Interlude: Dear Mr. Yuen

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45 thoughts on “Interlude: Dear Mr. Yuen

    1. I am “liking” this for accuracy, not for how upset Stefan is 😦 Poor guy… No word from Josh at all! (And he broke up with his gf…)


  1. Oooh looks like Stefan had some girl troubles!

    It’s sad that they didn’t get a response back yet. I do wonder how much they said in the letter… Was it like a ‘hey I know your sister’ or more like ‘hey possible biological dad’?

    Anyway, totally loving this storyline and still hoping for a positive outcome 🙂

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    1. Yeah, Stefan has a lot of bad things going on right now, poor guy! As for wha the letter said, well… Just wait and I think it’ll all make sense soon XD Thanks for reading!


    1. Thank you! I appreciate this comment a lot 🙂 My wordless chapters are the most time-consuming, but also some of my favorites! And I hope they get a reply soon too!

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  2. A bit confusing today. While I love your pictures, a little dialogue for this one would have helped, but I think I get it. Let’s see if I am close:

    Tobias let Stefan know about the address and Stefan wrote a letter and mailed it to Josh. No idea what he said and that’s where a bit of info would have been good.

    Stefan hooked up with an unnamed red-head. Can’t tell if is casual or serious at this point. Probably more casual on Stefans part and she likely wants more. He can’t give her more because he is so obsessed with this bio-dad thing checking the mail every day. They argue over it so now he is sleeping alone.

    Otherwise life goes on around him – birthdays, watching the game on TV, babies being born. Stefan is definitely Mari’s son where Tobias is so much like Josh.


    1. I’m sorry this chapter was confusing to you. I enjoy doing wordless chapters from time to time, but I understand that they aren’t for everyone!

      That being said, your analysis was pretty spot-on and there’s a reason I didn’t show what the letter said.


  3. Poor Stefan, but on the other hand, how do you react to a random letter that came completely out of the blue, where someone tells you that he and his twin brother are his kids that he never knew about. Especially since Josh is famous. It could be a complete lie.

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    1. So true! Maybe Josh didn’t believe them? Or simply wasn’t sure how to respond? Maybe we will see eventually… 😉 Hehe thanks so much for reading, as always!

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    1. Yeah I think Stefan is having similar thoughts right now — “Wtf dude? At least write back, even if you don’t believe us!” 😦 Poor Stefan

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  4. Oh Stefan. Maybe it’s time for you to move on. You’re a grown man, afterall, you shouldn’t still rely on your daddy to come save you 🙂

    I enjoyed seeing the bits and pieces of the family’s life – Alex and Jade are proper elders now, aww.

    As for what the letter said, I have a feeling we may only find out what exactly it said in Joie’s legacy, many chapters away from now 🙂

    Oh, and I hope Stefan meets somebody he can actually have a proper relationship with sometime. I feel like he never gets that invested in his girls though, so maybe that’s why his romances never quite work out.

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    1. Hahaha Poor Stefan. Moving on may be easier said than done for him! We’ll see where this all leads…

      Elder Alex and Jade make me SO sad haha but I did enjoy showing some of their family life 🙂

      Re: the letter… You’ll kinda have to wait and see on that end XD

      And yeah, Stefan definitely hasn’t found a good relationship yet. I have an analysis of what I think some of his issues might be in my story thread and I’m too lazy to type it again because I’m on my phone XD

      Thank you for reading, as always!


      1. Haha I didn’t really mean the first bit in a bad way – you know I love Stefan! But fixating on something for so strongly and for so long has never done anybody any good 🙂

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  5. Great job! I really like the wordless chapters too, even though they can be a little hard to understand at times. This one was very clear though! I truly feel sorry for Stefan. Poor kid. Hopefully things will work out for him soon, he deserves it!

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  6. Clearly he doesn’t want another family from long ago Steffi. Look, buddy…you have a great family, right there. I don’t think you are going to find what you are looking for with Amanda at the helm!


  7. *grumbles something about evilness* I just want Stefan to be happy!!! Constant heartbreak, dissatisfaction, anger issues, watching his brother with his happy little family, and still being sad over a father he’s never met. 😦 I just want a happy ending for Stefan already!!! DX

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  8. Do your Sims never age?! Lol, my Sims never look that good in the adult life stage! loving this story so much! (By the way when Mari was talking to the twins in her belly I totally was hearing the song “she used to be mine” by Sara Bareilles totally a tear jerker!)

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    1. LOL I promise they do age! Hehehehe But pretty gracefully 😉

      Thank you so much for reading my story! I appreciate you taking the time to check it out. It means a lot! And I will totally have to check out that song. Thanks for mentioning it! (And thanks again for reading ❤ Take your time with the mountain of chapters ahead hehe)


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