2.20: Not Right

Okay, something’s definitely not right.

And I have no idea what to do about it.

I know I said I was looking too much into this whole thing, but… Now I’m not so sure.


It’s so hard to describe, but Mari’s just different. Irritable. Quick to anger. So defensive about everything… Every time we talk to her, it’s like rolling the dice. You never know if she’s gonna give you a smile or bite your head off.

02-01-16_10-15-18 PM

And even when she’s not being nasty to us, she’s still not herself. Everything she says, everything she does… It’s like she’s a million miles away or something. Just going through the motions. Like she’s on autopilot. Even in those rare moments where she’ll actually crack a smile, something’s just… wrong.

That’s not our Mari.


The only time she seems happy – Truly happy – is when I catch her coming or going from a night out with her friends. Have I mentioned she’s been doing that a lot lately?

Every. Single. Night.

I know, I know… I’m such a damn hypocrite. I mean God, how many nights did Jade and I go out when we were younger? But this is Mari. She’s never been into that sort of thing. Not until now.

Who the Hell are these “friends” she’s going out with?



What is she doing all night?



Why is she dressed like that?



I’ve tried talking to Jade about it, and she seems to think I’m overreacting. But I just can’t shake the feeling that there’s something really wrong here. How can I just sit by and not do anything about it?

But then, how can I do anything when I’m not even sure what the Hell’s going on?


27 thoughts on “2.20: Not Right

    1. Basically sims up Alex’s feelings hahaha. He’s watching his daughter “disappear”
      and be replaced by, well… A… Bitchy… Slutty… Person… (Wow, that’s so mean. I’m sorry I’m doing this to you, Mari! Hahaha) and yes, he was a cute one! 😛


    1. Yes, it’s so hard to feel like you’re watching someone change/go down a “bad” path without any real power to control it or help them. And I feel like it’s be even worse when it’s your own child! (Though my nieces are the closet thing I have to kids, so I don’t really have firsthand experience haha)

      And as for Jade, well… You’ll see soon what her thoughts are on all this. 😛

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  1. This is about to backfire sooner or later. When she meets the right person and her reputation is ruined. Poor poor Alex, good you have no idea what she’s doing. Your hair would turn grey prematurely.

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  2. Awwwwwwww, poor Alex. 😦 I really wanna hug him and comfort him and tell him it’ll be alright, that things will be okay…

    Though that’d probably be a lie, knowing you Citizen… XD 96% evil and loading…

    I really do hope that my previous assumption isn’t true and that she isn’t pregnant… I mean, I know the legacy must continue, but… Only with somebody who is important, Mari! I hope that she’s just being emotional right now… I hope…

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  3. I feel bad for Alex. He’s so worried about Mari.

    I love how you transition from color to black and white when Alex is wondering about Mari’s whereabouts.

    That last screenshot gave me a big scare because I know who that guy Mari is kissing! Joaquin! I’m like, “Joaquin and Mari? Oh…my…god!”

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  4. I have noticed something. She was so sweet and innocent in her teen days, a spitfire as a child, and a major skimpy partier as an YA. So. Many. Phases. But I like her new hair….get some more cloth to cover them extremities hon!

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    1. LOL!!!! Even during her teen days, Mari was something of a spitfire (I kinda tried to show that a bit with her little bouts of rage toward Natalia), Diego just really balanced her out. But very innocent for sure. And lots of phases haha. Mari has the hot-headed trait. I like playing it up a lot XD

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  5. I’m so attached to sims! I’m like, No, Mari, that isn’t good for you. This isn’t just sleeping around, this is negatively coping. It’s a freaking sim and I’m going all psycho-analysis.

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  6. I’m so sad to see Mari go through this. It’s so drastic and extreme and dangerous (if sims had diseases like Simorhea or Simydia lol) ok not funny, but awww I feel for her. Poor Alex, I know he feels so helpless.

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