Interlude: Contact

Note: A giant thank you to JoieWilder for writing all of Josh’s emails in this chapter!

A quick note: You will have to click on the images with text in order to view them full size and be able to read them! This will probably make this chapter very difficult to read and enjoy if you’re on mobile (and the text on the images IS important), so it may be best to wait and read on a computer if you can! (If you can’t, holding your phone sideways and zooming in might be ok) Sorry for the inconvenience!


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04-23-16_12-56-13 PM


04-23-16_12-27-19 AM 04-23-16_12-27-46 AM 04-23-16_12-45-01 AM 04-23-16_12-35-54 AM 04-23-16_12-33-49 AM 04-23-16_12-35-24 AM 04-23-16_12-39-27 AM 04-23-16_12-44-29 AM 04-23-16_12-46-35 AM 04-23-16_12-47-24 AM 04-23-16_12-56-30 AM 04-23-16_12-58-53 AM04-23-16_1-02-42 AM04-23-16_1-00-05 AM04-23-16_12-42-07 AM04-23-16_1-04-09 AM04-23-16_1-05-53 AM04-23-16_1-06-38 AM04-23-16_1-07-51 AM


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04-23-16_1-04-05 PM 04-23-16_1-03-45 PM


04-23-16_10-14-41 PM 04-23-16_10-13-55 PM 04-23-16_10-16-15 PM 04-23-16_10-18-54 PM 04-23-16_10-20-09 PM


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04-23-16_10-53-18 PM 04-23-16_10-54-46 PM 04-23-16_10-55-26 PM 04-23-16_10-55-57 PM



04-23-16_1-08-30 PM
04-23-16_10-08-31 PM





04-23-16_10-34-48 PM 04-23-16_10-35-00 PM 04-23-16_10-35-30 PM 04-23-16_10-36-33 PM 04-23-16_10-41-30 PM 04-23-16_10-37-41 PM 04-23-16_10-38-38 PM 04-23-16_10-41-38 PM 04-23-16_10-42-13 PM 04-23-16_10-43-53 PM


04-23-16_1-11-20 PM




04-23-16_10-07-37 PM


44 thoughts on “Interlude: Contact

    1. Thanks! I thought it was cute too ^_^ (by the way, I haven’t seen you comment before! So I just want to take a second and say thank you for reading my story!!! 🙂 It means a lot.)


      1. It’s Anne Charming (aka MadameLee). I just happened to be logged into a different account today since because all that talk about WP last night wanted me to check my old blog on WP

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  1. Love the update! I love how happy Josh is! As always, your screenshots were awesome, they really told the story well! And I can understand how Mari feels. At least she didn’t ban contact. And you casually told us Josh was visiting! Can’t wait! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re the first one to notice the mention of the visit! Hehe. I’m glad you liked this chapter! Joie and I loved writing those emails and I loved screenshotting it too!

      Mari is struggling a LOT with the news, but like you said, it could be worse! She’s not actively trying to stop them from contacting him or anything. She just REALLY doesn’t like it… But she respects them enough to not directly interfere… Baby steps! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. #TeamBabySteps! Are Back! (Dun dun dun!)

        Hehehe, to be fair, it was a very subtle hint! Will be get a Mari point of view? And when are you going to reveal who the heir of gen 3 is? Although I’m fairly sure it must be Tobias – Stefan has too many girl troubles! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Haha we have a Mari POV pretty soon! ^_^ And as for the Gen 3 heir, I’m never really going to say haha you’ll just see who we end up following in Gen 4 😛 At the end of Gen 3 I think it’ll be clear who the heir is though!

          I don’t even know why I’m keeping it such a secret. There’s no point really XD

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg! I haven’t commented in ages. So much has happened. First, I’m so happy that Josh is so receptive of the boys I figured that he wouldn’t be but Josh is all about family so why not. I feel a little bad for Jonas but I’m glad he’s being supportive. He’s their step-dad but I figure he’s a little saddened by their excitement but knows it’s for the best.

    Josh’s family is taking this really well. His daughter is freakin adorable. I just wish Mari wasn’t so upset by it all. I mean she did figure it all out years ago and didn’t tell them. I don’t know how the boys would/will take that information.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m excited to see you commenting and I’m so glad you enjoyed this chapter! 🙂 You are very right in your analysis of Jonas. This is hard for him, but he’s keeping kinda silent on it haha

      And you are right that the boys probably wouldn’t like knowing their mother kept that info from them… Haha thanks again for reading ^_^


  3. A visit from Josh? Mari is going to be “over the moon”. 😀
    This chapter was full of major spoilers of the Thoreaus. How’s Joie handling it? I’d probably find it difficult to keep on writing if so much was revealed to the readers before I even wrote it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha well Joie wrote all of Josh’s emails, and made the decision to spoil the info about his children. I actually gave her the option of not revealing their names or genders, but she said she didn’t mind, and went ahead with it 🙂

      The only thing she wanted kept secret was the identity of his wife, so she has hidden her face and name 🙂

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    2. I wanted this to be as authentic as possible, so that included spoilers. There is still so much that you haven’t seen! And A2A will not be revealing who he ultimately ends up with or what happens with Nora, Loralee, Luc, or Alison (or anybody else!) So I’ve still got a lot that nobody knows anything about. 😉

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  4. At first i had a hard time understanding some of the pictures. They just didn’t make sense to me. But when i read the emails that followed… Well then they kinda “fell into place”.
    It’s nit great the way Mari is taking all of this. I had hoped she would be more open and understanding, but i guess she wouldn’t be our Mari if she was. And i’m guessing the voys haven’t told her about Josh visiting them? Tsk tsk!

    Btw rotating the phine worked wonders! I didn’t have to click on the text at all!

    Great chapter as always 😉


  5. This was such a great and easy to understand chapter! I always use my phone to read this story and I didn’t find clicking on the e-mails to read them annoying at all. Speaking of the e-mails, they are really well written and believable. Good job!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. You know I have very little patience and sympathy for Mari, so I’ll just keep it at saying there was a lot of eye-rolling involved when I read the chapter.

    But seeing Josh’s and the twins exhanges was so rewarding – oh and I loved the email from Josh’s daughter, so cute! It’s great to see them forming a relationship after all these years.

    Unrelated – how gorgeous is Josh’s oldest daughter!?


    1. Lol we are in a discussion about Mari in my story thread, funnily enough. I won’t even try to explain her because I’m learning no one listens to me 😛

      I’m glad you liked the emails! Joie and I loved writing them 🙂 And yes, she is beautiful!!!! Josh has good genes haha


    1. Yup, they haven’t told her… Not a great move :-/ haha (but then when has anyone in this family actually handled something like this the way they actually should? XD)

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  7. I don’t mind Mari, she’s an interesting character. She also added a whole lot of depth to the story line. I found her to be quite realistically portrayed too. At times I felt her pain, and pitied her too. I think she’s done amazingly well at the end of the day, to get to the place she’s now in considering what she was in the past. I’m totally loving your story. The way you do your screenshots is exquisite, they just blow me away and the writing is soooo good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, and for reading my story too! Are you psychic? Haha I’ve been feeling very bummed lately about how negative everyone always is about Mari (don’t get me wrong, she is a very frustrating & irrational character! But very broken too… And it’s that part of her that makes me feel for her). Your comment really brightened my mood, so thank you! I also love your compliment about my screenshots and writing as well. You are so sweet!

      Thank you again, both for reading my story and “getting” Mari. ❤ Somehow she has become my favorite character to write hahaha.


  8. Hahahaha I loved getting to know more about Josh’s family! Liana is definitely a lot like Jocelyne, and Cora and Clara seem to have a lot in common too! XD


  9. SO MANY EMOTIONS. I see angry faces, sad faces, happy faces, neutral faces. I love the e-mails, and I really like the direction of the story. I’m excited to see what more happens! Lucky for me I’m so far behind I don’t have to wait if I don’t want to ;P

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy you liked this one! This chapter will always be a personal favorite of mine ^_^

      And yes, no waiting or cliffhangers for you! 😛 You actually luck out hehehe


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