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3.13: Something Big

Well, Tobi finally made it home from camp this morning (about time, too. Things were getting SO boring around here). And anyway, I could tell right away that something big must have happened with Colette. He was so much quieter … Continue reading

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3.12: Ending or Beginning?

Holy SHIT. I almost can’t believe it. Last night, Colette and I… The two of us, we… Woah. I decided to take Stefan and Papa’s advice… “Go for it”, y’know? But I guess I kinda took their advice farther than I … Continue reading

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Interlude: Make It Count

The soft whistling of the evening breeze was the only sound that reached Tobias’ ears as he stepped out into the crisp night air. His eyes looked up at the thousands of twinkling stars above him and he took a … Continue reading

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3.11: Bad Timing

Talk about bad timing. Less than two weeks after Elena dumps me (I know, I know, I promised I’d stop whining about her) and Tobi’s off to his stupid camp AGAIN. And to make matters worse, he came to me … Continue reading

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Interlude: Long Distance


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3.10: Can’t Wait

I guess I gotta write this kinda fast before Mama gets here. I’ve kinda been too distracted to really write anything here at camp. Every day’s been super busy… and super FUN too! But now it’s all over, and I’m just … Continue reading

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3.9: Fun

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a little while. I’ve been really busy… even without Tobi here. He’s been gone for almost two weeks already, away at that weird football camp. And at first it was really, really, really bad. … Continue reading

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