Interlude: What Happened?

Important Note: This chapter is much more unsafe for work than usual. Please proceed with caution, or skip over the sexual parts (you’ll know when it’s coming, I promise!) if you are uncomfortable with them. Do what’s best for you! 🙂


Tobi rubbed his eyes wearily as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. After nearly a week, he was still not used to sleeping in a bed that was not his own. He reached behind him and massaged his lower back gently, though it did nothing to soothe his aching muscles.


Ever since his fight with Colette, he’d been spending every night in the spare bedroom that had once belonged to his brother. He’d barely spoken a word to his wife for days. And he hadn’t spoken to Anna for even longer.

Tobi cringed inwardly at the thought. He had not seen Anna for almost two weeks, but the mere thought of her name was enough to send wave after wave of guilt crashing over him… And they hadn’t even done anything. Not really. But they’d come so close. Tobi felt sick when he imagined what could have happened.

And when he thought about what did happen — all those hours spent laughing and smiling with Anna while Colette sat at home alone… He felt even sicker.


He lifted himself out of bed and headed into the hallway. The muffled sound of running water reached his ears from one of the bathrooms across the hall. Tobi knew in an instant who it was. His parents were both working that morning, his children had spent the night with Diego and Rachelle, and Clara always showered at night. And she’s probably still sleeping anyway, he thought.

She’d been doing a lot of that lately… Clara still wasn’t quite herself yet, but overall, his sister was much happier now that she’d ended things with Julian. Tobi could tell. And he was so relieved that she was. And maybe someday I’ll be able to forgive myself for keeping her secret…

Tobi shook the thought from his mind and gently opened the bathroom door. The silhouetted figure he saw through the frosted glass of the shower confirmed his suspicions. Lettie.


She hadn’t even heard him come in. Or at least, she made no indication that she did. Tobi stood there for a long time, just watching and letting his eyes trace his wife’s nude form as she ran her long fingers through her auburn hair.

He felt himself begin to grow hard at the sight of her — it had been months since he’d seen her like this. So vulnerable. So beautiful.


As he continued watching, Tobi found himself thinking of the first time he’d ever seen Colette’s naked body, pale and perfect under the light of the summer moon all those years ago. He’d been so young and foolish, but even then Tobi knew that he was looking at the most beautiful sight in the entire world… A sight he wanted to see every day for the rest of his life.

What’s wrong with me? Tobi wondered as he pulled his shirt over his head and let his pants fall to the floor with a soft thud. He’d come so close to losing her… And for what? Attention from a younger woman? Some meaningless little fling?

It wouldn’t have been worth it — nothing would be. I’d never trade her for anyone else in the world. He wanted her — and only her — for the rest of his life. And he’d stop at nothing to win her back.


Tobi slid open the door of the shower and stepped into the cloud of hot steam. Colette jumped slightly in surprise at the sound and turned to face him. His eyes watched as thousands of tiny water droplets danced their way down her body, their moisture kissing every inch of her flushed skin. Tobi envied every single one of them.

His wife raised an eyebrow at him and opened her mouth to speak, but before she could make a sound, Tobi’s lips were on hers.


Colette hesitated for just a moment.

Then she opened her mouth against his.

Colette melted into her husband’s embrace as she ran her small hands over the firm muscles of his shoulders and upper back. The feeling of her soft hands against his skin sent a white-hot fire rushing through him. Tobi nipped at her lips with his teeth, relishing in the sound of her sighs as her hot breath mingled with his.

God, I missed this.


“I’m sorry.” He whispered fervently between kisses. “I’m so sorry.”

As Tobi’s lips trailed downward over his wife’s face and onto her neck, his hands began moving downward as well. They traveled quickly over the slick surface of her skin, one coming to rest on the gentle curve of her lower back while the other traveled further and further down, over her breasts and past her navel. A heavy sigh of pleasure escaped Colette’s lips as his fingers finally reached their destination.

Tobi’s mouth curled into a smile at the sound. He leaned forward, pressing his forehead against hers while he let his fingers get to work. He savored the sound of every cry that passed her lips as he continued. “I love you.” She managed to gasp. “So much.”

Tobi pressed his lips to hers and quickened his pace in reply.

Something took over then — something deep and primal that Tobi had not felt in quite some time. In that moment, every one of his senses was assaulted by just one thing — Colette. The sound of her sighs. The smell of her breath. The touch of her skin. The taste of her lips. The sight of her beautiful face as waves of pleasure crashed over her.


When it was all over, they staggered out of the shower together. Colette clung desperately to him, her entire body rising and falling with heavy breaths as she slowly came down from her high. Tobi buried his face in her shoulder, pressing his lips against the sensitive skin of her neck and breathing in the sweet scent of her hair as he waited for his own rush of ecstasy to subside.


At last, Tobi lifted his head from her shoulder to look into her eyes. He was shocked to find tears trickling slowly down her pale white cheeks. “Are you okay?” He asked nervously. “Did I hurt you?” It wouldn’t be the first time – sometimes he got a bit too carried away. And, well, Tobi couldn’t remember the last time he’d gotten as carried away as he had a few minutes before.

Colette shook her head and lifted a small hand to wipe away her tears. “I just… I missed this so much, Tobi. I missed you.” She paused for a moment, choking back a small sob. “What happened to us?”


Tobi leaned forward, pressing his lips against her forehead for a moment.  “I don’t know.” He confessed as he pulled away from her. “But what I do know is that I fucked up, Lettie. So bad. And I swear to God, I won’t make that mistake ever again.”

“It wasn’t just you.” Colette replied sadly. “I should have told you how I was feeling a long time ago… I should have talked to you. I should have tried harder…”

“Maybe we both messed up.” Tobi shrugged his broad shoulders as he spoke. “Either way, we can’t change the past now… But Lettie,” He said seriously, “I promise I’ll make this right, no matter what it takes.” It would be a long road, he knew. A few shared moments of passion would not be enough to solve all their problems… But it was a start.


Colette sighed. “It won’t be easy.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. “I’m still so mad, Tobi… And I’m not sure how I’ll be able to trust you again.” She admitted. “I’m not sure I’m ready to forgive you yet.”

“I know. And I don’t blame you… I’m not ready to forgive myself either.” He replied, hanging his head for a moment. “But Lettie, please, please believe me — I love you. And I can’t lose you. I won’t.”

His wife placed a small hand against his cheek. “You’ll never lose me.” She promised.



82 thoughts on “Interlude: What Happened?

    1. Hahahaha sorry! Just trying to be nice and protect my younger readers 😉 (I’m a teacher, so I guess I’m a softie like that :P)


    1. Awww I’m so glad you loved it Sonnie! I loved writing it so much… The passion and love is still very much alive for both of them… This is a huge step 🙂


    1. OMG I laughed so hard just now! Well, I would love to be in a room where naked Tobi is happening… But Colette can leave. 😛 And yes, that was the steamiest thing I’ve ever written haha writing this chapter was an interesting experience! (But also emotional LOL I’m so happy for them :P)

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    1. Hahahaha yes, very steamy! XD I felt it was almost necessary though…. I mean, lack of passion has been a huge problem in their marriage. I really wanted to show that the passion is alive and real for both of them again… It felt good to write this hahaha. This was a HUGE first step. ^_^ Thanks for reading!


    1. LMAO I felt so dirty downloading those poses… and there are way more graphic ones out there too, trust me hahahaha But they were not necessary this time 😛

      I’m glad you enjoyed this one. It was so enjoyable to write this and show that these two have their passion for one another back ^_^

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      1. Haha, I know that feeling. But when one writes a story about adults, sometimes “tickle” interaction just won’t do. 😉 And we love our sims, don’t we? They deserve something steamy here and there. 😀

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        1. They definitely deserve a little steaminess 😉 Especially for Tobi and Colette after what I put them through hahahaha they earned a little hot shower sex XD

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  1. I’m so happy that they are fixing their relationship! 😀 But somethings not right here… Tobi and Colette are starting to forgive each other and Clara broke up with Julian… *Stares at the next two victims, Joce and Luc* I also feel like Clara isn’t done with her share of drama, but who knows.

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  2. My ship is fully upright and setting sail. And OMG. Tobi’s naked butt. Lol. Very tastefully done. Doing a happy dance. The first time together after thinking you might be lost to each other is even better than the first time when you are discovering each other. 😉 So much passion. A giant first step. This should ease so much of the tension in the household and maybe Jocelyn will be able to relax. She has been a mess worrying about everyone. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Tobi was blessed with a very nice butt LMAO! And yes, this was very special for both of them… like discovering each other all over again! The passion and love is still there for both of them… but now they need to work on trust, forgiveness, and communication! They are both very serious about fixing things, so I am optimistic 🙂

      And yes, hopefully poor Jocelyne will see things are better and calm down! She is always so concerned with others… poor thing! Thanks so much for reading, Audrey! 🙂

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  3. Whoo!!! Sexy sexiness, uh huh! I’m so glad they reconnected. They’ve still got work to do, but these darn Rosebrooks and their self-repair. You’d never know these were Mari’s children with all this healthy behavior blossoming everywhere.

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    1. LOL! Mari’s kids have learned from her mistakes, I think 😉 Such a big first step for #ToCo! I think they both really needed this moment of passion to be able to move forward 🙂

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  4. Tobi is lucky that he’s so hot, in most people’s case one sexy shower wouldn’t make it all better haha! (I know they’re not back to normal, of course. But they’re obviously in a significantly better place now).

    I also found it kind of funny that he started to get undressed before she even knew he was there lol. I’d probably imagine he’d just jump into the shower still clothed and get his clothes drenched.

    Other than that, I’m with Jess – I’m happy for them, but it is probably a bit sexier than I necessarily want from stuff I read haha (in general, not just simlit). But hey, as long as you promise not to turn this into 50 Shades of Grey, I’m ok with it 🙂

    Oh – on another note, NSFW references always baffle me. Do people really read simlit at work? Am I the only crazy person that actually only does work at work? Lol!

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    1. Hahaha you’ve surprised me a bit! I did not peg you for the type who didn’t like steamy scenes haha so I’m sorry!

      I would not say everything is “all better” for them now at all… They just both needed to get this out of their systems and re-establish their passion for each other so they can move on to working on their deeper issues.


      1. Oh no need to apologise or anything, I’m not offended by raunchy scenes, I just don’t overly care for them either – I don’t find them necessary.

        I know it’s not completely fine between them of course – hence what I said in brackets. Just saying that that was very, um, favourably received on Colette’s part 🙂


        1. Hahahaha you are confirming my fear! I was waiting and waiting for someone to call this chapter gratuitous. 😛 To me, it wasn’t. So I’m sorry if it felt that way!

          And yes, Colette liked it very much haha but she is still not ready to forgive. There is a long road ahead.


  5. If anyone happens to read this, thank you for all the comments so far! I was very nervous about this chapter (maybe more nervous than I’ve ever been!) and the vast majority of you have been so kind and made me feel good about this one. 🙂 So thank you to all of you for that!

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  6. That was very steamy 😍 it’s clear that they love each other very much and i’m possitive that with time Colette can find it in her heart to forgive him. Btw on the oth oost, your link to this version doesn’t worl for me. I was just directed to a page with a search bar.

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    1. Ooh that’s weird that the link wasn’t working! I’ll double check it! 🙂 And I’m glad you enjoyed this chapter. It’s a big step for both of them 🙂

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  7. I love how this chapter is written not being obscene but passionate!!
    i quote myself because i need to repeat it, Colette is just too good, i would have left him locked in with cold water *evil laugh*

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  8. Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed this one. That’s what it was all about — the passion and the love. It’s still there between them, and this chapter helped them both realize this.

    Now hopefully they can move forward and fix things together 🙂


  9. This post gave me the sex scene giggles.
    I reckon you may have used this scene as a bit of an excuse for a naked Tobi. ;P


    1. LOL! The naked Tobi was a very nice bonus 😉 But this was the resolution that felt best regardless, I promise 😛


  10. Awe, this was so sweet. It was great to see both of them making a step in the right direction. To see them both realising what they wanted and missed – each other. It’s going to take time for trust to be gained, and patience and love will be needed. However, they’ll make it. I know they will 😀 #TeamToCoForever ❤
    Also, Love the Tobi-Tushy 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish I had a “love” button instead of a “like”! You’ve summed it up perfectly ^_^ And I’m so glad you thought this was sweet! I know things got hot and heavy haha but my intention was definitely for it to feel sweet and romantic instead of smutty LOL thanks for reading! ❤


    1. Thank you so much, NoaLyn! (Though I’m sorry for the tears hahaha). I was so emotional while writing this one. They have finally rediscovered their love and passion for one another. It warms my heart after everything they went through! ❤

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  11. Thanks! I’m glad it came across as tasteful! The last thing I wanted was for it to seem gratuitous or smutty LOL. So yay! They are rediscovering their passion and love for one another… a huge step! Next up — trust and forgiveness haha. 🙂

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  12. Not sure if anyone has told you, or if you can fix it, but “over her beasts” sounds a little off. I think you meant something else…


    1. Yeah that was a typo haha. This is an interesting choice of first comment on my story lol I hope you’re enjoying it despite the typos


        1. Haha I appreciate you pointing it out, it just seemed a little strange I guess. Thanks for reading regardless! 🙂


    1. Hahaha I think that’s the next step, don’t worry 🙂 One moment of passion together isn’t enough to fix this yet… but it’s a very important step for them reconnecting too ^_^ I’m glad you are such a fan of this couple 🙂


  13. I’m so happy about this chapter. I’m so glad that they’re starting on the path to repairing their relationship. What was it ….. go team #ToCo lol

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    1. Thank you Kaycee! This chapter will always hold a special place in my heart 🙂 I loved having them rediscover that love and passion they’d almost lost. I’m so glad you loved it too! ❤️

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  14. Lettie and Tobi are still the best couple ❤ I don't care what all those you know who fans think 😉 you know… *gazes into the future of the next generation*

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