Interlude: We’ll See

04-24-16_8-39-55 PM

“Do you think he’s nice?”

Jocelyne nearly jumped at the sound of her twin’s voice. She had been so caught up in the book she had been reading (or at least, trying to read) that her mind had begun to drift very far away. Lucas’ voice called her back to the bright light of the playroom.

“Huh? Who?”

“Mr. Yuen.” Her brother explained. “Our… grandfather.”

04-24-16_8-43-00 PM

Jocelyne almost laughed out loud as her brother struggled to pronounce the English word, though she secretly doubted she could do much better.

The little girl shrugged. “I hope so!” She replied brightly. “I don’t think Papa and Onkel Stefan would let him come visit us if he was mean.”

“Hmm… I betcha you’re right.” Lucas agreed with a smile. “I can’t wait for him to get here!”

“Me neither!”

The twins burst into a fit of excited giggles.

04-24-16_8-44-16 PM

From her seat at the table, Clara muttered something under her breath.

“Clara, are you okay?” Jocelyne asked, trying her best to seem concerned. “What’s wrong?” She hoped Clara could not tell what she was really thinking.

Jocelyne knew exactly what was wrong with her aunt. Ever since her father and uncle had told them about Mr. Yuen, Clara had been so angry and moody… Even more than usual. At first, Jocelyne had been puzzled by her aunt’s strange behavior. But then she understood – She’s jealous.

Clara let out a tiny huff. “It’s just… not fair!” She grumbled.

04-24-16_8-45-38 PM

It was all Jocelyne could do to hold back another smile. She loved her aunt and her brother. They were her best friends in the world. But they also loved to boss her around, and tease her constantly. It was nice to have the tables turned, for once.

After a moment’s hesitation, Jocelyne decided to pretend she hadn’t heard Clara’s response. She turned back toward Lucas, grinning widely at him. “Do you think he’ll bring presents?”

“Probably!” Her brother’s eyes lit up. “I betcha there are TONS of super cool American toys that we haven’t played with before. Maybe candy too!”

“Ooh, yeah!” Jocelyne laughed gleefully. “Doesn’t that sound SO cool, Clara?”

04-24-16_8-46-45 PM

The other little girl leapt to her feet, her fists clenched at her sides. Jocelyne waited nervously for Clara’s impending tantrum. Then, without warning, she burst into tears.

04-24-16_8-51-43 PM

Jocelyne’s joy fled as quickly as it had come, and was replaced by a sinking feeling of guilt. “Don’t cry, Clara.” She said softly. “I’m sorry.”

“We promise we’ll let you play with all our new toys.” Lucas promised, his voice serious. “Maybe Mr. Yuen will bring you something too. I bet Papa and Onkel Stefan told him about you!”

The little girl just shook her head. “This is DUMB!” She burst suddenly, the sadness on her tear-streaked face replaced by anger. “Why do Tobi and Stefan get a new Papa and I don’t?!” Clara demanded. “And what’s wrong with our old Papa anyway?!”

04-24-16_8-57-46 PM

The twins looked helplessly at one another for a moment. Jocelyne had no idea why her father and uncle suddenly had a new father, and she had a feeling that her brother didn’t either. In fact, the more she thought about it, the less sense it seemed to make. She’d heard of people having two moms or two dads before… But two dads AND a mom? It doesn’t make sense…

“It doesn’t matter anyway.” Clara continued, her voice defiant. “I heard Mama talkin’ to Papa and she said there’s NO way she’s lettin’ Tobi and Stefan meet this Josh guy. Not til SHE talks to him first.” The little girl smirked slightly. “And I know my Mama… If she doesn’t like him, he’s not allowed in our house.” A look of satisfaction crossed her face as she took in Jocelyne and Lucas’ shocked expressions. “And trust me, she doesn’t like him already. She said so herself.”

04-24-16_9-10-10 PM

“B-but Papa and Onkel Stefan are grown-ups.” Lucas countered. “Omi can’t tell ‘em what to do!”

Clara appeared unconcerned. “That’s what Papa said, too. But it doesn’t matter if they’re grown-ups or not. She’s still their Mama. So they’ve gotta listen.” She replied confidently.

Jocelyne tried her best to hide her panic. “That’s not true! ‘Specially if Opi said the same thing as us.” She hoped she sounded sure of herself. “He’s not gonna let her stop ‘em.”

04-24-16_10-01-40 PM

Clara just shrugged. “I guess we’ll see tomorrow.”

Jocelyne stared down at the floor, fighting off the funny feeling in her stomach. She’d been so excited about meeting Mr. Yuen… But now she wasn’t so sure. And the more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became.

04-24-16_10-03-17 PM

Her father and uncle had been so excited the day before, when they’d sat everyone down, and told them about Mr. Yuen’s visit. But her grandmother had been so angry… It was still upsetting to remember how she’d yelled. Even her grandfather had seemed sad at the news.

04-24-16_8-33-50 PM

And then they didn’t look so excited anymore.

04-24-16_8-36-38 PM

What if Clara’s right…? Will Omi make it so Mr. Yuen can’t come? Jocelyne thought nervously. Papa and Onkel Stefan are gonna be REALLY mad if she does… Jocelyne couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so scared.

She still wasn’t sure if this Mr. Yuen would really bring her any fancy new toys…

But he was certainly bringing a whole mess of trouble.

04-24-16_10-04-03 PM

42 thoughts on “Interlude: We’ll See

  1. Poor kids, must be struggling to wrap their heads around it all. Somebody needs to sit Clara down and talk her through the whole daddy situation, but since that somebody should be Mari, it ain’t gonna happen… Josh has no idea what mess he’s coming into haha!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha yeah, at age 6, they wouldn’t have a good grasp of the situation (especially the “biological father” aspect to it… They probably still think the stork brings babies lmao, as they should at this age). And the twins did try to warn Josh a bit about what he’d be getting into, but I think you’re right that he doesn’t quite know the extent of it right now. Guess he will soon!


  2. Oh no… I’m positively certain this will end badly! *rubs hand together gleefully* I can’t wait! And precisely why is Clara so moody? Has she rolled the hot-headed trait? Please don’t fight! I like the childish innocence! And Mari – causing trouble before Josh gets here – tut tut tut. You mustn’t yell in front of the kids.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha we’ll see soon-ish where this all leads 😉 As for Clara, she actually does not have the hot-headed trait! She has all positive traits — music lover, geek, and goofball. But for story-purposes, she’s kind of hot-headed! It’s like a secret hidden trait 😉 hahahaha


      1. Hehehe I get that – sometimes characters just end up being hot-headed! It’s truly bizarre – very rarely do we get, like, a secret ‘neat’ or secret ‘slob’ trait – but correct me if I’m wrong! 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. The twins are gonna be so disappounted if he doesn’t bring presents.

    Oh dear this is a mess. I hope Mari will loosen up, but it’s true. They are adults, and even if she refuses to let him in their house, they can just go to a cafe and talk or bring the kids to the park. Nothing is gonna stop them from meeting their father.

    Btw i’ve been thinking about how i would possibly react if i was in Mari’s situation. I think i wouldn’t mind at all. It is natural for people to want to know where they come from and to know their roots. I can honestly not understand Mari’s reaction towards this. I mean, she kind of started this herself by sleeping around so much and getting pregnant…


    1. LOL I think they will probably end up disappointed hahaha And your’e right, she can’t ACTUALLY stop them. I think that’s Mari-rage talking, mostly haha

      Sorry you can’t understand her reaction, but everyone is different! 🙂 I spend way too much time trying to defend her, so I’m not going to bother trying to explain her side hahaha.

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! I write her as Mari-like intentionally, since her traits favor her father so much. Though as she gets a little older, we will get to see how she takes after Jonas too — sarcastic sense of humor and very into computers and geeky things hehe (but with that good ol’ Mari temper… XD).

      And I have an image now of Lucas flipping out about lucky charms lmao thank you for that hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Woo boy, Mari’s probably gonna blow her top again when she sees “Mr. Yuen”.

    Also, I still have a hard time remembering that the twins’ aunt is roughly the same age as them. o_O

    Liked by 1 person

  5. he he, those twins are evil little tyrants LOL. Cute.

    I think Mari is just having a knee-jerk, hot-headed reaction to new information. It’s what she does. I’m sure that are a little time, her husband will be able to talk her down and make her see that it isn’t the end of world. However… perhaps the boys should have consulted with her first though. After all, they do live in her house. Well, she lives in her parent’s house lol. I know they’re grown, but there are still boundaries they need to respect. If they don’t want to respect them, they can get their own house. But…then that would be the end of the story LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (Aw, I was almost hoping for “cool”… XD)

      Hopefully Jonas will be able to talk Mari down eventually! But yeah, right now she is a mess hahaha. And I’m so glad you brought up a point that no one else has thought of — They invited this guy to come visit without asking her first. AND (I don’t think people caught it, but it will get brought up again in tomorrow’s chapter!) they waited until TWO days before his arrival to tell everyone he was coming. Talk about keeping secrets and springing stuff on people last-minute! I think Mari would be handling this at least slightly better if she’d had more time to mentally prepare for his arrival.

      Somewhere, great-great-grandpa Lucas is smiling proudly LMAO

      Liked by 1 person

      1. LOL, darn Lucas.

        Yeah, I got that they sprang it on her at last minute which is something you don’t do even for a welcomed guest. We just don’t handle that situation well as women period.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. So true! Hahaha (Of course, you’ll see that Josh is actually going to be staying in a hotel, so it’s not nearly as bad. But I think (at this point, at least) they have intentions of bringing him around the house and stuff, not to mention meeting everyone. Not great to spring that on someone haha. Even Jonas isn’t too happy about the lack of advanced warning! My poor Tobi and Stefan…)

          Liked by 1 person

  6. I love the facial expressions that Clara has in photos 🙂 The best is when Mari yelled. Clara looks so evil xD and the last one, when she looks as if to say “I told you so”.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehehe thanks! Clara is super expressive (and adorable!). She may not be truly evil, but she’s definitely got her mother’s temper… hahaha 😛 Thanks for reading 😀


  7. Poor Kids. I saw your comment on the stork and saying “as they should at that age” about not understanding. I understood that babies were put into the mommy by the daddy at that age (and no I wasn’t scarred for life because that simple explanation was all I needed at that age) so kids are able to grasp a little more than you give them credit for, that aside it was a nice chapter.


    1. Haha I guess it’s just an opinion thing 🙂 I am actually a teacher, so I promise I understand kids hahaha and I know they can grasp things! I just wouldn’t “go there” with a 6 year old myself because of the thoughts and questions it may lead to that I think a kid wouldn’t be ready for at that young age.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah its up the parents how much that kids know but like I said I was satisfied with the simple answers my parents gave to me and I never asked for details. That’s sort of off topic though. Back to story, this is just a mess, and until Clara is helped to understand it will get messier.


  8. This is a typical way for kids to act, especially at this age. Clara looked so delighted when she effectively made the twins start to worry, with that smug little look on her face. And I’m sure Mari will eventually come around, she usually does but I get her fears. I think her boys really should have talked to her first about finding their father, because she would have come around to the idea a lot better that way, I think. She always needs time to sort through her emotions and get them in check.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true! Mari would be handling this much better if she’d had time! Instead they totally sprung this on her *shakes head sadly* Haha. And yeah, Clara has got a mean streak to her hehe but I love her. ❤


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