2.31: Fuck


02-15-16_7-04-08 PM

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

02-15-16_7-13-13 PM

What the fuck am I gonna do?!

02-15-16_7-17-24 PM

I don’t even know if it’s his.

02-10-16_9-50-09 PM 02-10-16_9-42-09 PM 02-19-16_4-09-01 PM02-10-16_9-30-24 PM


02-15-16_7-19-25 PM


Note: For the curious, Mari’s pregnancy came about thanks to turning on my risky woohoo mod. Like Mari, I genuinely did not know who the father was! It was kind of fun for me (in a sick and twisted way… hehe).

Thank you all for reading! And thanks for being patient with our poor girl here ❤

46 thoughts on “2.31: Fuck

    1. Well, I do know the identity NOW… Hehe but at the time I didn’t! (I have written four chapters of Gen 3 already). But I loved having it be a mystery! I did have multiple “plans” for where to go from here, depending on the identity of the father. So once I discovered that, my Gen 3 plans came together perfectly!!! 🙂

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  1. We told you so Mari! (Well, I didn’t but others did :p )
    Well, I guess she has someone to love. Gen 3, here we come! (I so hope this is Humberto’s. This baby needs to have a father who loves him, considering how broken its mother is.)
    Citizen, were you happy or freaked out when you discovered this, before you thought up a plot line? How on Earth are you gonna work out who the father is? I’m glad you left that note! One question for me to ask you! (Again, I apologise for the endless stream of questions!) 🙂
    Hehehe! Can’t wait for the next update!

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    1. Hehehehe well, I had always planned for Mari to get pregnant this way. But it was scary when the moment came to finally turn the risky woohoo setting on and see what would happen! And the game tells you who the father is when the baby is born, even if you do a risky woohoo! So I figured out right away who it was. And as for Mari, well… Keep reading (for a long time hehehe). 😛

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  2. Did I count right? Four potential fathers?! Mari, you’ve been busy! I hope it’s Humberto’s kid but even if it isn’t I have a feeling he would still be there as a father figure. It would be interesting to see Mari have that conversation with each of those men…assuming she knows how to get in contact with them, or even remembers their names.
    By the way, I was thinking about Mari’s issues and how she basically started hooking up with random strangers as a way to cope with her depression over losing Diego and it reminded of that Tove Lo song Habits. All the stuff Mari’s been up to sounds just like in the song, except she doesn’t eat her dinner in the bathtub…LOL.

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    1. Wellllllll we see four guys in the pics, but it was really like 6 or 7 XD That bearded bartender dude was one and there were one or two others I forgot to take pictures of (whoops!)Very busy girl… Oh Mari *sigh*

      And also, it’s SO funny that you mention that song, because I discovered it a few weeks ago and went “oh my goodness, this is Mari!” Hahaha. Great connection!

      Thanks so much for reading!

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  3. Lol! How cool that you didn’t know who the father was in game either! How did your perfectionist side (in the nicest way possible haha) handle that? (I know you said in an earlier comment that you intended her to have an accidental pregnancy, but the not knowing must have been agonising for you :))

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    1. OMG I am so glad you asked! Hahaha That screenshot was THE HARDEST screenshot I’ve even taken in any of my SimLit. It took more than half an hour!

      Basically I DLed a cc pregnancy test, that can’t do anything but just sit there. Then, using the pose player, I experimented with all these different animations, looking for one where Mari is holding her hand out. Once I found one (which has to be paused at the EXACT right moment!), I paused the game, went into build mode, and used Move Objects and the alt-key to move the pregnancy test so it was hovering over her hand. But if I ever made the mistake of moving it too low, the game would see it as the test “intersecting” Mari, and would “reset” her (meaning she’d move to the other side of the bathroom and not be posing anymore). Then I’d have to start all over again. It took forever to get it to work. I was literally swearing at my computer by the end of it!

      Sorry that turned into an angry rant hahaha I am still so frustrated by that damn picture 😛

      Thanks for reading!


    1. The game tells you who the father is when the baby is born! 🙂 So the game told me hehehe. And as for whether or not it’s Humberto… I can’t say right now hehe


    1. We’ll see! And yes… Poor Mari. Gah. (Though… This is really her own fault… But she’s also so unwell mentally that it’s just plain sad. This gen was so upsetting for me hahaha)

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  4. I both hate and love this!!! As soon as I saw the title I knew this was coming.
    I love that you did risky woohoo XD it could be anyone’s. That’s great and horrible!

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