4.47: Not Gonna Happen

Author’s Note: I know many of you aren’t on the Sims forums, so I figure I’d share something here that I’d shared on my story thread yesterday.

It’s a few pictures of an “Alternate Universe Marklyne” — basically, what Mark and Jocelyne would look like as a couple if he was her age. And they are adorable. ❤ (Though it’s strange to see Mark so young!) Click the link if you’d like to see.

Now on with the drama 😛


I knew this would happen. I knew it would.

Florian knows about Mark and I, and it’s not just in my head this time.

Clara told him.

And you think I’d be pissed… But I can’t really blame her, can I?


He confronted her about it last night, I guess… While I was over at Mark’s place. Florian told her he knew she and I were hiding something. And it sounds like he gave her some kind of big ultimatum. It’s not very surprising, I guess. Of course he’s sick of secrets, especially after what happened with him and Clara.

I get it. I really do. And I know he left Clara with no choice.

I just wish he hadn’t forced her to tell.


When I finally made it back to the apartment, they were still fighting about it. And once I was there, well, things just got uglier.

It sure would have been nice if Clara could have warned me. It was horrible.

I love Florian, but I couldn’t believe the things he was saying… “That’s so fucking creepy!” “What the hell are you doing?!” “Don’t you see how fucked-up this is?!”

And those were probably some of the nicer things he said.


How could he be so judgmental?! So close-minded?!

I shouldn’t have to explain my relationship to anybody, should I? I mean yeah. Hazel and Luc complicate things. There’s no denying that. But how dare he imply that Mark’s some kind of…I don’t know. Pervert, or something?!

God, I feel sick just writing that.


He didn’t use those exact words of course… But it was pretty damn clear what he thinks of this whole thing. And I’m really, really hoping it was just some kind of knee-jerk reaction or something. He’s gotta calm down eventually, doesn’t he? See how ridiculous he’s being?

I was SO mad at him. And so was Clara… I almost feel bad. Just when things are finally back to normal between them, this happens. And I guess it’s kind of my fault. Maybe more than ‘kind of’.

But no matter what, I was really grateful to have Clara on my side. I don’t know if I can pinpoint the exact moment she became one of my best friends, but last night definitely confirmed it.


And thankfully, she managed to convince Florian not to tell Luc and Hazel. Not yet, at least…


We don’t have a choice anymore, do we? We can’t put this off any longer. Not if we wanna be the ones to tell our families ourselves.

So it’s decided. Next weekend, I’m going home, and Mark’s coming too, to visit Luc and Hazel… And that’s when we’ll do it.


We’re going to tell them. All of them. Together.

And as much as I keep hoping and hoping they’ll take the news better than Florian did…

I just know it’s not gonna happen.



68 thoughts on “4.47: Not Gonna Happen

  1. Awwww man. I see where Florian is coming from (It is a bit of a big age difference) but somehow those two make it work. I hope that it isn’t as bad as she thinks. Though, if it is, maybe they’ll still have eachother (and Clara)

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    1. Yeah, he’s just really really shocked right now, I think… But what a jerk way to express his concerns *sigh* Oh, Florian.

      Yes, at the very least, Clara will always be on Jocelyne’s side. So she has SOMEONE… But hopefully more than just her! Find out soon 😉

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        1. Haha I love that you feel so strongly about this 🙂 Definitely not Florian’s place to be so judgey, but… It’s complicated. Poor Joce. *sigh*

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  2. Florian needs a time out! He has no right to judge anyone’s relationship! Poor Joce but I guess sooner is better than later. By the Title next chapters probably going to be worse than this one. Either from Tobi or Lucas POV. Joce really needs a hug I got plenty. Love is never easy but when it’s right you fight for it! I just hope she doesn’t do something she’ll regret. Not with Mark but her family.

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    1. Yeah, Florian was so not cool in this chapter 😦 And as for the next one, well… we’ll see how it goes. Joce will probably be needing some hugs, so definitely be ready haha

      And I am really intrigued by your comment about her doing something she’ll regret. 🙂 We’ll see, I guess. Step one is finding out how the family will react in the first place…


  3. Well, I kind of understand why Florian is so surprised, he is concern about i Mark’s intentions is more on Joce’body than her personality, and I think that Is the sme thought that her Father will have, Do that, Clara! And you guys really can’t keep this going, they have o know, and than, they can decide if thei are or not going to live in the woods alone, because boi, that’s going to be a nice fight!

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    1. Yeah, Florian is definitely worried for Joce, but expressed it really badly! And depending on how things go with the family… Maybe living in the woods wouldn’t be so bad hahahaha


  4. Hahahaha I love the silliness, so don’t worry about it 😉

    You are so right about Clara — she’s only really strong when it’s in the defense of others, like right now! Thank goodness Joce has her. No matter what happens with the family, at least she’ll have SOMEONE on her side. But hopefully Clara won’t be the only one?

    And LOL “Living Room of Doom”… Well… We’ll see. That’s a distinct possibility (I can’t help that it’s the only room in the house big enough to seat everyone! LMAO)

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  5. *hits Florian* This is like Tobi’s reaction to Auggy all over again! And, no, Joce, ONE of them will understand. ONE of them will. Trust me. (Which, admittedly, will be hard because Citizen writes your story. But I don’t think she’s that cruel. :p )

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    1. Florian says “ow!” I love your optimism that at least one of them will be understanding. Hopefully you’re right! We’ll see…


  6. I think I’m really worried for Hazels reaction.
    I can see it now.. Luc says something similar to what Florian said implying Mark is a llama.. I mean pervert. (That was a bad joke I’m so sorry.)
    Hazel becomes gravely offended because she’s a Daddy’s girl..
    Or maybe flip side as Hazel is chill and sweet.. She’ll be happy her dad is happy and in love with an amazing person.

    Can’t wait to find out! Thanks for the frequent updates during these intense times. 🙂

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    1. I like your predictions — both are definitely possible, at this point! You will find out very very soon how everyone reacts 😉 Glad you’re enjoying the update schedule! 😉


  7. Heh, ain’t happening, sister. Nope.

    So like, I’m really hoping she’s not so naive to think that they’re relationship is normal, and Luc and Hazel are just a minor hiccup in the situation and everyone should be quick to accept them. She kinda sounds like she’s in denial mode. I mean, she has to know exactly why Florian reacted the way he did, right? I’m not taking her right to be mad away, but she does understand right? Cuuuuz it kinda sounds like she doesn’t…but in a way she does because she knows everyone else is going to react the same way. You’re confusing me, Jocelyn!

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    1. Hahahaha I think you hit it right on the head when you said that she is in denial mode. Mark is too. They both KNOW deep down inside that their relationship is abnormal. But they are trying to convince themselves that it’s really not that big of a deal because they don’t wanna accept the truth haha

      She most definitely understands why Florian is upset (and why her family likely will be too), but I think she’s expecting a touch more compassion than “Your relationship is wrong and fucked up and you should be ashamed of it”, which is essentially what Florian said to her. His opinion makes complete sense, but it’s also really cruel to say something so hurtful to someone about their relationship, y’know?

      I think she’s hoping for something more along the lines of “This is really unusual and we aren’t comfortable with it. We’re really weirded out. But give us time to process, okay?” (Maybe not in those exact words, but you get the idea lol) rather than dismissing her and Mark as messed-up freaks right away…

      We will find out tomorrow which side the reactions land on 😉 (or if there is some other type of reaction they get too… you never know! :P)

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      1. Uh huh. I totally get her expectations, but that kinda furthers the point of her being in denial to think that people would have the type of reaction SHE would have because of her own temperament. She knows her family. How could she expect anything else? I guess she can hope, eh?

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        1. Hahaha Joce always tries to see the good/best in people. And she’s trying to do that again with her family, and hope for best-case scenario reactions LOL Definitely a form of denial, there is no doubt about that!

          I am having her act the Joce-way, but really she should go in there expecting the WORST so she can have thick skin and not let it get to her like Florian’s reaction did. A lot easier said than done though…

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  8. Oh come on, Florian! *throws apple juice in Florian’s face* Did you really have to express your feelings like that?! This is like Tobi and Gus all over again. *facepalms*

    More hugs to Joce. I swear I’ve given so many to her, but she seems to be the one who gets hit with the most drama.

    YOU GO, CLARA! Great to see that she’s still got Joce’s back, even when it’s against Florian. (That might be a bad thing…. well it’s good in this case!)

    Joce, I’m pretty sure someone in your family will understand. Shit will start flying, but you’ll have some people on your side. ❤

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    1. Yeah, Florian’s reaction was NOT cool 😦 I think it came from a place of genuine love and concern, but wow, the way he expressed it was bad. Like you said, Tobi and Gus all over again!

      Joce appreciates the hugs! And Clara appreciates the cheers haha. I think it’ shard for her to yell at Florian, but in the end, she wants to protect Joce. 🙂

      I hope you’re right that she’ll have others on her side! We’ll see soon…

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  9. Hmm kind of disappointed in Florian. Didn’t expect this strong of a reaction from him. Maybe from Luc, but not Florian.

    Honestly, when Joce tells them, I think the family should take a moment to think about Joce’s happiness for a change. Joce is always rooting for others, helping them out amd supporting them, and now that there’s somebody special in her life, she’s so afraid that she won’t get the support she needs. It’s sad 😦 I kind of expect Hazel might be more supportive than Luc. She doesn’t seem judgmental and I think she must be able to tell that Joce makes her father happy. Luc, on the other hand… his father-in-law (kind of) banging his sister? Really tough haha

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    1. Yeah, not Florian’s proudest moment :/ I think it’s a combination of his “loyalty” to Lucas (they are best friends, after all!) and also seeing Joce as a younger-sister type of figure. He’s protective of her as well. But yeah, he overreacted and didn’t think before speaking for sure.

      You make such a great point about Jocelyne! She tries so hard to please others and make them happy. She deserves that same happiness herself! Hopefully her family can see that…

      We’ll find out tomorrow 😉


  10. You know I was not expecting Florian to flip out like this – maybe its because Luc is his best friend and he feels defensive of him. Maybe its because he is tired of all the secrets and lack of communication. Overall Joc is in a pickle and not the delicious crispy kind that fill ones mouth with awesome tartness. No, this is the kind of pickle that smacks you in the face and leaves you numb…Booo – I don’t know if I have ever mentioned how I adore all the family portraits in every installment ❤

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    1. “The kind of pickle that smacks you in the face and leaves you numb.” OMG what? LMAO You are the best XD

      But yeah, Florian totally flipped, partially for the reasons you said — especially the first one, loyalty to Lucas. I think he also feels defensive/worried about Jocelyne because Florian sees her as something of a little sister. But either way, he overreacted and hurt Joce 😦 Booo.

      And I’m glad you enjoy seeing all the family pictures in the background! 😀

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        1. Either way it sounds awful… The delicious pickle that fills your mouth… The pickle that smacks you in the face… OMG I’m laughing SO hard over here XD

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  11. Awww I’m so proud they’re finally communicating … oh wait THOSE FAMILY MEETINGS NEVER GO WELL!!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT, JOCE!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling that the next few chapters are going to be completely turmoil filled ….

    I’ll get the popcorn.

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  12. Joce is the heir, isn’t she? My horrible prediction of Drama: Joce and Mark’s relationship is accepted, but Hazel breaks up with Luc because it’s just too weird.

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    1. Joce is the heir, yes! And your prediction definitely makes sense! Thank you for sharing it. We’ll see how it goes… Anything could happen at this point, really!

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  13. As someone who is engaged to and marrying a man almost 10 years older than me Florian’s comments don’t sit well with me. I am so fortunate that my dad and family accepted my fiance, I can not even begin to imagine what Joce is going through. I feel for her but if I could tell her anything, I’d say to stick to her what her heart wants. Because at the end of the day it’s just her and Mark and what he makes her feel is important.

    I’ve seen couples with a even bigger age gap that what my fiance and I have. There are some women I work with who have husbands 12 – 15 years older than them. And they make it work. Besides women are more mature than men so who can blame us for going after older guys 😉

    (K done ranting and raving over here)

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    1. Haha it’s okay to rant a bit! Florian’s reaction was definitely extreme (though so is their age gap!). Your advice to her is very good, and hopefully she can follow it! We will see in time 🙂

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  14. Aww I feel so sorry for them that they have to go through this. And Florian! How date you! I agree with Joce. How dare he be so Judgemental! I can’t believe he would force Clara to tell him JOCE’s secret!

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  15. People need to be less judging. It’s who makes you happy and Jocelyn is an adult, not a child. It would be really hard to let go of the person you love just because he happens to be 20 years older. Besides older men know how to treat a women much better than their younger counterparts 🙂 Life’s too short to live it by what everyone else’s expectations of what is right and wrong. However, unfortunately we do live in a world were people judge all the time and Mark and Jocelyn will not have it easy. That being said if it was my daughter I’d be worried at first until I got to know the guy, and if I liked him and saw that he made my daughter happy then I would be okay with it.
    I think Mark will have it tougher than Jocelyn, they’ll see her as being naive and Mark capitalizing on that. I can see why Mark was so reluctant to attempt a relationship with her at first, considering how everyone is going to perceive him now.
    I really love them together as a couple though. They compliment each other.
    Can’t wait for the drama!!
    Oh, and the photos from the alternative universe with a younger Mark and Jocelyn together were so cute!!!

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    1. Thanks! I totally agree that people should be less judge-y, though like you said, if it were your kid/family member, you’d probably be concerned at first haha. And I think Florian’s reaction came from a place of concern… But he expressed it horribly :-/

      This will not be easy. Hopefully they can make it through, because I honestly love this couple too!

      And I’m glad you enjoyed the shots of them together! 😀 Thanks so much for reading!


  16. Honestly, I think this was worse than Tobi and Gus. What Tobi said wasn’t okay but he didn’t really understand what he was talking about and he didn’t intend it to be cruel. But Florian… I know he has Jocelyne’s best interests at heart, but this was pretty harsh and he must’ve known he would hurt her. I don’t know man, I just am not very fond of Florian right now. Hopefully Tobi will be a little better about it, but after the Gus debacle and Florian’s reaction, I’m not too optimistic. Mari, Colette, and Tobi all had kids really young so this will probably seem unnatural to them. As always, thanks for a great chapter!

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    1. Thanks for commenting! (And reading!)

      I totally understand being mad at Florian, like you said. He was way too harsh! I don’t think he was thinking very clearly when he said that stuff. Hopefully he will calm down over time!

      Thanks again for reading 😀


  17. Florian should mind his own business. He’s overstepping here A LOT. It’s up to Joce and Mark to deal with this mess and their respective families. Florian is not even related to any of them, it isn’t directly affecting him. I would expect such reaction from anyone else but him. If I were Clara I would tell him it is not my secret to tell.

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    1. I think with Florian, part of what fueled his reaction is that he is best friends with Lucas, so he feels upset/weirded out a lot on Luc’s behalf. Another piece is that even though he is not a member of the family, he feels like one/is treated like one, and sees Jocelyne as something of a younger sister.

      Of course, he was still a huge jerk for reacting that way haha That much is definitely true! But that is the reason for why his reaction was so extreme. Even though it really doesn’t affect him, he feels like it does.


  18. Oh that’s an awful idea lol! What they should do is Mark should talk to Hazel on his own and Joce should talk to her family separately. Doing it while Mark is visiting the family in role of the son’s girlfriend’s father… That’s bound to implode, just from the way it’s set up – their mindsets are already not in the right place. Bad Amanda! 😀

    I don’t blame Florian for acting the way he did. He doesn’t know Mark – Clara is much more familiar with him so she doesn’t see it as creepy, Florian isn’t there with them to see that Joce and Mark have a great dynamic.

    On a brigter note, I do love how close Clara and Joce have gotten over the years ❤

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    1. Of course it’s an awful idea… That’s why I wrote it that way 😈 Haha no but seriously I think part of why they are doing it that way is to support each other. I think it would be way harder (for Joce, at least!) to face her entire family alone (not saying that makes it a good idea of course 😛 But I think that’s their biggest piece of reasoning for wanting to do it together)

      You’re right that Florian doesn’t know Mark, so he just sees the creep-factor haha. He also sees Joce as something of a younger sister, and also is best friends with Luc. Both of those factors definitely played a role in his reaction too!

      But he could have had a touch more tact in the way he expressed his feelings haha Poor Joce! 😦

      And yes, Clara and Joce are amazing friends now. I love it ^_^


  19. Hot dang hot dang hot dang!
    I’m listening to Beethoven right now as my study music, and it was super intense. I was getting all into this chapter mixed with the background music playing. I’m ready for shit to go down XD

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  20. Hmm, am I the only one who doesn’t find the age difference outrageous? I mean, the family situation with Luc and Hazel is crazy and problematic, but the age difference? It happens all the time. And being attracted to young woman is not perverted, for plum’s sake. It’s natural – most people (especially men) are attracted to youthfulness, that’s how we evolved.

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    1. Haha I think everyone kind of has different POVs on this. Like, I will admit that honestly, a real life relationship with that level of an age difference would weird me out a bit (especially the fact that he’s older than her FATHER haha). But I also totally understand the perspective that age is just a number and love is love 🙂 And I appreciate that you have a more accepting point of view! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, he is older than her father because her father was freaking 17 when she was born. That’s not really a standard one should compare with. 😀
        I can understand her parents and other characters being disturbed by this, of course. And I’m not saying that age is just a number – the situation is unusual for sure, but calling their relationship abnormal seems over the top. Especially since older men marrying younger women is a widespread practice (and has always been – my great-grandmother married when she was 16 and her husband was 38.)

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  21. OH Florian here you go again. I hate that he forced Clara to tell someone else’s secret. It had nothing to do with their relationship. I do understand that he is lucas’ best friend and damn near family (well uncle soon lol) so he feels like he should know stuff but to be so judgmental was wrong. Jocelyne met mark way before Lucas met Hazel so that’s not their fault and yes there is a big age gap but when two people click that’s just a formality. Oh well let’s see how the rest of the family handles it. I’m nervous 😟

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