3.32: The Truth

I’m not even sure why I’m writing right now…

To talk myself into sucking it up and doing this?

To waste time and prolong the inevitable?

To leave evidence so the police will know who murdered me?

(I’m only half-joking about that last one).

04-19-16_9-41-09 PM

Colette and Papa came to me last night. And they convinced me that I really have to do it…

I have to talk to Stefan. I have to tell him the truth. And they’re absolutely right, of course. But God, I wish they weren’t.

04-19-16_10-26-26 PM

Y’know, I still can’t believe Lettie told Papa everything – about the baseball card and Josh and the letter… But I think she figured he’s probably the only one who’d be able to convince me. And you know what? I think she’s right.

He’s always been there for me, ever since I was a little kid. Whenever something’s wrong, he’ll talk me through it. And he never judges me, no matter what. He just listens… Even if he doesn’t exactly like what he’s hearing.


And believe it or not, it actually felt really good to tell him how I was feeling – how TERRIFIED I am about being let-down. Disappointed.

And maybe even about the opposite, too.

04-19-16_10-29-43 PM

And Papa understood, just like he always does.

04-19-16_10-34-57 PM

But he also understood how fucking horrible I am for lying to Stefan like this. And he was sure to remind me of it. Not in those exact words, of course…

But still.


So we made a deal. If I tell Stefan the truth, he doesn’t say a word about this to Mama. Not yet, anyway.

04-19-16_10-36-52 PM

He made me promise to tell her too, of course. But he’s giving me some time to figure out things with Stefan first.

And honestly? I’m not sure which conversation I’m more afraid of.

04-19-16_9-41-47 PM


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43 thoughts on “3.32: The Truth

  1. I KNEW IT! I just knew it! I knew Stefan would blow up and beat up Tobi!! The cause of Stefan not hearing from Josh is Tobi hiding the letter! After all, Stefan’s hot-headed, just like Mari. ALL ABOARD THE POPCORN EXPRESS because this gets intense! Not just popcorn, but candy will be offered!

    If I were to step in:
    Tobi: I’m so sorry. I just couldn’t do it. Besides, is it worth meeting our biological father?
    Stefan: I’ve been waiting to hear from him and you step in to stop me?! That’s it!! Take that!!
    (Beats Tobi)
    *I step in and hold my arms between the two*
    Stefan: What gives you the right to barge in?!
    Me: I’ll not tolerate seeing you beating up poor Tobi. I know he did a terrible thing by hiding the letter, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to beat him up! Physical harm is never a solution! It makes matters worse! At least he did the right thing and told the truth.
    Stefan: But, but, he betrayed me! He deserves to be beaten up!
    Me: If you don’t get your act together, I’ll get my magic spell book and turn you into a frog! That’s all!
    *leaves and slams door behind*

    I guess there’s nothing to do about Stefan’s anger. Boy was he boiling mad!

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  2. Is it bad that my first reaction was “Aww, Stefan is so much like Josh <3" Lol! I do think Josh, if he as in Stefan's shoes would have reacted this way.

    Also, talking (well, "talking" being a relative term in this case) about it is nice and all, but is Tobi actually finally going to send that letter?

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    1. Haha Joie and I were talking about that recently! For whatever reason, Stefan looks the most like Josh when he’s angry XD

      And as for sending the letter… We’ll see! 😉


  3. I was watching this on mobile and I was like ‘oh, dramatic gestures during a fight, that’s normal’ and then I opened it on my laptop and I was like ‘woooaah, physical fight!’. I was not prepared for this.

    I’m glad Stefan knows the truth, though. I mean, the fight is terrible, but he had to find out sometime. Hopefully the family will be able to move past this soon…

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  4. Stefan, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I second what Simslover said. I would have done the same. Just not threatened to turn him into a frog. I’m not blessed with magical powers, lol. 😀 I knew you were gonna get mad, but you can’t go and beat people up! You’re SO much better than that. You ought to be ashamed. You’re an ADULT now, for plumbob’s sake! You have nephews who look up to you. What kind of an example are you setting? What will you tell the kids?
    (And I thought you were above violence. Hmf.) *Stalks away with nose in air*

    Also, on a more bizarre note, how did you screenshot that? I’ve never seen sims hold up their fists.

    Love the update, Citizen! You did awesome, as always! 🙂

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    1. Hahahaha yeah, he went a little crazy there. And I think he will feel ashamed once he calms down and has time to reflect!

      As for the screenshots, I used the pose player 🙂 All of Stefan’s actions were punching bag animations and I had Tobi do “shocked” reactions so he looked like he was pulling back 🙂 It took a very long time to find the right animations and also wait for them to be lined up just the right way 🙂

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  5. Honestly I think Stefan just lost his ability to think at all. He couldnt say anything. Pehaps punching a wall would be better…but still all that pain had tocome out somehow.

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  6. Stefan makes such cute faces. And he seems to have Josh’s temper. Well, Tobi had that coming, not that I agree with beating your sibling til they bleed. But Tobi should have known by now how important this is for Stefan.

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    1. Hahaha he does make cute faces (and, at the risk of sounding creepy, I think he’s hot when he’s angry LMAO). I actually kinda agree that Tobi had it coming, though I also agree with another commenter that one punch probably was plenty… He certainly went overboard here (but then so did Tobi when he hid the letter)

      God these poor people’s lives are always a mess… I’m awful XD

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    1. I promise Stefan will not kill him hahaha

      Right now I’ve secretly moved Alex and jade out of the house until I need them for screenshots again lmao so I’m back to exactly 8. When Colette and Tobi’s new baby is born it will be 9. When I need Alex and jade for future screenshots it will be 11 haha I have a mod that allows for up to 20 in a house 🙂

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  7. O.O STEFAN! I know Tobi fucked up (not nearly as bad as a certain SOMEBODY), but still! You don’t need to punch your brudder in the nose! Dammit! *Yells and lectures like a mama*

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    1. Those fighting screenshots were SO hard to get and took a long time haha I used the pose player and had Stefan do punching bag animations (“shove” was the one I mainly used) and I experimented with a bunch of different ones for Tobi — mostly shocked or surprised poses so it looked like he was reeling back/trying to dodge a hit 🙂

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      1. I had thought about the punching bag ones but I guess I need to download that animation mod you mentioned in the video. I need to read it again because I’m getting ready to do my first staged Sims 4 screens for a story.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ooooh that’s awesome! Staging screenshots is very frustrating and time consuming, I will be honest. But I love the final result and I think that makes it worth it. I hope you feel the same ^_^ And the pose player is a TOTAL must. it’s amazing. ❤ Good luck! 😀

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          1. I’ve downloaded it and I’m used to using in Poses in Sims 3 but in Sims 4 its more of an animation player so its kind of daunting. From what I see you can’t change positions of sims using build buy if they move either so I’m figuring it will take some getting used to.

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            1. Yes, that’s a huge drawback, unfortunately 😦 I miss being able to move sims in build/buy mode! I do have a teleportation mod that lets you place this statue object in a location and then instantly teleport a sim to that location. You can’t do it after a sim is already in a pose, but you can do it beforehand for when you set up your scene!

              I didn’t have that mod when I made my screenshotting video so it’s not mentinoed in there, but you can find it on mod the sims 🙂 It might help! ^_^

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              1. There’s a teleport function in MC Command Center but I’ll look into the statue one too and see if it has any added features that make it easier to set scenes. Btw- you mention that test document with all the codes in it for the pose player. Where did you get it or is it something I have to type up myself?

                Liked by 1 person

                1. The statue one allows you to control what direction the sims are standing in when you teleport them. You pick an EXACT location. 🙂 It’s really nice, but definitely more time consuming than the normal teleport function!

                  And the code/pose document is on the site where you download the poseplayer 🙂

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  8. Stefan looks REALLY Mean in those pictures! But i get it. He got his Hope’s up, he send 3 damn month being miserable and confused about the No reply, and then he finds out it Was All Tobias’s fault. Who wouldn’t be mad about that?? Still wrong of him to hit him like that though

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