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Interlude: The Call


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Interlude: Happy Birthday

Jocelyne smiled excitedly as the front door swung open and a trio of sweet little faces came into view. Right on time. She thought as they raced toward her, each one eager to give their mother a hug. It had … Continue reading

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Interlude: Questions

“Can you believe that asshole? I was about two fucking seconds from kicking him out.” Jocelyne’s irritation was apparent, even over the telephone. “Whoever said ‘The customer’s always right’ has NEVER worked with people before. Ever.” Clara nodded sympathetically, though … Continue reading

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Interlude: Too Late

Mark closed his eyes, breathing in the unique scent of newborn baby. A small smile came to his lips as he pulled away, looking down at the infant he held in his arms. He hadn’t held a baby so small … Continue reading

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Interlude: Long Night

“Um… Jocelyne?” Clara’s voice called out over the loud music that filled the air around them. Her niece turned toward her expectantly as she placed the tall glass back on the edge of the bar. She’d already downed half of … Continue reading

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Interlude: Game

Come on, come on…. Jocelyne paced back and forth impatiently in the tiny bathroom. Was it really supposed to take this long? She double-checked the back of the box. Two minutes, it said. Hadn’t it been at least ten? Twenty? … Continue reading

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Interlude: Rebound

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