Interlude: Sick

“That was delicious, Mari.” Mark said sincerely as he returned to his seat. He’d just finished helping clear off the table and load the dishwasher. “I don’t think I’ve ever had chicken made like that before.” He confessed.

The woman smiled. “An old family recipe.” Mari explained. “Very old… We still have some old cookbooks lying around from my great-grandfather. He owned a restaurant back in Newcrest.”


Mark nodded. “I’ve read your Vater’s book… I guess it wasn’t entirely fictional, then.” He smiled as he spoke.

“Definitely not.” Mari laughed brightly. “Maybe even less than you think…”

Jocelyne tried and failed to join in her family’s laughter. How’s he doing it? She wondered. How can he sit there and act like everything’s okay?


Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by soft pressure on her right leg. She could feel Mark’s foot rubbing gently against her calf. Under any other circumstance, she’d probably roll her eyes at the thought of him trying to play footsie with her under the table. But she knew what he was doing… He could tell she was nervous, and that was his way of being there for her. It’s not like he can reach out and hold my hand, I guess.

Still, it was a pretty big risk, wasn’t it? Jocelyne almost laughed at the thought of Mark accidentally caressing the wrong person’s leg. Oh my God, that would be hysterical and horrific at the same time! The image certainly helped relieve some of her stress. The girl lifted her eyes and caught Mark’s gaze for a moment, nudging back against his foot with her leg. Thank you.


“That really was delicious, Mrs. Klein.” Hazel smiled sweetly. “Lucas, you don’t know how good you have it. Do you have any idea what I had to grow up on?” She smirked playfully at her father as she spoke.

“You underestimate the art of the perfect cheese sandwich.” Mark winked at Hazel. “A true culinary masterpiece.”

She laughed. “Uh-huh. Sure, dad.”


The idle chatter continued for a few more minutes before Clara finally rose to her feet. “Does anyone mind if we move to the living room?” She suggested. “It might be more comfortable in there.”

Jocelyne felt her stomach drop. Her aunt had promised ahead of time to be the one to get the ball rolling for them… But did she have to do it so soon?

Tobi narrowed his eyes at his sister. “The living room, huh? Oh, come on, Clara. I’ve been in this family long enough to know that that never leads to anything good.” He smiled slightly at her as he spoke, but his look of suspicion remained.

“Can’t your pregnant whale of a Schwester go sit somewhere with a decent cushion?” Clara laughed. “My back is killing me.”


“Little Jaime and Cersei not being cooperative today?” Jonas teased.

“Oh my God, Papa! That was a joke!” She giggled. “Florian would murder me if I called them that.”

With that, she headed to the doorway and led the rest of her family into the living room.

Jocelyne hung back a bit from the others, Mark at her side. As they crossed the threshold into the hallway, he reached out for her hand, and gave it a small squeeze. “I love you.” He whispered before releasing her hand from his grasp. “It’s gonna be okay.”


When they joined the others in the living room, Jocelyne was the only one who did not take a seat. She could feel the rest of her family eyeing her curiously as she shuffled her feet awkwardly on the white and blue carpet.

“Um…” She muttered at last. How had her throat suddenly become so dry? “I… I guess while we’re all in here… I, uh… Should probably share some… news… with everyone.”

“What is it, honey?” Colette asked kindly, though Jocelyne did not miss the flicker of uncertainty on her mother’s face.


Maybe Papa has a point…These types of ‘family meetings’ rarely end well, do they? And everyone knew it, too.

“Well, I just w-wanted to let everyone know, that… I’m seeing someone.” The words spilled so awkwardly from her lips. “We’ve been together for a few months now, and… it’s getting pretty serious.”


“Ha! Go Joce!” Lucas cheered loudly for his sister, earning a few disapproving looks from the older members of his family.

“Hopefully he’s more interesting than that Elliot guy…” She heard Gus mutter under his breath. Jocelyne almost smiled.

Colette beamed at her daughter. “That’s great! We’re so happy for you, sweetie.”

Her father nodded in agreement, but  eyed her curiously. “But… How come this is the first we’re hearing about him?” Tobi asked uncertainly.


Jocelyne’s stomach turned. “Uh, well… We just, um… decided we both wanted to wait a bit. To tell our families, I mean. And… there was a… complication? So we ended up waiting even longer…”

“Complication?” Colette’s brow furrowed.

“Y-yeah, um, I…” Oh God, how do I even explain this?!

In the end, she didn’t have to.

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No one said anything for a long time.

“Ha-ha, very funny, dad.” Hazel was the first to finally speak. “Quit trying to mess with us.” Her laughter sounded so forced. “I can’t believe you roped poor Jocelyne into this one.”

“It’s not a joke.” Mark said seriously. “Jocelyne and I… We’re together.”



Jocelyne bit her lip. “We had no idea you and Luc were dating when we got together.” She assured the other girl. “We didn’t find out until Christmas… And by then… I guess it was too late.” She tried her best to smile.

Hazel did not return the gesture.


“We love each other very much.” Mark added. His voice was so stiff and formal. “And we finally felt ready to share that with the rest of you.”

For a moment, the silence returned.


Then Tobi rose to his feet, closing the distance between himself and Mark much quicker than Jocelyne had expected. “What the hell do you think you’re doing with my little girl?!” He cried in the other man’s face.

Oh God. “Please, Papa, I –”

Tobi ignored his daughter. “What kind of SICK FUCK are you?!”


Jocelyne’s eyes went wide. She’d never heard her father speak like that in front of her – ever. The girl opened her mouth to defend Mark, but was cut off by a sudden cacophony of sound. Cries of alarm and indignation filled the air from all sides.





“Let’s just calm down, okay?!”


“HEY!” Hazel practically leapt from the couch, her voice crying out louder than all the rest. “Don’t you dare talk about my dad like that!”

Mark’s expression softened slightly at his daughter’s words. “It’s okay.” He assured her. “He doesn’t mean it.” Mark looked Tobi squarely in the eyes as he spoke.

“You wanna bet, asshole?!”


Hazel stepped forward, gently nudging Tobi out of her way as she did so. “Dad… You can’t be serious about this. You can’t.”

Mark smiled sadly. “I am.”

“Jocelyne, honey…” Colette bit her lip. “This is just so… wrong. You see that, don’t you?”


She wasn’t even sure how to respond. Jocelyne felt like she was going to scream. Or burst into tears. Or punch someone… Maybe all three. She’d kept telling herself she was ready for her family’s reaction… But nothing could have prepared her for this. It was already so much worse than she imagined it would be.


“Mark, you’re a great guy… But we aren’t comfortable with this.” Colette continued seriously. “At all. This isn’t right. You can’t do this.”

“I don’t understand what everyone’s problem is!” Gus called out from his seat on the couch beside his mother. “Yeah, it’s weird. Reallyreally weird… Sorry, Jocelyne.” He added quickly, smiling sheepishly at her. “But why is that anyone else’s business?”


Jocelyne smiled gratefully at her little brother. “Thanks, Gus.”

“We love you, honey.” Colette addressed her daughter gently. “That’s why we care so much.”

“If you really love her, you’ll leave the poor girl alone!” Mari snapped at her daughter-in-law. “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely comfortable with this either.” She flicked her eyes toward her granddaughter apologetically for a moment. “But how is ganging-up on them like this helping?!”


Thank you, Mama!” Clara cried. “I’ve known about this for a while…” She confessed. “And I swear to God, this is the real deal. Mark loves Jocelyne, and he makes her so happy… That should be all any of you care about!”

“I care about what’s right for my child!” Tobi replied, narrowing his eyes at his sister. “I mean, Jesus, think about how WRONG this is! Think about what people will say!”


Jonas sighed softly. “Everyone just needs to calm down, I think.” He said seriously. “This is… unconventional, to say the least.” He admitted. “I think everyone just needs some time to process this… But we’re all on your side, Jocelyne. No matter what.”

“Yeah, speak for yourself.” At last, Lucas seemed to have found his voice. “What the hell is this, Joce? Some kind of fucked up fetish or something?!”


“WHAT?! Oh my God, NO!”

“This has gotta be the most fucked up thing I’ve ever heard in my life… I mean, what happens when Hazel and I get married, huh? Does she start calling you ‘Mama’?”

“Luc, come on…”


“Yeah, dad. What are my kids gonna call you? Uncle Mark? Or Grandpa?” Hazel shook her head. “This is so messed up! You can’t do this!”

“This man is older than me, Jocelyne.” Tobi seemed to have cooled down a bit after his initial outburst, but his voice was still cold. “He could be Lucas’ future father-in-law! I’m sorry, but I can’t allow this. I won’t.”


Mark cleared his throat softly. “With all due respect… We weren’t asking for permission.” He said. “We just thought you all had a right to know what was going on.”

Jocelyne was suddenly aware of the wet warmth of tears running down her cheeks. How long had she been crying? “I can’t believe you!” She cried out to no one in particular. “I can’t believe any of you!”


Mark walked toward Jocelyne and wrapped one of his arms around her shoulders. “Jonas is right. Everyone needs some time to… process this. But I think maybe now would be a good time for us to go?” He suggested, pressing his lips gently against her forehead for a moment.

Jocelyne felt herself calm sightly at his touch. She nodded eagerly. “Let’s get out of here. Please.


“You can’t just drop that on us and leave, dad!” Hazel cried as Lucas rose from the couch and rushed to her side.

“We’ll talk more about this later. I promise.” Mark’s voice was pained as he guided Jocelyne toward the door.

Speak for yourself. Jocelyne thought. She was done talking. Done. What was the point in trying to talk to a bunch of judgmental assholes who wouldn’t listen anyway? Who refused to show her and Mark any shred of respect? Who treated her like she was still some helpless child? Who talked about Mark like he was some dirty old man?

The thought made her sick. What kind of family could treat her this way?

They can all rot in Hell for all I care.



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  1. OK, first of all, YES AUGGY AND MARI. I actually had a feeling that they’d be the most accepting, considering their relationships were not conventional. (With Auggy being with Noah and Mari having…been around a lot).

    Oh Jocelyne. It’s sort of satisfying to see you angry. I feel bad for Luc and Hazel…

    Tobi come on.

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      1. Also, AGAIN with the inadvertently-prioritising-Luc. I love Luc, but it seemed to be that people only cared about how weird it was for Luzel, and not at all for Joce and Mark.

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    1. Hahaha yeah, Mari and Auggy (and Jonas… he was less vocal, but still supportive over-all) seemed like the ones most likely to be accepting. Mind you, all three of them are still majorly weirded-out right now (which I understand, I think XD) but they handled it worlds better than Luc, Hazel, Colette, or (possibly most of all) Tobi.

      Poor Joce 😦 I totally get what you mean about how it’s satisfying to see angry Joce haha. There is most definitely a different side to her coming out thanks to all this drama!

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      1. I feel like the old ‘jealousy’ (kind of) Joce used to have for her brother (she felt that everyone prioritised him) might reappear because as you said everyone is thinking of Licas and Hazel not the main couple involved…🤔🤔
        Also looking at the positive side of things. Joce has some people on her side!
        #TeamAuggyalltheway + everyone else who supported Joce

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        1. This is a great thought that a couple others have mentioned — and you are all very right! The family always seems to side with Luc, even if they don’t realize it!

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, at least she had some support-ish XD Obviously no one but Clara is actually on-board, but at least Mari, Jonas, and Auggy handled themselves way better and didn’t gang up on the poor girl!

      This is a tough situation because I’m with you, I can see the other side too. I get why Tobi, Colette, and especially Luc and Hazel reacted as they did. But my goodness, how awful for Jocelyne to have her family basically tell her that her relationship is sick and wrong! My heart breaks for her.

      And yes, I like seeing this side to her too! Jocelyne has been SO passive for her entire life. But I think in this situation, passive-Joce is gone haha.

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      1. Joce definitely needs Clara on her side 100%. Auggy, Mari and Jonas are on her side, too, but not in the same way Clara is. Which I think is why I adore her so much. Who woulda thought it would be Joce and Clara who became so close? Never saw that one coming back when they were all teens! XD

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        1. Hahaha yes, Clara and Joce’s friendship is one of my favorite things about this gen. It wasn’t even planned originally, to be honest. But after everything they’ve been through together, it felt fitting 🙂

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  2. Who wants to bet that after this, Jossy is going to take all her family’s attempts to apologize and throw them in the trash? Because I would certainly not blame her if that were so. :/

    Of course all the detractors are worried about how it affects all of them, and not glad that their loved one’s finally found someone she can be happy with. Age gap or not, who cares if the two of them are in love. She’s not a damned child anymore.

    Fuck the whole entire lot of those selfish close-minded bastards with a flaming Saguaro cactus. 😡

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    1. Jocelyne is the one who liked this comment, not me 😛 Because she agrees with everything you said haha. She is so angry right now. Probably more angry than she’s ever felt in her life!

      Of course, I can see the other side of things too (I have to be a bit more impartial as the author :P) but on the whole, I side more with Joce on this than her family for sure. And I don’t blame her for storming out. We’ll see if and when she’s able to forgive (and if and when the family is ready to apologize!)

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  3. Tee hee hee…methinks this one deserves another play by play! I can feel it! If I weren’t still in my PJs I’d record myself again LOL.

    – Ummmm…guys…you know it’s a glass table, right? Just sayin… 😛
    – Tobi narrowed his eyes at his sister. “The living room, huh? Oh, come on, Clara. I’ve been in this family long enough to know that that never leads to anything good.” He smiled slightly at her as he spoke, but his look of suspicion remained.
    HA! For once he’s caught on before something happens! Oh Tobi… I’d hold your hand, but I DON’T actually want to be in the room where this happens.
    – “I love you.” He whispered before releasing her hand from his grasp. “It’s gonna be okay.”
    NO IT’S NOT! Stinkin love birds LOL
    – Her father nodded in agreement, but  eyed her curiously. “But… How come this is the first we’re hearing about him?” Tobi asked uncertainly.
    HA! It’s noooooooot! (she sang in parenthesis)
    – But Colette’s face in the next one though! HA! Love it.
    – “We love each other very much.” Mark added. His voice was so stiff and formal. “And we finally felt ready to share that with the rest of you.”
    [insert uncontrollable laughter here] WAITING FOR IT!!!
    – Tobi, I don’t blame you one bit! I know everyone is probably gonna pounce on you for your lack of tact, but I got your back, dude!
    – “Jocelyne, honey…” Colette bit her lip. “This is just so… wrong. You see that, don’t you?”
    Loved this. I can hear her saying it so sweetly.
    – But nothing could have prepared her for this.
    Really? Nothing? I beg to differ.
    – “If you really love her, you’ll leave the poor girl alone!” Mari snapped at her daughter-in-law. “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely comfortable with this either.” She flicked her eyes toward her granddaughter apologetically for a moment. “But how is ganging-up on them like this helping?!”
    Great words from Mari!
    – I don’t like to see Jocelyn cry, buuuuuuuut…she had to know it was gonna be this way. She had to! Get outta la la land, girl! Stinkin lovebirds 😛

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    1. Hahaha I loved your play-by-play comment! I am gonna attempt to reply to everything 😛

      – Re: The glass table — True story, I forgot they had a glass table when I wrote that, and I thought it was too cute and didn’t wanna get rid of it so I just hoped no one would notice, but dang it you are too observant LMAO
      – Re: Tobi’s suspicions — Yes, he’s finally learning to pick up on when stuff may be going down hahaha
      – Re: Mark reassuring Joce — That’s Mark’s style. Be positive and encouraging, even when you KNOW shit is gonna go DOWN lmao
      – Re: First time hearing about Mark — LOL exactly 😛 They’ve been hearing all about him since like, September 😉
      – Re: Hand hold & Colette’s face — Thanks! I thought that might be a nice way to do the “reveal” 😛 And I could NOT get over how perfect that screenshot with the hand hold was hehehe. Tobi is staring at Mark like he’s gonna murder him and Colette is staring at their hands with that “wtf” sideways head-tilt LMAO. I was so happy I got that shot 😛
      – Re: Tobi’s Reaction — I have many mixed opinions about Tobi’s reaction (as I kind of have to, since I need to be a bit unbiased as the author :P). I 100% see where it’s coming from and I feel like I’d probably have a similar blow-up reaction in his shoes, to be honest. But just… Dude. Take a deep breath and count to three before you say things, okay? Hahahaha
      – Re: Colette’s sweetness — Hehe thanks! Her reaction was probably the easiest to write/come up with. With the exception of the Tobi/Anna debacle (when she rightfully lost her shit lol) she is usually so calm and gentle and sweet (like mother like daughter haha) so even though she’s probably MENTALLY having a Tobi-like reaction, she is saying it all as nicely as she can hahaha
      – Re: “nothing could have prepared her” — Maybe I should have said “If she hadn’t been so delusionally optimistic, maybe she could have been prepared” 😛
      – Re: Mari — Thanks for that too 😀 I loved writing that part, because Mari totally sees both sides and is trying to keep the peace here. She also thinks it’s super weird and gets Tobi’s reaction, but she also realizes that all they’re gonna do is upset Jocelyne if they don’t back off. Go diplomatic Mari! 😛
      – Re: La-la Land — Haha it’s true. Kind of like you said in your previous comment about how she should have been prepared. She totally wasn’t, and totally took all their words to heart. In a perfect world, she would have walked into this thing telling herself “Alright, they’re gonna lose their shit and say a bunch of mean and hurtful things to me. But I know they’ll calm down eventually, and I shouldn’t let it get to me.” But, y’know, she didn’t 😛

      My heart really does break for her. It can’t be easy to hear your family insult your relationship like that. Hopefully everyone can calm down and they can talk this out again later in a more rational discussion? (Oh wait, they’re Rosebrooks…)

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      1. “If she hadn’t been so delusion ally optimistic, maybe she could have been prepared” YES! That would have been perfect! LOL XD
        And yes… Rosebrooks! Oy…you guys lol. No wonder I’ve gained so much weight XD

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      2. Plus who is really looking under the table while you eat? 😛 Our diningroom table at my house is also glass (but it’s much smaller, and circular) but half the time we barely even see/notice my dog when he’s under there, if we aren’t looking for him! So I figure people aren’t staring down and looking for some foot action haha

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  4. First off Go Jocelyn although when you think they can all go to hell for all I care you really need to say that stuff out load so they can know just how pissed you are. Now everyone is entitled to there own opinion but I totally expect this from Tobi shocked he didn’t hit him. Hazel I feel is one of those who just needs time to process, but showed that no one was going to disrespect her dad which I give her points for that. Colette you tried to pull a Jonas but failed leave it to the professionals. Mari And Gus are with Hazel it’ll take some time but they’ll be slightly more understanding. And Jonas even though he might not fully agree he will not change his stance of standing by everyone no matter what the ultimate Rosebrook spouse! Lucas I know he said a lot of hurtful things but I heard he was going to marry Hazel. Besides that I know you’re upset and confused but how could you say those things to your sister! You don’t see her telling Hazel how you used to go through women a like train goes through a station like clock work. And how was she suppose to know the one station you’re staying at is Mark’s daughter. Also I don’t know why but when she was talking about her upset stomach I knew she was nervous but for a little bit I was like God hope she’s not pregnant, but you wouldn’t do that to her you love her too much. Okay now I have to distress before whatever is in going on in Messed Up.

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    1. Good point about how maybe Joce should have said tat last part out loud… I think she was just so sick and wanted to get out of there!

      Nice analysis of everyone’s reactions too! There is definitely a range of feelings in that room right now haha. And your train station metaphor about Lucas was both awful and amazing at the same time XD

      Thank you so much for reading, as always!


  5. Okay, here we go 😛

    – Dinner is done! Good. Now it’s time to go outside and be social.
    – It’s time for Joce to admit that she and Mark are together and are in love. Let’s see how that goes. Am I right or wrong.
    – LOL Luc. You cheer for Joce, but I know you’re going to explode later once she reveals that she’s dating Mark.
    – All right. Get out of the way because Mount Tobi is going to explode with hot steaming lava. Say, a plate of Volcano Pasta sounds good. 😛
    – Yeah, yeah, yeah, Hazel. I know you’re not impressed by the fact your dad is dating Joce because of the massive age difference.
    – Mount Tobi erupts!!!!!!!!! Joce, you chickened out!!! Come on, girl!! You could’ve said something to defend
    – “She wasn’t even sure how to respond. Jocelyne felt like she was going to scream. Or burst into tears. Or punch someone… Maybe all three. ” Uh, girl. I’d say scream as loud as you can until you lose your voice. At same time, you could burst into tears. Punching someone could get you arrested.
    – “If you really love her, you’ll leave the poor girl alone!” Mari snapped at her daughter-in-law. “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not entirely comfortable with this either.” She flicked her eyes toward her granddaughter apologetically for a moment. “But how is ganging-up on them like this helping?!” All right, Mari!! Insightful words from her!
    – WOOOT!! You go, girl! Go telling them off!!
    – “They can all rot in Hell for all I care.” Joce, I have to say you’re one brave girl for telling them off.

    Verdict: VERY INTENSE Drama. 10/10 rating. Future of Marklyne: TBA

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    1. Hahahaha another play-by-play! Thanks Simslover! 😛 I’ll try to hit some of your major points too hehe
      – Re: Luc cheering — Hahaha yes, it’s a little funny, isn’t it? He has NO idea what he’s cheering on… 😉
      – Re: Hazel — DEFINITELY not impressed, to say the least 😛
      – Re: Mount Tobi — Yes! He totally lost it. Poor guy is basically in shock. I see where he’s coming from, but he was so so harsh! And yeah, Joce totally should have spoken up for Mark! I think she panicked a little bit…
      – Re: Scream, Cry, or Punch — I like your suggestion that she scream 😛 Punching probably would not have been wise!
      – Re: Mari — I’m glad you liked her reaction!
      – Re: Luc — Yup, he LOST IT haha he’s so mad. And I totally get it. But ugh. More ganging-up on poor Joce!
      – Re: Joce — Her anger is coming out here for sure. She’s not gonna let her family talk to her that way, I dont’ think. Passive-Joce is taking a vacation 😛

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  6. Awwwww this is so sad. he fact that Jocelyne felt like she had to think that way when she left, just proves how dysfunctional this family really is. I mean, my family didn’t batter an eye when I introduced my ex to them and he was 12 years older than me. They just welcomed him into their homes. Ofc Mark is almost twice that age older than her, but that really shouldn’t matter to anyone. All that should matter is how happy they are together.

    And Hurray for Gus and Jonas! I’m glad that they at least were on her side. And Mari should get credits too for standing up for her. They’ll make it through this, I’m sure of it. They all just need to calm down and realize this is the real deal.

    Btw. At first I wrote this on my phone, but there were no “send” button so i had to copy it all on my computer 😛

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    1. Yeah, the Rosebrooks are a bit dysfunctional, aren’t they? 😛 They could have been way more supportive! But I think they were just REALLY shocked, y’know? But the way they expressed themselves (especially Tobi and Luc) was so harsh 😦

      At least she had a few people on her side though, it’s true!

      And I’m glad you were able to comment lol 😛

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  7. My thoughts:

    1. Mark playing footsie to reassure Joce is so cute. Love it!

    2. Fun fact about me: my favorite food is a grilled cheese sandwich. You can make me one anytime, Mark. 😛

    3. Oh my gosh, JAIME AND CERSEI?! LOL 😀

    4. The way that Mark stood up and held Joce’s hand: pure gold

    5. RE to Tobi’s reaction: What the actual fuck man?! Calling Mark a sick fuck? Saying, “What will others think?” UNCALLED FOR! 😡 Again, even if I do understand where you’re coming from, you’re attacking them, not caring about their feelings whatsoever.

    6. Punch, scream, or burst into tears? Probably all three would be appropriate.

    7. I feel like at least Colette is reigning it in. Some props to her.

    8. Yes, Gus! It really isn’t anyone else’s business. You get a gold star.

    9. I like Hazel still sticking up for her dad, even though she doesn’t really like the idea of him and Joce being together.

    10. And the queen, Mari! Great words! ❤ You get a fricking gold medal!

    11. Clara, sticking up for the two of them every single time. You are a champion, girl.

    12. Very good thoughts from Jonas. Still on Joce's team, need time to process this. Words of wisdom. Mari and Jonas, the power couple.

    13. And, REALLY, Luc?! Calling it a sick fetish is so unbelievably terrible! And you go on to ask what will happen to Hazel, and Hazel asking for your future kids?! Both of you are thinking more about your own damn feelings over Mark and Joce's.

    14. Joce's tear…. 😦

    15. YES to Mark saying this: "With all due respect… We weren’t asking for permission.” He said. “We just thought you all had a right to know what was going on.” Still being respectful! (which is more than I could say about myself if I were in his position)

    16. I really can't believe your family either, Joce. They didn't respect you or Mark AT ALL. Sure, we all knew this really was going to go perfectly, but most of them just went too far.

    17. "They can all rot in Hell for all I care." What a heat of the moment reaction, and I'm kind of loving it.

    So much shit just flew everywhere that this room is stinking. So intense, much drama.

    Hopefully, this family can recover after this, but I'm really not sure. (wow this is my longest comment ever)

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    1. I love this long comment! (OMG the end about the room is stinking killed me though LMAO). There have been lots of play-by-play comments today, and I love that 😀 I will try to respond to most of your list 😛

      1. Glad you enjoyed the footsie! It was too cute to not include hehe

      2. Mark definitely makes a mean grilled cheese 😛

      3. Couldn’t resist that little joke hehe. So, even though it was overshadowed by the rest of the chapter, we now know that Clara is having a boy and a girl 😛

      4. I’m glad you liked the hand-hold! I was really struggling to figure out how to have Joce SAY that she’s with Mark, and then I decided “what if she doesn’t have to?” Haha

      5. Yeahhhhhh Tobi went way too far 😦 It was a total knee-jerk reaction that was super uncalled for, even though I understand where it was coming from. He really needed to breathe and think before speaking! :-/

      6. Agreed, all three would have been appropriate reactions. Poor Joce 😦

      7. Yeah, Colette is having WAY better self-control than her husband… She’s totally unsupportive and judgemental haha BUT she’s expressing it in a much gentler way. Which is at least a little better.

      8. Gus appreciates the gold star 😛

      9. Yeah, Hazel loves her dad, even if she thinks thise whole situation is freaking bizarre haha no one calls her dad a sick fuck! :(.

      10. Hehehe love that you called Mari the queen 😉 She has come such a long way and has really grown into a strong and wise individual. Go Mari! 😀

      11. Clara is also amazing, agreed 😀

      12. Yup, all the Kleins are the champions here haha

      13. Yeah, Luc was EXTRA harsh with that fetish comment :-/ Oh dear. Again, he totally needs time to process hahaha

      14. That screenshot broke my heart!

      15. Mark is so level-headed. Love him. Haha

      16. Joce is happy you are on her side here.

      17. Passive-Joce is no more LOL

      Liked by 3 people

  8. So ok – I always feel like the oddball because I always see things outside of the general consensus (which may make it official I am totes weird) – but my dad is 14 years older than my mom – and my ex-boyfriend was like 11 years older than me and all of our families are OK with it so this entire scenario is not one that would produce so much drama in our family – but that is us. To see Tobi so reactional in everything…was he always like this? I gotta go back and see him…I mean read his story again – (Gawd Collete this is for research don’t get your panties in a bunch!!) Anyhoo…I am sad it all went down like this. I loved that Mark kissed her forehead in front of everyone – I am surprised Tobi didn’t punch his throat but glad he showed her affection in front of the family it was like a huge – EFF YOU ALL – none-the-less.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience about age gaps! If only the Rosebrooks could be more like your family haha poor things.

      As for Tobi, he wasn’t always like this, but that was intentional 😛 Tobi started getting like this after he had kids. He never rolled the family-oriented trait, but he totally has it. He is SO defensive and protective about his family/kids. To the point where he takes it too far! (Colette is eyeing you suspiciously, btw :P)

      And yes, Mark totally did that forehead kiss as a little middle finger to the family LOL Thank goodness Tobi didn’t punch him! Poor guy probably could have snapped Mark in two lol


  9. Wow, this was an intense part! I was on the edge of my seat while reading this. And I feel so bad for Joce 😦 I guess I expected all the reactions, but she’s just always so accepting, I was hoping they would all repay the favor. At least Auggy, Mari and Clara did 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, this was an intense one! I feel awful for her too 😦

      Their reactions definitely weren’t unexpected, but I think Joce was foolishly hoping they’d be better! Like you said, she’s always so sweet and kind and accepting. Unfortunately the family did not behave that way back to her 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Big hugs for Mari, Jonas and especially Gus. (and Clara obviously) everyone else can just go sit in a corner and think about it. You don’t choose who you fall in love with. You just love them. Gus has already learned that! I can’t blame anyone for saying that it’s a weird situation, but Mark and Joce wouldn’t deny that either. Especially with the… complicated relationships. But I guess the Rosebrooks never really were normal when it comes to family trees 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Poor Rosebrook family tree… XD

      The Kleins & Gus gratefully accept the hugs 😛 Tobi, Colette, Luc, and Hazel grumble angrily as they walk to the corner 😛 Seriously though, you’re right. It’s understandable that they feel the way they do, but my goodness did they express it terribly. Hahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I love Mark even more than before! I loved the way he tried to calm Jocelyn and then just got up and took her hand saving her from having to say anything…My favorite screen shot…Mark holding her hand and seeing Colette and Tobi’s expressions through their arms…Perfect!

    ‘We didn’t come her to ask for permission’ – loved that line…then he hugged her and kissed right in front of everyone and took her away. My heart melted. Poor Jocelyn. Mark was perfect.

    Mari, Jonas and Gus – thank goodness for some tentative support and I loved Clara defending them – but where was Florian in all of this? Did Clara ban him from coming because of his reaction?
    Tobi’s reaction was totally what I expected – I would have been thoroughly disappointed if he hadn’t got in Mark’s face…glad he didn’t throw a punch. And Colette – well always trying to be calm and sweet, but saying what she thought, but she could have kept that to herself, but perhaps she needed to defend her husband’s reaction.

    Then Luc – ugh – what an ass…That is is TWIN sister. Aren’t twins supposed to be close and have each others back? It was like Luc, Hazel and Tobi ganged up against them.

    Yep – totally in love with Mark and how he handled everything. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Mark is definitely a gem of a human being ❤ I love him. 🙂

      I'm so glad you loved that hand-holding shot. It was my FAVORITE hahaha I was so thrilled with out it came out ^_^

      The Kleins and Gus are doing a pretty good job supporting Joce right now. It's so nice she has someone on her side! As for Florian, I imagine that Clara had him not come because he already knew about the situation and had reacted badly, and is best friends with Lucas. I think she assumed (probably rightfully) that Florian being there might have made the reaction worse, especially if Luc found out that Florian had known and didn't tell him.

      Yeah, I feel like everyone should have known Tobi was gonna blow up haha. Colette tried to keep calm as possible, but was definitely on Tobi's side in this one, as you said!

      And then there's Luc… That "fetish" comment was such a low blow. It was kind of painful to write that one. I understand why he's so freaked out, and Tobi too. But they need to learn some tact 😦

      Liked by 3 people

  12. Ugh, I bet Gus was having flashbacks that entire time … good on him for being supportive, though. And I’m so proud of Mari for keeping her temper. She’s come so far! I get why Luc was upset. I mean, I ca’t excuse what he said, but I get it, it must be so hard. As for Tobi … I guess he must care about what everyone thinks due to him being the center of media attention all the time, right? He responded very similarly to both of his kid’s unconventional relationships, and I’m guessing that’s why. AND I TRIED TO TELL YOU, JOCE! I TRIED TO TELL YOU TELLING THEM IN THAT LIVING ROOM WOULDN’T GO WELL!! I swear, that room is cursed …

    I think I should probably get refills on the popcorn while there’s an intermission. Hmm, maybe I’ll make a day of it and get some gummy worms too or something.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, this was definitely a little close to home for Gus! I think that’s a big part of why he spoke up! And yes, my Mari has come so far. I was so happy with her in this. Loved writing it 🙂

      I get Luc’s feelings too. Imagine how strange the situation he’s in is! But woah, what a terrible way to express it… And you are so right about Tobi. A big part of it is that he’s been raised to care about what others/the media thinks of you. This will actually be mentioned in Tuesday’s chapter, so stay tuned!

      And have your popcorn and gummies ready hahahaha


  13. Oh thank you for this comment! I was kind of afraid of how you’d feel about this one haha. I’ll try to cover most of your points 🙂

    – Hehehe this is the first time we’ve learned the genders. Clara is having a boy and a girl (and NOT naming them Jaime and Cersei, thankfully!)

    – When you mentioned the “living room of doom” the other day I was laughing thinking about how Tobi comments about that in this chapter 😛

    – I also thought you’d appreciate that dig at Elliot 😉 Glad you did!

    – Mark was so perfect throughout this whole situation, wasn’t he? 🙂 Love him. He is a gift!

    – Yeahhhhh another classic knee-jerk Tobi reaction :-/ That was painful to write.

    – Yes, Auggy and Mari (and Jonas, but in a more subdued way) are fairly supportive. Or, at the very least, they aren’t ganging up on the poor girl! I loved having Mari be the voice of reason this time. 🙂

    – I’m sorry I made you shake haha but I appreciate that you could feel all the tension in this one. It was super intense for me to write!

    – Yeah, Colette definitely isn’t on Joce’s side here. Obviously she was wayyyy more toned-down than Tobi, but her sentiment was the same. I think the age difference is simply too much for both of them to handle right now. It’s just too weird. They can’t even deal with it. And that definitely doesn’t excuse the way they both reacted (especially Tobi!) but I can see why they reacted the way they did.

    – Yeah, this is probably the angriest/darkest we’ve ever seen Joce feeling. There is a different side of her coming out here, I think…

    – And yes, Luc was SUPER harsh. That fetish comment upset me to write, because we all know it’s not true and I think it’s really sick to imply that about poor Joce 😦 Lucas and Jocelyne have always been really close, so I think his reaction hurt Joce worse than anyone’s — even Tobi’s.

    – It’s okay to be angry! I was expecting this haha. Thank you so much for reading and being so insightful and thoughtful in your comment. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  14. Hahaha I’m really getting the impression that Tobi is a bit of a traditionalist, and also a tad hot-headed. I hope Joce stays away for a while and gives him a chance to feel bad :/ But at the same time, I’m glad she’s hopefully still going to have Clara and some of the others for support 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like how you left Luc’s comment until last. It felt like the climax of the family reaction, and I guess we were all waiting for it really. Tobi we kinda knew wouldn’t be super happy, but Luc it was a bit more up in the air. It’s really a replay of that whole play/show and the noise debacle isn’t it? Joce must be feeling like she always has to take second place after her brother 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. This is a really insightful observation, in terms of the family always seeming to side with Luc (even if it’s not intentionally). I won’t say much, other than that will come up in a future chapter 😉

        And yes, I kept Luc’s reaction at the end on purpose 😀


    2. Hahaha Tobi is definitely a traditionalist, and has a streak of his mother and brother’s hot-headedness for sure!

      At this point, I think Joce definitely plans on distancing herself from the family for a while… Except for the ones on her side, of course 😉


  15. So I gotta ask: did you write Tobi’s lampshade hanging on the Living Room of Doom in after seeing all the comments about said room’s propensity for drama?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahaha I did not! It was already written, and I was totally laughing when I saw all the comments about it, because I was like “Tobi thinks the same thing!” 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Okay, during the first part I was cackling as the tension built up. Then my heart melted into a puddle of liquid marshmallow when Mark just got up and took Joce by the hand. Honestly, BEST. MOMENT. EVER.
    At the end I was on the verge of tears. Marklyne is the best couple. I totally love Mark, his calm and kind nature. Don’t give up, guys! Your love is totally worth all the hardship.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww I’m glad you liked that little hand hold 🙂 Mark is the best! I love him so much.

      Hopefully the family will be able to move past this. And hopefully Mark and Joce can too!


  17. If you don’t count his age, Mark is every papas dream guy for their kid. Respectful, calm and supportive.
    Everything Tobi is not. LOL
    I think they all need a visit and lecture from lovely grandma Hadley.
    It’s not as big a deal as it seems right now!
    I could totally see Clara just laying into the family.
    Are you really mature enough to think about getting married Luc?
    That fetish remark was cruel and immature.
    I’m glad Gus Gus didn’t inherit whatever trait Tobi and Luc share. LOL
    You’re such a good writer. 🙂
    (Sorry for the all over the place comments!)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha yeah, this was not Tobi or Luc’s shining moment… by a long shot. They both overreacted, and yes, that fetish comment was such a low blow (I felt awful writing that one). They both love Joce, but clearly are immature in how to deal with their feelings right now. Hopefully it will get better! But time will tell…

      And yes, grandma Hadley knows all about age gaps and how they don’t matter 😛 Someone call her!

      Liked by 1 person

  18. I have just catching up last chapters due to house moving I wasn’t able to comment/reading.
    I love how the story is developing and not so sure about Clarian lately. I know they are pregnant with twins but I expected better from Florian.
    This chapter is a masterpiece I was screaming OMG and laughing so loud that hubby grew curios so I had to tell him about it and now he wants to read your blog to. I’m having him start on d2d 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh wow, thanks for recommending my stories to your husband! That’s awesome! 😀

      Yeah, Florian was really harsh in that last chapter :-/ I think it had a lot to do with his friendship with Lucas, as well as seeing Joce as something of a younger sister and feeling protective of her.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this chapter! Thanks Tizy ^_^


  19. This chapter is awesome 🙂 I love how you showed in the pictures when Mark took Joce’s hand. It was just so cute. I feel so sorry for Joce that her family totally can not understand her relationship with Mark and her feelings for him. I actually can understand her well because had sort of similar situation in real life, so yes, she has all rights to be angry. Mark realy needs to make her feel better after this whole situation… Anyway she is adult already, not a little girl, so she has a right to make her own decisions and choices, even if it could cause some trouble. Her parents should understan that, but still I also understand her parents, they try to protect their little girl from any kind of harm… I hope they all will manage to calm down and try to understand Joce and Mark ☺ Also I’m so sorry for not being around for a long time, but I had a few very difficult months in my rwal life and unfortunately everything else had to be put away… Anyway now I manage to put everything in order, so I can enjoy reading this awesome chapter 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Im so glad you’re back reading, and I’m happy your difficulties are getting better! Never worry about vanishing!

      You are so right that the family is still seeing Joce as a little girl… But she is a grown woman who can make her own decisions! Hopefully Mark will help her through it, like you said!


  20. And this is exactly why they should have addressed their respective family members separately. Sigh.

    This might be a controversial opinion, but I’m kind of glad that other family members aside from just Tobi reacted auite negatively, when Tobi was the first to respond in a not-so-favourable way, I was kind of scared it would turn into yet another round of the family giving Tobi evil glares for being narrowminded. And while it’s not cool to gang up on Jocelyne, it’s equally not ok to gang up on someone for not being all sunshine and rainbows the first time they find out about a controversial relationship. They’re all allowed to have an unfiltered reaction to something that is so shocking.

    Really, if Joce and Mark hadn’t been such morons about the way they went about announcing it (sorry), it could have gone so much better. Not smoothly, of course, but how on Earth could two smart people like Joce and Mark have thought it was a good idea for Mark to be in the room when they announce that the person the family only knows as the father of the son’s boyfriend is also banging their daughter. *shakes head* There’s a time and place for supporting your partner by being there with them, but this sure as heck isn’t one of them.

    Now I’ll probably contradict myself (lol), but why is Luc’s relationship being treated as the alpha omega? Him and Hazel and Mark and Jocelyne have been together for a similar amount of time, it’s not like Mark and Joce have just started dating while the other two been together for years. Both of the relationships are pretty fresh, and should be treated as such. It’s Luc’s first gig all over again versus Joce’s play all over again…

    Also… “what happens when Hazel and I get married?” Um… When? Not if? The hot and heavy Luzel is one thing jumping into things fast, but that’s such an obnoxious assumption. Luc needs to pull his head out of his ass. (Excuse the language). Yes he has the right to be upset or even disturbed by this, but he’s acting like his couple month long relationship is the centre of the universe. That’s not being shocked or being romantic, that’s just being narcissistic.

    On another note, loved the humour at the begining of the chapter haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha I was hoping for a range of opinions on this one and you have definitely delivered hahaha

      Addressing the families separately would have at least prevented Tobi from getting in Mark’s face like he did. He might have been calmer if Mark wasn’t present. But I don’t think things would have been that much better. And poor Joce would have stormed out on her own, which I think would have been a lot harder to do. They ripped the bandaid off in one go 😛

      I definitely think it would have been unrealistic if no one but Tobi reacted negatively. Even the ones supporting Joce aren’t very enthusiastic about the relationship haha It’s strange to all of them and they aren’t comfortable with it. But the reactions from Tobi and Luc definitely went a bit far. I mean, I 100% know where they are coming from (and would probably have a similar reaction in their shoes, I’ll be honest!) but I also think that I’d storm out if I was in Joce’s shoes too. Calling Mark a “sick fuck” and implying Joce has a sick fetish for older men is just… Not cool. No matter how you slice it hahaha

      And yeah, your last comment was a touch contradictory, but I am glad you shared it! Hahaha The simple answer to why is Luc and Hazel’s relationship the “alpha” is that their relationship is “normal”. Simple as that. The honest truth is that Tobi and Colette respect Luc and Hazel’s relationship, but don’t respect Jocelyne and Mark’s. Like you (and a few others) have mentioned, they are siding with Luc yet again…

      And yes, Luc is putting his own relationship first and already planning to marry Hazel haha they more hard and fast (that’s what she said? :P)


      1. Lol yes I know it wouldn’t have exactly gone all dandy if joce delivered the news on her own, but Mark being there is basically him asking for tobi to punch him. He could have faced them at a later stage when everybody’s calmed down a little and had chance to digest.

        Having thought about it a bit more, I actually understand where the contradiction came from. With Tobi and Colette, their reaction is coming from their concern for Joce, so I don’t judge them for it. Now with Luc, I don’t feel like he’s concerned about her at all, he’s basically just thinking of himself and his fantabulous relationship, and I’m not down with that. His reaction is not about his sister, it’s all about him.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. There is a lot of truth in what you are saying. Tobi and Colette MEAN well (even if the way they’re handling this isn’t exactly nice haha) but for both Luc and Hazel, they mostly just care about how it effects THEM.


  21. Well that was a roller coaster ride. I went have laughing at the nothing good comes out in the living room to total confusion as to why they are acting this way. Yes it’s a shock but it’s not that terrible. What was up with Tobi …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is very protective of his little girl haha I think the fact that Mark is older than him and also the connection to Hazel just made it all too much for him to take.

      Liked by 1 person

  22. Joce and Mark should go away. Go Far Far Far away. Live on an island and live out peaceful lives eating pinapples. The family should have to BEG to see them. Even Hazel. It will be hard to them to be estranged from their families, but right now their family is thinking the WORST of them. Like they’re not sane people. Like Mark is a pervert and Joce is an inncent girl being hoodwinked. EVEN IF THEY WERE, you support your family. You can tell Mark you don’t approve, Tobi – but NOT IN FRONT OF YOUR DAUGTHER. What kind of message does that send her? That you think she’s an idiot. You all can even not approve of the relationship that’s fine. If it’s really not right or meant to be as you all assume, then they’ll break up.

    That being said, Mari, Jonas, Auggy, and Clara get gold stars. You might not approve either but you are respectful. You may visit the Marklyne island of Happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    Okay, now that that is out of my system.
    First off, go, Gus Gus! He’s my favorite sibling, but Jocelyne is a close second.
    Second, I’m surprised Mari is totally chill! Good for her
    Third, WHAT THE HELL TOBI, in front of everyone? I mean overprotective dads, I guess.
    I dunno, everyone has the right to be angry, but also, hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
    Hazel does complicate everything, though…… it would have been fine without her…… this is why you’re still in the shame corner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think I will ever be allowed to leave 😦 Hahaha and yes, I know, this whole situation is just crazy. And Tobi didn’t even think before speaking and it’s all so upsetting. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Yep, good to bad lol. At least some of her family stood up for her. Though, I have to say, I have a 15 year old daughter, and I’m not sure how I’d feel if she were to date a 44 year old when she’s 22….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you kind of understand where Tobi’s coming from. I think the way he said it was not very nice, but I feel like his concerns are valid (even though we know that Mark is the real deal!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I do, and you’re right, he said it all wrong, but it was a big shock too! It’s easy for us to know Mark is the real deal, we’ve seen this whole thing unfold 🙂 I love how you bring a lot of real life stuff into this story 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  25. I’m with Mari on this one (I’d never thought this moment would come, but oh, well 😀 ). Although I understand the reactions of everyone involved – maybe except Luc’s – I still find it disturbing when they call the relationship “wrong”. Murder is wrong, not this 😀
    I would be really interested in what the reaction would be like if Luc and Hazel weren’t together, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good question! And I’ve thought about it too. I still think Tobi and Colette would react very much the same way. But I don’t think Luc would have been terribly bothered.

      His and Hazel’s reactions stem from the “weird” factor of the whole thing — he sees it as a threat to their relationship. He’s imagining his sister becoming his mother-in-law someday. Or Mark being an awkward uncle/grandfather to his and Hazel’s future kids. He’s, admittedly, being very selfish.

      To him, it’s not the age that’s the real problem, it’s the potential effect on his own relationship.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I guess I get that. I find the weird family situation with uncle/grandpa and sister/mother-in-law much more disturbing than the age difference. So Luc’s reaction is kinda understandable with this point of view. It’s a legit reason to worry. Still, she’s his twin and she needed him, so insulting her like this feels like kicking someone who already on the ground. :/

        Liked by 1 person

  26. Okay, thoughts (not because they’re important, but because I’m having them lol)… I don’t have a daughter, but I am a daughter. And I can’t imagine. I’m sure my parents would flip if I brought home a man twice my age (lol imagining that gives me anxiety) BUT also I really relate to Joce. She’s felt overlooked all her life and- well- maybe if Tobi was around a little more the idea of dating someone older than her father would be a little disturbing. On the other hand, Joce has always had to be so mature for her age- it’s no wonder she relates more to an older man than a student! Mature people like other mature people. And if the way her family reacted was anything to go off of: she clearly isn’t surrounded by a lot of mature people who can hold their tongue and speak rationally.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you shared your thoughts, thank you! This whole situation is very difficult. I can understand why her parents are upset too (and why Luc is flipping out about Mark being Hazel’s dad) but no matter how you slice it, Tobi and Lucas (and Hazel and Colette, to a slightly lesser degree) all reacted so terribly. Like you said, so immature 😦 I really felt for Joce when I wrote this one for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Once I’m all caught up, I plan to share a lot more of them. Now I’m too busy trying to eat through the chapters! Thank you for making this such a fun and drama-filled Saturday! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 This one was very intense and almost painful to write. Gus’ situation was definitely meant to help kinda prepare for this moment, and show why Tobi feels that way. It’s just such a painful situation for every single person in the room…but I definitely feel the worst for Joce 😦


  27. My goodness Tobi …. I knew he would be the one to react like that. I love him dearly but 1) he is her father so I get it. The thought of a man older than himself with his baby girl is a bit disturbing and 2) he worries too much about what others think.
    Mari and Gus were awesome 👏🏽 and surprisingly it was refreshing to see Jocelyne get angry at the end (🖕🏻) I love it but I seriously hope the family can see how one sided they’re being. They only seem to care about how this will effect Lucas and Hazel. I don’t know if Marklyne can beat Luzel 😔

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha thanks! I will always love that shot! I got so lucky with that one! It was seriously just patience and waiting for the perfect facial expression.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, unfortunately I also understand why he reacted that way… And you’re so right that he cares way too much about what others think!

      They totally seem to only care about Luzel. It’s not fair 😦 I think (in their minds) they take that relationship more seriously simply because it’s more “normal”. They’re seeing Marklyne as some bizarre/unnatural thing and her parents are not taking it seriously! It’s very sad and frustrating. 😦


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