4.12: Nothing Wrong

I really don’t know why I keep getting so worked up about this whole Anna thing. The more I think about it, the more I’m starting to realize that I’ve really been making this a way bigger deal than it should be.

It’s not like I’m doing anything wrong.

So I got a little over-excited during a massage… I’m a guy! It happens.

06-28-16_12-31-02 AM

And hanging out with Anna isn’t a big deal – I go out with my teammates all the time. This isn’t any different. Just hanging out for a few drinks. That’s all. Same as any night out with the guys.

06-24-16_11-02-59 PM

And anyway, tonight was really fun – she took me out to this new bar that just opened up downtown. “Best beer you’ve ever had, guaranteed.” She promised me. And she was right. The drinks were amazing – and so was the conversation.

06-30-16_11-07-21 PM

I got to learn a lot about her – she actually grew up just outside the city, not too far from where our house is, funnily enough. She says she used to visit Windenburg all the time when she was little, before she moved to France with her family.

06-30-16_11-08-54 PM

At first I was a little surprised I’d never run into her before when we were younger. But I found out why pretty quickly… She’s only twenty-four.

Now that was a bit of a shock. I mean she’s cute as Hell, sure… I figured she had to be a few years younger than me. But I always thought she was a little closer to my age than that.

06-30-16_11-15-09 PM

Not that it matters or anything.

But yeah, it was a really fun time. It felt so good to unwind a little… And I think I can finally look her in the eye now without remembering that damn massage. We’ve still never said a word about it, y’know. Maybe we both just need to forget about it and move on.

But I don’t think I’ll ever forget that look in her eye when she saw what she’d done to me… I saw that same look tonight. A few times, actually.

06-30-16_11-10-50 PM

And when we said goodbye, the way she hugged me…

06-30-16_11-22-03 PM

Ugh. I don’t know why I keep feeling so guilty about it. She’s my friend. It’s not a big deal.

I just wish Colette could understand that. But I know she’d jump to all these crazy conclusions and get all jealous if I tried to explain, so I decided not to tell her.

06-30-16_11-34-18 PM

But it’s not like I lied to her or anything. She knows I was out with a friend from work. She just doesn’t know which one. And I don’t have to tell her, do I? It’s none of her business anyway. (Try telling her that though – she was totally up my ass tonight about being “out too late”. You’d almost think she’s my Mutter with the way she was talking to me).

06-30-16_11-26-34 PM

I don’t see what the problem is — I’m getting out of the house. I’m hanging out with a new friend. I’m actually having fun for the first time I can remember.

And there’s nothing wrong with that, is there?


73 thoughts on “4.12: Nothing Wrong

        1. Nope, she never told them! She didn’t see the point in bringing up that old stuff and stirring up drama again haha


  1. Anna knows exactly what she’s doing and i bet she at least have not forhotten about that massage.
    I think he beeds to tell Colette, casually, that he’s got a new friend and not to keep out that she’s a woman. He doesn’t need to tell her about the boner or the fact that they went out for drinks together behind her back. But for future references she really need to know so she won’t draw wrong conclusions.

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  2. Tobi, don’t you dare start coming home late at night. Your Lovely Lette will suspect and one day, she’ll be wearing a dark trench coat, dark boots, dark gloves, dark shades, and a dark hat and become a spy and spy on you! If Colette were to become an agent or spy, she shall be named Super Spy Colette!

    At least Tobi didn’t do anything with Anna.

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  3. This whole entry sounds like he’s trying to convince himself it is all just an innocent friendship. His conscience is not completely clear then, maybe he’s starting to have feelings for the girl and is lying to himself.

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  4. I have a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach that is slowly creeping up my throat. And I’m usually optimistic.
    I think Tobi knows he’ll wind up cheating on Colette. He’s lying to himself just like Mari did.

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      1. He’s lying to himself. That’s the worst thing of all! Isn’t that what his mother told him not to do in the journal? (ha! see what I did there? lol)

        “It’s just like going out with the guys.” I’m sorry but it’s not, dude, and you know it! The fact that you can’t tell your wife about it means it’s not ok and you know it! If it’s just like going out with your male co-workers, then tell your wife…I dare you! 😛 If you don’t, and you keep this mess up, I’ve got a couple paragraphs waiting for you.

        …make sure Tobi gets my message, Amanda. k thx bai LOL

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  5. If you have to hide it, then it’s wrong butt head. You are placing the blame on Colette? She’s the one at home waiting for your ass while your getting a big head (lol) with the attention of someone young enough to be your sister. Colette just wishes you would look at her like that. Of course she yelled at you. What did you expect. Aughhhh. So frustrating. At least there is still hope but it won’t take much for him to cross the line.

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  6. Good boy, Tobi, for not doing anything. Although going out with her to bars, drinking beer, thinking about the massage and keeping this all a secret from your wife… sounds like a recipe for disaster.

    I want Tobi and Colette to figure things out so badly 😦 It’s only a matter of time before Colette finds out about this secret ‘friendship’, and I think that when she does, things will be hard to fix. Cheating and admitting to it is bad, of course, but when you start lying about where you’re going (even if you did nothing wrong), well… it’s hard to trust someone after that. They’ve already lost their passion and spark, the last thing they need is to completely lose their trust as well.

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  7. Oh my God! You know why I feel Tobi is wrong here? Becoz he says he’s haging out with a new friend and having fun then complaining that his wife is not okay with this! I mean c’mon Tobi! Your wife is not only your wife, she’s your friend first! Remember when you were a little boy, you met this girl who later became your best friend and then you both fell in love with each other? Friendship always comes first! But Tobi seems to have forgotten this! 😢 Wake up Tobi and stop lying to yourself!

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      1. I know! He’s looking at Colette only as an annoying wife who keeps nagging him all the time! That’s sad 😦 I feel what they need to do first, is not try to rekindle their romance but to find common interests, remember why and how they became friends on the first place! And start looking at each other as friends than as lovers or a spouse or as parents!

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  8. stop making excuses tobi! If you feel guilty about it, there is a reason! And if it’s just casual, there should be no reason not to tell your wife! I know you had to grow up early, but that is no reason to behave immature now.

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    1. Preach! Haha no but seriously, I wish Tobi was a real person and could read all of these comments. He’s in such denial right now. Ugh. 😦

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  9. I can hardly blame that massage girl (forgets her name because I started drinking wine early) for liking Tobi because truth be told even the walls have to understand how gorgeous Tobi is. I guess I am more uncomfortable with the way he is justifying his own desires for her. If I could have magic powers for one day I would grant the Rosebrooks the ability to communicate with each other effectively…Then he would understand how Collette would gladly jump his bones…

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    1. “Even the walls have to understand how gorgeous Tobi is”. TRUTH! The man is too attractive for his own good haha so yeah, who can blame Anna for wanting a piece of that action? 😉

      And that would be a very interesting day in the Rosebrook household, I think! XD


  10. But knowing how you play I highly bet Anna will convince Tobi to have some “fun” like Tobi’s mom and birth father did in the closet (but instead of it being in a closet it could be in a hot tub OR in the sauna) and at some point in the future Anna would show up demanding child support from Tobi.


  11. Tobi is lying to himself big time and is trying to justify his actions! If something isn’t done soon I think he’ll end up going to far with Anna and there will be dire consequences. Ohhh, I can’t wait. But in light of everyone else’s comments here, I agree that if he is to save his marriage then he really needs to start taking his wife out and having fun with her. I mean their kids are teenagers now and they should have the time. I beginning to think that maybe Tobi doesn’t love his wife anymore?
    I think Colette should bite the bullet and tell him what she feels. I think maybe they are both resenting each other too much and one of them has to make the first move otherwise they’ll end up in the divorce courts.
    Sorry for rambling 🙂

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    1. That wasn’t rambling! It was a good comment hahaha. Interesting thought that Tobi might not actually love Colette! I mean it’s possible for sure. Right now he still feels like he loves her, he’s just bored with her. Anna is new and exciting XD

      But he should definitely be taking Colette out, not Anna :-/


  12. Ah Tobi, stop trying to justify your actions. If you knew in your heart that Colette would be fine with it and you were doing nothing wrong, then you’d have no issues telling her the WHOLE situation in the first place.

    I think it’s good he’s finding someone to talk to, but I think he’s in massive denial right now. Let’s hope some talking between Colette and him start soon (either good or bad), just so they start to acknowledge to each other there is a problem, and not just to themselves 🙂

    I have high hopes that they will eventually figure things out. Their love for each other is very special 😀

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    1. He is most definitely in denial! I hope they’re able to start talking too! They are such a special couple. Writing this whole thing hurts haha. We’ll see what happens… :-/


  13. At least him staying out late has gotten him and Colette to actually talk, even if it is fighting, lol. Maybe it’s the push they need to start airing out their problems rather than continuing to ignore each other?

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  14. Okay, probably should’ve asked while I was reading the arc about Josh, but i didn’t, and I’m asking now (I done goofed) How did you make the emails? With what I’m currently writing, my sims only contact with her landlord is through Emails, simply because he’s “Old fashioned” and only has an old desk top and hardly comes out of his apartment room

    Also, Tobi, I swear child if you mess this up…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I actually wrote those emails in real Gmail (I made fake email addresses for my characters! Haha) and took a screenshot of my browser 🙂

      And yeah, Tobi is playing with Fire right now… gah!


  15. Tobi better check out the training room. Anna may have set up a hidden camera. She may be planning to film a “massage” and sell it to one of those porn sites. We already know what she hopes to massage.

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  16. Oh my gosh! Tobi!!! Your not the rocket scientist of the family but you can’t be that dense….can you? 😂 Tobi really needs to go out and really talk to his WIDE about his feelings and that way she can express hers as well so they can get past this before he does something stupid…..Ugh!

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