3.2: Worst Day Ever


Okay, no matter how dorky Tobias says it is, I LOVE writing. Mostly stories and stuff, but I even have fun with it at school (well, MOST of the time. Some of those essays we have to write are SO DUMB).

But having my own super-special writing journal?

This is the best!


I just wish Tobias hadn’t opened his big mouth and made such a huge deal about it to Mama and grandpa… All I said was that it might be cool to have our own journals to write in sometime. I wasn’t really gonna ASK or anything. But Tobias had to go and be the loudmouth. Like always.

I knew grandpa was gonna say no. I love grandpa, but he likes to say no a lot. Definitely more than Mama does.


But Tobias wouldn’t stop bugging them until Mama finally talked grandpa into it. It was really annoying. I don’t know why stupid Tobias has to go and make such a big deal about stuff.

Anyway, it was really weird. Mama handed us the journals, but she told us to make her a promise – everything we write has to be 100% true. I guess it was kinda confusing. But I keep thinking about what she said.

“These journals are for you, no one else, okay? So never be afraid to say what you really feel. Because the worst person to lie to is yourself.”


I guess that won’t be so hard. I mean, everything else I’ve written so far is true. And she’s right, I’m pretty sure no one else is ever gonna read this thing.

But just in case, let me tell you some stuff about me:

I’m Stefan Alexander Rosebrook. I’m 10 years old, and I live in Windenburg. And the Tobias I keep talking about is my twin brother. But you’d never know it if you saw us. I guess I don’t mind too much. It’s kinda nice being different. I feel like it’d be kinda boring if we were EXACTLY the same, don’t you think?


He’s so lucky though. Me and Tobias are always wondering what our Papa might look like…

But I bet all he has to do is look in the mirror.

Anyway, like I was saying before, me and Tobias live in a place called Windenburg. Our house is really big, and fancy. Grandpa and vovó spent a lot of money to fix it up when we were REALLY little, so now there’s plenty of room for all of us – Me and Tobias, grandpa and vovó, our Tante Gabriela, Mama (duh), and Jonas.


And Jonas is kinda the reason I’m happy I have a journal I can write stuff in. Mama and grandpa always say you’re supposed to write about all the important stuff that happens to you – and how you feel about it when it does.

Well tomorrow’s definitely gonna be important.

But I still don’t think I know how I really feel about it. Maybe writing about it will help me figure it out.

Jonas is Mama’s boyfriend, by the way. Or really he’s her… what’s that fancy word? Fiancé. And me and Tobias have known him for a long time.


He’s okay, I guess.

He’s pretty smart, and kinda funny too (but some of his jokes are SO dumb). We both really like going to the museum, so he takes me there sometimes, just the two of us. That’s sorta cool. But he likes to talk a lot, and ask me all these annoying questions.


But he really loves my Mama. I can tell. That’s probably the best thing about him.

03-08-16_8-20-38 PM

But he still makes me REALLY MAD! He’s always acting like he’s trying to be our dad or something. But he’s NOT. Our real Papa’s still out there somewhere. And we’re gonna find him someday. But it’s definitely not Jonas. A million trips to the museum won’t change that.


And neither will some dumb wedding.

I’m gonna have to wear an ugly suit and there’s gonna be lots of strangers and boring grownup conversations and nasty food and a fake Papa I never asked for anyway.

It’s gonna be the worst day ever.



37 thoughts on “3.2: Worst Day Ever

    1. Hahahahaha yes, poor Stefan! He just wants his real dad, poor thing! (And, in case you were wondering, he did inherit Mari’s hot headed trait! Oh no! Hahaha)

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I like Stefan. He seems to think about everything a lot more than his brother. Hopefully Jonas will grow on him eventually.

    Speaking of Jonas I’m kind of glad that Mari didn’t get back together with Humberto. It seems more realistic that they ended up just being friends. It just didn’t seem like their personalities clicked that well.

    I wonder if Mari actually knows who the father is!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! You picked up on them perfectly haha. Tobias is a happy-go-lucky kid, but is not deep thinking. Stefan is the quiet and thoughtful one (and angry one… Darn you, hot-headed trait!)

      I’m glad that you’re glad about Mari and Humberto ending up just friends! Jonas is basically perfect for Mari… Kind and sensitive enough to balance her out, but with the same sarcastic sense of humor and pottymoutg as she has 😛 Meant to be!

      And we will learn more soon about whether or not Mari knows who the father is ^_^


  2. I figured the real dad would show up eventually. And, yes, he is probably right, all Tobias has to do is look in the mirror to know what their Dad looks like. I like that they have different views. Hopefully Stefan will not become self destructive. He likes Jonas and realizes that his mom loves him and he is good for her so I don’t think he will sink as low as Mari did.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stefan did inherit Mari’s hot-headed trait, and he most definitely has deeper “daddy issues” than Tobias does, but thankfully he will never be Mari-level. Don’t worry! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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  3. Poor Stefan. I really feel for him; he seems to just want to know where he came from and to know what the other side of him is like. I bet he’d have a better relationship with Jonas if he could at least meet his bio-dad.

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  4. Alright, so I see that he got a little bit of his mother’s side… XD Poor kid. I’m TRUSTING you to be a GOOD kid… But, with your creator, anything goes… *hugs to protect the kid*

    But poor kid. Really, I think we all want to know who their father is…

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  5. He sounds a lot like his mother in the journal. But I believe you, when you say he won’t go as far (or fall so low) as she did. We need some positivity in this generation to recover from the ride you took us on with Mari. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is positivity ahead! Just lots of drama too 😛

      And yes, he is a lot like Mari! And not even just in the anger aspect. Mari is a pretty deep thinker and emotional person, when she’s being really serious/honest in her journal. And Stefan is very much the same. Tobias is much more carefree/light-hearted/etc. But both are good kids and there is nothing even close to what we dealt with in Gen 2 in their futures, thank goodness! 😛

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  6. Just read through the comments… You have no idea how glad I am that Stefan won’t be as ‘self-destructive’ as his mother! I’m glad he does like Jonas though, and he knows that he loves Mari. Maybe Stefan will have a shouting match *cough* talk with Jonas about how he can’t be his dad! I do really want to see them go on a quest though to find their father. I definitely prefer Tobias at the moment though, he’s more like me – ‘carefree/light-hearted!’ 😉 I don’t think I can deal with one more molecule of drama for this generation. I’m still recovering from Mari! Great double update Citizen! I love how you showed there differing personalities! I feel spoiled with the double update! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha oh no, prepare yourself for some drama ahead though! Just… Very different drama from what we had in Gen 2 (thank goodness!). I’m glad you liked the double update! ^_^ Thanks for reading!

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  7. Ahaha I probably should have tried to guess Stefan’s trait before I read the comments! I was leaning more towards Creative/Art Lover until I read what he wrote towards Jonas.

    Family changes are not always easy, and I’m glad Stefan’s perspective showed us the other side of the story! I love how these two think differently.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Poor Mari. She really is so different now. She can have a happy child 😛

      And yes, a daddy hunt will happen at some point… We will see if it’s successful 😉


  8. I really like the parallel already in the first two chapters. A son who is excited for a new father, and a son that wants his biological father. It’s definitely a conflict.

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