Interlude: Not About You

Stefan rubbed his sweating palms on his pant legs as a forced laugh passed his lips. He hadn’t even been paying attention to the story his stepfather was telling, but when he heard the chorus of laughter that filled the living room, Stefan decided to follow suit. In truth, he’d barely been paying attention to any of the conversations going on around him all evening. There was just too much on his mind…

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Before long, Stefan realized as he looked around at his family’s smiling faces, this will all be over. Gone. A month or two from now, his family would likely be sitting in this very room once more, laughing and smiling together. But he wouldn’t be.

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Where will I be instead? Stefan wondered.  Maybe he’d be in Josh’s living room, surrounded by his half-siblings. Or at Hadley’s, chatting with Josh’s siblings or cousins. Or maybe alone at his apartment in Willow Creek, thousands of miles away from the people he loved most in the entire world.

For a moment, he felt like he was going to be sick. Or worse, begin to cry. Neither prospect seemed particularly appealing. You’re doing the right thing. He reminded himself firmly. Now you just need to get your shit together and TELL THEM already!

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Before he even realized what he was doing, Stefan found himself on his feet. “There’s something I need to tell you.” The words burst from his lips, abruptly interrupting his twin as he shared a story with the others. “Sorry.” He added quickly, his eyes flicking toward Tobi for a moment.

His brother simply raised an eyebrow curiously at him. Stefan could feel the eyes of the entire family, watching him and waiting expectantly for him to continue. Even the kids peeked over their shoulders from their cartoon, though they could not understand a word of the English he spoke. They must have noticed how quiet everyone got…

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Stefan tried as best he could to keep his voice calm as he spoke. “I got a really good job offer.” He said, forcing a smile. “And I think I’m gonna take it.”

The silence in the living room was soon replaced by excited cheers and congratulations. Mari practically leapt from the couch and pulled her son into a tight squeeze. “Finally!” She cried, laughing softly. “I’m so proud of you, honey.”

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“Thanks.” He replied weakly as his mother pulled away from him and the rest of the family took turns sharing their well-wishes.

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As soon as things had settled back down, the inevitable questions began… and that unpleasant twisting sensation in Stefan’s stomach quickly returned.

“So what kind of job is it, Stefan?” Jonas asked his stepson kindly.

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“Uh, research…” He said, his voice flat. Stefan could already feel his heartrate begin to increase. “Genetic research, actually. For a biotechnology company.”

Tobi’s eyes widened in amazement. “That sounds pretty fancy.” He laughed. “So what’s the job actually gonna be? What will you be doing?”

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“M-medical testing. Finding new drugs and treatments and stuff…”

“Oh honey, that sounds perfect for you!” His mother smiled brightly. “Do you know when you’ll be starting?”

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Stefan’s stomach was doing somersaults. “Probably in a month or so? I… need to figure out an apartment and stuff first.”

Over on the couch, he saw Josh’s brow begin to furrow, but his biological father remained silent.

“So… it’s not in the city?” Alex leaned forward as he spoke. Stefan did not like the look on his grandfather’s face.

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The young man just shook his head.

Stefan’s heart dropped as Josh cleared his throat and opened his mouth to speak. “Stefan… Where is this job, exactly?”

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He knows. Stefan realized. Of course he did. He’d been the one to give him Luc’s number, after all.

Fuck. There’s no point in lying, is there? They need to know… Shit… Shit… Fuck. Okay.

“In Riverview.” He said at a last, his voice very small. “I’m moving to Willow Creek.”

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“N-no you’re not.” Tobi’s voice finally broke the deafening silence. “You’re joking, right?”

Stefan shook his head. “It’s not a joke.”

“It has to be.” His brother insisted. “You’re not gonna leave.” Tobi’s voice shook slightly, though his smile did not fade.

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“That’s right.” Mari agreed, her voice icy and cold as she rose to her feet. “He’s not.”

Stefan felt his heart sink. “Mama…”

“Did you know about this?!” In an instant, Mari rounded on Josh. “You did, didn’t you?”

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Josh reeled back as if she’d physically struck him. “I swear, Mari, I had no idea!”

She ignored his words completely “You promised me you weren’t trying to take them away! And now look what you did!”

Stefan stepped forward as he spoke, his voice pleading. “Mama, Josh had nothing to do with this. I promise. This is about me, okay?”

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“This joke’s getting really old, Stefan.” Tobi was on his feet as well. “You’re not going anywhere.”

“You don’t really want to leave… Do you?” Colette asked softly. “What about your home? Your family?”

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“Apparently he doesn’t care about any of that anymore.” Mari glared daggers at her son. “I knew this would happen. I knew it.”

“What’s going on?” A little voice cried out before Stefan could reply. “Why’s everyone mad at Stefan?”

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The children’s questions fell on deaf ears.

“I think it’s great.” Alex called loudly over the commotion. The entire family turned to face him, wide-eyed. “It’s wonderful, Stefan.” He said sincerely.

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“You’re encouraging this?!” Mari snapped at her father.

“I’m happy too.” Jonas said with a small smile. “A little more notice would have been nice, but… I can tell this means a lot to you.”

Mari appeared dumbfounded. “Jonas what are you saying? You’re going to let him take our son?!” She pointed an accusing finger in Josh’s direction.

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“I am not taking him! I’m just as shocked as you are.”

Stefan could feel himself reaching the breaking point. “Will everyone just listen?! I’m doing this, okay? For me. And will you stop blaming Josh for everything, Mama? Jesus!”

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Mari opened her mouth to reply, but Tobi interrupted before she had a chance to speak.

“I just don’t understand why you think you have to go anywhere. This is happening way too fast.” His brother shook his head slowly. “You’re not leaving.”

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“What’s happening?! What’s happening?!”

Colette turned toward the children sadly. “Onkel Stefan hat gesagt er zieht weg.” She said. “Er hat in Amerika einen Job bekommen.”

06-06-16_9-30-21 PM

Aw, fuck. Stefan watched as Lucas, Jocelyne, and Clara’s eyes widened in surprise, then welled up almost instantly with tears.

“You can’t go Onkel Stefan! Don’t go!” Jocelyne wept and practically threw herself at him, squeezing him tightly around the waist.

“It’s not true.” Lucas sniffled, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. “Is it?”

06-06-16_9-34-42 PM

“If you’re leaving, I’m coming too!” Clara shrieked as tears ran down her cheeks. “This isn’t fair!”

Stefan felt his neck grow warm as a white-hot burst of anger began bubbling up inside of him. He reached down and pulled Jocelyne away from him with a bit more force than necessary. The little girl simply cried harder.

“Do you see what this is doing to your family?” His mother cried as Colette began comforting Clara and the twins.

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“Mari, stop.” Jonas said, placing a hand on his wife’s shoulder. “This isn’t helping.”

06-06-16_9-53-19 PM

“Maybe you are being a little bit too hasty about this, Stefan.” Jade finally spoke.

06-06-16_9-54-20 PM

Her husband shook his head. “This is what he wants. Trust me.” Alex assured her. “Leave him be.”

06-06-16_9-55-22 PM

“You can’t just pack up and leave.” Tobi said firmly. “Stefan, this is crazy.”

06-06-16_10-04-47 PM

Clara stomped her foot. “You can’t go away!”

06-06-16_10-08-06 PM

“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” Stefan bellowed. His entire body was trembling. “What the FUCK is wrong with you people?! Can’t you just be HAPPY for me for ONCE?! Guess what? This isn’t about any of you, okay?! This is about ME!” He narrowed his eyes as he stared at the shocked faces of his family. “You can cry and beg all you want, but I’m leaving. And if you can’t be happy for me, then FUCK YOU.”

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As soon as the cool night air hit his face, Stefan felt the dark fog of anger that had clouded his mind just moments before begin to melt away. He closed his eyes and took a few slow, deep breaths.

06-06-16_10-33-22 PM

Fuck. Stefan felt like he was going to be sick. Did I seriously just say that? He held his face in one of his hands for a moment. They probably hate my guts right now.

The young man let out a soft sigh as he headed down the front steps. On the bright side, now they probably can’t wait to get rid of me. He thought bitterly. Why can’t they understand?

06-06-16_10-34-10 PM

Stefan’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the opening front door behind him. Oh God. What now? He stopped walking and glanced uncertainly back toward the house.

06-06-16_10-35-27 PM

“I’m fine, Josh.” Stefan called out over his shoulder. “Just leave me alone, okay?”

“I remember one time when I was a teenager, I royally blew up at my mom and step-father.” Stefan could hear Josh’s steps on the stairs as he drew closer to him. “I can’t remember exactly what I said, but I made a real ass out of myself before storming out of the house. I moved out after that to live with my father.” Josh stood beside him now. “It was months before my relationship with my mom was close to what it used to be – and I only moved across town. You need to go back inside, Stefan.”

06-06-16_10-37-21 PM

He shook his head. “I can’t. What the Hell can I even say to them now? I don’t think I’ve ever lost it that bad before… and especially not in front of the kids…” Stefan felt his cheeks redden in embarrassment at the memory. “And even if I do go in and apologize, what difference is it gonna make?” His tone was suddenly bitter. “They’re just gonna keep giving me a hard time about moving until they set me off again. I’m sorry about what happened when you were younger. And I get what you’re trying to say… But this is different.”

06-06-16_10-36-35 PM

“Except that it isn’t. Go back in, apologize. Talk to them. Explain why you’re doing this. Can’t you understand why they’re freaking out?” Josh sighed. “You’ve just dropped an enormous bombshell on them with no notice. It’s not like you’re moving a few hours away – you’re moving across the world in less than a month.”

06-06-16_10-38-31 PM

“I know.” Stefan’s voice was pained. “And I know I should have told them sooner. But if I did, they would’ve tried to talk me out of it. I know they would.” He explained. “And honestly, it probably would have worked. So I decided not to give them that chance… But now I fucked it all up.” He hung his head, staring down at the pavement beneath his feet.

06-06-16_10-39-44 PM

Josh walked over to him and squeezed his shoulder. “You haven’t fucked it all up.” He smiled kindly. “They’re your family. They love you. Families forgive. Just talk to them.”

Stefan said nothing for several long moments as he considered Josh’s words. I’m gonna have to go back in there eventually. He realized. Might as well get it over with. But what could he possibly say? Could they really forgive him that easily? And could he forgive them?

Only one way to find out…

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Thank you to JoieWilder for writing all of Josh’s dialogue and actions in this chapter.


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  1. Whew. #TeamJosh saving the day. I like that Jonas was understanding too, and of course, we all know why Grandpa was understanding of it all he went through it. I kind of want to see Alex take up for him and maybe help Mari get it.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I think Alex will definitely be defending Stefan’s decision, because he understands better than anyone! This one was so intense to write hahahahaha

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  2. Mari blames Josh just like I thought she would and it turns out that Josh himself most likely saved that situation from getting worse by getting Stefan to go back in and talk to them calmly. I get that they are upset and they’re not rational at this point but at the same time, they need to see how unhappy Stefan has been and understand why he needs to do this. He’s not moving away for some frivolous reason – it’s a very good job offer, one he will never find in Windenburg. Tobi’s reaction surprised me the most because I thought he would have been more supportive of his brother but I can see why he would flip out upon finding out Stefan would be moving to another country which means they will never live together again or see each other every day. And Clara is one hilariously spoiled child. Everything is ‘not fair’ to her. LOL. Can’t wait to see teenaged Clara in action! She will give Mari a taste of what Alex and Jade had to go through. 😀

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    1. I had a feeling Tobi might surprise some people! He is really struggling with the thought of not seeing his best friend everyday, like you said. And I think he’s hurt that Stefan waited so long to tell him too.

      Everyone needs time to process this. Even Mari night calm down a bit once she’s gotten over her initial shock 😛

      And yeah, Clara is something else 😉 She’s one of my favorite characters hahahahha

      Thank you for reading! 😀

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    1. This was a very emotional one. I totally understand! Stefan finally has his chance at happiness and it feels like his family doesn’t support him. 😦 It’s a very upsetting situation for him!

      Thank you for reading!

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  4. Now I knew mari would flip but tobi? I feel like tobi is being selfish. He has everything, fame, love, family just as Stefan says and he wants his brother to stay so he can see him all the time even if he is unhappy. Now that’s not fair. I understand why Stefan flipped. But I still hope the family can be supportive in the end.

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    1. I knew Tobi’s reaction would surprise some people hahaha. He is being kind of selfish right now, it’s true. But he’s not really thinking straight at the moment. He just got told that his twin and best friend will be moving 5,000 miles away, so he is feeling shocked and sad and upset right now.

      I think everyone can calm down eventually. But they need some time. And unfortunately Stefan didn’t give them much XD

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      1. Oh I totally get why tobi would be sad (forgot to say that) Stefan is his twin after all. But tobi just saying “you’re not leaving” leaves a bad taste in my mouth


        1. Tobi is basically in denial. I don’t know if this helps haha, but the “you’re not leaving” isn’t saying “I forbid this, you can’t go”, but rather “no, you’re not serious. You’re not going. It’s not true.” Hahahaha. Well either way it wasn’t a great reaction, so I get it!

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  5. Wow so intense! It happened a lot like i thought it would. And it was great to hear Josh talk about his outburst when he was a teenager. What a great flashback 😀 i hope Stefan gets to make up with his family. It is so important to him. Especially now that he is to move half way across the world.
    His family just needs to realize, just like Stefan said, that this isn’t about them. It’s about him and his chance to be happy for once. I get that it sucks for them and that they are gonna miss him terribly, but for once they should be happy for him. I don’t blame the kids though. They don’t know any better 😉

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    1. Hopefully time will help them realize it! We’ll see… And it was very nice to have Josh make that reference to his big blow up at Hadley and Carter 😀


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    1. Yeah, Tobi is majorly in shock right now! He’s being selfish and thinking of himself right now, rather than the big picture. 😦


  7. I’m so glad he went back in!!! That’s a first (I think) for Rosebrooks! Returning to the fray to continue a conversation instead of running off.

    And yay for Stefan! I know this is hard for you (and you didn’t help by waiting so long) but you have to try it out at least to see if you like it. Hopefully your family will get their act together so you can leave with your head held high!

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  8. MARI! MARI! MARI! How many times must we tell you? DO NOT yell in front of the kids! Why can’t you just be happy for your son for once? If you truly love him, you would be happy! This isn’t about you! Why can’t you go a chapter without blowing up in front of everyone! Why are you ALWAYS so selfish? Why can’t you let your son make his own decisions!? He’s an adult for goodness sake! And why can’t you just BE NICE to Josh? Why is it so hard to just BE NICE!? You married Jonas! Why haven’t you learnt that shouting isn’t the answer? Stop behaving like your daughter who doesn’t know better and shut up and smile! Why can’t you smile? And why are you making assumptions about Josh? You sound like a four year old! ‘Oh, I hate you, you stole my friend!’ It would be much easier for all of you if you were JUST NICE!

    (I’m really sorry for that outburst, Citizen, I loved the update as I always do, but sometimes Mari really irks me. And I think I should probably let this out of my system instead of simmering for hours. Actually, I love the intense chapters and dramas, but sometimes, I’m just like, Why can’t you all be nice? And then I realise that if they were all nice I wouldn’t read Ashes to Ashes as enthusiastically because I just love all the drama!)

    And I love Josh and Jonas and Alex in this chapter. They were all amazing. I’m sure Tobi will be happy for Stefan when he gets over the shock.

    I do think Stefan’s shouting is justified in this chapter, because I am not a hot-head, but I would yell just as badly if my mother was behaving like Mari. I would feel betrayed and really really hurt. Then I would cry for days. So Stefan’s actions are justified, I just wish he wouldn’t swear in front of the kids. They will grow up swearing if they hear it at home. A little swear on and off is ok, but not as frequently as Mari or Stefan in this update. Which would be sad.

    Anyway, rant over. I’m really sorry if I’ve offended you, Citizen. I will forgive Mari after one or two updates. Because I do actually love her. Just not her actions! 😀

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    1. Hahahaha maybe a BIT harsh… Her son is moving over 8,000 kilometers away in less than a month. Who wouldn’t be upset at that news? I also must disagree when you say that Mari doesn’t really love Stefan. Her children are her entire world. She would die for them. If she didn’t love him, she’d WANT him to leave! 😛

      Of course she overreacted horribly (this IS Mari, after all!), but I think she deserves a little sympathy here. Just my opinion of course!

      I am so excited for Gen 4 where Mari barely does anything XD it will give me and her a break 😛

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      1. Yes, that was a bit harsh, I realise that now. I was just frustrated, that’s all, because if i was Stefan, this would be huge news, and I would want my parents to be happy for me. And no, I didn’t mean that Mari doesn’t love her kids (I am full aware that she would die for them , as you said, So sorry if it came across wrong, my bad!), I just meant that, because she loves Stefan so much, she should at least try to be happy for him! But, yes, this is Mari, so why did I even bother to hope for a calm reaction? :p And, yes, very valid point, that anyone would be upset, so Mari does have some justification, but it was her anger that irked me! So yes, she does deserve some sympathy, but after a long time of being, why can’t you smile? just to people around me, I wasn’t prepared to give it to her until I let my frustration out! But now I have, I can sympathise with her (although I will never agree with her yelling and swearing in front of the kids) a little more, I am totally #teamhugMari. Me yelling isn’t the answer. I need to show Mari some love! And yes, Gen 4! Can’t wait! (Not just because of Mari, but I’m looking forward to the new characters and plotlines and drama! 🙂 )

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  9. …Well then.

    Also, I really want to strangle Mari (and a bit of Tobi, also). The things she said and the way she’s acting brought back some horrible recent memories of my own mother and how she acted over something. :/


    1. I’m sorry this brought back bad memories for you. 😦 Mari is definitely overreacting… Though I can’t imagine it’s easy finding out your son (or twin brother) is moving over 5,000 miles away in less than a month. Just my opinion. Sorry this chapter upset you.

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  10. This is such a great chapter! As usual people that had a lot of strong reactions, and I felt for everyone in this chapter. Mari is being her worst self as usual, but Jonas will calm her down. Clara is going to be a trip as she gets older, I just know it. I can’t wait to see how Stefan’s last month his family’s home goes.

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    1. Thanks, I loved writing all the drama in this one! And I appreciate that you feel for all of them haha. This situation is basically awful for everyone involved, mostly because of Stefan’s poor timing 😛 I so feel the poor guy’s frustration though. He just wants support! Hopefully he’ll get it after people come down haha

      (And Clara!!!! Love her haha)

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  11. Speaking for Mari .. I can understand the pain of a momma’s heart. It would be very difficult if one of my kids came up and said they were moving that far away. And I know for a fact the “other” sisters would not be happy either! If she is like most mommas she will have a broken heart but come to accept it.

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    1. Yes, this is breaking her poor heart 😦 Of course, she’s expressing it horribly because she’s Mari 😛 But I appreciate that you understand her feelings!!! 🙂

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    1. They were fine with him leaving (even to another city) until they found out how far away it is. The distance and super-short notice is their issue, rather than the leaving itself


  12. I feel like everyone could’ve handled this a lot better… But of course, then it wouldn’t be the Rosebrook household :p
    Stefan definitely could’ve timed this better and not drop a bomb like that. But I understand he was nervous to tell them. Mari should learn to count to like, 100, befoee saying anything when she’s emotional. And Tobi… I think he needs some time to process it and then he’ll be more supportive.

    I do love that Stefan is moving to Newcrest. I feel like he’s never quite belonged in Windenburg and things might get better for him in a new environment.

    And also, major love for Alex, Josh and Jonas in this chapter ❤ those three are awesome

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    1. I love that advice for Mari! It made me laugh, but totally might help the poor thing, come to think of it!

      And yeah… It wouldn’t be the Rosebrooks if they handled things well… XD


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    1. Yeah, it sounds like Tobi surprised a lot of people! He is in major shock at the moment hahaha I’m glad Stefan has some support too! He needs some encouragement right now alongside all the freaking out going on around him haha

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  14. Cliffhanger!!! I so wanted to find out what happened next! Great chapter! I remember when I told my dad I was joining the Airforce and he reacted a lot like Mari, in fact he wouldn’t talk to me for days, but once I explained my reasons and needs for doing this, he understood and was hugely supportive. I see it being this way with Tobi and Mari, strangely enough I can’t see his younger sister forgiving him anytime soon, or maybe I’m wrong about that? I’m surprised by how many people are criticizing Tobi’s reaction. Give the guy a bit of time to process the information! It is his twin brother after all, and it’s the other side of the world! And I took his ‘you’re not leaving’ as not him telling his brother what to do, but more like him being in denial.
    This is the best thing for Stefan. I hope you’ll write the odd chapter of his life in Willow Creek once he moves there. I really really like Stefan. I’m a sucker for the lonely, don’t always fit in, type of characters who are still trying to find their way in life.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your personal story! I’m so glad that your dad came around and supported you… Hopefully Mari does too! I think it’s just hard for parents to accept their children leaving and growing up sometimes (I have no children of my own, but I’m using my imagination haha)

      And thanks! I’m glad you understood Tobi’s reaction well 😀 I’ll miss Stefan too 😦 I love him! I promise we will see him from time to time (though maybe not so much in Willow creek, more him visiting back home)


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    And Clara is such a sweetheart ready to go anywhere her brothers go.
    For some reason I absolutely love the picture of Josh when he goes after Stefan. There’s something moving about it. Good shot.
    And dammit, I would totally yell at all of them as Stefan did. I don’t blame the kids being sad and all, but the adults giving him such hell was too much. Almost everyone was so selfish, not for a moment thinking about what is good for Stefan. Not to mention that Stefan is an adult now. He can do whatever he wants without even telling them. Tobi disappointed me badly. He’s like a child that is about to lose his favourite toy. I thought long time ago that Stefan should move out for his own good. And I’m glad he’s doing it.


    1. Hahaha yeah everyone seems so surprised by Tobi in this one! I think they were all being kind of selfish too, but I also see why they were so upset. He didn’t give them any kind of warning, just “oh, by the way I am moving across the ocean in less than a month. Bye.” Hahahaha Not exactly the best time to give the family this news. They are shocked and sad right now. They used to see him every single day up until now, and now will probably see him maybe 2-3 times a year for the rest of their lives. It’s a big change! Especially for a family as close as the Rosebrooks.

      Of course, I would yell and be mad if I were Stefan too. He just wants his family to be happy for him (and they will, if he gives them time! Unfortunately they don’t have much hahaha). No one handled this well, including him. Because they wouldn’t be my Rosebrooks if they knew how to handle tough conversations 😀


      1. Given their family history of drama with Mari I really don’t blame Stefan for waiting this long to tell them. I wouldn’t have probably told them when Josh was visiting though. 😀


        1. Haha that probably wasn’t the most wise, but he wanted to tell Josh in person too.

          I think he should have told them way back when he first decided to apply for the job to give them all their chance to freak out and then get over it (because even Mari does get over things in time haha) so that by the time he actually got an offer, they’d be more universally supportive haha. But Stefan is terrified of leaving and feared they’d successfully talk him out of it, so he made the (in my mind) poor choice to wait haha

          He probably would have waited even longer if Josh wasn’t visiting XD


  16. Yes, Stefan!!! 😀 When he burst out with those few lines I was so happy – I didn’t think he needed to apologise. Finally someone stands up to The Family. They all live in the same house, in the same town — that sounds so frightening to me! I was really surprised again by how selfish they all seemed – maybe it’s a family trait. I know my family would be nothing but supportive if I announced I was moving to Australia or something hahaha. It really made me uncomfortable when they Tobi said, ‘You not going to leave,’ and Mari said, ‘That’s right. He’s not.’ Like, isn’t he in his thirties? Why on earth do they seem to think they can control someone’s life like that…

    I can’t wait for Stefan to get out of there – I think they all need a few years apart from each other, tbh! That kind of co-dependent house quarters surely can’t be healthy for them all.


    1. Haha Stefan and Tobi are only 23. Hardly in their 30s!

      I think it’s a matter of opinion and upbringing in this case. I mean, if a very family member said “hey, in less than a month I’m moving over 5,000 miles away. Bye!” I would be shocked and upset. I’d be more supportive later of course, but I don’t think my initial reaction would be all smiles!!!! Imagine the change of going from seeing someone every day to seeing them maybe twice a year. Haha I’m very close with my family like the Rosebrooks are, so I guess that’s clouding my perspective a bit 🙂

      Again, I respect your opinion, though I will still say my Rosebrooks are not bad people. They love each other so much (and it’s a legacy 😉 The heir has to live in the house haha)

      And, for clarification, Tobi’s “you’re not leaving” was not a command. It was disbelief. Like “No, I don’t believe you.” Not a demand for him to stay 🙂


  17. Kind of was surprised by Tobi’s reaction as well. Partially because the boys haven’t been close in a long time, so it’s weird to see Tobi actually WANT to be around Stefan. Haha.

    I’m routing for you, Stefan!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha even if they aren’t spending as much time together and stuff, I think it was just the shock of “oh my god, my brother is moving across the ocean?! No way. He can’t!” Things will never be the same between them if Stefan leaves, and he knows it 😦

      Liked by 1 person

        1. He does have children 🙂 (three of them, actually!) but I don’t have pictures of them because they only show up in one future chapter of mine as children (they exist in JoieWilder’s game), so I didn’t put them on the tree (maybe if I get pics of them as YAs I will though!)

          And noooooooo! You peeked 😦 there are massive, massive spoilers for the next two gens on that tree haha I really hope you didn’t pay attention to what you saw

          Liked by 1 person

  18. Planes exist, do they know that? 😀

    I feel really sorry for Stefan – I wasn’t expecting the family to be this unsupportive. I mean, I expected Mari to freak out, since she’s always been kind of selfish, but Tobi? That took me by surprise. I would expect him to be happy and proud and excited that Stefan got an amazing opportunity like that. Besides, he can always come back if things don’t go as good as expected.

    I hope they’ll come around. Poor Stefan has been living in the shadows for far too long.


    1. Yeah this was a hard one! I felt bad for him too 😦 Though in this case, it was less being unsupportive and instead being afraid of saying goodbye and letting him go.

      Liked by 1 person

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