4.33: Peaceful

It’s kind of funny – I feel like I almost take for granted how quiet and empty the house is these days… It’s really nice. Peaceful.

08-20-16_2-42-26 PM

I mean, I miss the twins and Clara while they’re gone, sure. But, awful as it sounds, it’s kinda nice having a few empty spots at the dinner table. Or not having to fight over what to watch on TV. Or not being woken up at all hours of the night by Lucas playing his guitar. Or not having to listen to Clara and Florian going at it when they think they’re being quiet (though last time, Lucas embarrassed them so badly that I don’t think we have to worry about it happening again…).

08-20-16_2-41-14 PM

Anyway, the point is, I’m really enjoying how empty the house is (another sign I’m getting old, huh?), but having Jocelyne visit this weekend is a nice change. Not that her being here takes away from the peace and quiet too much. When Clara and Lucas are back, we’ll all need to start wearing ear plugs while we adjust…

Not exactly the case with my Tochter, but having another person in the house is still nice (Well, nice for us. I think we’ve been driving her crazy grilling her about this boyfriend of hers… Hopefully she’ll bring him along next time so I can see this guy for myself).

08-20-16_2-09-52 PM

And speaking of bringing people along… Well, Jocelyne wasn’t supposed to be the only one visiting this weekend. Clara kind of bailed on coming at the last minute. Something about Lena visiting? To be honest, I’m not 100% sure I believe it, even though Jocelyne backed up her story.

I guess it’s not too surprising she made some kind of excuse though. She’d been kind of weird lately whenever we talk to her. Mama and Papa have been really worried about her, and I know they were disappointed when they found out she’s not visiting. I feel kind of bad for them…

08-20-16_2-31-34 PM

I mean, I’m still sitting here worrying about Gus, so I get it. Things are a little better for him, I guess. He’s been coming out of his room more often, at least. But he’s still so quiet. Not smiling much either.

I talked to Jocelyne about it last night, and I think she’s gonna try talking to him today. God, I hope he’s willing to talk to her. Because Lettie and I have tried just about everything. We know there’s something more going on here besides the break up. But if Gus won’t open up to us about it, how can we help him?

08-20-16_2-35-10 PM

I really wish Lucas was here… And not just because we miss him so much, either (though that’s definitely a big part of it). I just feel like Gus really needs to talk to him. Lucas has always been so good with his little Bruder. I know Gus would be honest with him. I’m sure of it.

But I’m sure it’ll be fine. Jocelyne will find a way to help him to open up. She’s such a great kid. So compassionate and understanding… Such a good heart. Just like Colette.

08-20-16_2-18-56 PM

And if Jocelyne can’t do it, I’m not sure who else can. But someone has to. I just can’t do this anymore, y’know?

I’m tired of living with this empty shell. We all are. We need the real Gus back.

I miss my boy.

08-20-16_2-43-01 PM

60 thoughts on “4.33: Peaceful

  1. Aww Tobi. It’s nice to see him, Lettie and Mari and Jonas again…

    Clara. Don’t avoid your family. Stop. Bad Clara. Did Joce talk to her yet or…?

    Hope things get better with Auggy and he gets Emma back as a friend.

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    1. Yeah, I figured it would be nice to show the gen 2 and 3 folks a little bit haha. And I am laughing at “stop. Bad Clara.” It sounds like she’s a dog 😂

      As for whether Joce talked to her… We will find out in the next chapter 😛

      And I hope things get better for him too 😦 He misses Emma so much. Hopefully they can work it out!


    1. Yes, I liked having us hear from him again! And it won’t be the last time either 😀

      But yeah, rough times in the Rosebrook house with Auggy still so sad!


  2. Why does they always start happy and end sad? Now, Back to topic….Clara should come and talk about It with her parents, as they have experience with this situatio….Gus too, should talk about It with his parents…don’t know if both will explode at the same time, I hope not…as It would be too much, at the same I time understand Joce don’t saying what she think about Clara, as It’s a problem she should discuss with Clara.

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    1. I love ending things sad hahaha… I’m awful 😛 Clara should definitely be more open with her family, and so should Auggy 😦 It’s very sad that things have to be this way! We’ll see what happens… Thanks for reading!


  3. If only they knew. Then Gus could see there is nothing to worry about. I truly hope Jocelyne will be able to help him open up, but I doubt it. He’s closed off for so long now. He really need Lucas there.

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    1. We’ll see what happens! Lucas would be ideal for Auggy right now, but he’s always been pretty close with Jocelyne too… We’ll see though…

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    1. Hehehehe I love your dramatic music 😉 And yes, poor Auggy 😦 Hopefully things can get better after he talks to his sister. I think he’ll feel so much better once he comes out to someone… But we’ll see if he does :-/

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        1. That’s true, it all depends on how the person is going to react for sure! Luckily Auggy’s family is pretty open-minded… but we can’t know for sure how they’re going to react until he actually tells them!

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  4. It’s always nice to see Tobi, Lettie, Mari, and Jonas! Great to hear from Tobi again!!

    Clara, don’t you start avoid your family. Bad girl.

    Auggy has my sympathy. I hope things between him and Emma will get better (at least, just be friends?)

    Lucas might be busy with his band, which is why hes not present at the moment.

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    1. Thanks! Yeah, I love showing the older characters again! And as for Lucas, yup, still on the road! So he can’t be there in person for his little brother right now 😦

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    1. Hey, this time there will be attempted communication between Joce and Auggy! 😛 Since ToCo and Mari/Jonas’ attempts have all failed haha. They’re trying. #TeamBabySteps (and as for Clara… yeah, no. She’s being a total rosebrook lmao)

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  5. Hahaha well this is Joce’s first visit since she started dating Elliot, so there hasn’t been lots of opportunity (I only mentioned it once, but Falkenburg (where Lena and Joce go to college) is about 3 hours from Windenburg, so it’s a bit of a hike to visit home!) But maybe she’ll bring him next time?

    And yes, poor Auggy 😦 I have some gay friends, but there was never any kind of “coming out” from them — they were already open about it and comfortable when I met them, so I also don’t have any real-life experience with this, but I’m imagining it can’t be easy! : (

    And I will say that yes, Auggy has finally accepted that he’s gay. Step one! 🙂 (Oh, and yes! Handsome Tobi ❤ I missed him)

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    1. They have tried talking to Auggy and he just keeps saying it’s about Emma. He won’t tell them the truth about what’s going on and like Tobi says, if they don’t know what’s really wrong, how can they help him?

      And as for Clara, she’s been saying that she’s just really busy with school and stuff, so that’s her excuse for her distance. And with her, the physical distance makes it even harder for them to do anything about it.

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      1. These poor kids have had terrible examples of what to do when life is hard and you are going through something that is hard to share and ask for help dealing with. Just awful awful examples. I waiting for someone to marry someone who’s a good communicator and turn this family around!


        1. Hahah Cece you break my heart with these harsh truths lol Maybe by Gen 6 the Rosebrooks will have evolved into a more likeable cast of characters 😂 We’ll see. There’s a lot coming for them that will shape the family.

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          1. Eh, who needs to like them? I love them! I literally spend so much time each morning refreshing your blog until you post the next chapter. It’s so realistic that these flaws (and their attributes too) are passed from parents to child, manifesting in a different way with each generation.That’s why we all root so hard for them, this family is amazing (and frustrating, and hilarious, and lovable, and crazy).

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            1. Haha you are so sweet Cece! ^_^ I suppose if there’s love, it’s ok not to like 😉 (no but seriously, I know. They’re so frustrating that I want to smack them sometimes 😂 but with love)

              I do still hope that some of these common flaws start smoothing out as time goes on though 😛 We’ll see what the next couple of generations bring!

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      1. I still stand by what I said, they do take action! They try and try but it’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the person who won’t accept the help and admit their problem (in this case, Clara and Gus). The family is doing the best they can. I’m not sure what everyone is expecting them to do differently! Hahaha


    1. The “good” trait strikes again 😉 Hahaha Jocelyne is just so compassionate and really worries about others. The rest of her family does too, of course. But Jocelyne has a history of being better at getting others to open up to her, compared to her parents and grandparents. I like to imagine that Joce is one of those people with a naturally “comforting” air about her, know what I mean? She’s well-suited to the role of helping out the family… Though you’re right, the poor girl has her own stuff to worry about right now!


      1. I think you meant Auggy/Gus again 😉 But yes, hopefully he’ll open up to someone! And Clara too… but we’ll see!


    1. Do you mean Auggy? Haha because of the big eyes? (I don’t really know much about snapchat haha). Unfortunately the big-eye thing is a game glitch with the “sad” emotion haha. So there are a lot of big-eyed sad faces, but I tried to keep them to a minimum


  6. This family. They take twisted pleasure in keeping their secrets. Must be their favourite sport. Waiting until someone else comes and solves their problems is another. It’s like shots on goal. Tobi tried and missed. Lettie tried and missed. Now it’s Joce’s turn.


    1. I think they find very little pleasure in their secret-keeping! I don’t think anyone has ever been happy about it haha. They’re driven mainly by fear, as Mark pointed out in the last chapter.

      And yes, the rest of the family does try to intervene and find the problem so they can help. It’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the one who’s afraid and keeping the secret. So yes, Jocelyne is going to try and see if she can convince Auggy to open up to her.


      1. Still I don’t completely understand Clara’s reasons for keeping her pregnancy secret. She’s engaged to Florian. It’s not like she’s all alone in this despite him being on tour. What exactly is she afraid of? That he will not want the baby? The more reason to let him know soon, as long as all options are still open for discussion. She’d been writing all those big words about love on her blog and now she doesn’t even trust her beloved enough to tell him something of such critical importance. Where is the love she was talking about? Or is just something to wave around like a banner when everything is alright, no clods on the sky? 🙂
        Gus is another matter. Revealing his secret will directly affect him more than others.
        But don’t mind me. I’m enjoying the drama. 🙂

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        1. We will get a little more insight on how Clara is feeling in the next chapter. The bottom line is that she doesn’t think he will want the babies, and fears how he will react. She’s already made up her mind to keep them, so other options are off the table for her. And she wants to wait and tell Florian in person, as she fears his reaction and would rather see him face-to-face when she drops the bombshell on him.

          Until she tells him in person, she’s trying to keep it a secret from her family (to minimize risk of Florian finding out from someone else). It’s not being upset about the babies, it’s the fear and guilt she feels about how Florian will react that’s causing her current behavior.

          Now, I’m not saying it’s completely rational for her to feel that way, and you’re right that she should really trust in him more than she is, if she truly loves him. But those are her current reasons.

          I’m glad you like the drama, I just like making sure that my readers understand the reasons behind the characters’ actions! 🙂 They get a lot of hate for how they behave, but I just try to make my characters flawed people, like the rest of the world! They aren’t bad people. They have good hearts, but they have a lot of faults that affect how they behave 🙂

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          1. It’s nice she wants to tell him in person and that she wants to keep the baby, but she practically left him out of the decision-making process, which still suggests she does not trust him. And we all know that trust is the Alpha and Omega of a relationship. I agree that it’s not so easy in real life, but I doubt any of us would keep this kind of news secret from our loved ones. 🙂


  7. Hm from an objective perspective this all seems so clear and easy “just tell them” but real life isn’t like that. So I get it, many people in real life probably share the same fears and keep secrets when they are in a Situation like auggy or clara even if an Outsider can tell it’s not a good idea :/

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    1. This is a time when WordPress needs an “insightful” button! 😛 I think when you’re reading a story and not thinking of it as “real life” it’s definitely easier to see the logical way the characters should behave. But how often are people logical in real life? XD

      All that being said, hopefully Auggy and Clara DO eventually open up. They’ve both waited a while and struggled a lot. Now is the time for logic to start winning XD

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  8. “Or not having to listen to Clara and Florian going at it when they think they’re being quiet.” This one made me lol. XD

    Oh man, Clara. At this point, with you being so reclusive, Florian is going to think that you don’t trust him and may actually (though I don’t think so) flip out because of this. I love you and Gus both, and I can understand your guys’ reasons, but your family is very loving and supportive, certainly open-minded as well! You two have been suffering by yourselves for too long… 😦

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    1. I’m glad you appreciated that one 😉 You’re totally right that Clara is not helping herself at all with this behavior… She’s being ridiculous!

      Glad you still love her despite it all XD (And Gus too, but how can you not love him? :P) They have a great support system, they just have to open up!

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  9. Hahaha! Luc walked in on Clara and Florian once! That’s hilarious XD

    I’m so happy that Toby and Colette are enjoying the peacefulness of the house. They certainly deserve the peace 😀 I just wish that Gus would be able to open up and then the house would feel even more happy 🙂

    Tobi wants to meet his daughters boyfriend…LOL! It reminds me of when my dad used to say he’d scare the boys away (not that I see Tobi doing that…or do I 😛 )

    Hmm…I think Clara didn’t show up because her family would’ve discovered she’s pregnant pretty quickly 😉 I wonder if Joce has had a talk with her yet, she’s keeping Clara’s secret so far whether she has talked to her or not…I wonder what’s going on…I look forward to finding out 🙂

    I’m so happy that Mari and Jonas are still going strong. They look so lovely together ❤

    Ok, so Gus still hasn't told his family what's been on his mind. The fact that he's gradually getting a 'little' better leads me to hope that he's getting more comfortable within himself and the possibility of talking it through with someone 🙂 If Joce can't get him to speak with her, maybe she can get him to talk to Luc. Since Gus and Luc get on so well, I wonder if telling his brother will be better. Sometimes not talking about things face to face, like a letter or on the phone can be less scary…(trust me, it helps a lot) 😀

    Poor Tobi and family *Group Hug*. Don't you worry Tobi, you'll have your boy back, and that's a promise 😀

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    1. Thank you Nessy! Yes poor Luc has the “walking in on people” curse hahaha remember when he walked in on ToCo when he was a kid? Ha!

      They definitely enjoy the peacefulness and definitely wanna meet Elliot 😉 As for Clara… Who knows? 😉 I will say that we’ll know soon if Joce has talked to her or not.

      And yes! Mari and Jonas are still so in love! ^_^ He is still her rock ❤


  10. Auggy – you’re supposed to be sunshine and happiness in this messed up family. Hurry up and come back. Not that they should rely on you to be happy themselves, but really – is moping around that fun?

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      1. I know – everyone needs a little downtime. It’s okay Auggy. Wallow and be sad a little longer – but we’re all rooting to see your bright little smile again…I don’t think we readers have seen it since he was a kid – although I’m sure he smiled a bit more recently for his family.

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  11. My heart breaks for them – I hope they will all flipping open their pie holes soon and spill the beans all of them are in denial about something GOOD HEAVENS TO BETSY LOU!!! Joc about her feelings about Mark, Joc about being pregnant, Gus about being gay and Luc about wanted to find love – SERIOUSLY FAMILY

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  12. You better be nice to Gus Gus!!!! Let his family be happy for him, love him, give him a cute boyfriend, and let him be happy!!! Gus Gus is a cinnamon bun, must protect!

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