Interlude: Truth

Florian lifted the large glass to his lips and threw back his head, bracing himself for the sharp burn of alcohol on his tongue once more.

But this time, it didn’t come. He chugged down nearly half of the drink easily, tasting nothing but the sweetness of the drink’s mixer. Good. Florian told himself. It’s finally kicking in.

08-26-16_8-44-29 PM

It was hard to say what it was about that night that made him so eager for an escape. Most nights, he limited himself to just a few drinks. But not tonight… He’d already lost count of how many drinks he’d ordered, and how many shots he’d taken with Lucas and Hazel.

“Woah, maybe you should take it easy.” Hazel laughed as she glanced over at Florian’s half-empty glass. “The night’s still young, right?”

08-26-16_8-46-43 PM

Beside her, Lucas nodded in agreement. “Don’t make yourself pass out before the real fun starts.” He told his friend with a smile. “We’re celebrating, remember?” Tonight had been their 40th gig of the tour, something Lucas had insisted was an important milestone.

It took a moment for his friend’s words to sink in. Everything was already getting a little fuzzy.

“You’re right.” He replied at last, returning Lucas’ smile. Before he even realized what he was doing, Florian had reached into his pocket and retrieved his cellphone. “Hey, what do you think Clara’s doing right now?” He asked as he lifted the phone with fumbling hands. “Do you think she wants to talk to me? ‘Cause I wanna talk to her. I miss her.” A soft sigh escaped his lips. “Do you think she’ll just ignore me again? I just really wanna talk to her.” He repeated. “What do you think she’s doing?”

08-26-16_8-49-08 PM

Lucas and Hazel exchanged a glance. “I don’t know if a text is the best idea right now, dude.” Lucas smiled. “I bet she’s sleeping anyway. It’s kinda late, don’t you think?”

“I bet she’d love to hear from you tomorrow.” Hazel promised him.

Florian’s brow furrowed. “I just wanna say hi. It’s fine.”

“Oh, hey! You love this song, don’t you, Florian?” Hazel continued, ignoring his words. “Let’s dance! You don’t mind, do you?” She asked Lucas quickly.

08-26-16_8-50-22 PM

He shook his head. “Nah, go show Florian some of your moves.” Lucas teased, reaching out and giving her bottom a playful slap.

Florian hesitated for just a moment. He still wanted to talk to Clara… But he really did love this song. “Okay, okay, once dance.” He said at last.

He quickly downed the rest of his drink, then followed Hazel out onto the dance floor.

08-26-16_8-57-57 PM 08-26-16_9-01-05 PM 08-26-16_9-03-56 PM 08-26-16_9-05-54 PM 08-26-16_9-12-24 PM 08-26-16_9-16-17 PM 08-26-16_10-11-46 PM

It’s not fair. Florian thought bitterly as he watched his friends making eyes at each other over in the corner. With every drink, Lucas and Hazel became more and more focused on no one but each other. The sight of them together hit Florian like a punch to the gut.

He’d been surprised but happy when Lucas had invited Hazel to join them on tour a few weeks ago. Florian was certain he’d never seen his friend so happy before. They really were perfect for each other… like something out of a cheesy romance movie. It was almost sickening, at times. And Florian loved to tease them for it.

But honestly? He was jealous more than anything else. He knew he was.

And Florian felt that familiar feeling of envy return as he watched Hazel straddle Lucas and pull him into a deep kiss. Hazel was amazing – bright, happy, funny, kind, and absolutely gorgeous… just like Clara.

08-26-16_10-10-55 PM

For a moment, he found himself imagining that it was his fiancée over in that dark corner, and not Hazel. Sexy, beautiful, perfect… But who was it with her? He leaned closer, staring at the vision as though it were real.

Not me. He realized, his heart sinking further as the fears he’d been fighting for weeks began rising up within him once more.

08-26-16_10-06-57 PM

With a shake of his head, Florian rose to his feet. He had to get away.

He swayed slightly as he made his way across the nightclub. Florian wasn’t quite sure where he was headed… Just anywhere far away from Lucas and Hazel. That much he knew.

“Hey, Flor!” A familiar female voice called out across the dance floor.

08-26-16_10-16-56 PM

The man whipped his head around, searching for a few moments until he spotted them – Mia and David, hanging out by the bar. They waved him over eagerly and Florian, desperate for someone to talk to, headed toward them without hesitation.

“What’s goin’ on?” Mia asked happily. “Finally sick and tired of Lucas and that new piece of ass he’s been toting along with him?”

Florian’s eyes narrowed. He was in no mood to deal with their usual shit. “Hey, watch your mouth!” He snapped. “Hazel’s way more than just some ‘piece of ass’, okay? So shut up.”

08-26-16_10-20-19 PM

From further down the bar, David shrugged. “Well he’s definitely got the right idea… So much easier than having to go out chasing girls every night.” He glanced over at Mia. “Though we still do that from time to time, right babe?” He winked.

Florian was unamused. Maybe I should just go…

Mia looked Florian up and down for a few moments. “You could definitely use a drink.” She said at last, calling the bartender over. “It’s on me, Flor. Don’t worry.” She smiled sweetly.

08-26-16_10-26-10 PM

“Thanks.” He replied softly, staring down at his shoes.

“Okay, seriously Florian.” David sighed. “What’s going on? Why are you like this, man?” For once, he actually seemed genuinely concerned.

“It’s just… It’s Clara.”

“Of course it is.” The man laughed.

08-26-16_10-31-11 PM

“I just miss her.” Florian continued, the drunken words spilling from his mouth much too easily. “I wanna see her so bad. I wanna talk to her. But I don’t think she wants to talk to me. She’s still ignoring me and stuff… She’s never been like this before. It’s driving me so fucking crazy!” He shook his head. “But I just wanna talk to her. I miss her… Doesn’t she miss me? Do you think she misses me?” His voice was suddenly panicked. “She misses me, right? But why would she ignore me if she misses me? Oh God, I just wanna talk to her… I miss her.” He repeated, a small part of him recognizing just how ridiculous he sounded. Unfortunately Florian had always been a bit paranoid when he drank too much.

“Woah, woah, slow down!” David laughed heartily.

Mia shook her head in apparent amusement. “Maybe ordering you a drink wasn’t the best idea… How many have you had, Flor?”

08-26-16_10-33-15 PM

“I dunno.” He shrugged. “Why do you care? It doesn’t matter how drunk I am, okay? I just miss her! And I can’t stop thinking about what she might be doing right now…”

“Or… who?” Mia suggested with a smirk.

Florian nodded. Mia and David exchanged a look of surprise.

“I remember what you said to Lucas a few weeks ago.” He went on, turning his glazed-over eyes toward David. “About Tobi and Colette… His parents… That was such a dick thing to say. You know that, right?” Florian paused. “Of course you do. Because you ARE a dick. But anyway… Even if you’re a dick, I guess you’re kind of a smart dick? Because it kinda makes sense and stuff.” His mumbled words strung together as he spoke.

08-26-16_10-34-27 PM

“You don’t know his parents the way I do… They really do love each other like crazy. Seriously. Like, a lot. But Tobi still came really close to fucking everything up and stuff… And I guess that wasn’t the only thing he was close to fucking.” For a moment, he almost laughed. “But guess what? Lucas’ Mama forgave him. They had to go to all this therapy shit, but they worked it out and stuff. But I guess you already know that part, right?”

David just nodded, a small smirk of amusement on his lips.

08-26-16_10-35-25 PM

“So if Tobi could fuck up like that… Why couldn’t Clara? She could still love me but do something bad right? But she still loves me? You think she loves me, right?” His eyes flicked between his two bandmates. “I shouldn’t have to ask you that. I know she loves me… Doesn’t she?”

Mia smiled sweetly at him. “Of course she does. She wouldn’t have kept you around for the past four years if she didn’t.” She assured him. “But… four months is a long time to be alone, isn’t it? Who knows what could happen…”

08-26-16_10-36-52 PM

Oh God. She’s right. Why did I leave her alone for so long? My Clara… What am I doing?! I shouldn’t have come here. I should be back home with her. I bet she’s fucking some other guy right now, isn’t she? And it’s all my fault… Goddamn it. Florian held his head in his hands for a few moments.

But can I forgive her? It’s not really her fault, right? It’s mine…. But why should I give her a free pass? I’ve been waiting MONTHS for her. Shouldn’t she be able to wait for me too? If she really loved me, she’d wait. But… DOES she love me? She does, right?

08-26-16_10-37-38 PM

Florian rose to his feet. It was no use. He had to call her. He had to hear her voice. He had to finally ask her what the hell was going on, and why she’d been avoiding him for so long. I need the truth. I deserve that much, don’t I?

Without another word, he stormed off toward the restroom, ready to make the call.

08-26-16_10-40-20 PM 08-26-16_10-41-32 PM 08-26-16_10-42-07 PM

When he entered the restroom and pulled his phone from his pocket, Florian was shocked to find that he had a missed call – from Clara.

It was the first time she’d called him in literally weeks. He’d always been the one to initiate communication lately. What could it mean? Was he worrying over nothing? Maybe she really DID miss him… But then why was she still being so weird? Avoiding him so much? There’s only one way to find out…

It took him three tries before he managed to dial the number correctly.

She picked up on the second ring. “Hey, baby.”

08-26-16_11-43-02 PM

Florian felt a flood of warmth rush through him at the sound of her voice. “Clara! I’m sorry I didn’t hear my phone… I didn’t mean to ignore you.” Not like how you’ve been ignoring me. He wanted to say. But he fought to control what he said… After all, he didn’t want her noticing how much he’d been drinking.

“It’s okay.” Her voice was soft. Quieter than normal. “How was the gig tonight?”

“Oh man, it was awesome!” He smiled. “This crowd was one of the best all tour. Seriously fucking awesome! And Lucas tried out this new riff he’s been working on and he KILLED it. So damn good.  I wish you could have been here… The crowd was probably one of the best we’ve had.”

08-26-16_11-45-19 PM

“You said that already.” She laughed softly. “I’m glad you’re having such a good time, babe. I’m really proud of you.” Clara said seriously. “I’m sorry to bother you so late… There was just something I really wanted to talk to you about… You’re not busy or anything, are you?”

Florian shook his head, forgetting that she could not see him. “It’s fine.” He assured her. “What’s up?”

For a moment, there was silence on the other end of the phone. “I just really needed to tell you something.” Clara said at last. “I know I’ve been acting kind of weird lately. And I’m so sorry for that. I haven’t been fair to you… at all. So I just wanted to let you know what’s going on…”

08-26-16_11-47-33 PM

A sickening feeling rose up in Florian’s stomach… And he knew it had nothing to do with how much he’d drank earlier. Oh my God. “O-okay…” He managed to choke out.

“This is really hard for me, Florian. I should have told you sooner… And I’m sorry…”

Shit. Oh my God. She really did it. “You don’t have to say it.” Florian felt his eyes prickling with tears already. “I know what you’re going to say.”

08-26-16_11-49-16 PM

“You do?!” Clara sounded genuinely stunned. “But… how?”

“I’ve suspected it for a while…” Florian shook his head slowly. “God, I can’t believe this, Clara! How long have you been keeping this from me?!”

“Um… About a month?” She replied, her voice shaking slightly. “Maybe a little less… Florian, I’m so sorry.”

08-26-16_11-50-04 PM

“You’d better be fucking sorry!” Florian felt himself coming unhinged, but he didn’t even try to stop it. “What’s his name, huh?!”


“What’s his name?!” He demanded a second time. “Oh God… There’s more than one, isn’t there? How many guys have there been, then?!” Florian felt a few hot tears escape and fall softly down his cheeks. “Jesus fucking Christ, Clara, how could you do this?!”

08-26-16_11-52-06 PM

“What the fuck are you talking about?!” Clara’s voice shrieked through the speaker.

“I’m talking about you turning into some kind of fucking SLUT!” His deep voice echoed throughout the empty bathroom. “Unless this isn’t the first time…” He shook his head. The thought of Clara sleeping around behind his back was like a knife through his heart. “I really didn’t wanna believe I was engaged to a goddamn whore… But I guess I was right.”

“How fucking DARE YOU?! How could you even… How can you call me a…” She spluttered breathlessly. Florian heard the choking of sobs on the other end of the line. “I would NEVER DREAM of… What the FUCK is wrong with… I can’t believe you!” She seemed to be struggling to form full sentences.

08-26-16_11-53-37 PM

Florian was so lost. He was hurt, and angry… But confused too. One minute she was confessing, and the next she was denying it. Jesus, is SHE drunk too? What the fuck?

“Clara, what the hell?!” He cried at last, weeks of frustration finally reaching its boiling point. “First you avoid me for WEEKS, then you call and make this big confession, then you start SCREAMING at me!” Florian felt the sudden urge to punch someone – anyone. He couldn’t remember ever being so angry in his entire life. “We’re supposed to be getting MARRIED, Clara! But I don’t think I can marry someone who treats me the way you do! Who lies and keeps secrets and maybe even FUCKS OTHER GUYS when I’m not around! I don’t even know who the FUCK you are anymore! So just give me a straight fucking answer, okay?! WHAT IS GOING ON?!”

08-26-16_11-54-13 PM



“Your ‘slut’ fiancée is pregnant! And YES, before you start throwing another fucking string of accusations at me, it’s yours… They BOTH are!”

Florian closed his eyes. Oh my God. The bathroom around him that had once echoed with his cries of anger was now so silent, you could almost hear a pin drop.

08-26-16_11-56-34 PM

Clara’s voice was strangely calm and cold as she broke the silence at last. “You say you can’t marry someone who lies and keeps secrets? Well I can’t marry someone who thinks so little of me that they’d call me a SLUT and accuse me of CHEATING on them. You’re a real piece of shit, Florian. So FUCK YOU.”

“Clara, wait!”

But it was too late – she’d already hung up.

08-26-16_11-59-52 PM

The entire world was spinning – and it had nothing to do with his drunkenness. She’s pregnant… Holy SHIT. I’m gonna be a dad?! The thought was absolutely terrifying.

But not nearly as terrifying as the thought of losing Clara. Oh my God… What the fuck did I do?!

He tried calling her back once, twice, and finally a third time. It went straight to voicemail every time.

08-27-16_12-02-53 AM

Florian staggered out of the bathroom in a daze, descending the stairs and heading straight for the door… He didn’t even bother stopping at the bar to close out his tab.

“Florian!” Hazel cried out, rushing toward him with Lucas at her side. “Are you okay?”

08-26-16_10-46-51 PM

Across the room, David and Mia slipped off their barstools and hurried over to him. “Did you talk to Clara?” Mia asked sweetly.

Lucas’ brow furrowed in concern. “Dude, what’s wrong?”

08-26-16_10-51-35 PM

“I… I think Clara and I just broke up.” His voice was barely above a whisper. “And… she’s pregnant.” Florian felt his tears returning as he continued making his way toward the door.

“Well, shit… Who’s the father?” David’s burst of cruel laughter was interrupted by the sounds of a sharp intake of breath, a loud smack, a sickening crunch, and a deep moan of pain.

08-26-16_11-15-05 PM 08-26-16_11-15-37 PM

Florian didn’t even bother looking over his shoulder. He couldn’t waste another second on those assholes. He had to get away, sober up, and figure out what the hell he was going to do.

Maybe this is all some kind of fucked up dream… Florian thought. Maybe I’m about to wake up any second.  But something told him things wouldn’t be that easy.

Wiping away a few of his tears, he stepped out into the cold night air, Lucas and Hazel following quickly along in his wake.

08-26-16_11-38-49 PM

74 thoughts on “Interlude: Truth

  1. Ohhhg my gwod! I can’t belive it! Florian, you mess up só bad, but It was both parts about it, Clara should have too earlier and he should…not feel this way? Don’t really know…And if Your love is strong enought, you can both overcome this…or, one keeps one child, while the other has the other one, pretty simple, still like Hazel and Lucas, they are really cute! It really looks like a fairy tale, but I just remenber that Tobi and Collete where like this at the beggining, and than Tobi cheated…I hope Clara get’s calm, I hope both get calm, and that they try to makes things work out!

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    1. Yeah, they both messed this up horribly. No matter how suspicious he was, I don’t think sober-Florian would have thrown words like “slut” and “whore” at her. That exacerbated the situation so badly… :-/ I am evil.

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  2. Something must be wrong with me because I found that whole argument between Clara and Florian hilarious. I laughed just because I knew some misunderstanding was bound to happen and it did! They are both so wrong – Florian for thinking Clara was cheating and Clara for hiding her pregnancy. I hope they both learn lessons from this when its all over. Don’t keep secrets and don’t let the musings of assholes make you paranoid. Oh, and also, don’t drink too much and have late night conversations with your girlfriend over the phone. I don’t know how Florian is gonna come back from this one. It must have hurt her pretty badly to hear him call her those awful names and we all know how stubborn Clara can be so a simple apology would not suffice. I would say now is the time for Clara to call her parents and tell them. She needs some support right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha I can see the humor in it… I kinda went with the classic misunderstanding thing, which I suppose has some inherent humor in it 😛 But yes, they both messed up horrifically here. :-/

      Things are all sort of messed up right now, and the distance definitely won’t help in terms of an apology happening (which they both need to do).

      I have created such an awful mess, as always 😂

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    2. Oh and I forgot to mention that you bring up a great point about how hurt Clara is (and how stubborn) but I will say that her own guilt about keeping the secret from him/avoiding him may help counter-act a bit of her stubbornness haha. I think both of them are feeling a combination of super angry and super guilty 😂

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  3. Florian was being a real piece of shit there and he deserved everything that came to him. How could he think for a second that Clara would do something like that?! I can hinestly say this is the first time i’ve ever been angry at one of your characters. Even though, i want them to work things out. Deep down he is a good guy. He just shouldn’t have listened to David and Mia and he shouldn’t have drank so much.

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    1. Yeah, he really messed up badly here 😦 The alcohol definitely made things worse (and I don’t think he would have called her those names if he was sober!) but that still doesn’t excuse it.

      They both need to apologize to each other if they wanna fix this… Her for avoiding him and keeping this important secret and him for all the awful accusations.

      Hopefully they will? :-/

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  4. Eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!! Save the S.S. Clarian before it sinks!! I was expecting Florian to get upset over Clara’s pregnancy. Tsk, tsk. Wrong move. Florian. Wrong move. It’s wrong to jump to conclusions immediately since Clara didn’t finish talking. Recipe for disaster: Put 2 cups of drunk attitude, a pinch of secrets, and 1 cup of anger. Mix well and bake for 1 hour. Serve warm.

    Florian, you could’ve let her finish talking before you went through that stage of anger. I could relate. Sometimes my friends accuse me of something I truthfully didn’t do. I tried to explain why I didn’t do it or simply tell them they’re joking, but they won’t let me finish or refuse to say it’s a joke. I would get either angry or sad because I know in my heart, I wasn’t involved and they’re only kidding.

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    1. I love your recipe and unfortunately it seems like both Clara and Florian followed it!

      Sorry you’ve experienced the same with your friends. That can be so frustrating! Clara can definitely relate right now…

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    1. Hahaha it seems like this one kinda left you tongue-tied (or finger tied?). This is definitely a tough one! 😦 Poor Clarian…


  5. Sorry that you had a hard time breathing there haha. You are definitely right that Florian said things he would not have said sober! And the freak out was most definitely because he loves her so much.

    Clara is definitely a hothead like Mari and her brother Stefan (though she doesn’t actually have the trait lmao but I do write her that way) but she is also feeling really guilty for keeping the secret and avoiding Florian so I think that will help with some of her anger when she reflects back on the conversation… But we’ll see.

    Let’s hope that everything works out. We will find out. Thank you for reading 🙂


    1. Yes, this one was a doozy! I hope it works out too… And yes, David and Mia are still pieces of shit hahaha. Hopefully they will get kicked to the curb soon!


      1. This chapter was awesome. I’m all like, breathing fast and stuff lol. Ate up ALL the popcorn. Nice job on Florian. He sounded SO drunk lol. And, there was a little bit of that brawl I was expecting.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked it so much.

          I love writing intense scenes like this one 😀 And I’m glad you liked how Florian sounded! I have never written a character as drunk as Florian, so it was tricky to figure out. Then I settled on paranoia and lots of repetition 😂

          And yes! That punch! Go Luc! Hehe

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  6. You bring up great points. Clara’s behavior definitely warranted suspicion on his part, especially with David and Mia planting doubt for a long time. She made herself look guilty/suspicious with her behavior, so Florian’s accusation isn’t all that surprising. However, drunk or not, I think the way he said it was uncalled for (especially the horrible names he called her).

    I think Clara owes him a bigger apology, but I think he definitely owes her one as well!

    And yes, Lucas is lovely isn’t he? He does have the “good” trait, like Joce does 🙂 I had a reader once tell me that they don’t think Lucas reads as “good”… I’m glad you maybe disagree? Haha he just shows it in different ways 🙂 And to him, Florian is most definitely family, you’re right! 😀 (Hopefully Clarian will survive and it will be official one day too… Haha)

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    1. We’ll see! The “kid” issue is huge for any relationship. The good news is that Florian DID at least want kids at some point… But this is like 10 years too soon for him hahaha

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  7. Oh noooooo! COMMUNICATION, guys! Communication (and not being drunk) is key in these kinds of concersations, especially over the phone! Not that the Rosebrooks know anything about communication, obviously.
    #TeamOptimism is returning. I think once these two calm down, realize how much they love each other and that they both made mistakes, they can reconcile. Obviously the things Florian thought were terrible, but he was drunk and Clara had been acting very strangely. I hope they make up before the babies are born though… Clara seems stubborn enough to give him the silent treatment for a few more monts.

    Also, GO LUC for punching that jerk in the face!

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    1. Yes, having this conversation while florian was drunk as hell did not help at all hahaha. I love that you are feeling optimistic and still have faith in their love ^_^

      The distance is gonna make it hard for them to overcome this. But hopefully it will all work out!

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  8. Ok, so now that I finally have all the pieces in the correct order – though I don’t know if is would be my natural reaction otherwise (this is exactly why I don’t want spoilers! 😛 )…

    I totally get why Clara reacted that way when he called her a whore just as she was finally going to spill – I’d be so hurt in her shoes, and don’t know if I’d be able to forgive him TBH.

    But, that being said, SHE’s the one that pushed him to this state of mind in the first place. If she hadn’t been acting all strange and distant he would have never gone this far. Yes I know the band douchebags enhanced the situation, but let’s face it, had Clara been a grown up about this from the beginning, there’s no way Florian would have been influenced by their stupid remarks. So while Florian did mess up, it’s Clara’s own damn fault. And let’s just point out he had one drunken spontaneous slipup, while she’d been acting awful for ages, and much more consciously.

    On a positive note, at least the truth is finally out. And can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome Lucas and Luzal are? They were so good to Florian ❤

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    1. Yes, they both owe each other massive apologies for this one… Such a mess. :/ (I love making messes lmao but I also feel bad whenever I do 😂).

      A face to face discussion would definitely be ideal, but we’ll see if florian can manage such a thing! Haha

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  9. Ugh, I’m just going to say pretty much everyone is at fault (except Lucas and Hazel, of course. Those two deserve awards). Florian for getting drunk and letting Mia and David get to him. Mia and David for being such dickheads, douchebags, and much more. Clara for NOT TELLING HIM SOONER/TALKING TO HIM.

    Both Clara and Florian should just calm down, Florian should go home already, and they need to work this out.

    As bad as it makes me feel for the characters, I’m liking the drama. ❤

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    1. Oooh I also vote for awards for Lucas and Hazel. They are amazing friends to Florian! 😀 And yes, lots of blame here. It’s such a mess 😦 But I’m glad you secretly like the mess 😉 (I do too. Shh!)

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  10. Thank you lucas for punching that… not very nice person. that was very satisfying (not that I condone violence). Well Florian you messed up royally not that Clara is entirely blameless, but you better get your butt on a plane to falkenburg (was that the city?) and talk about things.

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    1. I relayed your messages. Lucas says you’re welcome and that it was his pleasure 😉 Florian says “I know, I feel awful”, and Clara is just crying 😛 (And yes, the city is called Falkenburg ^_^)

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  11. I can’t completely blame Florian for thinking that Clara was cheating on him when they had that phone call, I mean those band mates put the idea in his head so long, Clara was acting weird and he had a lot of drinks too.. But he took it too far with calling Clara those names 😭😭😭😭 Clara probably should have seen something coming for keeping a secret like that, but she did not deserve that :/

    Also I’m confused, did they actually break off their engagement or not? Or do we find out within the next few parts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah this situation is really hard… They were both wrong in some way. Clara started it, but those names were not ok 😦 They both owe each other enormous apologies!

      It’s intentionally unclear whether or not they broke up 🙂 Florian seems to think they did, but it’s kind of unclear. We will find out more as we move forward. Thank you for reading!

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  12. I’m so happy to see Luc and Hazel getting on so well. They are certainly in a whirlwind romance, one that will last forever 😦 (thank you Luc 😉 )

    Poor Florian just really needed to hear her and be reassured that all was well between them. She was certainly making him more concerned by not answering his calls or ringing him. Poor guy was struggling within himself with what he knew within his heart to be true of Clara and the terrible thoughts planted within his mind by his band ‘mates’ 😦 I’m so proud that Clara did end up ringing him though, especially that they finally got to talk…although…

    It’s never good when people rush to conclusions 😉 and certainly not the best time to talk while drunk XD I knew this was going to happen! Clara is pissed at him for thinking she would EVER be unfaithful to him (and especially calling her a Slut and a Whore – she has every right to be angry with him). Poor Clara is probably going to be having a mixture of anger and sadness at this moment *hugs* ❤

    What a way to tell someone the grand news! XD Now Florian is going to have a lot of work to do and a lot of thinking as well 🙂 However, I know everything will work out in the end. They love each other very much and will get through the concerns, uncertainties, and anger they're both facing at the moment – together as a family! ❤

    Thinking on David and Mia, I truly believe however, that that's how they view life: 'people aren't to be trusted and they've probably had a lot of experience in their lives growing up from those around them – immediate family, friends, acquaintances, etc. – that to them it's not 'normal' to be faithful' – kinda sad when you think about it 😦 I hope that they both find piece and love in their life one day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to see Luc and Hazel getting on so well. They are certainly in a whirlwind romance, one that will last forever 😦 …(thank you Luc 😉 )

      Poor Florian just really needed to hear her and be reassured that all was well between them. She was certainly making him more concerned by not answering his calls or ringing him. Poor guy was struggling within himself with what he knew within his heart to be true of Clara and the terrible thoughts planted within his mind by his band ‘mates’ 😦 I’m so proud that Clara did end up ringing him though, especially that they finally got to talk…although…

      It’s never good when people rush to conclusions 😉 and certainly not the best time to talk while drunk XD I knew this was going to happen! Clara is pissed at him for thinking she would EVER be unfaithful to him (and especially calling her a Slut and a Whore – she has every right to be angry with him). Poor Clara is probably going to be having a mixture of anger and sadness at this moment *hugs* ❤

      What a way to tell someone the grand news! XD Now Florian is going to have a lot of work to do and a lot of thinking as well 🙂 However, I know everything will work out in the end. They love each other very much and will get through the concerns, uncertainties, and anger they're both facing at the moment – together as a family! ❤

      Thinking on David and Mia, I truly believe however, that that's how they view life: 'people aren't to be trusted and they've probably had a lot of experience in their lives growing up from those around them – immediate family, friends, acquaintances, etc. – that to them it's not 'normal' to be faithful' – kinda sad when you think about it 😦 I hope that they both find piece and love in their life one day 🙂


      1. It did it again 😡
        At the end of the first paragraph is supposed to be a love heart, not s sigh. Then the second paragraph is missing in which I said:

        I’m so proud of Florian for sticking up for Hazel and Luc. It’s certainly a wrong move turning to Mia and David for advice Flor! Although, It’s good he got his worries out in the open. Keeping things bottled up just makes everything worse. Those band ‘mates’ of his certainly have an interesting way of showing some empathy 😛 When David smirked at Florian’s worries of Clara I wanted to give him what for! and then his remark at the end had me very angry.

        After that second paragraph was when I put the …(Thank you Luc 😉 )

        Let’s hope this posts ok 😛

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      2. YAY! Maybe my post was too long in order to cut off the second paragraph…very strange it didn’t cut of the end, why the bit near the beginning? Weird 😛


    2. Hahahaha oh goodness, sorry you had so many comment issues! Another great comment from you (even if your second paragraph vanished!) A mixture of anger and sadness is the perfect way to describe poor Clara right now, unfortunately. That phone call had the worst timing hahaha. Hopefully you’re right and that they will work through it!

      I love that you actually have some well-wishes for David and Mia! They definitely see the world differently from Florian and Lucas… Maybe someday things will get better for them? Or they’ll just stay awful forever hahaha

      And yes, Florian, Lucas, and now Hazel have a great friendship going. I love that they support each other too ^_^ That was nice to write. 😀

      Thanks for reading, as always!


  13. Hah! In some way, she was cheating on him with multiples. There were TWO of the babies after all she was hiding from him. But gah – Florian, this was not your shining moment, not at all. Hopefully you haven’t completely messed things up by accusing her of cheating, hopefully it all will be chalked up to drunkenness and not thinking straight – I mean she WAS avoiding you so hopefully Clara will be able to understand that you weren’t your best that night and forgive you for accusing her. Hopefully you haven’t both just jumped off your ship in the dark shark-infested waters….hopefully.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. #TeamHope Hahahaha Yeah, not a shining moment for Florian… But he also was most definitely not in his right mind! Hopefully no permanent damage comes of this…

      Liked by 1 person

    I wanted to scream at the computer, at Florian, at YOU for writing it.
    As soon as he started getting drunk and the title I was like no no no they wouldn’t DARE. Well darn. This chapter should be the new awareness ad for drunkenness. If you get drunk, you may become an ass. If you become an ass, you may do something stupid. Don’t get drunk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahaha (Sorry for laughing). I love this chapter… But it was very painful to write! You are so right — this is a great lesson to people about the dangers of getting drunk and saying dumb things :-/

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Well damn Florian!!!! Why oh why ??? ok ok ok he needs to sober up. Lucas needs to help. he knows what Flor has been going through and can prove that the a-hole bandmates got into his head and with her avoiding him only made it worse. ok ok phew this will be ok…right?

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