3.23: The Greatest Thing

The biggest of shoutouts to the fabulous JoieWilder for once again renovating the Rosebrook household, and making it more beautiful than ever before! Thank you SO much! It’s perfect. ❤


I think there are two things that no handbook or video or parenting class can ever prepare you for about having kids.

One, how much love you can possibly feel for another human being (or in my case, two of them).

04-04-16_7-06-56 PM

And two, how fucking annoying it is to get woken up by a pair of screaming babies at 3am (sometimes a trio… thanks, little sis).

04-04-16_7-20-25 PM

But, no matter what… It’s definitely worth it.

Having Jocelyne and Lucas is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me. Seriously. They’re just… perfect. Even when they’re pooping and spitting up all over the place and it’s super disgusting, I don’t care.

04-04-16_7-08-13 PM

I love being their Papa. And I love watching Colette be an amazing Mama, too.

It’s not easy, of course. I knew it wouldn’t be. And having Clara to help take care of too doesn’t help, much as I love her.

But things have been getting a lot better since we moved back into our house… It’s a lot bigger, and there are kind of a lot of changes.

04-04-16_7-26-07 PM

Even the yard got a makeover. It’s pretty amazing (and I’ve been dreaming of having a pool ever since I was a little kid, so… score!)

04-04-16_7-26-55 PM

There are some big changes on the inside too though. We’ve got a nice big nursery now for all the babies to share, and even a playroom too, for when they’re a little older.

04-04-16_7-28-18 PM 04-04-16_7-28-35 PM

We all got upgraded to bigger bedrooms too… That’s pretty awesome. And I think Stefan’s especially excited about his. He kinda drew the short straw back when we were kids. Guess this makes up for it now.

04-04-16_7-33-28 PM 04-04-16_7-30-02 PM

And as for grandpa and vovó… They technically don’t even live in the house anymore. Crazy, right?

04-04-16_7-27-29 PM

They surprised us all by building a little cottage for themselves out on the edge of the property… I guess they wanted to get away from the craziness of having three babies around, huh? But they still help out a lot, and even take the kids for the night sometimes, when Colette and I have exams or work in the morning. At first, it was kinda hard to say yes… but we kept thinking about what Nora said. And it’s getting easier and easier to let them help.

04-04-16_7-35-13 PM

So yeah. The new house is pretty incredible. And no matter how different everything is… It still feels like home. And I think that’s the most important part.

04-04-16_8-36-54 PM

There are still some things I’m getting used to though… Like letting Lettie take over half my bedroom. Everything’s so… pink. And girly. And I had to move around a whole bunch of stuff to make room for her.

04-04-16_7-55-10 PM

I guess the good news is that I ended up finding that baseball card while I was moving some of my old junk. The one with Nora’s Bruder on it, I mean. It was kinda cool to look at it. Maybe because it reminds me of her, and how much she helped us. So instead of packing it away with the rest of them, I decided to keep it out – on the one corner of the dresser that’s still mine, that is.

04-04-16_7-57-26 PM

Anyway, I know I’m complaining but… I think I secretly love seeing Colette’s stuff everywhere. It makes it feel real, y’know? That she’s a part of the family now…

And that in less than two months, she’ll be my wife.

04-04-16_7-13-42 PM

I don’t think I ever could have imagined that I’d have a wife and two children by the time I was eighteen. I mean, Jesus. Who would? It’s pretty damn crazy. And maybe it’s not exactly how I would have wanted things to happen… But you know what?

I don’t think I’d change any of this for the world.

04-04-16_7-15-58 PM


Note: Inspired by the fact that the twins’ names are French and some discussion in my story thread about character name pronunciation, I have created a Name Pronunciation Guide in my “Characters” section of my blog, which I will continue to update with future character names that are pronounced differently than you may expect 🙂 As a native English speaker, some of my own characters’ names are actually pronounced differently than how I normally would say them, so I thought this might be helpful for people to know the “canon”/”official” pronunciations! 🙂

30 thoughts on “3.23: The Greatest Thing

  1. Such a cute chapter ❤ i love the house. JoieWilder sure has done a great job! Seriously every time i got an email notification, i was hoping it was for this! xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful chapter, Citizen!! Tobi and Colette are going to be great parents, Mari and Jonas are going to be great grandparents, and Jade and Alex are going to be great great grandparents.

    That idea about a pronunciation guide is great, giving that people can pronounce the names differently. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I especially loved the pool pic with Alex and Jade (the family cornerstone) overlooking their growing family it was priceless to witness…that and the three shirtless babes inthe pool helped make that my fave screenshot thus far 😉 ❤

    Liked by 3 people

  4. The house is gorgeous! I’m not that great at renovating houses sadly.. My rooms always turn out too big. Oh well.

    I love the twins already! Jocelyne is such a pretty name. She will grow up to be the matriarch in generation 4, right? I can’t wait 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m glad you love the house and the twins! ^_^ As for gen 4… Maybe! I haven’t confirmed which twin is the heir yet hehe


    1. I couldn’t resist naming a kid after Lucas hehehe (though his name is pronounced without the S because it’s the French version). And Tobi is very mature. I feel proud of him ❤ Thanks for your comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I am beginning to think I will need to hire my services out to legacies to expand their houses for them. XD It was so great to see Tobi settling in to fatherhood and taking Nora’s advice to let the family help.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This timeline is messed up because of Mari’s child but who cares. I think the reason Alex and Jade wanted their ‘shed’ was because they don’t want to feel old. More importantly who still lives with their grandparents and parents, parents I understand but the grandparents need to move down the street at least. Even more importantly, from what I understand, being woken up by a baby in the middle night should not concern you as the nursery only had room for two children.


  7. Lovely new house! I especially like that Alex and Jade have their own little cottage 🙂

    Tobias and Collette are handling all this suspiciously well *raises eyebrow*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The cottage was actually Joie’s idea, and I loved it! Works very well on that giant 64×64 lot 😛 And Tobi and Colette are perhaps a bit unrealistically awesome at this teen parenting thing XD But again, I refer you to their family aspiration and family oriented trait respectfully XD


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