4.28: Eye Candy

Alright, one more week into this last-year-of-uni thing, and I think I’m finally getting the routine part of it down! But man, is it exhausting…

07-29-16_8-22-22 PM

My classes have been going pretty well. Believe it or not, they’re probably the least stressful thing right now. I’ve never been too big on science, so my chemistry lab is the only one really giving me any trouble… It’s a class I should have taken a couple years ago, but I guess I was kind of putting it off for as long as I could. Poor Onkel Stefan. I’ve been calling him and emailing him so much for help lately… I’m just lucky he’s too nice to say no!

07-29-16_8-44-16 PM

Theater rehearsals have started back up again too… Probably the biggest source of all my stress right now. We have a new student director, Laura, and she’s such a bitch! Seriously, she’s the worst… Like a dictator or something.

07-29-16_8-54-41 PM

And you know the worst part? The cast list got posted yesterday… She gave me such a small role! I was so upset. But it’s not like I could argue… No matter how much it sucks, she’s the one in charge. All I can do is grin and bear it. And I guess having any role is better than none at all, right?

When Clara found out about it, she had a few choice words about Laura. It was actually pretty funny… until she started yelling, and called me a “coward” for “not sticking up for myself”. She just doesn’t understand – that’s not who I am. It never has been. You’d think after knowing me for literally her whole life she’d have figured that out by now. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though… Clara’s been so pissy with me lately. The tiniest things seem to set her off! I think being away from Florian has really put her on edge or something.

07-29-16_8-46-16 PM

Anyway, my job down at the library has been the other thing taking up most of my time… But thankfully it’s not quite as stressful as theater is. And my boss is WAY better than Laura (not that she’s really my “boss”… but she certainly likes to act that way!). Mark’s pretty awesome, actually. Definitely not your stereotypical stuck-up librarian. He’s so patient with me when it comes to explaining stuff, and we have a lot in common too. Talking with him definitely helps my shifts go by a lot faster.

07-29-16_9-20-53 PM

And so does checking out some of the eye candy.

07-29-16_9-24-37 PM

And by “eye candy” I really mean Elliot.

07-29-16_9-27-21 PM

He’s in my chemistry class, actually. He’s a couple years younger than me, and American, I think. His German’s not perfect, and his funny accent makes me think he might be from near Willow Creek, where grandpa Josh is from. But it’s hard to say for sure… I’ve never even said two words to him.

I really don’t know much about him yet, except that he sure is nice to look at.

07-29-16_9-28-12 PM

Hopefully that will change soon… But for now, I’m actually having a pretty good time just admiring the view.

07-29-16_8-34-17 PM

62 thoughts on “4.28: Eye Candy

  1. She’s looking at Elliot but is Mr. Librarian looking at her? Younger for doesn’t seem like a good fit. But perhaps because of her inexperience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha true, Jocelyne is pretty mature, but she is also inexperienced, like you said. So maybe younger will be good after all? Assuming Joce ever makes an actual move 😉 Hehehe


  2. Hmm…Clara being more temperamental than usual? I think the separation from Florian must be starting to get to her more than she’d like to admit 😉 Also, I love that Clara is so upset with Laura! It wasn’t actually nice to say that Joce was a coward, but she was expressing concern in her own way XD

    I wouldn’t mind giving Laura a few choice words myself…although I think it would be great for Joce to start gaining more confidence in herself and maybe standing up for herself if Laura get’s worse… I wonder what her problem with Joce is anyway? Maybe some jealousy?…hmm…

    It’s nice to see Joce enjoying herself (even if she’s feeling exhausted). She’s lucky to have a wonderful boss who seems quite good looking to me 😀 It’s so sweet to see her enjoying the ‘eye candy’ 😉 I think someone may have a crush 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, Clara is having a super hard time being away from Florian haha poor thing! And yes, she is just concerned for Joce.

      As for Laura… We won’t see TOO much more from her (but we haven’t seen the last!) In general I think it’s just a power/control thing. She loves being in charge and bossing around the other actors, especially Joce who is very easy to walk all over haha Hopefully she’ll learn to stand up for herself a bit more as the school year goes on!

      And yes, she has a great boss and definitely a bit of a crush on a certain Elliot hehehe


  3. I’m actually with Clara on this. If Joce was the confident type, I would have like her to see her standing up for herself. But because it’s Joce I am very happy with how she reacted. Much more mature than some people. Yes, I’m team #PeanutButterandJellySandwhich (guess who that is) I think they would be cute together!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes! I am gonna DIE of happiness when I finally reach 100k! I am going away the week after next (there wont’ be any chapters that week 😥 ) and I’m hoping it doesn’t happen while I’m gone and have no internet haha I wanna “be” there when it happens! 😀


  4. #TeamJoceJustgoGetYouSomeGirl

    Not officially shipping her with either of them yet, because I don’t think we know enough about them…. But Joce, you’re a woman with needs. She’s in college, I want to see her get some action :p (or, you know, a date)

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Wow, Joce has loads going on! She’ll be a busy bee in this final year. Luckily the library job doesn’t seem too strenuous lol!

    On another note, this totally makes me nostalgic about having platonic crushes that you’d admire from afar. I used to have tons in my teen years, and in uni too I guess. Usually never even ended up talking to them haha!

    Hope Clara’s ok, long-distance relationships suck. Luckily there is an end in sight for when Florian comes back! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she is super busy! ^_^ But having fun, aside from that bitchy director hehe. And crushes are so sweet, aren’t they? 🙂

      As for Clara… We will see her in the next chapter, actually! ^_^


  6. Oh, but which one? Since I don’t really favor one, I’m gonna go #TeamJoceJustGoGetAManAlready… You’ve got some pretty good options 😉

    And crushes are just the sweetest thing to read about 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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