2.23: One More Song

Well, I’m pretty sure my dad will never be able to look me in the eye again. I mean, he hasn’t for almost a week now. Barely even says a word to me, really.

And the worst part is, I know I deserve it. Who the Hell wants a worthless Schlampe like me for a daughter? I knew I’d fuck everything up, just like always. I just knew it.

Whatever. I don’t give a shit about him. Let him think whatever he wants about me.

Anyway, tonight wasn’t too eventful, really. Almost not even worth writing about.

I spent most of it just hanging out at the bar while Miguel and Natalia were off listening to the DJ. No idea why… Whoever the Hell that girl was, she was TERRIBLE.

02-03-16_5-05-32 PM

Not to mention the place was absolutely DEAD. It kind of sucked, to be honest. How the Hell was I supposed to have any fun if there was no one around?!

At least the drinks were good… and pretty cheap, too.

Anyway, there was some guy playing the guitar in the corner, so I just threw back some drinks and enjoyed the music, mostly. That part was kind of nice. I mean, the DJs play the same shit no matter where we go. Gets old, y’know?

02-03-16_5-05-39 PM

Plus, this guy was pretty good… So good that I actually moved closer to get a better listen. And I’ve gotta say, I was impressed. Not just by how he sounded either… He was just REALLY into it. Whatever that song was, it meant something to him. I could tell.

02-03-16_5-09-39 PM

Reminded me of when I was a kid. Did you know I used to love the piano? I even used to dream of being a professional one day, if you can believe it. Yeah, a pretty stupid dream, I know. But I was a kid. Kids are stupid (I mean just look at Lina and Gabriela).

Anyway, I don’t know what got into me… All this sentimental shit got all stirred up last night. Maybe it really was the music after all… Or the alcohol. Probably both.

Luckily, I was saved by a horrible, drunken pick-up line before things got too bad.

02-03-16_5-13-10 PM

Something about loving the music, and being a musician himself… Blah, blah, blah. I knew it was bullshit. Five seconds of conversation and one look in his eyes told me he knew as much about music as I do about quantum physics.

But damn, he was hot as Hell. How could I resist?

02-03-16_5-14-07 PM

I just wish we could have stayed for one more song.

02-03-16_5-19-29 PM


Note: If that guitarist looks familiar, that is because he is the amazing Humberto Flores from VirtuaLee’s Cursed Beauty! (And if he doesn’t look familiar… Go check out her story and get familiar! Hehe )

And shoutout to MunterBacon for Mari’s hookup of the evening!


50 thoughts on “2.23: One More Song

    1. Maybe! She was definitely a bit “softer” and more reflective in this chapter… Gotta love the effect music can have hehehe


  1. OOOOMMMMGGG ::waves frantically:: SOO SOO SOO excited to see Humberto in your story. Yes, it’s amazing what music can do and beautiful men playing the music hehe 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hmm… Spouse alert? (The guitarist, not the drunken guy!)
    Just speculation. The guitarist seems to be the only guy since Diego who has had an effect on Mari that isn’t, um, shall I put it? Influenced by err… Alcohol. Yes. Alcohol. Let’s be polite. can’t wait for the next update! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

        1. Hahaha belonging to VirtuaLee doesn’t mean he can’t become a bigger character in this one! Heck, Krystina from D2D was a legacy spouse in OJenn’s legacy hehehe We like to share sometimes 🙂 (Not saying Humberto will be a spouse or anything though XD)

          Liked by 1 person

  3. (breathes huge sigh of relief)

    As soon as I saw Humberto, I tensed up lol. I thought I was about to read about her being smitten with him and then later reading about a brief relationship that felt like it could be the real thing but ended with her breaking his heart lol. I was like “NO, Mari!!! You will NOT make sweet Humberto one of your trysts!!! LEAVE HIM ALOOOOONE!” Love him or leave him LOL. Poor girl. She can’t catch a break from us. :-p I really do hope she finds real love and comes out of this destructive behavior soon. I don’t even know what your plans are for him in this story lol. I will only ship these two IF he will bring about positive change in her life. Otherwise, I do not approve this message lol.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I love this passionate little speech from you haha. I wish I could comment either way, but that would spoil everything! But I soooooo want to say something haha

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Mari ;-; She makes me sad. Now that I think about it, there hasn’t been any different drama for a couple parts, something is going to happen :O Also the piano dream seems a little random. And there was that guitarist. Hmm.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha the piano dream did come up a bit randomly 😛 But the passion the guitarist had for his music made her remember the passion SHE used to have for music too 🙂 That’s why it came up a little out of the blue hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hahahaha Diego is a dumb 19-year-old, just like Mari… Not much of an excuse, but there you go hahahaha 😛

    And yeah… Mari. Ugh. I still remember how hard this arc was to write. I’m glad that you recognize that this isn’t the “real” her. She’s so much better than this. But her mental health is so fragile and she’s coping in the worst possible ways. Ugh. 😦

    I won’t spoil things, but know that things will one day be better for her hahaha A lot of readers don’t like Mari because of her irrational behavior and how over-emotional she is (and you don’t have to either!). But I have always loved her and felt so sorry for her, even when she’s being ridiculous.

    Okay, sorry for an impassioned speech about my love for Mari hahahaha


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