4.7: Enough

Okay. I really need a minute to vent here.

I hate complaining. I do. But this is really getting on my nerves. And I figure whining about it in my journal would be a lot better than having a Clara-style meltdown in front of my family.

So anyway, we finally got our scripts at rehearsal the other day, and I’ve been so eager to start memorizing my lines. I’ve never had this many before, so it’s a little nerve-wracking. I really don’t want to mess this up, so I’ve kinda dived right in.

06-24-16_8-58-13 PM

Thankfully Clara’s been out of the house a lot lately doing who-knows-what (probably terrorizing Windenburg with Lena), so I don’t have to deal with her blasting her music at all hours of the day and night.

Unfortunately, my Bruder has decided to step in and take her place.

06-24-16_9-03-14 PM

He needs to practice for his band. I understand that. I mean, that concert down at the coffee shop was proof enough that they have a lot of work to do (please don’t ever tell him I said that). But does he have to be so LOUD when he’s practicing? My bedroom’s around the corner from his, and I can still hear every single note. And it’s even worse when Florian’s here.

I’ve tried asking them to keep it down, and they always promise they will, but it never really gets any better. Do you know how impossible it is to concentrate with all that noise?

06-24-16_9-14-59 PM

So today I finally decided I’d had enough. I went to maman and Papa and told them what was going on, and you’ll never guess what happened…

They told me if I had a problem with it, I should be the one to move! Are they for real?

06-24-16_9-35-01 PM

Maman made some excuse about Luc having a lot of equipment to move, and Papa tried to convince me that “getting some fresh air” would be nice for focusing or something. Can you believe it? They just smiled and shrugged it off like it was no big deal.

I was so mad. But I didn’t want a fight.

So now I’m just sitting out back here watching Gus play on the monkey bars. I tried practicing my lines for a little while, but I was too upset to focus. So I went inside and grabbed my journal.

06-24-16_10-04-21 PM

I know it’s silly to get so worked-up about it. I just feel like Luc and Clara are always walking all over me. And I don’t think they always mean to either. I just don’t like speaking up about stuff like this. I don’t like starting fights or causing drama, so usually I just keep my mouth shut. But not them – they’re never afraid to say what they think. And usually I just suck it up and go along with it.

But now the one time I decide to say something to my parents, they side with Luc over me.

06-24-16_10-06-15 PM

It just doesn’t seem fair.

Oh well.

At least it’s a beautiful day.

40 thoughts on “4.7: Enough

    1. With this story, you never can tell 😛 For now, Joce is just annoyed in general. She’s always been the quiet/kinda-overlooked one, poor thing 😦


  1. Aww. I have a sister, so I know the feeling of ‘how the f are they getting away with it?’

    (Also I started my own WordPress and legacy challenge. It’s a dramatic thing like yours and the Thoreaus, and I’m super excited!).

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    1. Are you on the sims forums? That’s an awesome place to advertise your new story! There’s a thread called the Writers’ Lounge in the TS4 Stories & Legacies section that’s an awesome place to talk to other writers. Even if you write a TS3 story (not sure which game you use haha).

      Sorry, I get excited plugging those forums haha because they’re really awesome 😀


      1. I am on the forums, under RL. I use TS4 (I’m on Mac and from what I hear about TS3 it just wouldn’t work for me). Thank you for recommending the thread! I’m having a bit of trouble with it though, because my founder may just be a little too unlikeable. She’s a bit of a brat, to say the least…

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      2. Oh, during my rereading I just found this comment and that is such a useful tip (even though it wasn’t directed at me haha)! Thanks anyway, I might go and see if it will help finding some more readers for my own story 🙂

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        1. Oooh sonnie! I’d love it if you joined the forums haha I’m pretty active there, and I even have an Ashes to Ashes thread where we discuss my story and stuff. It’d be fun to have you there! 😀 And there is a thread called the Writers’ Lounge where lots of SimLit writers interact/share advice/get to know each other. Sorry, I’m just saying I’d be excited to see you there 😛 So if you DO pop by the lounge, I might greet you very enthusiastically haha


  2. Jocelyne! Hahaha ‘At least it’s a beautiful day!’ It’s okay, I understand your need to vent. I think your parents were just a little unfair. I feel like that too when I’m annoyed. But then I generally sulk. You’re a bigger person than me! But it’s okay that you are annoyed.

    And with your siblings walking all over you? My advice to you is to do super well in that play then you will have an excuse to steal all the attention! (Actually, I’ve never lived with siblings my own age so I can’t really give advice!)

    I love this update! Mad Jocelyne is so much calmer than other mad characters in any story. It’s very refreshing!

    Jocelyne is definitely my favourite character of this whole legacy.

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    1. Haha I’m glad you connect with Jocelyne so much ^_^ She is very calm and soft spoken, even when angry, it’s true! Haha

      Tobi and Colette were perhaps a bit unfair. I think from their point of view, it’s harder for Lucas and Florian to move (since they’d have to move all of their equipment) and they can’t go outside because they need to plug in their instruments, but they’d need a space with enough room for them, so their options are limited. For Jocelyne, she just needs to move herself and her script, so it’s a much simpler solution for her to move.

      Of course, they could have listened more to her side of things and been a bit more sympathetic. But they aren’t perfect parents XD

      Jocelyne has a bit of bitterness/resentment toward Lucas and Clara that’s definitely coming out in this chapter… Hopefully it will go away as she gets older/matures (and hopefully they’ll stop walking all over her. Like you said, maybe the play will help ^_^)

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      1. It was easier for Tobi and Colette to say that come to think of it. And given their current predicament, I’m surprised they agreed with each other at all! Or maybe they just didn’t want to fight. And yes, she does, I remember when we first met them and they had that football card and Jocelyne wanted to be good and not hide in their parents room. And I’m sure it will get better as she gets older, more often than not, it does! 🙂

        (And on a sidenote, I have been fretting over #TeamToco whenever Ashes to Ashes springs to mind. You write it so well I might cry if it sinks. I’m not trying to emotionly blackmail you BTW!)

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        1. I’m glad I’m not being blackmailed XD I am flattered that you’re so invested in my characters and their relationships. That means so much ^_^ Tomorrow is another Tobi chapter, so we’ll be getting another update on their situation soon!

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  3. Just a short comment because my dinner is on the stove and I don’t want it to burn but Joce, girl, I feel you and I still love you. She’s my favorite character in the entire legacy ❤

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  4. I hadn’t realized it was the middle of the day when she was complaining.

    Sorry, Joce, I’m siding with your parents on this one – at least on the day you chose to complain, you shouldn’t be all cooped up inside your bedroom. Now, if you complained more often and they knew it was a constant thing, perhaps they’d make the boys practice out in the garage in the future. Speak up, girl! You’re making yourself miserable by not talkin—-oh, nevermind, sigh, you’re a Rosebrook. You’re doomed.

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    1. Oh no, I laughed at that last part. So true, unfortunately 😛

      I think you’re right that, if she made it known this was an ongoing issue, her parents would be more likely to take her side. But Joce doesn’t like ruffling feathers 😛

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  5. Ah, teenagers. EVERYTHING is unfair.

    It seems like the quiet, bookish Jocelyne isn’t as sweet as people would think. It’s a little on the selfish side to expect her brother to haul all of his equipment downstairs and out of the house when all she has to do is pick up her script and find a sunny spot outside or curl up on the living room couch. Still, she’s a teenager and most people her age have that streak, so I definitely don’t hold it against her.

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    1. Good observation! There’s definitely a little selfishness coming into play on Joce’s part here haha she’s not perfect, that’s for sure 😉 But she’s also a teenager, like you said 😛

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  6. Hahah! I love the last line “Oh well at least it’s a beautiful day”! I just feel Jocelyne is so positive that even after a rant she has to add something nice! ;D ! Guess she doesn’t take from her grandma!
    I’m just a bit confused, when Lettie and Tobi said to move, did they mean houses or just rooms? Because if they meant houses that would be a bit extreme!
    I’m happy that for now Auggy stays out of the fights and he’s still the neutral cheerful boy! #TeamAuggyalltheway!

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    1. Hahaha don’t worry, they meant move rooms ^_^ And yes, Jocelyne tries her best to be positive whenever possible. But she definitely slips sometimes…

      And I’m glad you love Auggy! 🙂

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  7. I think her brother (and even aunt) needs a nice soundproof room XD
    I’m glad both her parents agreed on what Jocelyne should do (even if it was unfair to her, but I understand their reasoning). At least it shows Tobi and Colette are in agreement on parenting (probably due to a lot of experience XD), so at least there is some sense of normality, while they are dealing with their own issues.
    I can see where Joce is coming from, but also her parents. It would be good if she said what she thought in her diary to her parents and let them realise she almost feels abandoned in a sense, but I highly doubt her doing that 😉 At least the diary is helping her release her anger and disappointment (at least for the moment… :P) I’m glad she’s still able to look on the bright side of things. I can imagine if it were Clara in the same situation she would be much more vocal LMAO! XD
    As a side note, I’m the kind of person who can’t concentrate in open spaces and I need a small and quiet space to study and do whatever needs to get done. Luckily Joce doesn’t seem like that kind of person, but I’m sure if it was really important and she was like me, her parents may have made Luc and Florian stay quiet for a few hours and split the time between them or something. It’s interesting how different people sometimes need certain conditions to be able to concentrate 🙂
    Also, question: Did Joce ask her parents if the boys could move? Because all it seems she said was that they were being loud and if they could maybe quieten down a bit more or stop for a while so she could have some time to study her lines? The only mention of moving was when her parents said, “I should be the one to move!”, so maybe she did ask? Just wondering 🙂 If that was indeed the case then I completely understand the boys not being able to move. That would be VERY difficult XD
    Another great chapter. It was also funny to see that Joce was in agreement that they certainly needed the practice LOL!

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    1. Soundproof rooms might help, yes! Hahahaha 😛 And yup, on a parenting-level, Tobi and Colette are still very “in sync”, if you know what I mean 🙂 It’s each other that they’re out of sync with, unfortunately 😦

      And she did ask them to make Lucas move haha good catch with the way the response was worded (that she should be the one to move). Perhaps if she worded it differently she would have gotten a different response!


      1. Yeah 😦 I hope everything works out for them in the end, but knowing you…who knows 😉 XD Even if they ended up being great friends, I’d still be happy. I love them as a couple, but sometimes people change. I’m interested in finding out what is going on with those two eventually 🙂

        Ahh, thanks for letting me know 🙂 Yep! I think she was probably too frustrated to think rationally at that point in how to express herself XD

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        1. We’ll see what happens with ToCo… I can’t say much at this point haha. We will get Colette’s POV in a few chapters that will help give her side of things. But mostly it’s a case of kinda “growing apart” over the years and feeling bored with each other 😦 Poor things. It breaks my heart! I’m cruel. Haha

          Thanks so much for reading 🙂


      2. Haha! I feel sorry for them too, but it makes the story interesting 😛
        I’m looking forward to reading Colette’s POV 😀
        Maybe seeking some therapy could help….even of the sexual kind XD 😛 😉

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  8. I was kind of surprised with her parents reaction too. What is wrong with rehearsal room away from the house? Or they could have a basement room built for it. They could at least meet Jocelyn in the middle not send her away. I sympathize with Jocelyn about this, since there’s a rehearsing studio across the street from where I live and I can still hear their drummer when they practice. 🙂 Can’t imagine what it must be like have a band in the house. I wouldn’t be able to focus on anything either.

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    1. That doesn’t sound like a fun place to live hahaha

      Building a room would be a good long term solution. But for the short term, it was just easier for her to move, from her parents’ POV. But I see how they could have been a little more sensitive 🙂


  9. Aww Joce my girl! 😢 I don’t like starting fights either! Why are we so much alike? It’s getting creepier with every chapter. I’m seeing my personality being personified in your story. WOW 😍

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    1. Hahaha that’s awesome! I love that you can relate to her so much! 😀 Maybe I am secretly channeling your personality into my story? 😮 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha Jocelyne appreciates the sympathy! Also, thank you so much for reading and commenting on my story! I appreciate it a lot! 😀


        1. That is very sweet of you to say, thank you! You don’t have to comment, just knowing you’re reading and enjoying makes me happy! ^_^


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