Interlude: Think About It

“Hmm…” Hazel peered uncertainly at the half-empty canvas in front of her. She wasn’t entirely satisfied with how her painting was turning out… But it was too late to make any drastic changes now.


Maybe I need to wait. She told herself. Maybe it’ll be better tomorrow, when I can look at it with fresh eyes. That was the advice her father had always given her about her artwork.

Hazel had been terribly distracted all day anyway, dreading what was to come that evening. She pulled her cellphone from her pocket, glancing at the time. Oh God, any minute now… Where had the hours gone?


She headed toward the bedroom, trying to smile. “Lucas?” She called. “Did you check the casserole?”

“Yeah, babe. It was fine.” He set his guitar down and joined Hazel in the living room, smiling warmly at her. “Smells delicious.”

“You are the worst liar on the planet.” Hazel couldn’t help but laugh as she planted a soft kiss on his cheek. “But thanks for the encouragement. Good thing Dad already knows not to expect much…”


The smile on Lucas’ face wavered at her words. “I’m still not sure if inviting him over was the best idea…”

As much as she hated to admit it, Hazel couldn’t help but agree. She’d spend the entire day worrying about it, and questioning whether she should have invited him in the first place.

“He’s my dad.” She said at last. “We can’t ignore him forever just because…” Hazel left the thought unfinished.


“Because he’s banging my Schwester?” Lucas suggested. He did not smile as he spoke.

Hazel shook her head. “Don’t. Please.”

“Sorry. That was super shitty of me.” Lucas sighed sadly. “I just…”

“I know.”

Lucas was still struggling, just like she was. He’d tried so many times to talk to Jocelyne. To apologize for his outburst. To try to explain himself.

But she refused to speak to him. And that just made things worse.

Her boyfriend was silent for a moment. “Hazel.” He said at last. “What are we gonna do?”


Hazel bit her lip. It was an excellent question – one she was still unsure of herself. “The same thing we’ve been doing, I guess.” She shrugged. “Let them know what we think, and hope one of them comes to their senses…”

The young woman couldn’t help a small twinge of guilt. It had been years since her father had been in a serious relationship – let alone one that made him as happy as being with Jocelyne did. Hazel loved seeing her father so happy. She just wished it could be with someone — anyone — else.

What did her dad think he was doing with a girl half his age? Didn’t he realize all the risks? Couldn’t he see what it could do to his reputation? His job?

Didn’t he care how this affected his own daughter?

Sometimes she wondered if it would feel different if Jocelyne were Lucas’ older sister. Would it change anything? Make it less awkward? Or what if Jocelyne wasn’t even related to Lucas at all? Which was worse? Jocelyne’s age? Or her connection to Lucas?


Hazel would never know for sure.

The sound of the doorbell called the girl back to the present. “He’s here.” She muttered. “Shit.” Hazel took a deep breath, then turned and opened the heavy front door.

“Hey, Honey.”

Hazel couldn’t help smiling as her father pulled her into a warm hug. She hadn’t seen him since that horrible evening at Lucas’ parents’ house. She’d missed him. Terribly.


“Hi, Daddy.” She replied softly, pulling away from him.

Mark’s smile faded as he turned his gaze toward the young man at his daughter’s side. “It’s good to see you, Lucas.” He said.

Lucas nodded uncomfortably. “We’re glad you could make it.” His voice and body language exuded anything but happiness.

“Traffic was tricky.” The older man admitted. “I would have left a little earlier, but Joc –” Mark cleared his throat suddenly. “I was busy.”


An uncomfortable silence fell over them then. And so it begins… Hazel had really hoped they could go at least a few minutes before things started getting awkward. They’d barely even made it through one.

Beep… Beep… Beep…

Hazel had never been so relieved to hear the kitchen timer in her life. “Dinner must be ready.” She said, forcing a smile. “Dad, do you mind helping set the table?”

Mark’s smile was just as forced as hers. “I’m on it.”

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As predicted, the taco casserole was not very good… But it wasn’t completely inedible either, so Hazel counted it as a win.

Her father and Lucas teased her about it, of course… Something for which she was actually quite grateful – Seeing the two of them laughing together warmed her heart, and eased much of the tension at the dinner table.

For a little while, things felt so normal. She was just a normal twenty-year-old having a normal dinner with her two favorite people in the world.


Too bad it couldn’t last.

“Mark.” Lucas said softly as they’d finished eating. “There’s, uh… Something Hazel and I have been wanting to talk to you about. That’s part of why we invited you over, actually…”

Hazel felt her heart sink. Did he have to bring it up so soon? There was no going back now.


The older man simply sighed. “This is about Jocelyne and I, isn’t it.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Well… Yes and no.” Hazel glanced sideways at Lucas, waiting for him to speak.

At last, he did. “Hazel and I are getting married.”

Mark’s eyes went wide. Clearly that had not been what he was expecting.


“Nothing’s official yet.” Hazel assured her father. “There’s no date or anything. We don’t even have a ring. But… we’ve been talking about it. A lot.”

“We know it seems like we’re moving way too fast.” Lucas almost laughed. “But it feels right. We love each other.”

Mark nodded slowly. “I understand. And I’m happy for both of you.” He smiled. “I know you’ll take good care of my little girl.” He said seriously, turning toward his future son-in-law. “You’ve been doing a hell of a good job so far.”


To Hazel’s surprise, Lucas returned her father’s smile. “Thank you.”

A deep breath passed Hazel’s lips. Time for the hard part. “But… Daddy. Before we take the next step, we… we want to… resolve something. Something really important.”

Mark just sighed. Hazel knew she didn’t even have to explain. “We’ve had this conversation so many times already.” He sounded almost tired.

“Apparently not enough.” Lucas’ smile had vanished from his face. “How much longer are you planning on keeping this up?”


Mark narrowed his eyes slightly. “If by ‘this’ you mean loving your Schwester… Until the day I die. Which, with any luck, will not be for many years.”


“Hazel, let me ask you something. You too, Lucas.” Mark paused for a moment. “How would you feel if I asked the two of you to end things? If I constantly insulted your relationship? If I tried to force you apart?”


“Dad, no one’s trying to ‘force’ anything!” Hazel insisted. “We can’t stop you. We know that… We just want you to…” She hesitated, searching for the right words. “Come to your senses.”

Mark opened his mouth, and appeared to be trying to form a reply. But Lucas beat him to it.

“You love Joce.” He said. “I can accept that now, okay? But Mark, just… Just think about this. Think about how this affects you, and Joce… and Hazel, too.”


“I have thought about it.” Mark replied. His voice was almost pained. “Much more than you probably think.”

“Then you get it, don’t you?” Hazel asked sadly.

“Get what?”

“Come on, Mark.” Lucas sighed. “How often do these types of things even work out anyway? What happens when you get bored with my Schwester, huh? Or when you realize you’re too different, and you don’t want the same things. Or when Joce decides she wants someone her own age? O-or… Or when it’s just too weird for both of you to keep doing this?!”

“That won’t happen.” Mark’s voice was cold. “I assure you.”

“Okay, and maybe it won’t…” Hazel bit her lip. “But Daddy, don’t you know what people must think of you? Of Jocelyne?”

“Of course I know!” Mark snapped at her. “I’m not an idiot, Hazel!” He paused to collect himself before continuing. “Jocelyne and I have talked about it. And we’ve decided that none of it matters. We don’t care what anyone else thinks.” He said firmly.


“What about me? Don’t you care what I think?”

“Hazel, don’t do this.” Mark rubbed his temples for a moment. “Please.”

“With all due respect, Mark…” At last, Lucas spoke again. “It’s great that you and Joce don’t care. But Hazel and I? We do. We care. And not just for our sakes. What about our future children? Or what if you and Joce have kids someday?” He looked almost disgusted at the thought. “This affects so much more than just the two of you. I wish you could see that.”


“You and Jocelyne love each other. We know that.” Hazel chimed in softly. “But this just isn’t something I can ever be comfortable with….” She shook her head sadly. “I feel like this is all gonna be a mistake. Like you’re gonna get hurt.” The girl said seriously. “And honestly dad, I’m worried about what this while thing could do to you and me. I don’t want this to tear us apart, Daddy. Haven’t you seen what this did to Jocelyne and her family?” Hazel’s voice trembled.

Without warning, Mark rose to his feet. His entire body was trembling, but Hazel could not be sure if it was from anger, or something else. “Thank you for dinner.” He said. His voice was so cold. “But I really should be heading home.”

“Dad, don’t go.” Hazel felt tears welling up in her eyes as she spoke. “We can talk about this, okay? I just… Lucas and I can’t help how we feel, Daddy. This is killing me. And I’m sorry.”


Mark simply turned away from her. “Yeah.” His voice was thick. “Me too.”

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87 thoughts on “Interlude: Think About It

  1. You two are useless. If Luc had been less rude, they might have come to a conclusion. But that’s not going to happen, is it? I don’t blame Hazel. She is at least trying to be polite. But Luc? You deserve a slap round the face with a wet fish. Count yourself lucky I don’t live near a lake. You may not be able to help how you feel, but you can help how you act.

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    1. Very true, Hazel’s being much calmer about the situation than Luc is! I will tell him to be on the lookout for Spottydogs with wet fish 😛


  2. F-ing selfish! The both of them! Like I said before, all they care about is what other people think. Sure, they try to throw in a ‘what if we have kids’ scenario but we know it’s all garbage. Why are they so uncomfortable? Mark and Joce are both consenting adults! Lucas could just as easily get bored of Hazel or vice versa and want someone else so using their age difference as a reason for why things won’t work out is lame. Age has nothing to do with it. In fact, I think Marklyne has way more common interests than Lazel/Hucas (not sure what the shipper name is, lol) I just hope Hazel didn’t successfully guilt Mark into breaking up with Jocelyne because if that happens I will personally launch a missile at the SS Lazel and watch it go kaboom! When Joce and Mark found out about Luc and Hazel it was very uncomfortable for them initially but they got over it because they saw the love between Luc and Hazel. They saw how happy his daughter and her brother made each other and that was more important to them. It’s very selfish to negate other people’s love and relationship in favour of your own, and that’s exactly what those two are doing and it’s not right!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I really do agree with much of what you’ve said here. I do understand why Hazel is so uncomfortable (moreso than Luc) though. I mean, your dad being with someone your own age is SO weird. I can’t imagine ever being okay with it, personally haha. But that being said, you’re right that they’re kind of trying to find excuses for why it wouldn’t work in order to justify their opinions, which is not cool at all :-/

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  3. I’m pretty upset at Luc and Hazel, actually. This chapter really made me angry. Yeah, I get it, it’s weird and awkward. But pressing Mark to break up with Joce so much is just wrong in my opinion. I feel like both Luc and Hazel are only thinking about themselves at this point, and because it’s uncomfortable for them and they don’t see it going anywhere, Joce and Mark should just break things off. That’s completely selfish. And cornering Mark like that, without Joce even there…
    If the problem is the awkward family-tree (which, honestly, the Rosebrook Household is used to), why shouldn’t Luc and Hazel break up instead of Mark and Joce? Just because they have a more conventional relationship? Because their relationship doesn’t make everyone slightly uncomfortable? Both couples love each other so much – just suck it up and try to be happy for your family. Quit acting like selfish little kids.

    I usually really love Luc and Hazel, and in a way I understand where they coming from, but gosh, they need to take a step back and try to think about their sister’s and father’s happiness, not just their own.

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    1. Thank you for this comment! I really agree with the points you’re making here. Luc and Hazel are being so selfish here… But I kinda think it’s what you’re saying — why shouldn’t they be the ones to break up? I think they see this as an “us or them” type scenario. If Mark and Joce don’t break up, they would “have” to (in quotes, because they really don’t have to haha). So obviously they don’t wanna be the relationship that ends, so they’re kinda pressuring Mark and Joce to be the ones.

      I understand their feelings, but I’m upset at them too for how they’re handling this 😦

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  4. I feel like i’ve read parts of this before… Hmm.. Oh i know! Didn’t someone earlier predict parts of the chat actually? 😃 great catch!

    I wish Hazel and Lucas would try to look at things from Mark’s and Joce’s side of things.

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  5. I think this will be the first problem that a simple talk and some days will not help, I think after some years they might accept it, but is never sure, this two should really think about this, because even with love, sometimes it isn’t strong enought, and I would not mind t don’t talking with their family for some time, some years, for example, and really don’t caring about that, or, hazel turns out to be a bitch, Luc broke up with her, and everything turns (kind of) fine, sorry, I’m just think this isn’t going to resolve in a short-time, like usually…

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    1. Haha ignoring their families is definitely possible (Joce is already doing it, really). Hazel turning out to be a bitch, maybe not but you never know 😛



    I get Hazel’s at least trying to be nice, but what the fuck, Luc. And “We want you to come to your senses”? Ha ha ha, shut up.

    Yeah, in case you’ve not noticed, Luc and Hazel are REALLY pissing me off now.

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    1. Haha and it’s okay to be angry. I’m mad at them too! Like you said, Hazel is definitely being a bit nicer about it, but they’re both definitely putting themselves first, and that’s not cool 😦

      I mean, I get why the situation is freaking them out. But they aren’t even thinking of Joce and Mark’s feelings right now 😦

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  7. Not happy with the two of them. At first I thought maybe . . . But then Luc and Hazel started in. Of course they did. Poor Mark. They are being so selfish. Mark made a really good point. What if he told them he and Jocelyn wanted to get married but you have to break up so it won’t be weird. He would never ask them to do that. And Hazel knows he is happy!! She needs to feel guilty. He took care of her when her mother left and now he has a chance at happiness and she tells him he can’t have it because it will be weird for her and Luc. I am so mad at her. He already sacrificed for her. Now it’s his turn. Lovers always rule over family. Mark proved that when he simply turned around and sadly walked out. He chose Jocelyn just like she chose him. I hate that their relationship is mired by their family’s inability to accept it. It’s just wrong.

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    1. I totally understand being mad at them. I’m mad too! Though at the same time, I do understand why they’re having such a hard time with this.

      As for lovers ruling over family, I think it largely depends on the person. And I think KIDS are very hard to put second. That’s why Mark is struggling so much at the end of the chapter here.

      It’s an upsetting situation 😦 I feel for Joce and Mark so much!

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      1. Of course he is struggling. They both are and I hope this doesn’t destroy the love they have for each other because if it does neither of them will forgive their families no those relationships will also suffer.

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  8. I love both Marklyne and Luzel, but I’m afreid that either only one of the couples is going to make it through this or they end up not talking to eachother for years. I get how hard this is for Hazel and Luc but they have said how they feel about it and that is all they can do. they can’t force them apart and using a wedding to reenforce their point is just not fair. Even though Hazel said that they are not trying to force anything, they are. Even though they might not be aware of it. And I feel like they do’t consider Mark and Joce’s feelings on it at all, but accuse them of the same thing.

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    1. I think the engagement isn’t intentionally to force them apart, but I do think it could subconsciously be related to it! And you’re right, they’re quite hypocritical — they’re thinking only of themselves! 😦

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    1. Sorry this one hit home, and I’m sorry you still have struggles with acceptance. 😦 It must be very difficult.


  9. Haha, what a pair of hypocrites. If Mark as much as insinuated it might be a little early for them to get married, they would flip. But they think it’s a totally cool idea to ask him to break things off with Joce? It baffles me how they take the fact that he respects their (stupid) life choices for granted, and have complete disrespect for his. They’re both selfish brats who need to grow up. So in that sense, I guess they’re perfect for each other. Lol!

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    1. TOTAL hypocrites, it’s true! Mark is trying so hard to be supportive and they just won’t let up. 😦 They’re definitely not handling this well at all. I don’t think either of them even realizes how awful they’re being haha. They’re being so selfish, but don’t even see it themselves.

      I don’t think Luc and Hazel are bad people, but I think (like you said) they’re very immature and have a lot of growing up to do. I would also not be comfortable with the situation if I was in their shoes. But they’re going about this all wrong right now.


        1. Exactly. They’re not handling the situation reasonably/maturely. It’s frustrating! (And it saddens me to write because despite it all, I still like Luc and Hazel. But my goodness, they are misguided right now hahaha)


  10. Luc. Stop. Ffs. You’re being a little bitch rn.

    Hazel is at least trying to be nicer.

    Mark, stay with Joce. I was iffy at first but I think you two are really perfect ❤

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    1. Omg I laughed so hard at “little bitch” 😂 He kind of is though, it’s true!

      Glad you are a Marklyne fan. I adore them together and hopefully they will make it through all of this in one piece!

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  11. Ahhh, the feels!
    Feel free to move to Sixam, Hazel and Luc! No one is going to talk about your father and Jocelyn there!
    The thing I’m worried the most is that Mark will decide to sacrifice his happiness for the sake of everyone else’s, to enable Joce to reconcile with her family.

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    1. Hahahaha I love that you are kicking Hazel and Luc off the planet 😂 That’s certainly one solution 😛

      I think your concern is a valid one. It’s hard to say right now where things will lead from all of this. Things are a bit hairy no matter what. We’ll see in time where this all goes…


  12. “Which was worse? Jocelyne’s age? Or her connection to Lucas?”
    That is an excellent question! I think they should try and figure that out so they can get to the bottom of their feelings.
    Ok! Here I go swimming upstream again…
    So far, everyone is mad at Luzel because of their selfishness. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical? Couldn’t we say that Markelyn are being selfish too? Call it what you want, but aren’t both couples simply looking out for their own interests? If so, what’s really wrong with that? Is that what we all do?
    Yes, Luzel are moving WAY too quickly and are a tad bit childish I think, but I don’t think there’s anything anyone can really do about that lol. The decisions they make in their current frame of mind are bound to be idiotic because…well, they’re kind of idiots LOL. We can’t expect too much from them right now, so why get upset over them doing what they do?
    Here’s an even more unpopular opinion. Not only does Mark have a responsibility to Jocelyn, but he also has a responsibility to his daughter. So, I suppose the question now would be which relationship should he honor more? His own flesh and blood? His lover? If he decides to choose his blood, while that would be quite sad, I’d say it would be a very honorable decision made by a very honorable man.

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    1. WordPress needs an insightful button haha you bring up excellent points!

      I suppose what makes Luzel seem more selfish is that they are actively asking for/hoping that Mark and Joce will break up. They’re seeking to hurt another relationship in favor of their own. Marklyne want to co-exist peacefully hahaha. So in that regard, I do agree with the readers who are saying that Luc and Hazel are being more selfish.

      But yes, as humans, that’s what we tend to do, isn’t it? Look out for ourselves first? I think (this sounds bad haha) that there is an inherent selfishness in everyone, to some degree. So that part I’m also agreeing with.

      Your last comment is an interesting comment compared to something said earlier. AudreyFld said that your lover should always come before your family. I love hearing a different perspective on this 🙂 (I am more inclined to agree with your outlook, personally. But every situation is different!)

      Thanks for this comment ^_^

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      1. It’s not bad; It’s the truth! In our natural states, it’s how we all are. A conscious decision has to be made to do something unselfish. It’s easier for some than others.
        I would agree than in a marriage your lover should come first, but that’s getting into deeper territory than we need to get into.

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      2. What I meant is when someone is forced to choose between family and lover, girlfriend, husband, wife, boyfriend, partner over family, nearly always your significant other wins that war. It IS harder for Mark because children leave their parents and begin to make their own life and that is the natural order of things but parents don’t let go of their children so easily. A parent’s sense of responsibility for their children, no matter how old, is deep. Do I think he will sacrifice his relationship with Jocelyn for his relationship with his daughter? Hard to say. I really hope not. I think him walking out sent her a clear message. If you want a relationship with me, then accept my relationship with Jocelyn.

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      1. Well, sure. But at what cost? Are you saying that he’s supposed to stop being there for her just because she’s an adult? As immature as he is, I think he still has more parenting to do lol.

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        1. And what exactly will that accomplish if Mark breaks up with Joce except that everyone is going to feel better, because people won’t talk? Which eventually may lead to them feeling guilty for forcing two people give up their happiness. Mark and Jocelyne “only” make everyone feel uncomfortable while forced breakup would make the two of them really uhappy and miserable.

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          1. I think you guys think that if everyone will leave Markelyne alone everything will be fine. It won’t. There will always be something whether it’s something big or insignificant. Any scenario is going to leave someone either hurt or perpetually uncomfortable whether they make it known or not. If Markelyne breaks up, yeah, it’ll be terrible and it will take both of them a looooong time to get over it, but they’ll eventually be ok. It’s not like they’re going to be doomed to be unhappy and miserable for the rest of their lives. It’s not like this is their only shot at love. Life is full of tough, painful decisions. What I’m saying is I would have mad respect for Mark if he were willing to make a decision of that magnitude. I’m NOT secretly hoping it’ll happen. But if it does, I will have great respect for him. And then I’ll mail him a box of tissues and Twizzlers. 🙂

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            1. Yeah, if he makes that decision I’ll probably love him even more too. 🙂 But what I really want is for him to put his foot down and fight for his happiness. He’s not the youngest and while Joce may find another man I somehow don’t believe it that Mark would too. I believe he wouldn’t even try again.

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              1. This is true! And it would be terrible for him. Buuuuuut… I hate to say it, but Mark is not my concern. I like him a whole lot. I think he’s great, and I want him to be happy too. I really really do. But, I can’t think about what’s going to make him happy. Sorry to all the Mark fans out there lol. I really like him! I just can’t care about him more than Jocelyne, and caring about them equally makes my brain hurt lol.

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                1. Okay, I have been sitting by and watching 😛 But I’m gonna pop in to be devil’s advocate haha. What makes you think that Mark breaking up with Jocelyne would be good for her/make her happy? It would be terrible for him, but I am pretty sure it’d be terrible for her too 😛


                    1. I guess I must have misinterpreted your most recent comment then haha. I thought you were saying if they broke up, it would be terrible for Mark, but that you care more about Joce’s happiness than his. So I was scratching my head going “but wouldn’t it be horrible for Joce too?” Haha but maybe you meant something else and it was weird context.


                    2. You totally did LOL. What I said was “paraphrasing” I (wish I could bold that) am personally not concerned about what makes Mark happy. I like the guy a whole lot. I want him to be happy, truly. But, between Mark and Jocelyne, she’s the only one I’m concerned about. I lack the capacity to be concerned about the both of them; that would drive me crazy.


  13. I know I have coment before, but there is a little voice in my head saying :”I think this plot will not have a good end, some relationship has to break up…let’s see which!>:) ” I wonder if is only me…

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  14. Definitely some selfishness and hypocrisy here! You’re so right that Joce deserves better than how she’s currently being treated 😦 Hopefully things get better soon!


  15. Even if Mark broke up with Jocelyn for Hazel, that doesn’t mean that Jocelyn’s relationship with her family would get better.
    There would always be a bitterness even if she could find it in herself to forgive them.
    There would be a wall between Hazel and Mark too.
    Simply separating would not fix things.
    Too many cruel things have been said.
    Jocelyn would always have that wound of how her happiness is always last to everyone.

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    1. You bring up a good point here. How much would breaking up really help the situation? It’s almost a lose-lose situation right now haha Things are going to be uncomfortable no matter what 😦


  16. I seriously think that the two of them should consider their words.

    “Dad, no one’s trying to ‘force’ anything!” Hazel insisted. “We can’t stop you. We know that… We just want you to…” She hesitated, searching for the right words. “Come to your senses.” Surely Hazel sees the contradiction in her statement. They are LITERALLY trying to force the two apart by saying this kind of stuff.

    And again with the selfishness! Luc called Marklyne selfish for being together, but he said this: “It’s great that you and Joce don’t care. But Hazel and I? We do. We care.” Come on, hypocritical much? “We’re uncomfortable, so break up.”

    Now for my attempt at viewing things on the other side: Hazel must be hurting really hard right now. She feels the great divide between the couples, but wants to be close to her father again. She’s trying to be polite but it’s also not really coming out the right way.

    As for Luc, at least he’s trying to contact his sister and apologize. That moves him forward a half an inch on the “good” measurement scale. The problem is, he’s still at -2 feet.


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    1. At least he earned half an inch! Better than nothing? Haha no but seriously. There is definitely hypocrisy and selfishness at work here. It’s really hard for them and very uncomfortable but they’re still going about this all wrong! 😦

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    Okay, I’ve calmed down. I cannot believe that Hazel said that Joce was tearing her family apart. I wanted to like Hazel. I really did. She seemed to be fairly calm, didn’t lose her head when Joce and Mark announced their relationship. But now I can’t STAND her. Joce is not the one tearing the family apart, THEY are with their hateful attitude. They don’t understand all the shit Joce went through as a teen, and refuse to acknowledge all the shit THEY put her through now. I know I’ve said this before, but this family needs counseling. Seriously. If they all talked it out at the same time with an unbiased, professional person, a lot of pain could be ended.

    Half of the family is bullying Joce, and it really frustrates me. I understand that Luc and Hazel will have to deal with their own shit because of the relationship, but they need to offer solutions other than Mark and Joce breaking up. Because if that’s the only solution they can come up with, then maybe THEY should split, because lord knows we aren’t letting the SS Marklyn sink.

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  18. I have to agree with everybody, this made me so upset seeing how selfish Hazel and Lucas were being. Mostly Lucas since he wasn’t trying to be polite like Hazel. Also, how they were just assuming things about Joce and Mark. Getting “bored” with each other? Rude. Honestly he should have said the same thing. What if Hazel and Lucas get “bored” with each other? Already wanting to get married? I suppose it could work out, but look who’s writing this… 😂😂 Honestly, I actually really like all the drama from these relationships. It makes them feel more real than when in other books the people just fall in love and do sweet things for each other, but it just seems fake. I love this story and the quality of writing, thanks for writing it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really appreciate the wonderful compliment about my writing 🙂

      And yes, there were so many rude and hypocritical things said in this chapter! Though I do understand where Luc and Hazel are coming from, the way they’re going about this is very insensitive and immature 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  19. So I’ve been stewing over this for a day… and my analysis of Hazel and Luc is that they just think this is so weird and wrong but they don’t want to admit their own bigotry. Similarly to when same-sex marriage is criticised, they try to justify their actions with evidence that doesn’t make sense. They worry about what their kids will call each other, but Luc forgets that he and Jocelyne have an aunt who’s younger than them, which is a similar situation that may seem strange or unconventional to an outsider. Again, they try to explain away their discomfort and ignore the fact that they are trying to force Mark and Jocelyne apart by saying they’re worried for their children, though it’s more a want to deny their selfishness.

    Sorry if this is a lot and/or you already thought about this but I just wanted to express this. Hopefully Hazel and Luc will stop prioritizing themselves, which I’m hopeful about since Hazel acknowledges how happy Mark is.

    As always, thank you so much for bringing these amazing and beautiful (but currently frustrating) sims to life!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for this insightful comment! I think you bring up a great point about Luc and Hazel and their mindsets right now!

      I appreciate the time you’ve taken to think so deeply about my characters. Thank you! ^_^


  20. I’m so with Mark here!!! I really felt for him. It’s okay for his daughter and Luc to confess their love and that’s perfectly okay because of age and then there is poor Mark and Jocelyn unable to be in love and happy because it upsets the younger ones. About time those younger ones grew up!!!

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  21. Oh Marklyne. Stay strong Mark. Stay strong. Eventually they’ll come around. I just know it! Hazel is already happy to see you happy. It might take a while but they will come around. I’m sure. #teamDesperateOptimism

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  22. It’s kind of funny, because Lucas and Hazel are all like think of the consequences! You could get hurt! When they are literally jumping into marriage after a few months? Mark and Jocelyne took things slow, they committed, it’s real. They have a stronger relationship than the impulsive lusty Lucas and Hazel, not saying they won’t last, but statistically.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think that’s a fair criticism of them. Luc and Hazel are essentially the definition of a whirlwind romance haha. Though it’s not 100% lust (started out that way their first night together, of course!) but they do love each other too… but they are most definitely rushing here.

      Joce and Mark were friends for months before they went anywhere with their relationship. They definitely have a more established relationship and connection at this point!


  23. Oh my god, I can’t event say how annoyed I am right now. Hazel is seriously emotionally blackmailing her own father.
    “Don’t you care about what I think?” I hope she has her acceptance speech ready because that line just won her the Selfish Bitch award.

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    1. One of the many things Luc and Hazel have in common… selfishness :-/ They’re like Mari in that they truly are not monsters or horrible people. But they are extremely flawed :-/

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, it depends on where you draw the line.
        In real life, there are no villains that do bad things because they are villains and can’t help themselves because they were born evil. In real life, villains are people who do bad things because of very natural human emotions. Mostly out of fear or anger. And since we all are scared or angry from time to time, we are partly villains sometimes, too.
        And I think that’s what make your legacy so good. Your characters feel real, because they are not good or bad. They are on a grey spectrum somewhere inbetween. They are not evil. But they do evil things sometimes. Bad things that hurt others and benefit them.
        But hey, don’t we all?

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you! That’s my hope with these characters — yes, they live much more dramatic lives than most normal people haha but they make a lot of mistakes and do selfish or wrong things, and like you said, I think everyone does that at some point in their lives. 🙂


  24. Rereading this just makes it even worse. It really shouldn’t be a problem. It’s all a matter of title to them. If it wasn’t for that, i bet they wouldn’t care. (with titile, i mean “grandfather” or “uncle” for example)

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  25. I get where they’re coming from, but this is just an unfair situation all around.

    I really like Mark and Joce being together, and it’s upsetting that they’re being pressured into potentially breaking up over this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it really is! This arc was so upsetting to write 😦 I understand the family’s concerns. But it’s definitely unfair to them!


  26. I’ve done more thinking. My older sister, she’s 22. That’s how old Joce is right? And my mom is 44 which makes her twice my sister’s age. What if my sister dated one of my mom’s friends OR what if my mom dated one of my sister’s friends. We’ve even joked about this because my sister’s boyfriend is perfect and my mom’s like I want a guy like that so I joked that my sister had some competition with her boyfriend. (He’s taking her to Broadway for their anniversary!!! She’s a musical theatre major, he’s a film major, the show they are going to see has significant emotional meaning to her. I think they’re going to end up getting married in the future. So freaking cute.) ANYWAY I just can’t wrap my mind around it.
    But Jocelyn is a legal adult (and a sim) so whatever XD

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