3.21: Promise

Y’know, I never thought any night of my life could be better than that one at camp last summer. No matter how things ended up, I wouldn’t change anything about it. Seriously. It was just… perfect.

But tonight was even better.


Ever since me and Lettie met that Nora woman…  Everything’s different. We’re both so much happier. Less afraid. Closer than we’ve ever been before. And I think, for the first time, we finally feel like things are gonna be okay.

Especially if we have each other.


And tonight, I decided to make it official.


I didn’t have anything to give her.


No box of chocolates.


No bouquet of roses.


No fancy ring.


Just a promise.


41 thoughts on “3.21: Promise

  1. That was quite cute and romantic. Are they all grown up now?

    I wish it was longer though. A bit too short, i think 😏


  2. They are just so gosh darn cute its sickening…I may or may not be jealous of a pixelated chick…just saying…Oh and you are evil to keep flaunting the shirtless wonder in our faces for the second post in a row……::stares down Citizen::

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    1. Hahahahaha Colette is one lucky lady! Tobi is such a damn sweetheart. You can think his “good” trait and “big happy family” aspiration for how amazing he’s being through this pregnancy thing hehehe.

      And just wait… I screenshotted a chapter last night with Tobi-tushy! LMAO!

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    2. LOL! You know, I was thinking of you while reading and seeing Tobi shirtless AGAIN! 😀 Now I’m worried, cause there’s no way I could justify placing a shirtless Chris in my next chapter. Damn! The web trafic is going to drop…

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  3. Aww… Very cute. I don’t think it needed a length to be totally awesome! And so romantic and sweet and adorable and I’m using the words everyone else has because they’re so perfect… Love the update! 🙂

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    1. I am a fan of simple (though I don’t always do it 😉 ) and you are indeed a master of it! So I’m glad you approve ^_^ I love this couple so much, and am rooting for them too! I’m glad you are #TeamToCo!

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  4. So sweet! I love these two and hope they get a little happiness before something else happens. I thought I liked to torture my characters but I think you have me beat in the melodrama department.

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