

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  4. Also, definitely hoping that her family will feel fucking guilty for ONCE IN THEIR LIVES about how they treated Joce and how upset she is now. Don’t mess with my girl, Rosebrooks. Joce is like my spirit animal.

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    1. I love how much you love and defend Joce. She definitely needs people on her side! And I agree that the family should feel so guilty for this whole thing. 😦


  5. I love your description — she was definitely channeling Clara for a minute there! She is so devastated and broken-hearted. It’s awful! 😦

    And yes let’s hope the family will finally open their eyes!


  6. Oh my, Mark…is It over? I can’t tell, as I predict it, someone has to break, or some very long time has to pass, and it appears that their relation was broken, I think she will be very sad and their family will see it, and call Mark, and he will go back with her…or, she will be very sad for the rest of her life, meet someone that she finds enjoyable to spend time (and marry) like dust 2 dust and the little boy…(Yeah, hon, I read that one! ) and finds after sometime, goes look for elder Mark and they both finally accept their love, or Hazel turns out to be Bitch, ends up with Luc, and Joce goes back with Mark.

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  7. Sits next to Jocelyn at the bar pours her a drink. “Mark then done you wrong!” Nods. Pours her another drink. “Come on we going to take a little walk down Heartbreak Alley. I know the way I’ve been too many times. Then we going to get in a car and drive down Denial Road. You’re sensible girl so we won’t be there too long. Then make a sharp turn on Blame Game Drive. Then from here on out its a Norway for Highway of Vengance. Everybody will know you don’t mess with Jocelyn and come out unharmed!” Pours her another drink. “Drink up sweet pea this little adventure is one you don’t want to do sober.” Now that poor Jocelyn is broken she’s going to need skittle help getting back on her feet. I’ll help her but I’m pushing her in a different direction. First heartbreak is the best time for making a change in your POV. #NewJocelyn. I understand Mark and kinda predicted it was going to happen but now I can’t forgive him right now. If he broke up before they slept together Id be fine, but he let her get extra emotionally attached then got a taste of the obstacles he knew they would have before hand. I can forgive everything except that. I hope this is a eye opening experience for Joce and if she doesn’t get back together with Mark(Even though the children will be gorgeous) then the next guy has to be better looking than younger Mark and emotionally stimulating as Mature Mark. Also he has to be older than Jocelyn not as old as Mark but enough where the age gap is noticeable. Cause Karma is a B****! Okay I’m done.

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    1. Hahahaha this comment was all over the place, but I love it XD I love your taking Joce on that little tour haha. Hopefully she’ll survive the journey!

      And I totally understand being angry at Mark. The way he handled it was poor in general, and you’re right — things got way too deep before he finally ended things 😦

      Love your qualifications for Joce’s potential-future love interest haha. We will see what happens from here. Lots of different paths this could take…

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  8. Well, we knew. 😦 Jocelyn was right to be furious. Mark made this decision without her and devalued her by doing so. He was so cruel at the end telling her she was a child. I know (hope) he did it to hurt her and distance her from him so she would accept the breakup more readily. I don’t think for a minute that he meant it, but she wasn’t taking no for an answer so he got desperate. I can see her going straight to Luc and Hazel and “going Clara” on them as well and telling them she never wants to see or speak to either of them again. My heart was breaking for her. Mark lost a lot of points today by choosing Hazel over Jocelyn. He didn’t even give her a life jacket when he pushed her overboard. I hope she is a strong swimmer. 😦

    My hope is that after Jocyln reams out Luzel that Hazel will crawl back to her father and apologizes and tells him to get in that life boat and go after Jocelyn before it’s too late and she drowns in the ocean.

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    1. I don’t blame you for being mad at Mark — you’re right, he handled this so badly, and it was so unfair to Joce 😦 This really broke my heart.

      You’re right too that the whole “child” thing was to get her to leave. He knew she was not taking no for an answer and he needed to say something that would upset her enough to get her to leave. It was so mean. But he felt like he had to do it…

      We’ll see very soon how Joce handles the rest of her family after this. 😦

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    2. I have to disagree with you here. Mark is just as much allowed as Joce to unilaterally make a decision about whether he wants to stay in a relationship or not (can you imagine the uproar if Joce wanted to end it and Mark was the one refusing to ‘let’ her break up with him?)

      Yes, Joce is upset, but she really was behaving like a toddler. She has always prided herself on being so mature, but in this case, she acted like an overly-attached, possessive baby. Her accusations of “You can’t say this!” are just has demeaning and devaluing of *Mark’s* feelings as he’s being accused of being of hers.

      Breakups are never easy, even if they are mutual, but he has as much right to end things as she does. She will feel hurt, and feel her heart break, but in the end, Mark doesn’t owe Joce anything.

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      1. Thanks for sharing your perspective! I love getting a range of viewpoints 🙂 And you do bring up some excellent points about Jocelyne’s behavior in this one!

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  9. I’m gonna comment beforee i read other’s comments on this one (which i normally do everytime anyway).

    I cannot believe Mark caved like that to Lucas and Hazel. Especially Hazel’s pleas for him to get to his senses. What was he thinking?! He did exactly what he always said he wouldn’t do – worry about what other people thinks!

    And the way he treated her! Saying she was just a scared little child! That was so uncalled for.

    Even though I understand Jocelyne’s anger and hurt in all of this, I think it was very much out of her character to have such an outburst. And it does show she’s not as mature as older people. It would hurt and sting a lot, but more mature people would, after talking it over, accept the other person’s decision.

    So I KINDA get what Mark means with her being a child, but I still think it was very unnecessary to say it like that to her. If she was a child and they had the sex, then he must think of himself horribly. Like some kind of pedophilia. Which he isn’t. Something about this isn’t right, and I don’t believe Mark even thinks those things himself. I don’t think he believes what he told her about her being a child. I don’t think he believes it couldn’t work out. I think he got scared that he might lose his daughter over Jocelyne, and I understand he can’t do that. If i were in his shoes, and I thought i was gonna lose my daughter i would totally choose her over my girlfriend/boyfriend!

    He shouldn’t have lied to her and said he didn’t choose her over Joce. He so did! And i get why, but he shouldn’t say that he didn’t do it, because he did!

    This isn’t what’s best for Jocelyne OR Mark! This is what he thinks is best for Lucas and Hazel, and everyone else. Why doesn’t he see that what really matters is that he and Jocelyne are happy together!

    I can’t deny that i didn’t see this coming. The distance Mark has been keeping to Jocelyne showed things were leading to this.

    This is so so sad 😥 I actually felt angry at Mark and everybody else in this. Well, mostly at everybody else who is judgemental pricks! Not really that much at Mark because he’s caught in the middle of it all, along with Jocelyne.

    And with that my rant ends 😛 Sorry for the very long message. I hope you don’t mind.

    Great chapter 😀

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    1. And I really hope that when her family and Hazel sees how miserable they are apart, they will get to THEIR senses and make them get together again. Like talk to Mark and say to him they don’t mind them being together anymore. That all they want is for him and Joce to be happy and if being together makes them happy, then that’s what they should do.

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    2. Thank you for this great comment!

      We are definitely seeing a side of Joce we’ve never seen before — I think something has “broken” inside of her now. It all just kept building and building — feeling like her family doesn’t respect her/always chooses Luc over her. And now because of that (in her eyes), she lost Mark. She’s kind of snapped. And it’s showing in her huge outbursts of rage 😦

      Definitely immature… But I will say that, while his first comment about Joce being a child was probably because of how immature her outburst was, I think he mostly said it to try and hurt her to get her to leave. Because she wasn’t going anywhere otherwise!

      This is so upsetting for both of them. My heart broke writing this one 😦

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      1. I get that. That he would say that to make her leave. But it was just sooo mean! This is actually the first time i have gotten so emotional while reading A2A! My heart breaks for the both of them!

        I don’t think this will make Jocelyne find her way back to her family. This will just deepen the cleft between them because she lost the love of her life because of them. And she will DEFINITELY not like Hazel much right now, maybe never. This is all just so sad 😥

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  10. Oh no. This can’t be real. Jocelyne will wake up right now and realise this was just a bad, bad dream. But seriously, I hate how Mark talkes to Joce, like she’s a child. I know that she, especially at the end, kinda acted like one, but all this “someday you will…” really angers me lol. In this case I think HE is the one who doesn’t understand, that she is absolutely willing to do anything for their relationship and it just isn’t better for her to end things here. Aww gosh I’m sorry but I’m so angry right now xD

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    1. It’s okay to be angry! I’m annoyed at Mark too 😦 He really did talk down to her like she’s a kid. And yes, she was kind of immature, but it was also understandable… And either way, you don’t talk to your (now-ex 😦 ) girlfriend that way!

      Poor girl is devastated. 😦

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  11. I’m really conflicted about what I make of this haha!

    On one hand, it does seem like Mark gave up too quickly. Telling himself that it’s for the best of everyone involved, including Jocelyne, is the easy way out. But then again, if he didn’t entertain the hard way, I suppose they never really had a chance anyway, so it’s better to break up now than later.

    Similarly, I have all sorts of thoughts about Joce’s outburst. On one hand, I kind of admire it, I wish I stood my ground more in the past, and she always seems to do just that, whenever it gets to tough situations that affect her. She has guts for sure. And it makes for one fascinating character who I sort of admire.

    On the other hand, when she said “fuck your daughter” she definitely wasn’t doing herself any favours haha. She’s his daughter, of course he would care what she thinks. He can’t just shrug it off. (Even though his daughter is being a selfish shitt brat, but let’s not get into that).

    I guess my stance on it is that I admire her for speaking up, even though it didn’t really change anything – at least she doesn’t have to live with the what ifs.

    Oh, I kind of liked it when Mark said she was a child – not because I agree with that, I don’t even think he thinks that. But it seemed very true to real life, when sometimes the person that’s breaking up with someone has to say things they don’t necessarily mean to make the other person accept their decision. So I enjoyed seeing that reflected in the story (since apparently I’m a sadist/masochist lol)

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    1. Hahaha I love all the conflicted feelings here. I totally see where you are coming from, on all sides.

      Mark did kind of give up. He could have fought harder/longer. But like you said, it probably was better for him to do this now than later.

      And as for Joce, we are most definitely getting a different side of her here. She wasn’t kidding when she said she wasn’t going to give up without a fight haha. She is so upset and devastated and just *broken*. She kinda lost it a little bit… But she stood her ground for sure. And, like you said, Mark kind of HAD to say that “child” comment in order to get her to accept his decision and leave. It was most definitely not easy for him.

      This chapter was quite upsetting to write 😦


  12. We’re going to come back in 10 years time and watch them be really cynical about love and each other and then their friends are going to trick them into falling in love and then they’ll live happily ever after… Oops, wrong story. Shakespeare play, never mind.

    I guess I’m kind of in denial right now. Though I don’t ship them, they made each other happy, and I could see that. And I don’t like seeing Joce sad.

    You can tell Luc he doesn’t need to watch out for the wet fish anymore. I’m going to throw it at Mark instead.

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  13. I have a feeling this is not truly the end of it. If I am to consider next gen I know already that I will dislike anything that comes from Luke and hazel and that I cannot see Joce with anyone else.
    Next heir has to be Joce and mark love’s fruit so since she isn’t pregnant yet it’s not over yet !

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    1. I like your optimism 🙂 Anything could happen, it’s true! Hopefully you will enjoy what’s to come for Gen 5. We’ll see…


  14. Somehow, I feel like Hazel will realize how sad her dad is and try to fix things, because Hazel and Mark mean everything to each other. Whether she tries to get him back together with Joce or not, she definitely cares a lot about him and she did force him to break up with Jocelyne so hopefully she feels responsible. And I really hope the Rosebrook clan doesn’t think this will make things better because I can promise them it won’t. No one’s gonna forget this and breaking up won’t undo any of this damage and Joce isn’t gonna forgive her family especially because this isn’t her fault. This is such a lose/lose situation… everyone would be unhappy whether Mark and Jocelyne stayed together or not.

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    1. Unfortunately, there is a lot of truth to what you’ve said here. This is very much a lose/lose situation 😦

      We’ll see soon how this whole thing effects the Rosebrooks and Hazel. Thank you for reading!


  15. Okay, I get why Mark is doing this, but there are a couple of things that he got COMPLETELY wrong. First of all: people are not going to stop talking now. The ‘damage’ is done. And this is not going to magically fix the relationship between joce and her family either. It might even make things worse because Joce might blame them for the break up. (I’d kinda love to see Clara yell at mark right now) and when Luc and Hazel get married Joce and Mark are going to be running into eachother all the time and it’s never going to be anything but awkward and painful. But there is one good thing that might come out of this. The family might finally understand what they did when they see how unhappy this is going to make both of them.

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    1. This comment is so so true. Mark is totally missing all the things that could actually go wrong/get WORSE after the breakup… But we’ll see what happens…

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  16. I was wrong when I thought if he did this it would make me like him even more. Nope. Somehow his arguments didn’t sound valid to me. I don’t think he handled that well at all. Calling Joce a child was a low blow. So unlike him. I understand he wanted to make a quick and clean cut, but this was far from clean. He could have insisted it is his decision, period. But pulling the child card… it didn’t help anything, it just hurt Joce more.
    Now, in case she finds out she’s pregnant, I wonder what he’s going to do and if she’s going to let him back in her life. Let’s see if Hazel is going to be able to live with herself when she sees what she really did to her father. I wouldn’t.

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    1. Yeah, Mark did not exactly handle this the best way :-/ And he really hurt Jocelyne so much.

      It will be interesting to see how the rest of the family feels about this. We’ll find out soon!


  17. If Hazel thought things were awkward when Mark and Joce were together, she’s not even ready for how awkward things will be with them broken up. At least the family will learn their lesson about interfering with love. Hopefully. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

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  18. I was almost late to school reading this, so I accidentally hit post with my unfinished comment 😂😂😂 Sorry!

    Wow, I was really surprised with Joce’s reaction! I didn’t expect an outburst, especially not from her. I should’ve seen it coming I guess. I mean, finally she’s happy and then what makes her happy is taken away from her. Because of her and Mark’s selfish family…
    And a little disappointed with some of Mark’s choice of words, but I don’t blame him either. I probably would have been a little frustrated. It’s like she can’t see that it hurts for Mark too :/

    Well, I’m interested in hearing the family’s reaction. I hope they realize what they’ve done :/

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    1. Hahaha no worries! Yeah, we aren’t used to seeing this side of Joce. There’s definitely something else coming out here… She’s kind of “snapped”. Like you said, she’s finally happy and now it was taken away 😦

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  19. Oh NO!!!!!!!! When you said daily updates, I didn’t think you meant this …
    (really though, I love the drama 🙂 )
    I think Mark didn’t treat Joce like the adult she is in that argument, but I think his reasons for breaking up with her were valid (I don’t approve, but it’s valid). I guess I just want Joce to be happy, and if she ends up finding her happiness with someone else, it’ll be okay.

    On a totally unrelated note, I LOVE Mark’s house!!!! It looks so warm and cozy … and that TV nook thing is so cute!!!!!

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    1. I’m glad you like Mark’s house — it’s from the gallery though, I can’t take any credit haha

      And yeah, sorry for this upsetting chapter 😦 It’s a rough one. You are so right — Mark totally spoke to Joce like she was a child 😦 And that made things even worse, I think 😦


  20. Wow… I have all of the thoughts after this one. :/

    #1. Mark: He really did seem like he gave up too quickly. He let what everyone else thought get to him. Mark says that he’s not choosing Hazel over Joce, but he really is! And calling her a child was uncalled for, even if it were out of desperation.

    I really do see this “oh, the relationship will never work” perspective that so many people in the story and the ones reading have. But, I really do think that it will work, despite what this drama is doing to me otherwise… I mean, they still love each other right? (I’m probably sounding like a Pollyanna right now XD).

    #2. Joce: Well that was a reaction and a half. It was kind of refreshing to see her fight for what she wants. But this also kind of proves what Mark said. She completely exploded and became immature. Also, saying,”Fuck your daughter!” really doesn’t say good things about her maturity.

    Ugh… conflicting thoughts right now…

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    1. It’s okay to be conflicted… There’s a lot going on right now!

      I agree with a lot of what you said about Mark and Joce. They both didn’t handle the situation very well, in different ways. This whole thing is a mess, and so upsetting 😦

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  21. Ah Mark. I know (sadly) in his shoes, I would do the same thing. Take one for the team, knowing that as awful as it is for Joce – she has a lifetime to get over me. Not all loves get to last.

    And Joce, girl – I’m totally on your side, he gave up WAY too quickly, people were coming around and it’s been less than three months! And he calls you childish? Ha! His fear is what’s holding him back and a sense of noble sacrifice. Screw noble sacrifices. I say. Be persistent if you can – but if he’s too childish to give you a chance. Take a break, and then make him pay in the heart for tossing you out.

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  23. I don’t think my comment posted XD it may have thought it was spam.
    I basically just did AHHHHH over and over and over and over
    ANYWAY, this is torture. I know it all makes sense, but like, I want everyone in the shame corner, just everybody.

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  24. If I was Jocelyn, I would hold an eternal grudge against Luc and his stupid fianceé. Maybe I would even bring Hazel’s grandpa as my date to their wedding. 😀
    Kidding aside, I don’t know how can Luc live with himself. Is he now going to be happy and content for hurting his sister like this? (That’s pretty close to evil, if you ask me! )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luckily you don’t have to wait long to find out how everyone reacts to this rather upsetting development haha. This is so hard. My heart breaks for Jocelyne.


  25. I’m on Joce’s side, but if I was in Hazel’s situation, I would 100% expect my father to choose me, too. However, if Jocelyn was maybe… 20 years older, I would expect my dad to tell me to grow up and get over it lol. This is such a difficult issue!

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    1. I’m glad you’re able to appreciate both sides of this… it really is hard, depending on whose position you put yourself in! I’m happy you see multiple sides because I kinda didn’t want there to be one definitive, clear-cut “right” or “wrong” side to this situation. 🙂

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      1. One day I decided that I was always going to try to understand all the sides in everything. I think part of that is because I’m so logical and solution oriented and I don’t think you can come to a good solution only understanding one side. But then there’s issues like this… Ugh you’re so evil but you’re so good at writing! Clearly people on the forums weren’t exaggerating about this legacy.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Now you’re making me blush a bit haha. I’m really glad that you’re enjoying my story so much (even though I’m evil 😛 ). And I love your point of view trying to see all sides. That’s a great outlook to have on situations! 🙂

          Liked by 1 person


    I’m pissed. Like, yeah… I can see things from Mark’s POV, but this was such a fucked up chapter. Joce wasn’t acting like a kid, she’s fucking heartbroken and desperate to salvage a relationship she’s poured her heart and soul into. I’m sorry but how exactly was she meant to react to being dumped? Would an “Oh, okay… See ya.” be more appropriate? No way. :/

    I really hope that they get back together later on.

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    1. Yeah I actually don’t like how he handled this either 😦 It really killed him. and I think that made him so upset that he acted a bit out of character in how he did this. 😦

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!


  27. 😭…..I’m at a lost for words. That’s was intense. I knew it was coming to this. I had no idea how unhinged Jocelyne would get. I guess that suppressed anger is coming to the surface from all those years of being a Ms. Goodie Goodie. I hate to say it but she did act very immature and irrationally. She had given him her all and was willing to give up her family for him so I can see how his decision made her lose it but maybe it’s for the best. RIP #Marklyne 💔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for this one. It hurt so much 😭😭😭

      As for Joce, yes, she’s being super irrational and over-the-top. But like you said, there are a lot of repressed feelings coming to the surface. Ever since she was a kid, Lucas has seemed to come first (like back when he had he concert and she was in the play, for example) and she’s always worn a smile and put up with it. She has kind of let her family walk all over her… though I don’t think there were necessarily bad intentions there either. I think they did it by accident, and by putting up with it, Joce kinda accidentally reinforced the behavior and it became this vicious cycle.

      And now that it seems like Lucas’ happiness has won over her own yet again, it’s basically pushed her off the deep end.

      This part of the story was so fun but also so sad to write. This is a true turning point for Joce’s character… but not exactly in a good way :-/

      (Sorry for the novel-length reply haha)

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