4.46: Grateful

Well, tonight, Gus finally did it – He brought Noah over for dinner, and introduced him to us.

Up until now, he’d been nothing but a name…

“Who are you texting?” “Oh, just Noah.”


“Where are you going?” “Didn’t I tell you? Noah and I are going to the movies.”


“You sure spend a lot of time with this ‘Noah’… Are you two…?” “Oh my God. Bye, Papa!”


I guess Colette and I badgered him about it a bit more than we should have. And I never wanted to be nosy or anything by asking about him… I guess I was just curious. How the heck am I supposed to recognize the line between ‘friend’ and ‘boyfriend’ anyway? I mean, this whole… ‘dating other guys’ thing is just as new to me as it is to him. Is there like, a protocol or something?

I don’t know. I haven’t had to deal with any of my kids dating in a long time. Jocelyne never started dating until college, and Lucas hasn’t had a steady girlfriend since he was seventeen, until Hazel came along. Guess I’m out of practice.


Anyway, when he told us he was inviting Noah over for dinner, that was when I was sure he’d crossed the line out of ‘friend’ territory. And I won’t lie… I was really nervous to meet him. More nervous than I’ve ever been meeting someone one of my kids is dating. What if I said the wrong thing? What if I offended him? What if they held hands or kissed or something and I got all weird about it and ruined everything?


I probably sound like a terrified kid right now… Because that’s basically what I turned into tonight.

But in the end, I had nothing to worry about.

Noah was one of the most polite kids I think I’ve ever met… He insisted on calling Lettie and I “Mr. and Mrs. Rosebrook” and Mama and Papa “Mr. and Mrs. Klein”, no matter how many times we told him he didn’t have to. And before we’d even finished eating, he’d already offered to help clear the table and rinse off the dishes too.


And it was great getting to know a little bit about him. Noah’s on the student council with Gus, and even plays on the football team too. I was shocked Gus had never mentioned it before! Noah had so many questions for me about back when I used to play. It was nice reminiscing a little bit… I even got nostalgic enough to bring him upstairs and give him a peek at my trophy case.


Noah’s a great kid. A really great kid.

But you know the best part about him?

The way he looked at my son. And the way my son looked at him too.


So yes, maybe I did appreciate that they waited until they thought we weren’t looking to sneak in a little PDA. And yes, it felt a little… uncomfortable to catch a glimpse of that.


But the bottom line is, Gus is happy. Maybe happier than I’ve ever seen him. You can almost feel the joy radiating from him, every second he and Noah are together.

How can I be anything but grateful for that?



51 thoughts on “4.46: Grateful

  1. Gus and Noah looks so cute together however Gus is still in high school so I’ll hold off on saying this couple is forever. Still love them together though. And I’m proud of Tobi he’s getting there. To be honest watching your kid make out is just awkward period.

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    1. Good point, even if it was with a girl it would be super awkward Hahahaha the fact that it was a guy just made it extra-uncomfortable, but it would have been regardless haha

      And yeah, too soon to say they’ll last, but for now they are very cute and happy together ^_^


  2. Hahahaha we will have to come up with a good ship name XD Noggy is hysterical 😛

    Noah is super duper nice and I also think Auggy has “warned” him about Tobi’s discomfort so he was on his best behavior 😉 Though Tobi did splendidly, I think 😛

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  3. I knew he was going to accept Gus someday! And is nice Gus has confidence enought to start dating! And I think Tobi’s accptence was too because Noah was a nice boy, congrats to both!

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  4. Ohhhh yesssss. Gus and Noah look great together and I’m super happy that Tobi is acceptin the fact that Gus is in love with Noah. I agree that Noah is a well mannered guy.

    Ship names: Nuggy, Nus, Guoah, Augoah. If this ship were to exist, who shall be the captain??? If anything bad happens to this ship, I’ll be the one to call the Coast Guard!

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  5. Awww ❤ I'm sorry I ever doubted Toby! He's such a good dad! And Noah, if you hurt Gus, young man you WILL NOT live to see tomorrow. I really liked this chapter.

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  6. Good on Tobi for making an effort to be supportive for Gus!

    The Nuggy relationship seems to be without damage so far… Don’t touch it, Citizen! (Oh wait a minute, you have to touch it in order to make a story for us. In that case, touch lightly! I’m watching you. 0.0 )

    I do agree that even if Gus were kissing a girl instead, it would be just be awkward anyway. 😛

    Cute chapter! I’m going to need it when shit gets very crazy (probably next chapter if this entire legacy is anything to go by). XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO I try to give you guys these nice moments from time to time 😉 Balance! 😛 No, but seriously, they are so cute. I love them together. And Tobi is a champ! Even if he had to see his kid making out lololol

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  7. OMG Noah is wonderful and they are very adorable looking together – I love that even though Tobi is a little awkward he is trying to respect his son in every way he can – that is cool ::hugs Tobi, gets smacked by Collette:; damn that lady is fast!! LOL

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    1. Fun fact: For some odd reason, your three most recent comments on my chapters all ended up in Spam and I just noticed/restored them LOL so now I’m going to reply to them out of order.

      Yes, Noah is a great kid and Tobi is trying so hard. I’m proud of him! (And yes, Colette has learned her lesson before the hard way. Step off, sistah :P)

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  8. Aww, this made my eyes tear up in a good way 🙂 I love how Tobi is being understanding about it now! But, in your stories, I know when there’s something good happening, there’s 2 more not so good things going to happen 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m so glad you enjoyed this one! Tobi came a long way 🙂 And as for bad things happening, well… you’ll see what’s coming soon ^_^


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