3.1: Best Day Ever


Okay, so I should probably let you know that I usually HATE writing when I’ve gotta do it for school and stuff. SO BORING!

But this?

This is SO cool!


I’m soooooo glad Stefan had this journal idea! He told me he’d been thinking for a while how cool it’d be. But he was too scared to ask Mama and grandpa about it, so I had to be the brave one. Like always.

So at first grandpa said NO WAY because Mama and Tante Lina had some kinda stupid girl drama about Mama’s journal when she was a kid. But me and Stefan are BOYS. We’re different. But grandpa still said we’re too young.


But then Mama talked to him and guess what? He found a couple of his old notebooks and gave ‘em to us! Mama’s the BEST. But she did make us promise ONE thing…

She says we’re only allowed to write the TRUTH. She made some funny speech about lying to yourself. It was kinda weird, and I didn’t really get it. But I just sorta nodded and I guess it worked!


Okay, so before I talk about all the exciting stuff going on, I should say some stuff about ME, huh?

My name’s Tobias, but sometimes Mama calls me Tobi (or Tobias Bjorn Rosebrook when she’s REALLY mad). I have a brother named Stefan. We both just had our 10th birthday last month. We’re twins, by the way. But we don’t really look like it. And that really stinks sometimes. I mean, we can’t do any of that cool stuff like in the movies, where they switch places and trick everybody. That would be SO cool!


I really wish we looked the same. He’s so lucky. Everyone says I look a lot like grandpa. But my skin’s so light. And my hair too… No one else looks like me. And it’s not fair. I wanna look like I belong.

I wonder if that means our Papa was blonde… Mama gets upset if we try to ask her about him.

Anyway, we live in a really big house with my grandparents, my Tante Gabriela, my Mama, and Jonas. He’s the only person who lives with us who isn’t part of the family. Well, not yet. But soon! Really soon.


Tomorrow is gonna be the most important day EVER in my entire LIFE.

Jonas is gonna be our new Papa.

Well, he already feels like he’s our Papa anyway. He and Mama have been together for kind of a long time. Mama was friends with some other guys too, when we were really little. But we never got to meet any of them. Jonas was the first one.


And he’s SO AWESOME. He tells the funniest jokes and knows everything about… everything! He helps me with my homework and plays video games with me. He doesn’t really know a lot about sports though. That’s kinda lame, I guess. But he always listens to me when I talk about ‘em anyway.


Know what though? I think the best part is how much he makes Mama smile. She gets really sad sometimes. And mad. But he always makes it better.


And tomorrow, they’re getting married!

Mama’s gonna wear a pretty white dress and there’s gonna be music and dancing and yummy food and cake and I’m gonna have a Papa.

It’s gonna be the best day ever.



60 thoughts on “3.1: Best Day Ever

    1. Hahahaha I really wanted German names for the boys that also exist in English and I loved the sound of both names 🙂 Tobias is a nice name! There is no DJing in my Tobi’s future though 😛


      1. That’s how I got those names lol lots of conferring with Julyvee94. I love Stefan too. Ever since Family Matters lol. My Tobias has Brown/green hair and my Lukas is blonde lol. Ours are opposites. Like your twins btw. I like how different they are.

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        1. Lol! Yeah July gave me a list of German boy names and that’s where I got them from 😛 Hehehe. And yes, the twins are very different… And not just in appearance!

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    1. True, but it can happen! And the Rosebrooks’ lives are anything but common, aren’t they? 😉 Hehehe I was glad they weren’t identical! But yeah, the different skin tones is certainly less common!

      Btw, good call on Jonas being the love of Mari’s life 😉 Everyone is so distracted by the twins that I don’t think they’ve thought about the fact that they went from meeting in the last chapter to getting married hehe 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehe he does!!! And the best part is that I didn’t even think about it/realize it until I’d already decided on it for Tobias. Whoops… 😛 Thanks so much for reading! I’m glad you love it ❤


  1. How cute is he! Loving the boys already. But woah, didn’t expect the jump! A part of me is sad we didn’t get to see any of the relationship beginnings between Mari and Jonas. I guess is you were eager to get generation 3 rolling? 🙂

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    1. Do you remember my post in the lounge the other day about wanting to write about a certain character, but not being able to because of my story? Yup, it was Jonas and Mari hahaha.

      I have SO much “head canon” for their relationship — their first date, Mari’s fears about having sex with him (because of her past issues) and opening up about her past… When they finally DID have sex with each other… When he met her parents and sisters for the first time… When he met the BOYS for the first time… When he proposed… I could literally write a side story all about their relationship, because it’s all there in my head!

      But my outline for Generation 3 is already 70 chapters, and keeps getting longer. I won’t be surprised if I make it to 100… And that’s without any of those Jonas and Mari chapters added to the mix!

      I had to “sacrifice” showing their relationship in favor of focusing on the next generation. And it was such a hard decision and there is so much Mari and Jonas stuff I wish I could share. 😥 But I really couldn’t.

      Some have suggested doing a few little short stories or something to show the earlier days of Mari and Jonas, but if I do that, I will get distracted from the main story and the twins!

      Sorry to write you a novel haha. I am agreeing with you about being sad! Mari and Jonas are my favorite romantic relationship I’ve ever had between characters (yes, really XD) so it kills me that we never get to see any of it develop! They have a very nice interlude coming this weekend that will hopefully help make up for it a little bit!

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      1. And here I was thinking that being the evil author you are, you decided to skip the cutesy new relationship stuff to get back to the heartwrenching drama as quickly as possible 😛 (I kid, I kid… Or do I? :D)

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        1. LOL! I am evil, but not THAT evil 😛 You can ask JoieWilder. She’s had to put up with me lamenting how much I am in love with Jonas and Mari’s relationship and how totally gutted I am that I couldn’t show more of it.

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this chapter! ^_^ And yes, Mari has learned from experience how damaging it can be to lie to yourself!


    1. I already picked, but I’m not telling 😉 Hehehe. I am following both of them in this generation, so from a storytelling standpoint, it doesn’t really matter too much, I guess! But from a genetics standpoint it does 😛 But I am going to just keep everyone wondering which one it’s gonna be, because why not? 😉

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    1. You are good! Yes, his childhood trait is active! ^_^ (and as for the identity of the father… Still not telling XD)

      I wonder if you’ll be able to guess Stefan’s trait too!

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      1. Actually, looking at the twins…it could actually be Diego. But logically I think it’s the blond guy in a checkered shirt who backed Mari into a closet in Chapter 2.31.

        Yeah, I went checking. xD

        Knowing you though, it’s neither of them! 😉

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        1. Hehehehe unfortunately it will be quite a while before we get any more info about who it could be… 😛 I like that you’re trying to do some detective work though hehe

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                1. Lmao! I just mean I don’t think you are gonna like Stefan very much XD I love both twins. Most people are #TeamTobi, some are #TeamStefan, and I am #TeamTwins 😛

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Amanda, sweetheart, you love all of your characters. I like Stefan okay, but he’s a hateful brat right now. So what if he is his new ‘Dad’. My mother has turned into my best friend more than an actual parent as I grow older. You still have your Mom, that’s all you need!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. Haha I do love all of them, it’s true. 😛 And things between Stefan and Jonas are… Complicated. We’ll see bits and pieces, but it won’t be explored in depth until MUCH later though (as in, hasn’t even come up yet in where the story currently is XD)

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    1. Hehe well maybe not the NEXT chapter, but… 😛 Wedding pics are coming! And wow, I can’t believe you’re on Gen 3 either! You are awesome! Hahaha (And you get a special medal for surviving the Mari-drama in one sitting :P)


    1. Oh wow! Hahaha that’s so awesome. Enjoy the re-read! I bet it’s crazy to read now knowing what’s ahead. Thanks for re-reading ^_^


  2. I was really holding out for MariBerto 😭 I suppose it’s more realistic this way. He’s a bit like the one that got away. But it was all for the best (where is Handsome Humberto now though?? Is he single??)

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  3. I forgot just how much I loved Tobi as a kid. I freaking loved reading through your legacy. I wish I could find my other favorite legacy, the one that got me into sims stories in the beginning, but it was on the old sims website. I think it was eventually moved to a blog, but I don’t think I could ever find it.

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