3.11: Bad Timing

Talk about bad timing.


Less than two weeks after Elena dumps me (I know, I know, I promised I’d stop whining about her) and Tobi’s off to his stupid camp AGAIN.

And to make matters worse, he came to me asking for advice yesterday… about Colette.


How the Hell was I supposed to convince him to finally make a move with her when I’m sitting here wallowing in self-pity and swearing off girls for the rest of my life? (Okay, okay, I’m totally exaggerating. But this seriously SUCKS. “I think we should see other people”? What the Hell kind of line is that?!)

Anyway, I kinda had no choice. He wanted my help… and I had to deliver, didn’t I? But of course I gave him a hard time about it… What kind of self-respecting Bruder would I be if I didn’t?


No, but seriously… Who would have ever dreamed that Tobias would be the one coming to ME for girl advice?! It’s not like I’m an expert or anything… Elena’s the only girlfriend I’ve ever had, and we barely even made it to second base (at least, I think it was second? I’ve never been into sports… Especially foreign ones. That’s Tobi’s thing. Definitely not mine).

Anyway, I guess that’s still one more girlfriend and two more bases than he’s had, if you can believe it.

I mean, all the girls at school practically melt just seeing him walk by – it’s pretty disgusting, actually. He could have any one of them he wants. But day after day, he turns them all down. And I know exactly the reason why…

He’s been waiting for Colette. And, well… It’s like he says – This summer could be his last chance.


I don’t know what Mama’s problem is. I get why she put up such a fight about them visiting each other back when they were kids… But Tobias and I are sixteen now. Colette’s almost seventeen. More than old enough to handle a bus ride out of the city. But she still won’t budge. And neither will Colette’s Papa, from the sound of it.

I guess I can’t help but feel kinda bad for Tobi, y’know? I mean, at this rate, who knows? Maybe he’ll have to wait til he moves out of the house before he can see her again.


The other day, I heard him talking to Jonas about it – he’d never DARE ask Mama… Even Tobi’s not dumb enough to try that. And, much as I hate admitting it… I think I agree with Jonas’ advice.


So when Tobias came to me, I told him pretty much the same thing – To grow a pair and go for it (okay, so maybe Jonas didn’t say it quite like that… But you get the idea).


And Tobi swore up and down that he would.


But we’ll see.

I just hope he doesn’t blow it like I did.



41 thoughts on “3.11: Bad Timing

  1. Ooooh I love the twins as teenagers! They’re both so handsome and I love their relationship together.

    I really hope Tobi takes his chances and goes for it this summer… but, knowing you, it probably won’t be as simple as that :p
    Can’t wait to see where this goes, though!

    Also, totally unrelated, I love that kitchen!

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    1. Thank you! They are super handsome, I love it omg. Haha And they are the best of friends. It’s so nice to write!

      You’ll see how things go with Colette in tomorrow’s chapter 😉

      And the kitchen was designed by JoieWilder (another SimLit author who writes an epic legacy called the Thoreau Legacy). She re-modeled the Rosebrook house for Gen 3 ^_^


  2. I feel like Stefan is going to end up falling for Colette too based off of the screenshots from the other day when Tobi got mad that they were talking, but who knows? ^_^ oh wait, Citizen does. Duh.

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  3. Now, I’m just waiting for shit to hit the fan… Nice guy *cough cough* MARI *cough cough* has to eventually break up with the girl *cough cough* DIEGO *cough cogh* because something bad happens…

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    1. Um, that is really really really strange LMAO! Does that mean you are officially driven away from #TeamStefan now? XD (Also, is your name secretly Elena? haha)

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Hahaha it’s definitely not a Rosebrook mouth! Would Mari really sleep with Diego though? That’s a key question 😛


  4. You didn’t just go there. Omg. If Colette and Tobias are related…..well…..not even you would be that cruel to this family that finally became a family. Oh no…..all the signs are there. The relationship between them is totally platonic… My heart is breaking for Tobias and Stefan and even Jonas because Mari obviously hadn’t told him If indeed this is true because he told Tobias to go for it. The boys are innocent. Don’t break their hearts. Noo…. Please…need popcorn now that the suspense has built up. Yes. It’s going to hit the fan……..


    1. Hahahaha I found this comment very entertaining! But I promise you, cross my heart, that Tobi and Colette have zero blood relation hahaha. But I promise there is SOME kind of drama brewing 😉

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  5. Haha that thing about bases cracked me up! I’m with you Stefan 😀 I do hope we get to see more of Stefan eventually, the story is very Tobias-centric now (nothing wrong with that, the Collette storyline is awesome!

    Now let’s see what happens at camp!

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    1. We will have more Stefan, don’t worry! ^_^ We were talking about it in my story thread recently, actually (I’m not sure if you ever lurk there :P). Tobias is the “main character” during the boys’ teen years and Stefan is the “main character” during their YA years (until Gen 4 takes over). 🙂 This generation has two distinct story arcs, so it’s set up a little differently from Gen 2. But I try to give both boys equal treatment! 😛 Only one can be the heir to give us Gen 4, but during Gen 3 they are both the focus ^_^

      Thank you so much for reading, as always!

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  6. I’m a little irked at Mari and Diego, why keep sending them to camp together for all those years getting closer and closer if you know, you don’t want them to see each other. It just torturous. straight evil.

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    1. Hahahaha I don’t think Mari and Diego see it that way, but I totally see what you’re saying. I think they just want their kids to keep having fun at camp, and, if you think about it, the kids would probably react even WORSE if they tried to stop sending them to camp/kept them apart… So I guess they are in a tough situation!

      (btw, you have such a big advantage having read it so quickly XD almost NO ONE remembered that Diego’s last name is Katz, so I was able to make it a dramatic reveal hehe)

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