4.36: Someone to Love

Alright, I feel like I have so much to write about that I’m almost not sure where to start. Let’s just say there’s a hell of a lot going on with the kids right now — the good, the bad, and, unfortunately, the ugly too.

Guess I should start with the good, huh?

You’ll never guess where Gus is right now.

He went to the movies… With Emma.

08-25-16_6-51-51 PM

Lettie and I were literally shocked. Speechless. And when Mama and Papa get home from work and I tell them about it, I bet they won’t believe it either.

08-25-16_5-12-14 PM

I mean, I knew he’d finally managed to talk to her again. But it didn’t really seem to go well…

It all started a couple days ago. I don’t know what Gus said to finally convince her to come, but she showed up at our doorstep one afternoon. The poor girl looked so uncomfortable to be here… It was so awkward, but honestly? It was really nice to see her again. Emma’s always been like part of the family.

I just wish it was under better circumstances.

08-25-16_10-33-23 PM

And anyway, she didn’t stay around for very long. The two of them left for a walk together, and were gone for nearly an hour. When they finally came home, they both looked like they’d been crying. And Emma didn’t stick around for very long after that.

08-25-16_10-29-13 PM

Of course, Gus wouldn’t say a word about what happened. It looked pretty bad, and he spent a lot of time in his room for the rest of the day…

So imagine my shock when the doorbell rang this afternoon and I saw Emma waiting on the other side. She was even smiling! And so was he, when he saw her.

08-25-16_6-55-07 PM

What the hell could be going on? Could they have somehow gotten back together? Colette seems convinced, but I’m not so sure… We don’t wanna nag him too much about it, obviously. We’re just so happy to have him smiling again! I was so worried. We all were… I know it’s pretty soon to say for sure, but I think that maybe – just maybe – we finally have our Gus back.

08-25-16_6-39-40 PM

Now the only question is, does he have Emma back? We’re definitely gonna have a few questions for him when he gets home.

And speaking of questions… Well, Gus isn’t the only one to fall under the “good” category, thankfully.

I think Lettie’s been driving poor Lucas crazy with all the interrogation about his new girlfriend. Every time he calls, she practically rips the phone out of my hands to start grilling him. It’s actually kind of cute.

08-25-16_5-18-45 PM

Y’know, I really never thought I’d see my son like this. I mean, he hasn’t even been with Hazel for two weeks, but he’s already talking about moving in with her when he comes back from the tour. They’ve even been checking out apartments online… Crazy, right? Colette and I aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea, but… Who are we to stop him?

You know what though? I’m happy for him. I really am. I just really hope Lucas knows what he’s doing. He’s been hurt so many times before… It almost reminds me of Stefan, and all the trouble he had with girls when we were growing up… But his string of bad luck led to something really wonderful, in the end.

08-25-16_3-34-02 PM

And maybe that’s what Lucas finally found too.

This Hazel definitely sounds like a nice girl… And my son is absolutely head-over-heels for her. The way he talks about her almost reminds me of the way I used to talk about Colette every summer after camp. Or the way Clara used to talk about Florian, when they first got together.

08-25-16_5-20-06 PM

Y’know, this probably sounds bad, but… I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jocelyne talk about Elliot that way. Come to think of it, she’s barely even mentioned him much lately. Classes? Sure. Theater? Always. Work? Definitely – she’s always passing on funny or interesting stories her boss told her. But her boyfriend? Lettie and I usually have to ask before she’ll say anything about him.

I know she’s always been a little more reserved, but… I guess it’s kinda weird. Lucas and Hazel have barely started dating, and yet he never stops talking about her… But we never really hear much about Elliot.

It makes me wonder what might be going on with them…

08-25-16_6-40-04 PM

And the worst part is, according to Lucas, Jocelyne might not be the only one having relationship trouble. This is where it gets ugly, I guess.

It almost makes me feel sick to write this… But I guess things are rough with Clara and Florian right now. REALLY rough. Lucas wouldn’t give us many details, but I guess they got into some kind of nasty fight a few days ago. He wouldn’t say whether he thought they’d actually broken up or not, just that things were bad. Worse than they’ve ever been, from the sound of it.

08-25-16_6-40-16 PM

I just hope they can work through it. We all love Florian. He’s family. He has been ever since he was a little kid. And if anything bad happened between him and Clara… It would be horrible. For all of us.

I’m so glad things are going well for Gus and Emma again, and Lucas and Hazel too. But I can’t help worrying about Jocelyne and Clara… All I want is for them to be happy too, y’know?

08-25-16_4-26-04 PM

I mean, I think about grandpa and vovó, Mama and Papa, Diego and Rachelle, Josh and Krys… That’s what I want my kids to have someday. Someone to share their life with. Someone who’ll stay by them even through the worst times. Someone to laugh with. Someone to love, forever.

I was lucky enough to find that with my Lettie.

08-25-16_6-07-01 PM

But what about my kids?

Will they find it too?


35 thoughts on “4.36: Someone to Love

  1. I don’t have a lot to say about the chapter, except that I had a strange dream where Florian and Clara were forced to get married so they could fight off zombies, skeletons and creepy dolls (don’t ask) 😂😂😂

    Liked by 7 people

  2. Aww! What a round-up, and whirlwind of emotions!

    Yay for Auggy and Emma! I’m so happy they finally talked about what was going on. And it’s the first step towards Auggy being honest with his family to, now that he has his best friend on his side again. *Happy dance*

    Tobi, if only you knew what was actually going on with Clara and Florian, hahaha! That picture of ToCo at the end ❤ I liked how there was a picture of them in the background too 🙂

    Oh yeah, and we finally got to "see" Stephan's wife… Lmao!

    Glad Luzel is still going strong. And hopefully we'll get to hear more about Joce and her boys soon haha!

    I think that's all i wanted to cover ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sounds like you’ve got it all covered 😉 Hahaha

      I was SO happy to write about Auggy and Emma being friends again 🙂 Such a huge step for him! And you’re right, having his best friend on his side again is going to help him so much!

      And yeah, if only they knew what was really happening there! Hahaha. Glad you liked the little ToCo shot. 🙂 They are still going strong after their hiccup a few years ago ❤

      We will get to see Stefan's wife's face eventually, I promise 😛

      And Luzel is going well and there is more to come on the Joce love-triangle too 😉 Hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Noooo Stefan why ;-; (Ehehe, but his wife is really pretty! Glad he was able to find someone :D)

    I’m glad Gus was able to make up with Emma, and hopefully their friendship will go well. Clara and Florian MAKE UP NOW 😡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO Were you hoping Stefan would stay single? 😛 Nope, married with kids (and quite happy too :P)

      I’m glad you’re happy about Auggy and Emma! 😀 He must be so happy. 🙂 And as for Clara and Florian… Stay tuned 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved this chapter, I was missing hearing his voice. I can’t believe how uninformed he is about his kids. Well… I can believe it, but I wish he knew the full stories. He’s gonna be shocked when he finally is filled in. The only one’s he’s got an accurate read on is Lucas. It’s so crazy to me that he’s the one who’s not constantly hiding everything all the time, lol.

    Also, I loved that picture at the end with him and Lettie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha well, I’d say his read on Joce is pretty accurate… did you read yesterday’s chapter? 😉 hehehehehe

      But yes, otherwise he definitely doesn’t have a clear picture of what’s going on with Auggy and Clara for sure.

      Lucas has nothing to hide haha he’s been blessed with the least drama out of everyone 😛 Though Joce doesn’t really hide much either (not about herself, at least!).

      I’m glad you liked that shot at the end. 🙂 I couldn’t resist throwing it in haha I still love #ToCo!

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  5. Oh boy. I love Tobi’s chapters!

    I do hope that Joce soon realizes who she’ll be happier with. And that Auggy finds the courage to come out to his parents.

    As far as Clara and Florian go, those two need to seriously sit down and have a good, long talk with each other. That’s the only way they’ll make this work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you love hearing from Tobi! ^_^ Hoepfully Joce will figure things out soon, and Auggy will open up to the rest of his family… But we’ll see!

      And yes, Clara and Florian are in desperate need of some communication right now!


  6. Yes Auggy! While he’s still being pretty secretive, this is better than still being miserable without Emma. I like hearing Tobi’s thoughts on Lucas’s whirlwind relationship as well, I know if I was a parent I’d be a little concerned. Glad he is accepting of it though. Oh Joce…when even your frickin’ dad is noticing that you’re not so into Elliot and talking about a certain someone else… . Poor Clarian. I’m so sad for them because there were so many shitty factors in the leadup their argument/breakup that intensified everything (secrecy, asshole bandmates, alcohol etc.), and it shouldn’t have gone down like that. Nice to hear from Tobi and good chapter. I was super surprised you posted again. Yay for 4x a week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Azzy! 😀 Gus is definitely heading in the right direction 🙂

      Tobi has some mixed feelings about “Luzel” for sure… But in the end, he and Colette are supportive 🙂 And as for “Jelliot”… Yeah, it’s pretty bad when even your parents notice something is wrong lol

      And you are very write about Clara and Florian — it really shouldn’t have happened that way. It was totally avoidable (I’m just evil 😀 )

      I’m excited about going back to 4x a week too! 😀 Glad I could surprise you with a new chapter hehehe


  7. So glad that Stefan found someone too! But Mari, Jonas, Tobi and Colette have no idea what’s coming their way from Clara’s side. But if Florian and Clara can talk this out I think they will all be very happy
    And since they are so in love with eachother I have my hopes up. Oh and it can’t be long till there’s trouble with joce. If joce and Mark should become a thing I don’t think the family, especially Tobi would be too happy with that because he’s so much older

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully things will have a happy ending with Clara and Florian! We’ll see. 🙂 And you’re right — he poor family still has no idea that there are not only one, but TWO babies on the way!

      Good observation about “Marklyne’… I cannot imagine any father being happy about their daughter dating someone older than he is! Of course, at this point, we don’t know if the ship will truly “set sail” or not, but if it does, definitely some troubled waters ahead haha

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m so happy that Gus is hanging out with Emma again 😀 I’m really glad that he ended up telling her the truth. It was obviously hard for her to take at first (probably because she really loves him and knows it can never be the way she wanted and also because it would’ve been a bit of a shock to her at first, until she had time to think and let it all sink in). I’m so pleased they’re friends again and that Gus and Emma can be comfortable around each other and enjoy each others company once more ❤

    I'm so happy Tobi is glad to have Gus back to his normal cheerful self. Seems to me like Tobi may have suspicions about Gus being in a 'relationship' with Emma…I'm sure that Gus will talk to the whole family eventually now that he fells more like he can be himself again, and has talked to Joce and Emma 🙂

    LOL! I love how happy Lettie is for Luc and Hazel. She is certainly going to be very well received when she comes home with him XD I understand their concerns on how fast Luc is moving, but I think their relationship will be a little bit different 😛

    Oh how wonderful! I knew Stefan was married, but it's so great to have a lovely picture of them so happy together (I look forward to seeing her face one day 😉 ). Poor guy had it rough and he deserves to be happy 😀

    As for Joce, I think she might get her detective genes from Tobi 😛 He knows something isn't right and notices the differences between the way she talks about what she loves and who is always apart of those stories, and the fact she needs to be asked before mentioning Elliot…I think he's a smart one, but will wait and see what happens (he probably has a lot of conversations with Lettie 😉 )

    Poor Tobi loves his family and is so concerned for Clara and Florian's relationship and Joce right now 😦 I love how much he cares, Joce is a chip off the old block 😛

    Don't worry too much Tobi, your family are going to be a-okay! I have faith that they'll experience the love and joy both you and Lettie have (as well as everyone who has been in this crazy and wonderful legacy 😀 ❤ )

    I really adore that picture of him with Lettie at the end, it makes my heart melt ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy for Auggy and Emma too! It definitely wasn’t easy for her to take at first (hence her tears), but she took a couple days to let it sink-in and now things are much better between them 🙂 Hopefully the next step will be Auggy coming out to the rest of his family… But we’ll see!

      Tobi definitely cares and is very concerned about his children 🙂 He and Jocelyne both have the “good” trait, so I think part of that is always being invested in the rest of the family’s lives 🙂 Definitely mixed feelings about “Luzel” (mostly because of how fast they’re moving hehe) and concern for Joce… And obviously Clara and Florian too!

      Hopefully you’re right and they will all end up with the happiness Tobi wishes for them 🙂 And thank you, I also love that shot of Tobi and Colette. 🙂 They are still going strong after that bump in the road earlier in this gen. 🙂 Very much in love! 😀


  9. Hehehe I’m glad you liked this one! 🙂 I think the situation was really rough for Emma (hence all the tears) and I think it took her a few days to kinda collect herself. But now things are so much better for both her and Auggy. 🙂 Warms my heart 😀

    And you’re right that she hasn’t mentioned her boss SUPER specifically haha but definitely his name has come up, I’m sure 😛

    And yes, Colette is excited for Lucas… Just not thrilled he’s moving so fast with Hazel 😉

    Glad you enjoyed the surprise chapter 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow, so much happening here!

    Awesome to hear from you again, Tobi! The way he talks about him and Lettie is so cute! 😀

    Yes to Auggie FINALLY talking to Emma. Must have been hard for Emma, but that’s super cool that she came back. I hope that they’re good friends again! ❤

    And hmm… our Joce's been mentioning Mark more than Elliot, huh? 😉

    Oh! Forgot that Stefan found a woman! Well, congrats to him…again!

    Definitely happy for the Luzel ship, but definitely some storms for Flora/Clarian.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I’m so happy for Auggy (and Emma!) I’m glad you are too! And yes… Joce doesn’t mention Elliot as much as Mark 😉 Hehe

      We’ll see what’s ahead for Clarian soon!


    1. Hahaha everyone’s schedule is different! I’m just insane and write non-stop 😛 I’m glad you enjoyed the ending to this one. I love that last screenshot of Tobi and Colette, I must say 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Yay, Gus Gus! I’m glad he went to talk to her and it seems like it’s all going well too 🙂
    Florian is in the shame corner, so we won’t speak of him.
    And Jocelyne just needs to get with her boss basically. That’s this chapter summed up, oh, and Lucas is finally settling down, but his impulsivity is worrisome.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Ahhh its always nice to hear from Tobi but he seems to be worrying every time he writes. Poor Papa. I am so happy for Gus although he now needs to tell his parents what the deal is.

    Liked by 1 person

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