2.24: Too Much Foam

Y’know, not having a job really sounds nice, in theory.

But it actually SUCKS. Hard.

And not just because of the “having-no-money” thing.

There’s also the “stupid-parents-won’t-stop-nagging-you-about-finding-a-new-job” thing.

02-03-16_5-24-09 PM

Or the “filling-out-job-applications-until-your-fingers-are-ready-to-fall-off” thing.

And let’s not forget the “sitting-around-at-home-all-day-bored-out-of-your-mind” thing.

Which usually leads to the “daily-reminder-of-what-a-complete-and-utter-fuckup-you-are” thing. But I should probably be used to that by now.

As for today, well… That was full of the good old “walking-all-over-town-dropping-off-applications-and-pretending-to-actually-give-a-shit” thing.

Which I suck at.

Anyway, it was pretty damn tiring pretending to be so sweet and peppy, and I really needed a drink. Or three. But it was 11am… And I guess even I have my limits. Sometimes.

So I decided a coffee would be better than nothing, right? And there are plenty of decent cafes around the city, at least.

Too bad I didn’t pick one of them.

02-03-16_7-08-43 PM

I should have known something was up when I saw how long the line was. They only had one guy working the counter, and he was slow as friggin’ molasses.

Good thing he was so easy on the eyes. That made things a LITTLE better, I guess.

02-03-16_7-10-03 PM

But I was still pissed. I just wanted my coffee, damn it! It took him forever. And he kept giving me these weird looks while he was making it. What a creep!

After about five years, he finally gave it to me, and I went to find a seat.

02-03-16_7-11-04 PM

I was so upset that I think my brain wasn’t working right or something. I mean, the guy looked SO familiar. But I just couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him before. I was still thinking about it, actually, when he just waltzed right over and started talking to me. Can you believe it?

02-03-16_7-11-54 PM

He asked me if I was enjoying my coffee (It was actually pretty damn good… But WAY too much foam!), so I just told him it was great and hoped he’d leave me alone… But that creeper actually sat down next to me! What the Hell? I guess the next shift must have taken over or something, because he wasn’t going anywhere.

I tried to ignore him, but he just kept staring at me with this adorable stupid smile on his face.

02-03-16_7-12-25 PM

“What?!” I remember asking him.

Then he smiled even wider, and told me he remembered me from last week at the club.

I knew I’d seen him somewhere!

02-03-16_5-09-39 PM

I still thought this guy was a friggin’ weirdo… but I guess I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell him how much I’d enjoyed his playing. I mean, it’d be rude not to, wouldn’t it?

Anyway, I found out his name’s Humberto Flores – Yeah, I know. What the Hell kind of name is that?! – and I guess he just moved here a few weeks ago. Something about “looking for his destiny”? HA! Sounds like the shit my dad likes to spew sometimes, or write about in his dumb books.

02-03-16_7-13-54 PM

I was pretty proud of myself for managing to get through the whole conversation without rolling my eyes, or laughing out loud at the poor guy. But… I guess it wasn’t so bad getting to know him. Even if he’s a little weird. He was kinda nice. And interesting. And I mean, now that I think about it, it was probably the first real conversation I’ve

02-03-16_7-14-40 PM

But I really should have gotten that coffee to go, instead of sticking around and getting roped into that dumb conversation. Half the friggin’ morning gone, and I’d only dropped off three applications. My parents were PISSED when I got home, of course. Asked me what I’d been doing all that time.

I tried to explain to them that it was all because of that weirdo at the café, but do you think they’d listen to me? Of course not! No one ever does.

Next time I’ll have to try somewhere different for my coffee I guess. Somewhere with a barista who’s not a creeper. And not as chatty. And who knows how much foam to put in my latte. Dummkopf.


Featuring Humberto from VirtuaLee’s Cursed Beauty


27 thoughts on “2.24: Too Much Foam

  1. I don’t know why, but the picture of Mari looking for a seat while holding her drink is making me laugh.

    Even if I can’t help but feel something intense is going to happen soon between Mari and Humberto (contrary to what she’s saying there, I think his name sounds awesome)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You know I love these screenshots so much because it reminds me of CB’s first chapter when Kali meets him in the cafe!! How ironic, I adore that correlation! Yes, she has some serious denial issues in this chapter, all the crossing out of the true commentary and theatrics regarding the little things like ‘too much foam’ oh Mari we can read you like a book…errr blog LOL – Great chapter!!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. XD your comment got cut off on my phone, and I was like “whaaaaaaaat?” Then I went to the thing, and it was there, and… Yeah. Lol.

        But yes. He looks amazing. Reminds me of Alex…

        Liked by 2 people

  3. ….I don’t need to say anything at all right now, because I am slowly starting to hate Mari. You know I started this about four hours ago, went from love to hate in that quick time? DANGIT AMANDA


    1. You are not alone haha most readers end up not being able to stand her… And I can’t totally blame people but… I really love her, despite everything, so it really breaks my heart to know how much everyone hates her. I understand the hate, but it defintely makes me sad! I feel like a mama protecting her baby haha

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I am very glad that you don’t hate Mari! Hopefully that won’t change… Hehehe

    We are in Gen 4 now and I have a few readers who STILL dislike her (and she’s not even a POV character anymore lol). I get a bit overly-defensive/over-protective of Mari because I love her so dang much hehehe. (You would never know that with how I treat the poor girl though, huh?)


    1. You don’t have to comment on every chapter! It’s seriously fine. 🙂

      It’s also okay for you to dislike Mari. She’s not very likable, in general XD And she most definitely needs therapy. This whole generation was so frustrating to write hahahaha

      I really appreciate you reading. And wow, you’re fast too! 😀


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