4.14: What to Do?

I seriously don’t know what to do right now.

The other night, Luc came to talk to me. And guess what? It turns out I was right about Clara. She IS seeing someone, and she IS keeping it a secret…

But it’s way worse than I thought it was.

07-01-16_10-51-26 PM

This guy – I guess his name’s Julian – he’s twenty-four! Clara’s SIXTEEN! That’s so… wrong. I mean, if they were a little older, I don’t think it would be nearly as bad. Maybe still a little weird, but not anything like this.

And trust me, this definitely isn’t right.

Especially when I found out more about the guy – I guess he’s got something of a reputation, according to Lucas. What was it he said? “Taking advantage of younger girls”? There’s only one thing that could mean. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it.

I knew I had to do something, so I decided to go against basically every instinct I have and go talk to her. Probably not the wisest move, but what other choice was there? Clara and I don’t exactly get along very well. We never have.

04-24-16_10-01-40 PM

But I love her. And I’m so worried.

Too bad talking to her didn’t help.

She completely flipped out at me. I knew she would. Yelling, swearing, and making me promise not to tell a soul.

I wasn’t able to get much out of her… Just that she’d been seeing him for a few weeks, Lena’s the only one who knows, it’s “none of my fucking business” what she does, and she will “murder me in my sleep” if I tell her parents.

07-01-16_10-09-45 PM

I tried so hard to explain to her why I’m worried. But of course she didn’t listen. Clara never does.

So all I could do was agree not to tell and then get out there before she lost it again.

07-01-16_10-22-14 PM

I went and told Luc what happened. And he has no clue what to do either. He’s starting on that whole “let’s just leave it alone” thing again. But I know we can’t. I don’t know about him, but I know I’d never be able to deal with the guilt of keeping this thing a secret. It’s not right to keep this to ourselves. I know it’s not.

07-01-16_10-55-57 PM

Now the thing is, Clara might actually kill me if I go to her Mama and Papa about this. I wouldn’t put it past her, honestly. So telling Oma and Opa is definitely out.

But I have to tell someone, don’t I?

That just leaves one other option.

07-01-16_10-54-04 PM 07-01-16_10-52-11 PM


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46 thoughts on “4.14: What to Do?

    1. We won’t really get exactly what she told him, but I imagine it’s pretty much what Lucas told her. And Tobi is very rightly concerned! 😦

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  1. She went and told her dad! Maybe Clara will listen when it comes from her brother! Clara seems so out of place, like she feels she doesn’t belong in the family or even in the world. Am I right? Teenage years can be hard for some people. Keeping anger inside of you, being mad at the world, hating your mom and dad for no apparent reason… The list goes on and on… I hope Clara figures things out soon and realizes, before it is too late, that this Julian guy isn’t what she’s looking for.

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    1. Hopefully she’ll listen to Tobi! We’ll see…

      Clara doesn’t feel quite as out of place as Stefan did or anything, but she’s totally having a rebellious teen phase haha. She doesn’t hate her mom and dad though, she just doesn’t want them knowing about Julian 🙂

      I hope she comes to her senses soon, but we’ll see…

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  2. I think it’s good that Joce told someone. I mean, Clara definitely has a right to her own privacy, but she is still a minor and dating an older boy with a bad reputation… At least an adult should know what she’s up to, so if she ever gets into any trouble, they’re there to help her out. Of course, Clara won’t feel that way lol. But I think Joce did the right thing and hopefully, Clara will see that when she’s older.

    Also, I LOVE that there will be more daily updates ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you’re excited for daily updates 😀 And you’re right — telling an adult was the right thing to do I think. Even if she can’t be talked into breaking things off with this guy… Though I think that’s the current goal haha

      We’ll see tomorrow how Clara reacts to all this!


  3. ‘Murder me in my sleep?’ That’s just a little too far for me to cope with, even for Clara. Can’t she see that Jocelyne is worried about her? I think that shouting at her isn’t the best way to do this. I think they need need to sit down and have a heart-to-heart about it. But this is A2A, so that’s never going to happen.

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    1. Haha Clara would never really hurt Joce! It was an empty threat, don’t worry 🙂 She is very very very defensive right now so she’s not doing well listening to reason, especially coming from Jocelyne! Haha

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  4. Yay for daily updates!!! So, I hope this is a wake up call for Tobi. Clara’s situation should hit close to home and make him examine his own conscious and realize he needs to fix things in his own backyard.

    As for the Clara situation, I wonder if Tobi will talk to her or go straight to Mari and Jonas. (What’s with all the J names…. I keep getting them mixed up, Josh, Jonas, Juian). It’s rape if Julian pushes Clara even if it is consensual. Tobi has to do something. Jocelyn was right to go to her father. On the other hand, Clara is a strong willed person and doesn’t let anyone push her around so hopefully when her relationship with this Julian dude gets to that point, she will say no. He would no doubt keep pushing her and she will realize she is being used by the jerk and run screaming although she will get her heart broken in the process.

    Yay for daily updates. Why am I so invested in this story? Good job!!

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    1. I’m glad you’re so invested! That means more to me than anything haha these characters are SO real to me, and readers caring about them too is the best feeling ^_^ So thank you for that.

      This could definitely be a wake up call for Tobi, depending on how he views the situation and stuff. It’s hard to say with him. That guy is kind of a wildcard, as you know hahaha

      And as for Clara, well, that’s another situation where it could go many ways. The Julian stuff is tricky. We’ll get more insight into what’s going on there pretty soon. 🙂

      Thanks so much for reading!


    1. Oh yeah, Tobi is definitely concerned for his little sister 😦 We’ll find out tomorrow how he deals with it!


    1. Hahaha drama is probably about to unfold 😉 And very true, Tobi misses a lot between work and hanging out with his new… “Friend”. 😛

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  5. I really loved the shots of Jocelyne coming to tell her dad. They were very impactful! Ah Joce, I think you *are* doing the right thing, but spilling secrets is never good. They tend to gum up the works before things get better (of course nothing *can* get better until they’re out in the open). Hopefully Clara doesn’t hate you too much….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I loved the drama of that scene (and I was super impressed with sim-Tobi’s acting skills! Hahahaha he made all those subtle, slightly-concerned facial expressions that worked perfectly XD)

      And yeah, this is kind of a double edged sword right now… We’ll see what happens now!

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  6. Good on you for telling someone Joce! That’s the right thing to do ❤ Don't worry about Clara killing you, she would never do that!… :/ 😛
    I'm very interested to see how Tobi will take the news and if he will see the similarities…hmm…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I am proud of Joce for doing the right thing too 😀 Hopefully it’ll all work out 🙂

      And we’ll see what Tobi does tomorrow! 😀 There are many different possibilities right now 😉


  7. 1) Yay! Daily updates! 😀

    2) I have no faith in Tobi to help solve this issue…

    3) I wish Stefan were here…

    4) Josie (as I shall now call Jocelyn) is so pure and innocent and adorable, it’s almost ridiculous… XD

    5) Again, Daily Updates! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1) I’m glad you’re excited! 😀
      2) #TeamNoFaith has returned, eh? 😛
      3) I know. I miss him 😥 We will see him again at least once before this gen is over! 🙂 And he’ll be mentioned too (everyone is just… very distracted right now. lmao)
      4) Hehehe cute nickname! 😀 She is a very sweet and innocent girl 🙂
      5) Woooh 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh dear oh dear oh dear
    Oh, and sisters definitely say stupid things like that even if they’re not sisters 😉
    My sister once told me she would murder me in my sleep (exact words) if I went upstairs when she was in the shower (she would sing and get embarrassed, but we had a jack and jill bathroom so each of our rooms were connected to it.) She was just a moody teenager 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yes, siblings (or aunts who are like siblings :P) definitely say dumb things! That’s kind of funny that your sister once made the same threat to you hahaha


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