Interlude: Whatever You Want

07-11-16_12-14-00 PM

“Thank you so much, Mr. Rosebrook!” The older man repeated for what had to be the third or fourth time. “This has seriously made my day. No, my week. Maybe my LIFE!”

07-11-16_12-15-21 PM

Tobi forced another smile. “Yeah, yeah. Sure. No problem.” He felt himself sway slightly on his feet as he excused himself and made his way up the stairs and back to the table where Anna waited for him. Guess that last drink was stronger than I thought.

07-11-16_12-23-39 PM 07-11-16_12-26-33 PM

Anna’s face lit up at the sight of him. “I was wondering if you’d gotten lost.” She teased.

Tobi shook his head slowly. “Nah, just ran into a fan.” He replied with a small shrug.

“In the bathroom?!”

07-11-16_12-28-49 PM

Tobi nodded through his laughter. “And he wanted a picture with me… in the bathroom. He even asked me while I still had my dick in my hands. I kinda don’t know why I said yes.” He admitted.

Anna smirked. “I know why.” She gestured down at the empty glasses in front of him.

07-11-16_12-31-25 PM

For a moment, he almost wanted to argue, but Tobi’s mind was too foggy to think of a good comeback. Okay, she may have a point… “Hey speaking of which, do you want another one?” He asked. Tobi reached for the drink menu and peered closely at it. “Damn, these are overpriced.”

Had he really been paying 10 euros per drink this whole time? Not that money was an object for him, of course. But on principle, Tobi wasn’t really sure he could pay that much for another one.

“Y’know, on second thought… Maybe we should call it a night.” He suggested. It was getting pretty late, after all. And after that run-in with a fan, he found himself worrying that the wrong person might see him there with Anna…

“Okay.” The young woman agreed.

07-11-16_12-33-19 PM 07-11-16_12-36-52 PM 07-11-16_12-38-42 PM 07-11-16_12-40-09 PM

A few minutes later, as they headed back out into the cool night air, Tobi was shocked to feel Anna’s small warm hand reach for his. “If you really want one for the road, we could always stop back at my place.” She suggested, intertwining her fingers with his. Tobi did not pull away. “I’ve been told I make a mean wrench.”

07-11-16_12-42-51 PM

He didn’t even hesitate. Tobi couldn’t be sure if it was the alcohol, or her smile, or how soft and smooth her hand was in his, but it really didn’t seem like such a bad idea. “Okay, sure.” He replied, smiling softly at her.

07-11-16_12-43-14 PM

Great.” She grinned. “I’ll drive. We can pick up your car later.”

Tobi just nodded, and let her lead the way.

07-11-16_12-47-03 PM


“Damn, that is good!” Tobi smiled as he took a second sip of the drink Anna had handed him.

She smiled sweetly. “Thanks. Did I ever tell you I used to bartend back when I was earning my degree?”

Tobi shook his head, watching the way her hips swayed as she crossed to the stereo. With a flick of the switch, the soft sounds of an R&B song he did not recognize filled the air.

07-11-16_12-35-14 AM

“It was a great way to make some money on the side.” She continued as she rejoined him on the couch. “And meet some pretty interesting people too.”

He nodded. “I bet.” Tobi was only half paying attention to what she was saying. Holy shit, she’s gorgeous.

07-11-16_12-37-13 AM

Anna was staring at him again, the same way she always did – with that sexy little smirk and playful glint in her eye. The sight of it was driving him crazy.

“I’m so glad you decided to come over.” Her voice was barely above a whisper as she moved in closer to him. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, Tobi.” Anna reached out, placing one gentle hand on his thigh.

07-11-16_12-38-37 AM

A small laugh burst from Tobi’s lips. “Don’t you mean ‘Mr. Rosebrook’?” He asked. She’d never called him by his first name before.

“Sure.” Anna giggled as she reached up and pulled him closer. “I’ll call you anything you want…”

07-11-16_12-41-26 AM 07-11-16_12-44-23 AM 07-11-16_12-41-50 AM

“Mmmm” Tobi moaned softly against the sweet warmth of Anna’s mouth as her lips moved with his. She ran her tongue along the seam of his lips, and he parted them eagerly to allow her access.

How long had it been, Tobi wondered, since he’d had a kiss like this? Hell, any kiss at all? Too long. Much too long. Things gone cold between him and his wife months ago. He’d almost forgotten just how much he missed something as simple as making out. Holy shit. This is amazing.

07-11-16_12-43-18 AM

He let out a soft sigh as Anna nipped gently at his bottom lip. She was much more aggressive in her technique than Colette was, that was for sure. Tobi couldn’t quite decide if it was a good thing or a bad thing. It was just… different. He could already feel one of her hands working on unbuttoning his jeans.

Anna seemed to be all about getting straight to the point. For Lettie, it had always been about the buildup – taking things so slow, teasing him, leaving him begging for more… His wife always knew exactly how to drive him crazy.

His wife…

Tobi realized with a jolt that this was the first time in his entire life that he’d ever kissed anyone but her.

07-11-16_12-43-54 AM

And, if I let this go any further, it’ll be my first time having sex with anyone but her either…

He felt his stomach drop at the thought. Oh God, I can’t do this. What the fuck am I doing?! The thought hit him like a slap across the face.

Anna’s hand had finally found its way into his pants. He could feel her soft fingers as they began to wrap themselves around his –

07-11-16_12-57-36 AM 07-11-16_12-58-29 AM

Tobi pulled back from her immediately. “What?! What’s wrong?” She asked, eyes wide.

He said nothing as he rose to his feet, buttoning his pants as quickly as he could.

07-11-16_12-59-45 AM

What the fuck is wrong with me?!

How the hell had he let things get to this point? Why had he let this affair or fling or whatever this was go on for so long? How had he managed to fool himself into thinking this was okay?

Tobi had felt so bored, so stuck in his marriage for a very long time. He missed the way things used to be between him and his wife. All he wanted was that old spark back – the one they’d had back when they were kids.

Affection, fun, intimacy, love…

But he didn’t want it from Anna.

He wanted it from Colette.

07-11-16_1-00-27 AM

“What’s wrong?” Anna repeated, rising to her feet as well.

Tobi shook his head. “This is a mistake. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life.” His voice was thick. “I can’t do this.”

Her face fell. “Why?”

07-11-16_1-02-49 AM

“This isn’t me, Anna. I should have never let it go this far.” He sighed. “And I’m sorry.” But he was more sorry for his wife. More than anyone. Oh God. Lettie. What the fuck did I do?

“I… I don’t understand. I thought we were having fun… I thought you were okay with this.”

“So did I. But I guess I’m not.” Tobi said softly. “I love my wife. More than anything. And all this time you and I have been spending together… I should have used it trying to win her back.” For a moment, he almost laughed. “I don’t know how I’ve been so fucking blind…”

07-11-16_1-05-27 AM

Anna fell silent for a few moments. “Yeah. I get it.” She said at last, her voice flat. “I guess I was wrong about you, Tobi.” The girl shook her head, the disappointment apparent on her face. “So… Do you want a ride back to your car or something?”

“No, I’ll walk. I really need to clear my head anyway.” He replied uncomfortably. Even looking at her now sent wave after wave of guilt washing over him. He had to get away. He had to go home and try to figure out how to fix things before it was too late. “Thank you for understanding… And thanks for the drink.” Tobi added quickly as he turned away from her.

07-11-16_1-08-18 AM

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.”

“Bye Anna.”

07-11-16_1-08-40 AM

Tobi headed straight for the door then.

And he did not look back.

07-11-16_1-09-13 AM


63 thoughts on “Interlude: Whatever You Want

  1. I’m glad you’ve come to your senses, Tobi. Now go home, BRUSH YOUR TEETH, and talk to your wife.

    I do feel bad for Anna. Hell, as far as she knew, Tobi’s wife knew what he was doing and was okay with it. I really don’t thinks she’s a bad person. It’d just be nice if she’d pursued a different member of the team. 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes Tobi, brush the Anna taste from your mouth! 😛

      Yeah, Anna wasn’t a monster. Maybe slightly morally questionable, but… Hahaha maybe she already has another team member lined up 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. (sigh)

    I can’t with this dude lol. As much as I STILL want to shoot him, I suppose I should give him one more chance to make things right with his wife. At least I don’t have to leave my epic comment! 😛 Now I need to find a way to make my less epic comment more epic. Not sure if I can though. We’ll see what happens! But anyway…thank you for not throwing away your shot, Mr. Rosebrook! I still have my eyes on you though! (and my pistol cocked)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha I still wanna see the other comment 😉 But yeah… Tobi was good-ish, in the end 😛 now the question is what will happen with him and his wife though….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I just knew he would take it way too far – and a part of me was actually excited about it! (i love drama haha!) – but seriously I hope this means he’s gonna come clean with his wife. They so much need to open up to each other. And this was surely just the wake up call he needed to realize that they have to save their marriage. But if he tells Colette about Anna, will she be able to forgive him? I sort of doubt that. Does she still love him as much as she used to? I can see so many scenarioes at how this can turn out.

    I really think Anna was unfair in the end. Saying she was wrong of him was possibly right. She must have assumed he was gonna go alltge way and fall in love with her and leave his wife. So yeah she was definitely wrong about him in a good way. But she should really be able to understand his choice. I fear that she eill retaliate against him. She will probably spread rumors about them being together, Julian will hear about it and tell Clara about it. And I can see if Clara at some point tries to break up with Julian, he will ude it against her. Maybe threaten to tell Colette about it or maybe other members of her family, if she doesn’t do what he asks of her.

    Yeah, I can totally see this spiral out of contol.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There are definitely lots of ways it can go from here! We’ll see… And you bring up a great question about how Colette will react once she learns the truth!


  4. TOBI. You little…
    I’m glad you finally realized what you were doing.

    Anna is totally going to say something. I’m sure there’s a lot of fame and fortune in having a sports star come home with you —- regardless of what actually happened.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Yesss!!!! Tell your wife you love her. Now! But I can’t decide if I think he should tell her about his fling or not because with just a little effort from him I think they can rekindle that ‘spark’. But that dude in the bathroom has me concerned as does Anna herself and of course the dirtbag Julian and his little sister. Too many people know. You see this whole scenario hits very close to home for me.

    My hubby and I married out of high school and our 1st of 3 kids was born one year later followed 2 years later by the 2nd and #3 eight years later. All was good until after #3. We both worked but he worked nights and me days. We barely saw each other. He had a very similar fling with a work relationship which he broke off before things went too far aka Tobi. We moved to a new town 250 miles away because he got a new, much better job not too long after they broke it off. I had no clue. Things were status quo between us. We didn’t argue but the passion wasn’t there at least from me. It was very much like you described the current relationship between Tobi and Colette. That’s when she started calling our house. I could tell something was wrong and it scared me so I pushed and he confessed. We got an unlisted phone number. I felt worse than I think I would have had he died. We did counseling. I still loved him but needed help working through it. He knew he deserved my hurt and did everything he could to make it right again. With counseling and date nights we worked our way back ‘spark’ and all. I finally made him tell me everything they ‘did’ because my imagination was working overtime. He cried when he told me and I believed what he said. 23 years later we are still very happily married and that ‘spark’ has never left again and I never think about that time in our lives. We both work to make sure life doesn’t get in the way. It was a hard lesson for both of us. Sorry for over sharing. 😳

    All this to say if he doesn’t tell her now, he will be forced to at some point (too many people know) and they will have to work through it and it won’t be easy. And when Tobi finds out that because he did this stupid thing his sister got hurt, he’s going to be carrying around a huge amount of guilt. Things aren’t looking good for you Tobi. You will be on your knees for a long time begging your whole family for forgiveness and trying to make things right. Might as well start now with your beautiful wife since you finally came to your senses. I don’t think he is going to confess but could be surprised. I really hope he mans up and does. I hope Jocelyn tells him about the Lena conversation and he approaches Clara again. If so it might just be what forces him to be honest with Colette even if he didn’t plan on it. Dum de dum dum dummmmmm. 😐

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Oh wow, thank you for sharing such a personal story! I’m so glad that things worked out and that you and your husband are still very much in love 🙂 I really hope Tobi and Colette will have a similar ending to what you described… We’ll know within the next handful of chapters… 7 more until both his and Clara’s arcs are wrapped up and we time jump to the kids as YAs!

      Thank you again, and I’m sorry if this storyline has brought back unpleasant memories for you. Thank you for reading ❤


      1. Time is definitely a great healer so it wasn’t so hard to relive. And yes, this old couple is still very much in love. ❤️ Enough about me!

        Looking forward to the next 7 chapters. I am most definitely a fan of “and they lived happily ever after” fairy tale endings. ❤️ Now if this was Stefan, I would have expected nothing less than an affair or two. Lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my God Tobi. You really had to go this far to realize what you are doing? What a complete idiot. Well, better late than never even though this was just a splitsecond from too late. And it still might be too late depending on how colette takes this.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I don’t know if I would forgive him.
    But I hope Colette does 🙂
    And now Tobi don’t let Clara blackmail you and save her!!!!!


  8. *releases breath that she’d been holding*

    *realises that Tobi is not going to cheat on Colette*

    *jumps around and cheers and dances*

    *dances some more*


    (Please ignore my the embarrassingness of my dancing)

    Now go save Clara!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha I’m not necessarily agreeing with this, but I’m “liking” this comment because it made me laugh with the “screw you” thing XD Everyone is so sure that Anna is gonna be out to get Tobi. This is interesting to me 😛 We’ll see what happens!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really hope he confesses. No matter what happens, if she leaves or forgives, he needs to be honest. Because he finally had this epiphany, that took him far too long btw, if he really wants to fix his relationship it will take honesty. If he works on it with her and they get better and nothing ever gets back to Lettie, he is still basing his renewed relationship on dishonesty and that it an unstable and shitty foundation.

        Liked by 1 person

  9. You can’t blame those drinks Tobi, even though they played a part 😉 I just hope he confesses everything to Colette and the can maybe slowly start all over again if she is willing. It will take a great deal of time, but ultimately I’m glad he realised how much he loves his wife and I know she loves him just as much 🙂

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna was trying to get him to be more malleable through getting him drunk in order to try to get their ‘relationship’ to move forward…hmm… :/ I do hope that she doesn’t do anything silly, judging by her voice being flat I’d say she’s feeling very rejected and hurt right now… However, I also do feel a little sorry for her – she said he wasn’t who she thought he was, so I think maybe she really believed him to like her or something. But, that doesn’t mean I accept her actions. I think she has made some bad choices (like many people in the legacy), but I’d like to hope she’s a good person and won’t do anything to hurt him.

    Either way, I’m proud of Tobi for FINALLY realising his mistake and hope that he gains the courage to tell Lettie soon. She’ll find out one way or another, and he better pray it’s through him! 😛 He’s got A LOT of work to do to gain back her trust and forgiveness, but I shall keep on the side of #TeamOptimism

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy there are still members of #TeamOptimism haha Hopefully he will do the right thing… He’s already taken one huge step! But he’s a Rosebrook, so… Hahahaha

      You make a good point about Anna! We’ll find out what kind of person she is, depending on whether she tries to get revenge or not haha. Thank you so much for reading, and for your comment!


  10. OH GEESH Tobi you idiot .. that was too close .. POOR Colette! I hope he does NOT say anything to her .. just hold her and love her like he is supposed to! I hope Anna does not fight dirty! I am with nessyrosy .. #TeamOptimism

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooh this is an interesting perspective! I think you are the first person who’s suggested that Tobi shouldn’t tell! It definitely will be risky if Colette finds out. Who knows how she’ll react?


  11. I think he let things go pretty far anyway. Following her home and everything before that. Nothing about it was innocent. He doesn’t deserve to get away with it so easily. I’m kind of hoping Anna is going to blackmail him. I want to see him sweat for some time. 🙂


    1. He did let things go pretty far before he came to his senses! We’ll see if Anna does anything haha and wow, I think you’re the only one who actually HOPES that happens hahaha


  12. Alright, I’m on two totally different ships right now… I am totally hardcore shipping Anna and Tobi, even though I don’t morally want them to be together… I was Tobi to go home, tell Collette everything that happened, and fix all of this together so that the adorable teens who woohooed in the middle of a camp in the middle of the night and brought a beautiful set of twins into this world can come back…

    Damn you, Citizen, for making me feel things I don’t wanna feel… >-<

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh my damn, I missed some real stuff over the last few days!! But at least I don’t have to wait until tomorrow to read what happens next.

    Tobi, you finally got some sense… er… rubbed into you! You want you wife, go get her. But please apologize first, work on earning her forgiveness, then go get her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! Cece I’m glad you’re “here” hehe. Yes, Tobi FINALLY woke up. Took him long enough… But he definitely has a lot of work to do if he truly wants to save his marriage… :-/

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Yes, he finally WOKE UP. Hahahaha this entire arc was so frustrating to write. Tobi is ridiculous. *sigh* Hopefully Anna won’t pull anything crazy, but we’ll see…

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Oh good!!! I feel like Anna isn’t all that great and she’s probably going to lie to the press, though. I just don’t think it could end this perfect, you know? Tobi finally gets his head back (is that a double pun, dear god) and works it out with Colette? That’s not the CitizenErased I know XD things are going to get way sour before everything is resolved by the end of the generation 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Okay, I’ve read now for a very long time and never left a comment, it’s about high time… Tobi, you’re awesome! Yey for you! I was SO scared you wouldn’t realize or you wouldn’t be strong enough. So glad you proved it, though!
    Now your sister should be next to turn Julian down.


    1. I just saw these comments, ahhh! I’m glad you were commenting here too 🙂 Feel free to any time! (And hopefully you won’t end up in Spam again!). I’m glad you’re so proud of Tobi 🙂 He had a moment of idiocy and weakness, but ended up being strong, in the end!


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