4.31: Worst Part


Alright folks, this is just a friendly Public Service Announcement for you guys: Long distance relationships SUCK.

They suck ASS. They suck the grossest, sweatiest balls you can imagine. They suck… Well, you get the idea.

08-06-16_11-30-22 PM

When the person you love is hundreds or thousands of kilometers away – when you won’t see them again for months and months… You start missing the little things.

The sound of his voice – his real voice, not a static-y one through a telephone. Cuddling on the couch eating pizza. Completely ignoring each other while you sit in the same room playing on your cell phones. Bickering about what restaurant to go to, or what movie to watch…

All those little things you take for granted? Yeah, start appreciating them. Because when they’re gone, you’ll miss them a hell of a lot more than you ever dreamed you could.

08-06-16_11-41-22 PM

But that’s not even the worst part. Not even close.

The worst part is when you need him, and he isn’t there. When you’re stressed or sad or scared and all you want is for him to be there to help you through it… And he can’t be.

08-07-16_12-35-18 AM

When you realize that being tired and sick all the time might not be your niece’s fault after all.  When you figure out that the reason your pants aren’t fitting anymore isn’t because of all the junk food. When you remember that you haven’t had your period since the summer, and it’s October.

08-07-16_1-00-11 AM

When you stand alone in the bathroom and your hands are shaking so fucking hard that you have to squint to make sure you’re really seeing those two little lines appear.

08-06-16_11-56-52 PM

When you’re all by yourself in the doctor’s office and she tells you you’re almost ten weeks along already. And even better? It’s fucking TWINS. The family curse continues, I guess.

08-07-16_12-55-11 AM

When your niece won’t stop asking you what’s wrong, and you have to lie to her face day after day. And all you really wanna do is tell her everything and beg her to help you figure out what to do… But you can’t.

08-07-16_12-29-13 AM

When you panic and start researching abortion… You find the number of every clinic you can, but in the end, the thought of it makes you feel sick. And you know it’s not for you.

08-07-16_12-37-34 AM

When you look into adoption, and it seems tempting, at first. But can you really live with letting someone else raise your children? And he’s not there to ask, so you have to answer that question on your own.

08-07-16_12-57-19 AM

When you start thinking of baby names, or wondering who they’ll look like. When you realize that maybe being a mother might not be so bad after all… When you actually start feeling excited when you think of these babies, instead of scared shitless.

08-07-16_12-32-16 AM

And when you remember what he told you, back when his friend’s girlfriend had their son last year. “Jesus, can you imagine? I don’t want kids ‘til I’m like, forty!

Was he serious? How would he react, if he knew the truth? Would he convince you to end it? To give them away?

Would he leave you if you told him you want to keep them?

08-06-16_11-31-28 PM

And you can’t know, because you can’t tell him. You can’t.

Not yet.

Not until you can do it in person.

Not until you see him again…

In two more months.

08-06-16_11-34-25 PM

And that’s it. That’s the worst part.

The part you can’t tell anyone about.

The part I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

108-06-16_11-38-12 PM


83 thoughts on “4.31: Worst Part

  1. Oh my gosh! Other than most people, I wasn’t trying to read too much into those subtle signs, so I actually was a little surprised!

    But TWINS?! Good grief. That’s intense. I feel like Florian will be wonderful about it, though. It’ll take some getting used to, but he doesn’t seem like the type to leave the love of his life to be a single mom, or force her to get an abortion. I understand that Clara is scared, though.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I still can’t believe it’s twins hahaha. I think the game is like, mocking me. XD

      I’m glad you were a little surprised! And hopefully Florian will be good about it? Unfortunately we won’t know until she finally tells him… Which will be a while :-/ Poor Clara hahaha

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  2. I knew it! omg I bet florian will be there for clara when he gets back. He’s too good of a guy to convince her to give the babies away or sth like that. they can do it ❤ and I mean it might be unplanned but at least it's not teenage pregnancy AND they are getting married so I guess it could be worse ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know how much those Rosebrooks (and Kleins) love their secrets… Hahahaha Hopefully Clara can get through this and be less afraid to tell him? But then, we still can’t be 100% sure how he’ll react either…

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  3. I think we all had a feeling she was pregnant, but TWINS!? Yay for little NooBoo’s 😀 Their family is just too fertile 😉

    Poor Clara, she’s really been struggling 😦 It was so interesting seeing her emotions change throughout the post, but the one thing she is most worried about is how Florian will react (especially with what he’d said to her about having kids). I feel for her so much right now, I can understand completely wanting to do it face to face, and also wanting him to be the first to know as well – However, she really needs to talk to someone, waiting another 2 months doesn’t sound healthy to have so many bottled up emotions (plus it’ll get obvious and Joce isn’t clueless 😛 )

    Florian get your butt back to Clara right now! LOL! So here’s another family member I want to give a big hug to as well. SO many hugs to give 😀

    I think Florian will be happy with the news, but also very shocked once he sees her 😉 They love each other so much, I don’t see it being a longstanding problem (Also, what do you expect from a full day love making marathon, even with protection – it’s not 100% guaranteed 😛 LOL!)

    P.S. Congrats on getting closer to 100,000 views *Sings ‘Celebrate Good Times Come On…’ while throwing confetti* Also, have a wonderful time at camp ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks!!! I can’t believe it’s twins either, gah!!! And yeah, Clara is having a really hard time, and waiting to tell Florian is what really feels best. But like you said, Joce isn’t dumb, and by the time Florian gets back, Clara will be showing, so… Hahaha

      But for now, her “keep quiet” plan is in motion. I blame part of her paranoia about Florian’s reaction on hormones hahaha. She’s really scared that this is gonna mess everything up. And meanwhile poor Florian is blissfully unaware about what’s going on!

      Such a mess. As always. The start of the YA chapters were much too happy 😉 Now the drama-storm is slowly brewing!

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  4. Poor Clara! i was not thinking that she was really pregnant, but it seens most people are right! She has to tell Julian about this, because if the realize they don’t want the childrem ( not that they can’t create they, as I think the family has some money…) It would be verypainful for her and for the family…;I just imagine her giving away one of the twins and keeping the other, and in some years the new ”drama” of the family is this…:P well, I think the ”problems” of this gen are not bad, in comparation with the pass ones, as both Clara and Gus didn’t do anything wrong, but are just confused of how people would deal with each one problem…while it, Joce and Luc are fine.XD

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    1. Other coment, I have seen a thing online were It say’s that when It’s and unplanned preganancy, the problem are not the babys, but how the Father is, and if ther really love each other, that this would not be a problem. ( I think)

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    2. I’m assuming you meant Florian and not Julian 😉 Hehehe

      She definitely needs to tell him, and she plans on it for sure. But she really wants to tell him in person. She’s very afraid of how he’s going to react…

      Your idea for drama is pretty interesting! Haha we’ll see! And yes, Joce and Luc are fine… For now 😉


    1. Okay this got a laugh from me Hahahaha. In Clara’s case, she DOES want to tell people. But she wants to tell Florian in-person, because she really fears how he’s going to take the news and she would much rather do it face-to-face than over the phone. And if she tells Jocelyne (or anyone else), she risks the word spreading and him finding out from someone else.

      So… Temporary secret this time? Hahaha


    1. Thanks 🙂 And Clara definitely plans on telling Florian… But she really wants to wait and do it in person. She’s very scared about his reaction and it’s something she’d rather deal with face-to-face than over the phone. But she still has two more months until he’s back, so… It will not be easy hahaha

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      1. You know, i just thought of something. Doesn’t Florian read her blog? Because then he might find out sooner. And I really think he shouldn’t be told like that.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao yeah, no. Especially since Florian reads her blog 😉 She was not intending for it to turn into a confession XD She got a taste of what it’s like to have a private journal like Joce does 😛

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  5. Congrats Clara. Florian is awesome and I feel like the one problem would be that she didn’t tell him for two months. She’ll be over four months along by the time he knows- he’d want to know earlier. I hope it goes OK for them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully it will all be ok! She’s really very afraid about how he’s going to react, and convinced that waiting to tell him is best… *sigh* Oh, Clara haha


    1. Oh then maybe my subtlety did work! Haha. And yeah, this is gonna be a huge shock for everyone :-/ Mari might be happy to have more grandbabies though?


  6. I’m happy for Clara! I’m also glad she isn’t letting her previous pregnancy scare ruin her excitement about this one. Next twins, being a twin myself I’m over the moon that Clara is having them.(She’s my current favorite character. Dont tell Mari or Stephen.) I know simmers complain about dealing with mutiples sure it’s crazy but be grateful it’s not triplets. Im sure you’ll save that hectic life for a unsuspecting sim further in the story😋. Also Clara should be worried you’re her maker although you say things will be alright it’s only after a mountain of problems which is why I’m a dedicated fan❤️. But she really take what some people say in the moment for real value. You don’t know what he was feeling that day when he said it. Also if he knew about your previous pregnancy scare he won’t give you any flack about it. Also enjoy your break Citizen!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ooh it’s nice to see you here on WP, witchazard! ^_^ Thanks for your comment! 😀 Clara is my favorite too hehe I am excited for her too, though I feel bad that she’s so scared about how Florian will react 😦 You’re definitely right about how she doesn’t know how he was feeling the day he made that comment, or how much he really meant it. We are gonna get deeper insight into her feelings and fears in a few chapters (when I’m back! Hehe)


  7. And the predictions were TRUE LOL! 😛 I’m glad that Clara is looking forward (if only a little bit) to her twins. But yeah, Florian, GET YO BUTT BACK NOW! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha yes, she’s having lots of feelings right now, and excitement is definitely one of them! 🙂 Ans yes, Florian come back and learn the truth, please!


  8. Hahaha yes Clara’s dark mark tattoo is the best! I have always wanted one, but can’t get one. So I am living vicariously through her XD

    And hopefully Florian will surprise all of us (and Clara!). But until he knows the truth… We won’t know! And Clara is really going to be struggling until then 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly my problem hahahaha! (Minus the 40+ part… I’m 27 haha) But I’m a teacher and I do have five tattoos already that they don’t make me cover… But none of them are a skull and a snake (or as big as a dark Mark would be) I will always dream of having one haha

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    1. Well in this case, she is still planning on telling. She just REALLY wants to tell Florian first… But that means waiting until Christmas…


  9. Hmm, I had a suspicion that you might use MC Command Center risky woohoo. if you did, well, the algorithm runs differently than the usual try for baby. I don’t think it’s a curse, it’s just a genetic thingy, fraternal twins usually run into the family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do have risky woohoo installed, but for both Tobi/Colette and Clara/Florian, they did try for baby. Maybe it does a different algorithm anyway because I have the mod installed? Thanks for the info!


  10. I really didn’t see that coming!!! Twins again!!! Argh … poor girl. Waiting two months to tell Florien is a HELL of a long time for her and if she’s having twins, she’s definitely gotta be showing by the time he comes back. I’m really excited to see what happens here. I enjoyed reading her many mixed emotions here and I’m glad she didn’t opt for an abortion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! ^_^ Yeah, she is most definitely going to be showing when he’s home… This will likely turn into a mess (as most Rosebrook situations usually do! Haha)


  11. TWINS?! Oh my Clara, you are definitely a victim of Rosebrook curse and with that there’s going to be many problems… 😞 Even if she doesn’t want to tell Florian on the phone, I hope she at least hints at it or tell him that she has big news when he comes back home. I’m actually kind of worried about his reaction, I have a feeling it won’t be great… I’m hoping he’ll be excited for the twins though 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also just went back a couple chapters back and when Tobi was talking about the news of Clara and Florian being engaged, he was talking about how it was too soon, but it’s kind of ironic since he proposed to Collete within a year of their relationship and said “Of course I proposed to Lettie when she was pregnant with twins” hehe I guess Florian did too…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesssss you caught it!!!! Hahaha when I wrote that chapter, Clara was already pregnant and I’d used my pregnancy scan mod to determine that it was twins. That was completely intentional as subliminal foreshadowing haha I’m so glad someone got it!!! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha well thank you, but I already have one (though my BF is definitely more of a Jonas) 😉 Camp is super fun though! 😀 With a tiny bit of reception 😛


  12. Thanks!! Clara is having a lot of mixed feelings right now, but one of those feelings is most definitely excitement 🙂 It’s happening much sooner than she would have liked, but Clara has always wanted to have kids someday. 🙂


  13. Awweeee Clara will be the best and most hysterical mother in the simiverse. I hope after Florian freaks out about the reality of things he will be ecstatic I am sure he will be thrilled but omg how will he be able to travel with the band now? Hmmm

    Liked by 1 person

  14. I got chills. I hope she keeps them!! I really really do!! Oh dear, now I can’t stop reading. Dinner can wait, because I need answers XD


    1. This is probably going to be an accidental spoiler… But basically there is a Rosebrook curse LMAO So far, every single unplanned pregnancy in this family has been multiples, and every PLANNED pregnancy has been a single child. It’s so strange and I have no clue why it keeps happening LMAO

      Clara has fallen victim to the curse! 😦

      Good call catching the pregnancy signs! 😉


      1. Oh wow I hadn’t noticed that until now. That is so crazy that that’s what happened so far. Well it definitely adds extra drama. Yay me and my awesome observations Hahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah it’s so crazy! My story is about 95% planned by me — pregnancies are basically the only thing I let the game decide (number of babies, gender most of the time hehe) and it just loves throwing curveballs at me 😂

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  15. I feel your pain with the multiple births. My couple, Brynn and Spencer, had twins (a boy and a girl, Finn and Rosalie), then Brynn got pregnant AGAIN and had twin girls named Amaya and Alexis. It’s a complete disaster.

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