Interlude: Hi Nora

Note: You will have to click on the screenshots with text in order view them full size and be able to read them. Apologies to people who are on mobile… It will be a bit trickier for you to read, sorry! Enjoy!


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Thank you JoieWilder for penning Nora’s email in this chapter!

35 thoughts on “Interlude: Hi Nora

  1. Nora is such a sweetheart, trusting Tobias with her brothers address like that. But why does he look so unsatisfied in the last picture? Is it because he feels bad about his intentions?

    I loved all the pictures 😀

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  2. I hope they don’t ambush the guy by showing up at his house unannounced cause that would be super weird and awkward. I would have asked for his email or phone number to get in touch with him so it seems to me for Tobi to ask for an address means they intend to visit him. Or maybe they might write him a letter (who writes letters these days? LOL) However they decide to get in touch with him I hope they discuss it with Mari first because if they go ahead and contact him without her knowing that can create problems for all of them.

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    1. Hahaha well, even though they’d be able to easily afford it, I don’t think they’re confident enough to fly across the Atlantic to show up at his doorstep!

      They are planning on writing a letter 🙂 It’s very old-school, but much more personal than an email and easier than a very awkward phone call XD If things go well with the letter they would probably continue contact through more conventional means 😛

      And as for telling Mari… We’ll see! 😉

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  3. I’m on the edge of my seat! I can understand how maybe Tobi was hesitant to tell Nora his real reason but if he directly asks Josh it might not be so bad. It could get messy if he’s not honest though.

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  4. I like the detail of Josh’s twitter feed and youtube! Can’t wait to see what will the letter to Josh say, tricky subject to approach! Also, who knew Tobi was capable of such sneakiness? 😀

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    1. I’m so glad you noticed those little details!!! I was hoping someone would hahaha (would you believe there are multiple people named Josh Yuen? Lol)

      And Tobi was definitely super sneaky! Hehehe he has a bad poker face in-person, but in writing he is quite deceptive I guess XD


    1. Lmao that is a scientist’s lab coat. Stefan is getting a doctorate degree in science and works and internship XD (I haven’t said this yet in the story, but just so you know haha)

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  5. That is such a kind compliment! Thank you! And thank you for noticing the tabs! Those were fun to set up hahaha. So glad you are enjoying my story! I love writing this so much ^_^


  6. Thank you! 😀 This one was super fun to put together! (And Joie and I loved writing back and forth hahaha)


  7. That is some dedication to a chapter with emails and all!!! I really like the placement of the pictures though and all of the empty inbox shots. It adds to the suspense!!

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    1. Thank you! This one was really fun to put together! There’s another one kind of like this coming that I really enjoyed as well 🙂


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