3.37: Too Much To Ask

Y’know, I’ve lived in this city my whole life, and I’ve never really done any of that touristy crap.

05-08-16_5-25-43 PM

It’s never really interested me, I guess, except for the occasional trip to the museum or the Bluffs back when I was a kid (and we never went during peak tourist season). Windenburg is a beautiful city, but… I think that’s the problem. It’s a city. So loud. So crowded. So busy. Even the beautiful places like the Bluffs always seem to be so full of tourists.

Why would anyone willingly go to those stupid tourist traps where there are even MORE people? (The answer, of course, is that I have no friggin’ clue).

So would you believe that in the past five days I’ve been to the ruins, the shopping district, the Bluffs, and the Von Haunt Estate (twice)?

And I don’t mind at all.

05-08-16_6-48-22 PM 05-08-16_6-52-20 PM 05-08-16_7-11-02 PM
05-08-16_7-00-35 PM

Getting to know Josh has been amazing. Seriously.

He’s so nice, and funny too. Easy to talk to. Smart. And he has lots of awesome stories… Some about about his family, and a bunch about his years as an athlete too. Tobi’s been especially fond of those ones. I know my Bruder was always a little more nervous than I was about meeting Josh… So seeing the two of them bond over stuff like that is kinda awesome.

05-08-16_6-57-26 PM

After all those years of thinking about what kind of man my Papa might be… I’m not sure if I can really say Josh is exactly what I’d imagined.

But the more I get to know him, the more I think he might be even better.

05-08-16_5-26-27 PM

So yeah, putting up with all the lame touristy bullshit has been totally worth it.

And, to be honest, it’s probably our only option, really.

I mean, we’ve hung out with Josh at his hotel a couple times… but it’s just so boring.

And we can’t go to the house…

Not with Mama there.

05-08-16_5-47-17 PM

We’ve tried, but she doesn’t want anything to do with Josh. At all. And honestly? Josh doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her either.

Something happened. Tobi and I aren’t sure what… They must have talked on the phone or met in secret or something. But whatever they did behind our backs, it didn’t end well… And we can’t get either one of them to talk about it. Mama gets mad if we even say his name around her, and if we try to mention Mama, Josh always says “let’s not bring your mother into this.”

05-08-16_7-01-56 PM

I guess I should be happy… I mean, believe it or not, Mama’s handling this a lot better than I’d expected her to. Back when we told her our Vater was coming, Tobi and I were afraid she was actually gonna try to stop us from seeing him or something. But she hasn’t.

She’s just… so unhappy. And it really kinda hurts to see her like that.

I know she’s happy for us. Or at least, she says she is. And I think she’s telling the truth. I really do. But that doesn’t change the fact that she’s obviously miserable about this whole thing.

05-08-16_5-57-34 PM

This almost reminds me of way back when Colette first came to live with us, before the twins were born. Everyone’s just so awkward and tense all the time, especially Mama. It all started back when we first got in touch with Josh… But now it’s even worse. WAY worse.

I just want Mama to be happy. I want Josh to meet our family. I want everyone to get along. Or… at least not HATE each other.

Is that too much to ask?

05-08-16_5-31-16 PM

28 thoughts on “3.37: Too Much To Ask

  1. Um….that’s a tough question Stefan. Because I don’t think either you OR Tobi can truly understand Mari’s mental state right now. Because Josh being here is just a slap to the face about her past mistakes, and she struggles with those demons every day, WITHOUT Josh being here. She can’t really tell you guys without you guys considering yourselves mistakes, or that your mother is a….yeah. She doesn’t want that for either of you, so she’s bottling it up again. :c Where is Jonas in all of this!? He needs to step in!

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    1. Hahaha the boys most definitely don’t understand the depth of their mother’s feelings, that’s for sure! and Jonas is there! He is helping Mari a lot “off camera” right now. She’s taking most of his attention 😛 He is trying to not get too involved with the boys right now and let them kinda figure stuff out for themselves at the moment 🙂

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      1. Yeah….it’s still like they don’t appreciate everything their mother has done for them, because now they are adults and running off into the sunset with their biological father. o.o I would be TERRIFIED of my mother if I did that…cause that is just the epitome of rude to your own mother….I’d actually be dead if I did that, come to think of it…


        1. Well I’m not sure if “running off into the sunset” is the right word. They aren’t leaving her behind or anything, they just want to know Josh and have him be a part of their lives 🙂

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  2. Yep, in this family it is too much Stefan… Like you haven’t met them 😀

    Still, I’m glad it’s not taking away from the positive side of things for him, he’s been yearbing for this for years. Now, question is, when Josh ultimately returns back home and Stefan realises that he’s still stuck with his same old life, what will he actually turn his attention to – now that the find your daddy quest is over?

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    1. Not bad at all, you are free to have whatever opinion you want 🙂 There are a wide range of opinions on Mari haha


  3. I understand why Mari is unhappy with this, but it kind of seems like she’s trying to make her kids feel guilty about wanting to connect with their biological father. It’s not like they’re acting like he’s more important than the people who raised him. Tobi’s always accepted Jonas as a father figure and Stefan was never comfortable with that. Their attitudes towards their family haven’t changed, the twenty-some years that went fine without this guy in the picture haven’t changes. Two weeks will not steal your kids away, Mari! 😡 I feel like if she wanted them to enjoy this time she would put on a brave face when they were around, or at least try to avoid them more. It really seems like she wants to let them know that she isn’t okay with this, but she doesn’t want to take the extra step and communicate why. Is Mari still in contact with her therapist? Because she needs to talk to someone about these feelings, and Jonas clearly isn’t enough. She can’t expect her children to interpret how she’s feeling and help her, and what do the really young kids think about their mother/grandmother walking around looking miserable 24/7? Even if she thinks she doesn’t deserve/need/want help, Jonas should realize that it might be time to get her some, for her sake and for the rest of her family.
    Great chapter as always! 🙂


    1. This is an interesting comment! Maybe on some subconscious level this is what Mari is trying to do! In her mind, she’s being good about this hahaha She has been trying to stay away and not be around when the boys go to see Josh so as not to interfere. But unlike Gen 2 Mari, who bottled up her pain, Gen 3 Mari wears her heart on her sleeve hahaha.

      As for Mari’s therapist, he’s retired by now. I imagine she has someone he referred her to that she sees as needed. But she’s definitely not in contact with them now hahahahaha Jonas is doing what he can right now. You’re right, maybe he should try to convince her to see a professions again…. But right now he’s kinda helping her through this on her own, and letting her figure out stuff herself too.

      Mari is still making baby steps. XD

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  4. Yeah, you are asking for too much. Mari doesn’t need to build a relationship with Josh like you have, that ship has sailed. They aren’t going to be co-parenting you anytime soon. Your old enough. But I do agree that she could at least be a bit more cordial when it come to Josh seeing as he’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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    1. I think Stefan is living some kind of childhood fantasy right now haha. Know what I mean? “Ooh now I have mommy and daddy and we can be a family” type delusions are totally present in his mind right now. So yeah, he’s probably asking for a little much hahaha

      But yes, Mari could be WAY more cordial/polite to Josh right now. She’s gotta start accepting this eventually…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m starting to think Stefan is going to end up moving to Willow Creek to be with Josh :/ then the story can shift to Tobi’s kids for the next generation. I could be wrong, but it makes sense.
    Oi, that would make Mari go postal.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good prediction at this point. You’re getting near the end of the generation, so you’ll see soon how it all turns out!


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