Interlude: Disaster

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“Dinner was wonderful, Mrs. Rosebrook.” Josh smiled kindly at Jade from across the table. “Thank you.”

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“You’re very welcome.” She replied, returning his smile.

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Stefan had to suppress a chuckle as Tobi’s sigh of annoyance reached his ears. He peeked around Josh and watched as Jocelyne tugged sharply at her father’s sleeve, gazing up at him hopefully.

“Er hat gesagt, das Abendessen war sehr gut.” Tobi whispered to the little girl.

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She promptly passed the message along to her brother, who in turn muttered it across the table to Clara.

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Tobi had been acting as an interpreter for the kids the entire evening – every single word out of Josh’s mouth, the trio of six-year-olds had insisted on knowing. At first it was very cute, then a bit annoying, and now it was just plain funny.

Or at least, it was to Stefan. He was fairly certain his brother had never passed the “annoying” phase.

“All done?” Mari asked softly, appearing at Stefan’s side. Without waiting for a response, she leaned forward and reached across him, lifting the empty plate from the table.

Stefan nodded. “Thanks, Mama.” He muttered.

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Josh pushed back from the table, picking up his plate. “Can I help, Mari?”

“No, you can’t.” She reached forward and grabbed the plate from Josh’s hands with a bit more force than necessary. “Thanks.” Mari added, sounding anything but grateful.

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Josh’s brows furrowed into a slight frown as he lowered himself back into his chair. He looked back and forth between the twins helplessly. Tobi gave a small shrug of apology.

Stefan stared down at the table.

Overall, the dinner had gone much more smoothly than he’d been expecting. Of course, there was some initial awkwardness, at first – especially between Josh and Jonas. But everyone seemed to move past it fairly quickly.

Everyone except Mari.

She’d barely spoken the entire meal, and Stefan was fairly certain she hadn’t made eye contact with Josh, even once. He’d been waiting the entire meal, hoping and hoping that things would get better. But they never did.

“So, Josh…” Jonas’ voice broke through the uncomfortable silence as his wife continued to clear the table. “I hear the baseball season is over now?”

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Josh nodded and looked at the other man. He appeared almost grateful for the distraction. “It is.”

“Do you have anything special planned with your family now that you have more free time?” Jonas continued, smiling. “I know Tobi loves to take advantage of the off-season.” He gave a little nod in his son’s direction as he spoke.

Josh smiled. “I do, actually. My wife and I are planning to take the kids camping in Granite Falls after I get home. We went with Sofia, Owen, and Cora a few years ago, but Liana hasn’t been yet.”

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While Tobi whispered a quick translation for the children, Stefan watched with interest as an almost wistful look came to his grandfather’s face.

“Granite Falls…” Alex’s lips stretched into a smile. “Now that takes me back.” He laughed. “That place was always really special to my family. Jade and I even took Mari and her sisters there once. How old were you, honey?” He asked his daughter as she headed back toward the table. “Sixteen? Seventeen?”

Mari shrugged. “I think seventeen?” She replied weakly. “It was a long time ago.”

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“You never told us you went to Granite Falls, Mama.” Tobi said, surprised. “I would have loved to go when I was a kid… I’m sure Liana will love it, Josh.”

“I’m sure she will. Granite Falls played a part in your book, right, Mr. Rosebrook?” He smiled with chagrin. “Admittedly, I haven’t read it. I’m not much of a reader. But I’ve seen the movie, and Nora has talked my ear off about it enough.”

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“Oh God…” Alex laughed heartily. “Don’t get me started on that movie… My poor grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he ever saw that thing…”

Stefan could not help but notice the way his mother’s eyes narrowed when she sat back down beside her husband.

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As Alex continued his rant about the flaws in Dust to Dust’s film adaptation, a bit further down the table, word seemed to have reached Clara about Granite Falls.

“Granite Falls?!” The little girl’s cry caught the attention of everyone at the table. “I wanna go!”

Stefan heard Tobi mutter softly to Josh, resuming his role as interpreter.

“Maybe someday, Clara.” Mari smiled gently at her daughter.

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The little girl rose to her feet. “I betcha Josh would take me!” She looked down the table at the slightly bewildered man. “This is NO fair! I wish you were MY new Papa too.”

“Clara Elisabeth Klein!” In an instant, Mari was on her feet as well.

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Stefan felt his heart sink. Poor Clara… She doesn’t know what she’s saying. He just wished his mother could understand that too. “Mama…” He said softly.

Mari ignored her son. “What did you just say?” She asked Clara with narrowed eyes.

Jonas pushed his chair back from the table. “I think maybe it’s time to get ready for bed.” He said softly.

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Alex nodded as he rose from his chair, beckoning for his wife to do the same. “Whoever makes it up the stairs the quickest gets to pick the bedtime story!” He promised.

None of the children moved. “But we don’t wanna go to bed yet.” Lucas whined softly.

Beside him, his twin nodded eagerly. “We wanna stay and talk to Mr. Yuen!” Jocelyne agreed.

Across the table, Mari’s scowl darkened.

Stefan watched as Colette and Tobi exchanged a significant glance. “It’s getting late.” The young woman said gently. “And you have school tomorrow. Come on, let’s go upstairs.”

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“But maman…”

“Say goodnight to Mr. Yuen. I’m sure you’ll see him again before he heads back home.”

The twins sighed in resignation. “Goodnight, Mr. Yuen.” They each said in turn, pronouncing the English very carefully.

“Let’s go, Clara. You too.” Jonas said gently. He bent down and pressed his lips gently against the top of her head.

This time, the little girl did not argue. Sniffling softly, she wiped away a few of her tears and choked out a tiny “goodnight” of her own before joining Jocelyne and Lucas in the hallway. Colette, Alex, and Jade followed close behind.

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“Don’t worry about it, honey.” Jonas said gently, breaking the silence as he reached out a hand for his wife’s shoulder. “We both know she didn’t mean it.”

“Do we?” Mari countered sharply. “Because she’s been pretty damn obsessed about this guy ever since he got here…” Her eyes flicked toward Josh as she spoke.

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Jesus, Mama. He’s sitting right here… Not that he has any idea what’s going on. Stefan shook his head slightly. “Sorry.” He muttered softly to Josh as his mother and Jonas continued speaking in hushed tones. “Clara said she wished you were her new dad,” He explained. “And I guess Mama took it the wrong way…”

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Josh glanced over at Mari before looking back at Stefan and said in a hushed voice, “Well, shit, she’s only six. Your mother can’t seriously expect her to understand what’s going on, can she?”

“I know. This is just really hard for Mama, and I don’t think she’s –”

“Y’know, I do speak English, in case you’ve forgotten.” Mari’s harsh voice cut off her son’s words.

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Oh shit. “We know, but Mama…” He shrugged slightly. “Josh doesn’t speak German. Did you forget that?”

To his surprise, his mother’s face softened for a moment. “You’re right.” She agreed, almost reluctantly. “Sorry.” Mari muttered, turning her eyes to Josh at last. “I was just telling my husband that our daughter’s been going on and on about you, ever since you arrived.” Her tone was curt, and almost formal.

“I’m sorry I’m such a disturbance,” Josh said sincerely. He smiled, trying to alleviate the tension. “My youngest doesn’t really understand either; Liana thinks she has two moms now.”

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“Cute.” Mari almost sounded like she meant it. “Funny how some people don’t understand… One of each parent is all you need.” Her eyes narrowed as she spoke.

“Well, my lesbian aunt might disagree, but I got your point,” Josh said, a bite in his tone.

Both Tobi and Stefan looked helplessly at one another for a moment. He’s getting mad too… This isn’t gonna end well… Stefan felt his heart sink.

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It was like Jonas could read his mind. “Y’know, it’s getting pretty late, and Mari and I should really help put Clara to bed… Maybe it’s time for you two to take Josh back to his hotel.” He gave his stepsons a significant look.

Stefan didn’t need telling twice. He rose to his feet immediately, and beside him, Tobi and Josh did the same.

“Jonas is right.” Mari agreed. “I think it’s time for you to go.” It sounded almost like a threat.

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Josh narrowed his eyes at her. “Perhaps you’re right. I wouldn’t want to overstay my welcome, would I? You’ll have to thank your parents again for having me. Jonas, it was good to talk to you. I’d like to say the same of you, Mari, but I can’t.”

Stefan winced inwardly at Josh’s words. God, can’t they just leave this alone?

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“Wow.” Mari’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Is that how all guests in America speak to their hosts?” She let out a short, bitter laugh.

“Oh, no.” Josh corrected her. “Just any host that acts like a raging bitch.” He snapped.

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Stefan had never heard a silence so absolute in his entire life. He felt like he was going to be sick. Did he SERIOUSLY just call my Mama a…?

Fuck.” Immediately, Josh’s expression turned horrified. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

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Mari shook her head slowly. It almost looked like someone had slapped her. “Yes, you did.” She managed to choke out. “Now get the fuck out of my house.”

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Color leeching out of his face, Josh backed towards the hall. “I really am sorry.”

“Please.” Jonas narrowed his eyes at the other man. “Just go.”

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They had barely made it over the threshold before the sound of Mari’s sobs reached their ears.

“Jesus, Josh.” Tobi hissed. “That’s our mother.”

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“Christ, I know.” Josh rubbed his face. “I’d deck anyone who called my mother a bitch. Feel free to take a swing at me.”

For one wild moment, Tobi almost looked tempted. But instead he simply walked toward the front door and out into the cool night air, Stefan and Josh following close behind.

None of them spoke the entire way to the hotel.

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It wasn’t until afterwards, on the long drive home, that Stefan finally found his voice.

“I’m sorry.” He said weakly. “This is all my fault. This whole dinner thing was a terrible idea… and I should never have talked everyone into it.”

Tobi did not immediately reply. “Maybe you shouldn’t have.” He said at last. “But you can’t blame yourself for this one…” The young man shook his head, tightening his grip on the steering wheel. “God, this is such a fucking mess.”

Stefan just sighed, dropping his face into his hands. “Tell me about it.”

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All of Josh’s actions and dialogue were written by JoieWilder

88 thoughts on “Interlude: Disaster

    1. Thanks, it was intense to write too! (Which also means very fun for Joie and I!) I don’t know if you read Joie’s legacy (where Josh is from), but Josh doesn’t *technically* have the hot-headed trait. However, Joie writes him that way, and often says he has a “hidden” hot-headed trait haha (which I totally get — I miss having 5 traits like TS3 had! So most of my characters have personality traits that I write them as having, but they don’t actually have :P) . So basically, the SIM Josh doesn’t have that trait, but the *character* does 😛 (Poor Stefan… he gets the temper from both sides!)

      And yeah… it was pretty out of line for him to say that 😦 And it really upset the boys (even Stefan!)

      Thank you for reading! 😀


  1. Normally i love everything you post, but what josh said… Gee! I definitely did nit enjoy that part. It seemed so out of character for him to lose it like that.

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    1. Are you sure it’s so out of character? Consider what you’ve read in the Thoreau’s. He blows up fairly frequently and then pretty immediately regrets it. Mari has been extremely, well, bitchy towards him from the moment he arrived. Given his hot headed nature, it was really only a matter of time before he went off on her.

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    2. Yeah, that part was rough! But Joie (and I!) felt it was a reasonable response on his part — he’s always had a bit of a hot-headed streak! Even though he’s much older and wiser, the temper is still there. He’s just much better at controlling it now, I think. (And DEFINITELY better than Mari hahahaha). Thanks for reading 😀

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  2. Oh, Josh. Tut tut tut. That was a fairly daft thing to say. You want to be a father to these boys, yet you call their mother a bitch. Now you’ve thrown away any chance on getting on Mari’s good side. Tut tut tut. You should know Mari doesn’t forgive easily… It drove us readers mad!

    Love the update! 🙂

    It was soooo nice to have a chapter with Alex and Jade. Gosh, I’ve missed those guys. BTW, are they EVER going to go completely grey? How old are they? 😀 🙂

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    1. Yeah, Josh definitely lost his cool and spoke without thinking… I think the boys will be reasonably forgiving, but Mari? You never know with her, like you said XD

      I loved having Alex and Jade show up too! I also miss them 😦 I just have too many characters right now LMAO

      And as for going completely grey, well, neither of them have hit 70 yet (they’re both late 60s right now). Once they break 70, we will probably see full-on grey Alex and Jade 😦 (And then they will die… and I will cry. hahahaha)

      Thank you for reading! 😀


      1. Well, yes, Mari is what I’m worried about. 😀

        Oh, ok. With sims, you can never be sure their exact age! You, know, come to think of it, they’re great grand parents at 60! I bet they feel so lucky.

        When they die…

        I will probably cry too! 😦

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  3. I thought at the moment Josh called Mari a raging bitch, she would get out the pepper spray and spray Josh in the eyes with it. He was out of line when he called her that. I knew along that Josh was hot-headed. People drinking beverages should be warned because when they read that’ll part, they’ll be spitting their drinks out of the mouth. Poor Stefan and Tobi. I feel bad for them now.

    That was very (x1000000) intense. You and Joie had so much fun writing this.

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    1. Hahahahahaha if she was less shocked and hurt, she probably would have! And yeah, Josh has got that temper still buried in there, even after all these years!

      I feel bad for the boys too! They’d love to see Josh and Mari get along… but instead it’s all a giant mess 😦 Definitely intense though, and definitely FUN like you said XD Thank you for reading, as always! 😀

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  4. Wow! I totally didn’t expect this! Better than a food fight. Lol. Seriously, good job. I mean really, it’s a good thing Josh is leaving. I hope he apologizes to Mari and Jonas somehow.

    I also hope this was a wake up call for Stefan and gets him out of his fantasy world and he finally grows up. At least he acknowledges what Tobi already knew, that it was a bad idea. I don’t know why Stefan felt the need to try to insert Josh into their day to day lives and why it irritates me so much. I mean really, he seriously thought his fantasy father would be welcomed and having him around wouldn’t hurt anyone. Well, now he sees that no one is perfect not even super dad and everyone is upset more than ever.

    And Jonas. I loved him telling Josh to leave – but really Please – just go? He is way to nice, but the look on his face said it all. I love, love Jonas. All he wanted to do was comfort his wife.

    I am so dying for Stefan to go to Jonas and apologize and beg – yes beg – for forgiveness. He should then tell Jonas he realizes he is his father and hug him like he should have all these years. That would change my opinion of him. He had to learn a hard life lesson. As long as he does learn. But my fear is he will blame Mari’s attitude for inciting Josh to act like he did or himself for forcing a bad idea and won’t be able to hold Josh accountable. I can see this changing Stefan in so many ways – either for better or worse. Hopefully for the better. I know this is something Stefan has struggled with his entire life. Hopefully he has it out of his system now and can finally move on and begin to live the rest of his life – find that special someone and have his own children. Or he will go off deep end and never be able to form lasting relationships, become a playboy and wind up finding out one day he has accidentally fathered grown children of his own. Hahaha!

    And both of those little snots need to crawl back to Mari and apologize. Tobi knew better but allowed Stefan to go through with it. Mari was barely holding it together and Stefan refused to be sensitive to it. Mari and her family at least went through the motions for fear of alienating the boys. I can’t imagine how much it must have hurt Mari when Clara said she wanted Josh to be her new daddy. That had to be the last straw for her. Ugh. What a complete mess.

    I don’t know why I feel the need to voice my opinion of the charcaters so loudly. I hope you aren’t offended. I am thoroughly enjoying their internal struggles. 🙂

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    1. I really, REALLY love how thoughtful and in-depth this comment is! But it’s so long that I don’t even know how to begin to respond XD So forgive me if I don’t reply to everything you said hahahaha

      I think this experience will certainly have some sort of an effect on Stefan — but what exactly? We’ll see! Your prediction about his possible future made me laugh, by the way 😛

      Jonas is bordering on too-nice, it’s true haha. He is a genuinely good human being and it’s very hard to get him to lose his temper. That man is patient as anything XD

      As for Stefan and Jonas… We’ll see if there’s ever any real resolution there. We have about 20 more Gen 3 chapters, so a lot could (or could NOT) happen in that time!

      And yes, Mari was very hurt by this whole situation! The boys should probably apologize, like you said. But will they? We’ll see!

      I do feel bad for Josh in this situation too (though him calling Mari a bitch was most definitely out of line!). He legitimately just wants to get to know the boys and is trying so hard and all he is met with is rudeness and drama hahahaha And he really does feel awful about losing it the way he did. We’ll see if he gets the chance to apologize!

      Okay I think I covered almost everything haha. I’m not offended at all by you sharing your opinions! I appreciate them 🙂 Thank you for reading, and for leaving such a well thought-out comment!

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    1. Well, I think to him (and even to Tobi), it IS worth it. They really like Josh and want him to be part of their lives…

      But they have pushed things way too far and I think everyone needs to take a step back and breathe in that household right now. XD

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  5. Woah. I have not commented in a while, but I feel like I have to, this was so intense! Josh shouldn’t have said that, but in all fairness Mari wasn’t being nice, I don’t know what she expected. Josh still shouldn’t have said that though. I hope the twins will forgive him…

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    1. I got so excited when I got the notification that you’d commented hahaha I missed you 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed this chapter! It was so intense, yes! Which made it very fun for Joie and I to write together 😛

      It’s definitely a complicated situation. Mari WAS being kind of a bitch… But Josh should not have said that, especially in her home in front of her husband and sons. Bad move, Josh. But also bad move Mari! Like Tobi said, it’s a mess hahaha

      I think the twins will be pretty forgiving… but we’ll see! Thank you so much for reading 🙂 I appreciate it so much.

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  6. Honestly, I’m surprised it took Josh this long to snap – I thought he’s been very zen throughout this entire trip. But I figured he’d probably learned better anger management over time, since he is older now. But I definitely think what he did was very in character for him. And while it was not the wisest thing to do in front of the twins, I can’t say I blame him. Even a much more composed an less impulsive person would probably snap at Mari after taking her behaviour with a smile for this whole time. Not to mention, I wonder what the twins would have to say about what Mari said to Josh during her “delightful” visit at his hotel. #TeamJoshAllTheWayDuh

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    1. Yeah, he has gotten much better at controlling his temper for sure, but I guess there’s only so much he could take haha. He’s been almost Jonas-level patient so far!

      And as for what they’d say about what she said to him… Well, we’ll probably never know, but I’m sure they would not be happy! Though I still don’t think it quite compares to having someone call their mother a bitch in front of them haha but that’s just me.

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      1. Hmm, in most scenarios, sure; but it’s not like Mari didn’t deserve it. Just because she is someone’s mother and has issues doesn’t mean everyone needs to tiptoe around her.

        I do think some people could have kept their cool in that situation, but it definitely wouldn’t be truthful to Josh’s personality. And even if it didn’t – he was basically being attacked at her from the moment he set foot in Windenburg.Yes we know why she’s acting the way she is towards him. But that doesn’t make her behaviour ok.

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        1. Oh Mari’s behavior of definitely not ok! I’m sorry if it seemed like I was implying that. I guess it’s all perspective. If anyone ever called my mom a bitch in front of me, I’d lose it. No matter how she was acting.

          I’m breaking my “stop trying to defend my characters” rule. Damn it XD

          Stopping now!

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          1. Lol! I totally get that. Obviously from the perspective of the person whose mother it is it would seem unacceptable. But that person could hardly be neutral. As readers we get to see things from multiple perspectives, so we can be more objective – literally everyone in that room has some type of bias that played a role in the way they processed the situation (and they should, of course! would be odd if they didn’t :))

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  7. Hmm I feel conflicted. On one side Im thinking “God Mari just listen to reason wont you?” But in the other hand Im thinking this is kind of as monumental as what happened betwee her an.. was it Diego(or whatever the name is of her first bf).. And if she does indeed feel as betrayed as then and has horrible, irrational thoughts like she previously did..well first of all she needs a therapist again and second of all we do remember how LONG it took the first time round for her to see the bigger picture :/

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    1. This is Mari. She will never listen to reason…. XD (Mostly kidding! She’s getting better at that :P) And yeah, a call to the therapist probably wouldn’t hurt her right now… Gah, this is all a mess for her and the family right now hahahaha.

      Thank you so much for your comment! I miss you 🙂

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  8. I am not mad at Josh quite honestly, he has been nothing but nice to Mari since he got there. I think that comment was just him finally reaching his boiling point. Hot headed or not if someone is constantly being rude to you despite how you treat them, it is bound to get under your skin. I know of very few people in real life who will/can tolerate the way Mari’s treatment.

    Was it called for? No. Not really but I understand why and how Josh got to this point. I feel sorry for him. All he tried to do was be there for the boys and Mari basically stabbed him repeatedly with insults and the moment he steps out of line this happens.

    It’s okay Josh I still like you.And nicely done with this chapter Joie and Citizen!

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    1. It’s true that she was definitely acting like a bitch, and Josh had reached his breaking point! I do feel bad for him as well. But I also feel bad for everyone else involved too.

      I’m glad you still like Josh 😛 I do too, of course haha and I’m glad you liked the chapter!

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  9. Jonas is such a gem! And while I disagree with how he handled it Josh was not so far off (I do like Mari and I find it quite amusing the way you always capture her being so grumpy)


    1. Yeah, he handled it very poorly… but Mari definitely pushed him over the edge! A tough situation all-around! (And yes, Jonas is just lovely!!! and Poor grumpy Mari 😛 I’m glad that you like her! I know not many do. But I do too 🙂 I cheat her emotions to get the screenshots I want, and she’s always “Angry”, “Depressed”, or “Embarassed”. It’s almost to the point where it looks unnatural to see her smiling hahaha I am cruel).


      1. lol hey it makes for a great story .. I never thought of using a cheat .. it is a great idea. I am forever trying to set up a scenario that will elicit the face i desire on my simmie(s). I used your discuss logic just last night LOL

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        1. Woooh! Discuss logic puzzles is magic 😛 I have a mod I use called Enabled Advanced/Debug Cheat interactions. You can find it on Mod the Sims. One of the features of it is that you can click a sim (while holding down the shift key) and select “Change emotion” and then pick whatever emotion you want them to have! My screenshots would not be possible without it! (That and the pose player!)

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          1. Ahh I have seen that one but did not imagine it would be that useful .. but HMM … I will have to go make a visit to MTS. I do adore pose player .. do not use it as often as I should perhaps but it makes for some lovely moments 🙂

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  10. Dumbass. I’m serious. Mari was rude, of course. But Josh…god did he cross a line. I don’t care who it was, I would’ve decked him. And Clara…GOODNESS that child. I can only imagine how that made Jonas feel. Mari was always quick to anger, and Jonas has always been her steady rock, but I want to see what Jonas’ thinks of all of this from his point of view! :/ Josh though, really? Come on man, how have you survived the media by saying stuff like that out of your ass? You were THIS CLOSE to leaving, and instead you made yourself out like a fool. Maaaaaan what a mess! Good writing though Amanda as always and I totally noticed the four tables xD and what was with the lesbian aunt comment? I don’t quite get that!


    1. Hahahaha oh goodness, I’ve gotten you all worked up again! LMAO Yeah, Josh definitely crossed a line, though he really was pushed very far by Mari (though TOTALLY not cool for him to say that, especially in front of her husband and kids!). And Clara… well… she’s a lot like her mother. 😛

      We will get Jonas’ POV in the not-too-distant future, so we’ll see what he thinks about all of this 😀

      And as for the writing, well Joie wrote all of Josh’s dialogue and actions (as she usually does when Josh is in a chapter!). I don’t know if you read her legacy, but Josh’s aunt is a lesbian and is married to a woman. So when Mari said “One of each parent is all you need”, he said his aunt would disagree, since her children have two mothers 😛 So more than one of one kind of parent XD

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      1. The Thoreau legacy is on my list. As for what she said, it makes sense, but it’s not quite the same thing. From my point of view (I have one single lesbian friend), the two mothers seem to take on different roles, one is tougher and takes on the father role and the other is a worrier, a motherly role. I guess this just gets to me because of my own family. My father yells at my mother (they are soon to either be going through a divorce or marriage counseling) when he thinks I can’t hear. He calls her really bad names. With the impending split, I have been thinking hard on my upbringing, and who was ALWAYS there for me? My mom. When I wanted to do gymnastics or horseback riding and rodeos, who paid for it all? Who brought me Sonic when I got up too late to make lunch, or when dad forgot to give me lunch money? Who would take me for early Saturday morning shopping Trips? (As I am typing this we are returning from such a trip). When dad got fired (on purpose) and fell into depression mom stepped up, and yet she has been to every single sporting event and has supported my love for video games and my writing for YEARS. Dad has NEVER come through for me unless mom was somehow in the mix pushing him to. He just has never had the gumption. I was always a Daddy’s girl, but I have grown into a Mom’s daughter. So with Josh, I disagree. You only need one parent if they are always there for you, even if they aren’t blood. Stefan doesn’t understand this. I don’t know if he ever will. But sometimes you need life to come give you a shove and pull the comfortable rug under your feet for you to realize what’s going on around you, and for you to realize who has been there all this time, and who always will. So in short yes you did rile me up again! 🙂


        1. Sorry if I brought up some unpleasant thoughts or feelings! I guess every family is different and yes, all that matters is who is there for you and who loves you 🙂 Sometimes that’s one parent. Sometimes it’s two. Sometimes it’s more. 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAO! No she does not, I promise 😛 She’s just a little hot-head like her mother XD I’m glad you are enjoying Jess’ snacks while she’s away hahahaha

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, he had some Jonas-level patience going there for a while haha but he could only take so much before he snapped (unfortunately it happened in a very uncalled for way… but that’s life, i guess. Especially life for one of my characters… XD)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah I think Josh feels worse about it than the twins even do though. It’s never smooth for either the Rosebrooks or Therous is it? I’m not one to talk since I torture my poor sims more than they deserve too probably. lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  11. I think I have a different view of this than everyone else. Maybe I just grew up in a different type of family.

    This family is bananas! There is not a single member of my family who could act like Mari on a continual basis and everyone else would just tolerate it.

    Something really bad happened in her teenage years, and she has been acting out based on it ever since. At what point does she take responsibility for her actions and not continue to play the victim while she basically emotionally manipulates and terrorizes her entire family on a near-daily basis? In my family, if that had happened, everyone would have escorted Josh out because he wasn’t officially family yet and so he needed to leave after crossing that line.

    But we would have come back in the house, sat Mari down, and told her that Josh was exactly right and she needed to get her shit together.

    And there’s definitely some blending going on in parts of my family. Lots of people in my family have 3 or more parents through various combinations. And every single parent or extra sibling or unexpected new cousin is welcomed in as a full family member no questions asked.

    Now the bonds that develop after that and the trust that comes over time are layers on top of everything else. But you can’t treat an entire person’s existence as a threat. The fact that Mari continues to treat Josh as if his existence in her life is somehow his fault and not hers is continuing to bother me. And the fact that Stefan keeps treating the man who raised him like he’ll never be his father continues to bug me. Poor Jonas, he’s truly the rock of this generation.

    Now, having said all of that, kudos to you for writing such emotionally complex characters! You are getting some of the most intense responses I’ve seen on any SimsLit story I’ve ever read! I don’t know where you come up with this stuff, but keep it coming because it is insanely good writing. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Hahahaha So thank you for that comment at the end 🙂

      One thing that I feel is worth pointing out is that Mari does not act like this on a “daily basis”. She does NOW, because of all the drama with Josh. But about 90% of her life, Mari is a totally normal human being who loves her family and acts perfectly fine. She isn’t a monster or a villain, I promise!

      That being said, it is true that this family has much more patience than most would haha. Though there are some tough conversations that occur “off camera” all the time between Mari and Jonas. He is never afraid to give her “tough love” when she needs some. But she’s also his wife and he loves her, so he supports her too. It’s a delicate balance.

      Mari is certainly unfair to Josh, and it’s not right. Just like Stefan is unfair to Jonas, and that’s not right either! I do agree with you there. 🙂

      Thank you for reading

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad to know Jonas is having the tough conversations off camera!

        When Josh noticed that Mari’s yelling didn’t even phase the kids, that spoke volumes to me. And when Mari’s sons are always so visibly relieved when she doesn’t flip out, that says a lot to me too. Maybe they don’t feel terrorized, but from the outside looking in, the whole family is constantly on eggshells because she can be so volatile.

        It’s honestly a testament to how much love is in the family. This is super random, but that makes me think of Colette. She came into such a tough situation. And Lord knows her mother is a real piece of work, but she’s so happy in this family, and her kids are so well-adjusted and loved. So the whole family must be doing something right overall. At least that’s my opinion (and I do have so very many of them, lol).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Of course there’s a lot of love — they need it to balance all of their heartache and despair 😉 Hahaha And yes, Mari has a volatile temper about certain things, so the family is used to seeing that she can lose her temper easily. Same goes with Stefan, though he hasn’t had an “on camera” outburst in a while.

          I’m sorry if I come across as too defensive of Mari! Would you believe she’s actually my favorite character? Hahaha I don’t think you’re on the sims forums, but we had a discussion in my A2A thread about the fact that viewers get a very skewed version of Mari because I focus on when she’s at her worst because it’s when things are the most interesting and dramatic (lol!). But then it almost gives the impression that she’s like this ALL the time, but she isn’t. But it’s kinda my fault for how I tell the story. The Mari in my head is different than the Mari I show readers, and I forget that sometimes!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I am on the forums, I’m just a plumhead who is using different usernames everywhere! I’m cecerose0208 on the forums. I’ll have to look up your thread there so I can join the conversation.

            I love how you write Mari because she’s so interesting, but yeah… your view of her in your head may not be coming through because she’s always so (usually understandably) sad or angry or self-hating. But knowing she has a softer side, that there are moments of joy and not so much sorrow, that makes me happy.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Oh I’ve seen you around before! Now I will be able to know its you when I see you around on the forums hahaha

              And yes, there is a lot of joy in Mari that I don’t show haha I am giving the poor thing a bit of a break in Gen 4 (though a much smaller role!) so we will see more of the “real” her then haha

              Liked by 1 person

  12. I wasn’t too surprised when Josh finally snapped lol, i think Mari definitely had it coming but I do feel a bit sorry for her. It must be so hard to hear Clara say that!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. JOEWILDER! How could you!?!


    Alright, I can understand where he’s coming from, and to be honest, I partially kind of sort of think Mari deserved it, but… Still. It wasn’t exactly right of him to say.

    *Is torn between the two sides*

    Curse my always needing to see both sides…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I love that you see both sides! Not everyone can, so I think it’s great that you do! they were both wrong, I think. But Mari was wrong first/more wrong… But that doesn’t make Josh right haha It’s complicated for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

  14. This is a tough one because honestly, both Mari and josh were “wrong”, so I totally get what you’re saying! I titled this one “disaster” for a reason… Hahaha things are awful and so tense right now 😦


  15. Just skimmed through the comments and it feels like I’m the only one who deeply dislikes Mari; I felt like Josh’s comment was a perfect sum-up of how she was reacting. I can’t believe how incredibly selfish she is, to not even be able to accept that something is at last making her sons happy – especially Stefan – and for her to put aside herself for once for them. She seems like such a negative force in that household, and her behaviour through that whole dinner made things needlessly uncomfortable. I honestly don’t understand why she’s reacting the way she is to Josh and when the boys’ went through the process of finding their father; it irks me that she can’t see that everyone else is happy, and so there’s no need to act like she’s representing/standing up for someone in her family when, actually, the only one that seems to be ruining things is her.

    I’m not sure why, but there’s just something about Mari that really just makes me ticked off; I wish she’d look beyond herself for once – the fact that her behaviour/personality has stemmed from a teenage boyfriend cheating on her makes her mind-blowingly petty; I wish she could have turned to a bad relationship into a life lesson and not just given up and let that be an excuse for her negative behaviour around such a loving, vibrant family.

    All that being said — I started this legacy a few days ago and think it’s so brilliant. (Please don’t take my comments as a negative towards you as a writer; those are just my reactions to her as if she were a real person!) You’re a wonderful writer, with a fantastic story. Your creativity with it is so inspiring and I love the characters! I can’t wait to read the rest!!

    ps. I was curious as I’ve been reading – how much of the game do you actually play? Do you play the game and then let that sort of inspire you for story, or are your saves just there to take photos of?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahahahahaha!

      Okay, first off, thank you very much for reading my story! I appreciate it very much! ^_^

      I totally respect your opinion about Mari, and I assure you you are not the only one who feels that way. Believe it or not, Mari is my favorite character, so I am very “protective” of her. But I respect that many people don’t like her, and I fully understand why. 🙂 All I’ll say is that for all her faults, she is not a monster. I swear to God, she isn’t haha. She has a good heart/soul. But a very broken and dark one too… Her mental illness still plagues her and she is easily triggered by things that remind her of her past.

      Moving on to the rest of your comment, I’m really flattered that you’re enjoying my story so much! That seriously means a lot to me, so thank you! 🙂 I hope you enjoy the rest 😀 Feel free to comment any time with your thoughts, if you feel moved to do so!

      As for my playing, it’s funny… It’s like all of my characters lead these double lives hahaha. I play them as normal for fun/to skill them/complete aspirations/etc. Then when it’s time to screenshot, I turn off autonomy, pose them, get the shots I need, then they go back to being normal sims again hahaha. 🙂 The story is pretty separate from my gameplay BUT I *do* play! ^_^


  16. Oh boy. I shouldn’t be shocked because this family is known for drama, but dang. XD I have to say though, Mari kind of was asking for it. Josh kept his mouth shut a gosh darn long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true. She has been very nasty toward him ever since he arrived. Josh definitely did a great job holding his tongue for a while haha but he definitely lost his cool here. Eek!

      Liked by 1 person

  17. 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
    One for every person at that dinner (I think)
    😦 there’s another one for the baby in Colette’s tummy

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well, I don’t think she’s evil or terrible. But I think she’s selfish and kind of a drama queen that loves to make everything about herself. I know she’s been through hell, but I don’t think that’s the only reason why she is like this. I feel like all the misery only brought out the not so nice parts of her personality that were already there.
        And I’m sorry if I’m harsh, it’s just… I have bad irl experience with people like Mari. 🙂


          1. I really don’t mean this in a bad way 🙂 Her personality makes the story interesting, I get that. And she’s portrayed in a delighfully realistic way. I just can’t sympathize with her, on a personal level – if she was a real person and I met her, I would think that she is what Josh said she is. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate her as a great, complex character.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Thank you for that 🙂 (I guess this is also weird for me because Mari is 86 in my story right now and she is SO different and has changed SO much. I need to remember this is not the Mari I know how haha)

              Liked by 1 person

  18. I do feel like Mari has been acting bitchy towards Josh. I know she has her reasons, but guys like him are rare. He admitted that he would’ve been there for the boys if he knew they existed, he’s said he doesn’t want to take them away from her, he just wants to know more about them.

    I think it’s incredibly discourteous to talk about someone in a language that they cannot understand while they’re in the same room. It puts up another wall of awkwardness since the situation was already tense AF, and Josh knew that he was the point of contention during that whole argument. I think if I was in his situation, I would’ve had to leave early because I would be so uncomfortable! So… I can’t really blame him for calling Mari a bitch. It was really rude, but he’s been pushed to say it. He immediately apologised, which is good – but I’m honestly quite frustrated at the whole situation and feel sad that Josh’s visit ended on such a sour note. 😦

    The boys were also a bit too over-eager, I think. Maybe if things had been done gradually, Mari would’ve been more accepting? I don’t know.

    I feel like Mari needs to speak to her therapist ASAP, this situation is so toxic and clearly isn’t good for her mental well-being.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First off, hi and thank you for reading!!! I really appreciate it so much! ^_^ And thank you for sharing your thoughts on this chapter too. This whole situation is a MESS.

      I think you make really good points about how Mari brought all this on herself… and honestly, Tobi and Stefan didn’t help either with their over-eagerness, as you said.

      And you are so right that Mari definitely needs to talk to her therapist about this. She’s really come SO far since she was younger, but this whole situation has really made her take a GIANT step back. And that’s so frustrating and sad to see 😦 I was very emotional about this arc when I wrote it, for many reasons! haha

      Thank you again for reading and for sharing your thoughts. ❤


  19. So, in one of my favorite animes there is a character named Mari. She’s one of my favorites too, but I started watching it after I initially read your legacy. Reading back through I keep thinking of anime Mari when I read Mari now. I even have a sim in one of my files named Mari after the anime Mari right now lol

    Liked by 1 person

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