3.24: Not Too Late

Okay, all this shopping around for fancy clothes is giving me PTSD flashbacks to when Mama and Jonas got married.

No, but seriously. I really hate this… The things I do for my Bruder, huh?

04-04-16_9-16-58 PM

But I guess it could be worse.  At least I don’t have to wear a real tux or anything. Oh God, could you imagine?

Lucky for me, Tobi and Colette aren’t having a real wedding… Just a trip to town hall to sign the paperwork and a quick little ceremony in the backyard. They still seem really excited about it though. It’s pretty much all anyone’s been talking about in this house for weeks (well, that and how cute the babies are).

04-04-16_8-59-03 PM

And speaking of the babies… Yeah, they’re actually pretty damn cute. Even my new little Schwester… Halb-Schwester, I mean. Still, it’s kinda hard not to feel kind of… Weird when I see Mama holding her. But I try not to let it bother me. And most of the time, it works.

04-04-16_9-04-42 PM

And as for Jonas… Well, you’d think finally having his own kid would make him lay off and stop trying to be my Papa. But you’d be wrong. I mean, he’s actually kinda cool most of the time… Definitely less annoying than back when I was a little kid. But sometimes, he still…


Katrina’s been acting really weird lately. Checking out other guys and stuff. And it’s pretty damn annoying… But what’s even more annoying is Jonas. One comment about it at dinner one night, and he won’t leave me alone! He keeps hounding me about it, and trying to give me all this stupid girl advice.

04-04-16_9-08-41 PM

Whatever. If I want girl advice, I’ll ask grandpa. Or maybe even Tobi. I mean damn, he’s getting married in two weeks. I guess he must know what he’s doing (well, minus the knocking-up-his-girlfriend part).

And speaking of which… Look, don’t ever tell Tobi I said this, but I’m really proud of him for doing the right thing with Colette. Sticking together, getting married… Being a good Papa, y’know? Jocelyne and Lucas really don’t know how good they have it.

04-04-16_9-02-07 PM

I can’t help but think of how different our lives might have been if our Papa had done that too, y’know? But I guess I’ll never know… It’s way too late for that.

But… it’s not too late to finally have that talk with Mama. I mean, now that the babies are born and the wedding’s gonna be out of the way… I think I’m ready. I need her to stop being afraid. I need her to just tell me the truth.

I need to know who my Papa is.

04-04-16_9-00-02 PM

39 thoughts on “3.24: Not Too Late

  1. I get the feeling that if Stefan does meet his biological father, he might realize that he was probably not all he’s cracked up to be.

    That’s just my prediction, though. :/

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  2. Ooooh you’re leaving us with such a cliffhanger!

    I feel for Stefan. It must not be easy to have your twin brother growing up so suddenly, getting marreid and everything, while you’re still trying to figure your teenage girlfriend out. And then his mom has another baby with a different man… Poor Stefan. He doesn’t have it easy, but he’s so brave about it.

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    1. Stefan is definitely caught in the middle of a lot of drama right now! Hahahaha He is going to ask Mari very soon! But after the wedding 😉

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        1. Hahaha It’s very lucky that there are so many cognates (words that sound the same in two languages) between English and German… Particularly the family words!


  3. ::Calls Stefan on the phone and theatrically clears throat then In my best Jack Nicholson voice I can muster:: “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” ::hang up phone before it gets traced::

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  4. With the drama going on, cliffhangers, and seeing Jes’s popcorn comments, I’ve been waiting to say this. *grabs megaphone* Do you love drama? Do you love cliffhangers? All aboard the Popcorn Express!!! Enjoy a ride through Citizen’s legacy while enjoying free popcorn!! There’s buttered, salted, unsalted, and more! The train will run daily, so don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy a great legacy with some popcorn!

    About today’s chapter, you’re leaving all of us with a cliffhanger! Ugh, come on! I want to know now! I side with Stefan because it’s not that easy dealing with your twin brother, who’s growing up and getting married. Hopefully, he’ll have a change to see his biological father! Oh, I can’t wait to see how this will turn out for Stefan!

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    1. Hahahahaha I love your announcement!!! XD And yeah, poor Stefan has a lot going on right now. Hopefully he will get to meet his bio-dad someday! We’ll see…

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  5. Aww man! I feel so sad right now. Stefan is so hopeful that he will get the “truth” out of Mari about who his papa is. I feel like he will be soooo disappointed when he learns that she has no clue who it is 😥 My heart goes out to him. I can’t imagine he will take it in any good way.

    Despite that, it was a great chapter. It was nice to hear from Stefan again, and that he also (like everyone else here xD) thinks the babies are so darn cute ❤

    Is that his girlfriend that's looking at other guys? o.0 He deserves better, i think. If she wants to look at other guys, she should at least let him know that they aren't going anywhere. No one who is in a steady relationship with a loved one, looks at other guys/girls. At least not if they want to keep their current relationship intact! (of course a quick glance never hurt anyone;) But literally checking out other guys that obvious is a no-go!)

    I understand why Tobias and Colette are so happy and excited about their wedding, despite that it is at city hall. I was too, when i got married to my ex-boyfriend. It was a big day! After the ceremoni at city hall, we had family over for lunch with buns and cake. It was nice :3

    I hope Stefan won't be totally devastated by the fact Mari doesn't know who their father is, and of her betrayal and lies about it. Though with his temperament i can't imagine he wouldn't. Awww… ❤ Stefan!

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    1. Stefan is going to have his talk with Mari soon, so we’ll see what ends up happening there… The poor guy. 😦 And as for Katrina… Yeah, things are getting a little rocky there, too! Poor Stefan. I am mean to him I guess 😛

      And I like that you can relate to having a tiny little wedding like Tobi and Colette are going to 🙂 Thank you so much for reading!

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  6. Stefan probably feels even more like a third wheel! I can imagine him thinking that he is the “good” son yet everyone is fawning all over Tobi. But he does seem to be handling that okay even giving his brother props for getting married. Hugs for Stefan. He is so cute. I can’t wait for the chapter where he confronts Mari. At least he will know why she was so secretive IF she is honest with him. Please be honest Mari!!!!! But will she tell about Diego? I hope not. That part should remain a secret. It would only cause resentment and hurt for everyone. But I can see Colette’s mother accidentally-on-purpose telling at the wedding. Glares at Citizen! Don’t you do it!

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    1. Haha yes, Stefan is in a difficult spot right now. He’s kind of in the middle of all of this, and it’s definitely making him feel kind of alienated. 😦 Poor thing!

      He will confront Mari somewhat soon, and we will see what happens! And as for Diego… You’re the first one who’s expressed that Mari SHOULDN’T tell the truth, which I really appreciate, as that’s my point of view too haha. Why add unnecessary drama to Tobi and Colette’s lives? I’ve always felt that it’s something best not shared and I think Mari feels the same.

      Amelie can be pretty mean… so we’ll see if she does anything XD Hehe thanks for reading!

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  7. I can’t wait to see his face when he asks Mari and she tells him she doesn’t have a clue either lol! That is, if she does tell him the truth. I bet she’ll deflate and write a regretful journal entry about it 😛

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    1. Haha yes, he’s named after his great-great-great grandfather! ^_^ Thank you so much for reading my stories (since it sounds like you’ve read Dust to Dust too!) I really appreciate it!

      And I’m so glad Lucas is your favorite! He will forever be mine too. He’s a piece of my heart. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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