4.43: Easier Said Than Done

Nothing’s ever easy, is it?

Especially for me.

I’m finally happy – truly, truly happy – for maybe the first time in my life, and the universe just has to go and mess it up.

09-05-16_9-08-24 PM

Things were already hard enough for Mark and I. I’ve known since the start that our difference in age would be a problem. I knew my family would have a hard time accepting it.

And I thought that would be bad enough.

But it got so much worse.

09-03-16_12-38-09 AM 09-03-16_12-41-31 AM

I still can’t believe Mark never told me about Hazel… God, it’s so WEIRD. I mean to think that this whole time, he’s had a child… One who’s almost the same age as me! I’m still trying to wrap my head around it…

But I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised he kept it from me, should I? What would I have done in his shoes? Would I have told the truth? It’s so easy to just say ‘yes’… But I wonder what it would really feel like to be in that kind of position.

I’ve thought and thought about it, and I still don’t really know what I would have done, to be honest. But I think that’s enough to make me understand why he waited so long to tell me. That doesn’t stop me from feeling angry though. I can’t help but feel like he kind of… manipulated me or something. Even if it wasn’t on purpose.

I was so mad at him when I found out… And I guess I still am. I probably will be for a while.

But I still love him. That hasn’t changed. Not one bit.

And I know he loves me, too. He’s been reminding me again and again, and apologizing so many times for not telling me. It’s like what he told me before, about secrets and fear.

He was just scared. Maybe even rightfully so.

And now I’m scared too… Because things just went from bad to worse.

09-05-16_9-16-16 PM

His daughter is dating my twin brother. Living with him now – they just moved in together last week. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it. What the Hell are the odds that something like this could ever happen?!

God, it feels like a plot from a terrible melodrama, doesn’t it? Is that what my life’s turning into?!

It’s so wrong… So fucked up, as Clara so eloquently put it.

09-05-16_9-08-41 PM

I still have no idea what we’re going to do. And Mark doesn’t either. How the hell can we tell them about us? And what will happen when we do?

Mark’s still promising we’ll be okay. That everything will work out. And that our love is strong enough to get us through this. But underneath his smile, I know he’s just as lost and terrified as I am.

09-05-16_9-16-54 PM

And Clara just keeps saying the same thing she said about my parents – “Screw them. Why should you give a damn about what they think? You deserve to be happy.”

09-05-16_9-10-32 PM

It’s good advice. And I wish I could take it…

But that’s so much easier said than done.

09-05-16_9-07-43 PM


38 thoughts on “4.43: Easier Said Than Done

  1. You’re so right about Clara’s advice — Like Joce says, easier said than done! Haha Totally not in Joce’s nature, unfortunately..

    And yup, Mark is flawed just like the rest of my peeps 😛 Thankfully Joce accepts that and still loves him. The Marklyne sails on through stormy waters 😛

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  2. Okay, I think CLARA deserves a cake. She’s such a good friend! I agree that Joce deserves to be happy, but I also believe that she should stop and think about how this might effect everyone. Then she should proceed with the relationship, because I firmly believe the awkwardness will pass (my family’s really messed up as well, and we still get together every Christmas and manage not to kill each other). I get why she feels manipulated, and I think that time will be the best healer there. Then again, Mark might end up having the evil trait, but that hardly seems likely.

    Last thing: I literally just noticed that Mari’s hair style was the same as Alex’s mother’s! Is that intentional?

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    1. It’s true, Clara is a wonderful friend! And you bring up such a good point about how they need to think about how everyone will be effected by this relationship. They need to know and understand what’s in store so they can prepare themselves to handle it! Hopefully you’re right though, and things will work out okay in the end!

      And the hairstyle totally was not intentional haha just the one Mari ended up with! 🙂


  3. Goodness I hope the parents do not come by the apartment since there is a ginormous portrait of the two of them together in the hallway LOL – or maybe that is just what neds to happen – oh gosh I am panicking for her.

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  4. Sounds like their relationship is in a bit of a limbo stage right now. Can’t really keep growing or developing until they properly adress the issue instead of ignoring it.

    Sidenote – love that their photo is taken in front of a book case – how very appropriate!

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    1. Hahaha yay, you noticed the background! That was intentional XD

      And yeah, they are in a weird place right now… The love is still there and all, but they have this huge ‘elephant in the room’… And I think they both are trying really hard to ignore it and it’s not helping :/


  5. I too love the photo. I think Jocelyn is just convincing herself to forgive Mark. She said she was happier than she has ever been. I think their relationship is definitely moving forward. But I am curious how long they will try to keep it a secret.🤐

    My theory: When Clara’s twins are born, Jocelyn and Mark are going to be hit right between the eyes with reality. If she doesn’t have kids quick, Mark won’t be around to help raise their family and the biological clock will begin to tick like a time bomb. He probably doesn’t want more children, been there done that, but he loves Jocelyn and will do it for her. I don’t think they have thought that far ahead yet. They will have to decide if they want to get married quickly and start a family. So they will be forced to let the cat out of the bag. Dang it. She IS the heir. She has to have at least ONE nooboo for you to torture. 😈

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    1. Hahahha that’s a cool theory! Thank you for sharing it! Anything could happen at this point. We’ll have to wait and see 😉

      And I think you’re right about Joce kinda convincing herself to forgive Mark haha. She loves him so much and he makes her so happy that she’s kind of blinded by that. Mark did mess up pretty badly and she recognizes that though.


  6. I feel so much for Joce right now. This whole situation was hard enough to deal with before and now she has the pressure and concerns on her mind about one day possibly being a sister-in-law as well as a stepmother (though I strongly believe she would never be viewed as such, just a really great friend 🙂 ), that would be SO hard for her to wrap her mind around and I could see her walking away from the whole thing if not for the fact she loved Mark so much, even stating he was her soulmate. It’s all so messed up and sad for her right now 😦

    I also see why she would feel manipulated by Mark. Him keeping this from her in some way (even if subconsciously) is certainly something I think he must be feeling quite guilty about and her quite mad, and rightly so! He fell for her very quickly and chose not to tell her about having Hazel hoping that it would make her think a relationship with him would be easier and ultimately letting her fall for him only to discover she had been deceived in a sense. As she mentioned, fear was certainly one part in not telling her so maybe it was conscious to a degree… I’m not sure whether it was conscious or not on his mind ‘plotting not to tell her to lure her into his arms’ (He doesn’t seem like that kind of a guy)…, but either way, it’s going to take some time on her part to forgive and possibly gain back some trust which has been lost. I do believe that they’ll pull through with a lot of drama along the way. However, I have faith it will all work out in the end, their love for each other is real and she deserves to be happy 🙂

    Also, I’m just so happy with how loving and supportive Clara is with Joce. They’ve both come so far and it’s good to know she has someone on her side helping her and being supportive (in the Clara way of course, I’d expect nothing less 😛 XD )

    I also love the last shot. That’s so clever showing a picture of her with Mark and at the same time another with Luc. It just adds further to what she is feeling and the conflict she must be experiencing within herself right now. She loves them both and she really doesn’t want to hurt her brother. Big hugs for Joce ❤

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    1. Thank you Nessy! This whole thing is really hard for Joce to handle, like you said! It’s a lot to process…

      And yeah, with Mark I don’t think it was a conscious decision for him to manipulate her, but it definitely hurt the trust in their relationship, gah!

      And I’m so glad you noticed what I did in the last shot! You’re the first to mention it 😀 I intentionally wanted the shot of her and Luc there as well, to show that conflict 🙂 Thanks for noticing!


  7. When she said the universe had to go screw it up for her, I was like hmmm more like citizen 😏. Anyway, I was wondering, how did you get that many sims on your lot in the prev chapter?? Was it a mod or a cheat? 😮

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  8. Awww – and I think back to their childhood when Clara and Joce were always poking at each other. They’ve become really good friends by supporting each other and being there when the other needed it. First Joce was there for Clara and now Clara is there for Joce.

    Clara has the right of it. Do what you need to do to be happy. The rest of the universe will come around and if they don’t – at least you’ll be happy?

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  9. Jocelyne is so sweet, always putting others before herself. I’m afraid she’ll leave Mark just to appease her family 😦 but she deserves to be happy! I’m not really a huge supporter of giant age gaps ^^; but, if it’s from a place of true love and care, and everyone can consent then I’m totally okay so go get your man, Joce!!! (Also, I’m going to read a few chapters in between doing my Brit Lit work, so my comments will be sporadic)

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