4.10: Sneaky

Ever since we were little kids, Clara’s always been what I guess you could call the ‘sneaky’ one – Trying to catch me doing something embarrassing that she can tease me about, or doing something I shouldn’t be doing so she can threaten to tell my parents… She doesn’t do it nearly as often as she used to. But it still makes me kind of mad to think about how she used to treat me.

And now it looks like it might be her turn.

Now, normally I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing with Clara… She doesn’t have to get “caught” doing anything, really. My Tante gets in enough trouble on her own (though to be honest, my Oma and Opa are pretty laid-back about most things).

But this time, she’s definitely hiding something.

06-25-16_10-31-58 PM

For the past two weeks, she’s barely been home. And that’s not 100% unusual, I guess. She does spend a lot of time with Lena, and as long as she has her phone with her and makes it home in time for dinner, my Oma and Opa don’t really mind. I’ve never really thought much of it, to be honest.

Not until this afternoon.

Joel and I were warming up before practice trying to decide which movie we’d go see with Mei tonight. We still hadn’t reached an agreement when I saw Lena walking by on her way home. I remembered Clara saying she and Lena went to see Moonight Massacre III last weekend, and I never did get a chance to ask if it was any good…

06-25-16_9-45-44 PM 06-25-16_9-55-21 PM 06-25-16_9-59-27 PM 06-25-16_10-01-04 PM 06-25-16_10-01-44 PM

But when I asked her about it, Lena just looked at me like I had two heads or something. “Sorry, never seen it.” She said. “I hate all that blood and guts crap.”

06-25-16_10-03-24 PM 06-25-16_10-03-48 PM

It just doesn’t make any sense. I’m sure that’s where Clara said she was. Oma and Opa caught her red-handed coming home past midnight last Saturday – I could hear them lecturing her about it as soon as she walked through the door.

06-25-16_10-48-37 PM

“Guess I lost track of the time.” She told them. And then she said she’d been at the movies with Lena.

06-25-16_10-53-35 PM

But… Wouldn’t Lena remember? Could it all be some kind of misunderstanding? And if it isn’t… Why would Clara lie about where she was last weekend?

I’ve been so distracted all night. I just can’t stop thinking about it. I barely even paid attention to the movie.

Not that Mei and Joel even noticed. They didn’t pay any attention either, really…

06-25-16_10-16-18 PM 06-25-16_10-18-38 PM

Ugh. That just made things even worse. They’re usually so good when I’m around… Trying not to make me feel like the third wheel, know what I mean? But they still slip sometimes.

And I’ll be honest – It’s hard not to get a little jealous.

Now, I don’t mean jealous of Mei or anything. Joel’s like another Bruder to me. And he and Mei are perfect for each other. It’s just that…

Okay, this is so embarrassing. But I just really wish I had a boyfriend. I always wonder what it might be like having someone to love you, and make you feel special. Someone to spend all your time with…

06-25-16_10-59-55 PM 06-25-16_10-59-09 PM

Oh my God.

That’s it. Isn’t it? How come I didn’t realize it before?

Clara’s obviously been off seeing someone. And it sounds like it wasn’t Lena…

So it’s gotta be a guy. That has to be it!

06-25-16_10-32-43 PM

I just don’t understand why. That’s the only part that doesn’t make sense. Why be so sneaky? So secretive? I doubt my Oma or Opa would care if she had a boyfriend…

I know, I know — I’m kind of jumping to conclusions right now… I need to slow down. Maybe I’m reading way too much into this. It just really feels like something weird’s going on.

Too bad I’m not brave enough to ask Clara what it is.

06-25-16_10-35-50 PM


50 thoughts on “4.10: Sneaky

  1. Jocelyne and her suspicions, love it. Hope she finds someone. She’s got that right though! I think Clara is either unnecessarily sneaky about her boyfriend, or she knows perfectly well that it’s someone her family would hate. Criminal record? An older guy? Thoughts, thoughts…

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    1. Hehehe we will see why she’s hiding him very soon! And I hope Joce finds someone too! 🙂 She is such a sweet girl


      1. Well, I can’t really think of any other drama she could get into. Clara…her drama could be anything. But Joce…she seems like she’d be less likely to get into dramatic situations. So I’m guessing her drama could have something to do with her want for a boyfriend.

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  2. Awww, come on Joce. Let’s let her know what we know.

    Here’s a subtle thing here. Now, of course, I don’t have children or even have to deal with children, so I have no idea what I would do in this situation. However, I think it’s funny that Mari is lecturing Clara on being out too late when she knows how she felt when her parents lectured her (back in the days when they used to try to fix her LOL). You would think (because clearly Clara is a lot like her) that she would take a different approach to get better results. But…I guess it’s like a heat of the moment thing.

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    1. (Hahaha very nice lyric :P)

      You do make a good point about Mari! Hahaha I feel like her “mother instincts” have fully taken over at this point in her life. Not like she’s forgotten her past (it will literally haunt her until her dying day haha she will never forget!) but I feel like when stuff like this happens, she’s in full mom-mode and isn’t thinking all that deeply, just a general “OMG where were you?! We were worried sick!” type of thing 😛 (Plus Clara is only 16. She was 19-20. A small difference, of course, but a highschooler being out so late is a little different than a legal adult being out so late, I think!)

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    2. I actually don’t think Mari and Clara are all that similar. Mari was all about partying and sleeping with a bunch of guys, while Clara is going out to see her boyfriend.

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      1. Just because they did different things doesn’t mean they’re different. That’s like looking at a set of twins eating ice cream. One is eating chocolate and the other is eating vanilla and you saying they’re very different because of the ice cream lol.

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  3. I love Joce more and more every chapter. I hope she finds a good, sweet, loving boyfriend when she’s ready for one ❤

    And she's smart to figure out what Clara is up to. Personally, I have a feeling it might be an older guy and that's why she's hiding their relationship. Or maybe he's one of her teachers or something. Or someone who is into some 'funny' *cough* illegal *cough* business. Hmmm, could be anything.

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    1. I’m so glad you love Joce! ^_^ I love her too. And as for Clara… We’ll see pretty soon what’s going on with that guy of hers hahaha.


    1. Hahaha I didn’t make it, I found it on the gallery 🙂 I’m a very crappy builder 😛 But I’m glad you liked the one I found 😀


  4. See? I was right! This boyfriend is very suspicious. Clara strikes me as the kind of girl who would chase after abusive boyfriends. (I really hope that that isn’t the case.)

    I think you should conspire with Luc and get him to ask Clara… Then if she refuses to spill, tell your parents. Because I don’t trust this boyfriend. The fact that she isn’t telling her parents just PROVES the fact that he is no good for her.

    Love the update, though the cimemar was a bit bare, lol XD

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    1. Hahaha yeah, no one else arrived to the theater when I was screenshotting, randomly 😛 I guess it wasn’t a very popular film 😛

      I like your idea of having Luc talk to Clara but we’ll see… Joce is definitely concerned. The question now is, should she be?

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  5. Aww Joce you’ll get the man of your dreams! I really thought Joce and Joel would end up together but he’s already with Mei? No!! 😦 I mean Joce and Joel sound so cute! LOL I’m being all dreamy girly girly right now! Let’s get back to the story… hmmm why IS Clara being so sneaky?
    a. Her bf is really evil, has a criminal record (like someone up there mentioned already) and does drugs
    b. He’s too old for her, like let’s say he’s 35?
    c. Clara doesn’t want ppl to know that she’s in love becoz her bff Lena (and probably evey one else at school will make fun of her!)

    I’m guessing it’s option ‘c’. I can’t wait to know what it really is, tho!

    PS: I think the picture of an angry looking Clara (which is also your avi on the forums) probably means that there’s going to be a confrontation between her and Joce in the near future! And it’s not going end very well! Oh I smell drama! Haha thanks for the spoiler! 😝

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    1. Hahahaha yeah sorry, no Joce and Joel 😛 Joel is like a brother to Joce, and they love each other in a very non-romantic way hehe.

      Interesting theories about why Clara might be hiding her bf… we’ll see soon! (I did laugh at the 35 thing though. That’s a bit extreme XD)

      And as for my avatar, we’ll see 😛

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      1. My ex boyfriend was actually 12 years older than me. We got together when I was 19 and he was 31. But 16 to 35 is a bit extreme 😛


  6. Haha I loved that picture of a confused Jocelyne, right after having talked to Lena. (Btw one of my friends’ is named Lena :P).
    Congrats to Jocelyne for working that out about Clara! She deserves a medal!
    I am also wondering why all the secrecy about her boyfriend. Why not just come clean to her parents? The only reason I can think of is that it’s an older guy. Probably someone who’s finished with High School already. Possibly working in the music industry. Someone she would see as cool and laid back. I can definitely see a confrontation between Jocelyne and Clara at some point, despite how much Jocelyne would probably stay away from it. But I’m positive that at some point it will be too much for her and she will confront Clara.

    I really love Jocelyne. She’s such a sweet and innocent girl, with her mind on guys and movie love. I can really see her falling for the first guy that shows her any real attention and then getting burned by it, like Nora. But hopefully she will get back on the horse again.

    As for Clara, I could totally see her be a professional writer some day. Her blog is amazing, and I have a feeling she’s got tons of followers. She’s great at writing so that would be something she could take to the next level and actually write books!

    Great chapter 😀

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    1. Jocelyne is very smart hehehe She did some good detective work! 😛

      I find your predictions about Jocelyne’s future very interesting! And Clara’s too! 😀 We’ll see in time what happens…

      And we will also see what’s going on with Clara’s BF and how Joce deals with her suspicions. 🙂 Drama is coming 😛 Hehehehe

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          1. I definitely think Jocelynne will fall for some kind of ‘bad boy’ eventually because she’s just too adorably innocent for your legacy :p And I feel like there might be some Clara/Joce boy drama at some point. Or just major Joce drama and Clara is the one to pull her through it. Something like that. At first I even thought Joce might get knocked up by the same guy who messed with Nora, like he was going on a get-random-young-girls-pregnant-spree, but then I remembered that those storylines are way off in timing so he’d probably be like fifty by now :p not that that’s not possible of course… But yeah, just some ideas haha

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  7. I find it interesting that with all this speculation, no one else has suggested that Clara might have been with Lena all that time… just not at the movies…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Great! Looking forward to know who this man is and how on earth did he attract someone like Clara since she doesn’t seem to be the type to fall for a man easily or is she?? 😛

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  8. I know the feeling of being the third wheel Joce, it’s very awkward XD
    I loved this chapter so much and I’m interested to see if she is going to go into detective mode at all…hmm 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ooh, good deduction on Joce’s part! And I totally felt bad for her when she mentioned the third-wheeling. I must admit I wasn’t particularly excited by the prospect of Joce being the heiress at first, but she’s totally grown on me, she might even be becoming my favourite. She’s so relatable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I’m glad you feel that way! ^_^ I love Joce (though Clara is my favorite. I will not deny that haha). She is calmer and more sensible than any other heir so far haha I enjoy writing her a lot!


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