2.11: Ewww!

Have you ever felt so unbelievably embarrassed that you just want to curl up into a ball and DIE?

Yeah. That’s me right now.

Mãe and dad sat me down today after school and they… Oh God, how do I even write this?

They talked to me.

About sex.

01-05-16_9-35-04 PM

Oh. My. God. Most awkward moment of my life. Seriously. Ugh!

What was the point of that whole thing anyway? We own a TV. I go to High School. It’s not like I don’t know everything there is to know about that sort of thing anyway…

Not that I have any first-hand experience, of course.

And they seemed REALLY interested in finding out if I did. Ew. As if I would even tell them about it if I did! No freaking way.

Anyway, Dad seemed relieved when I said no, at least. Mãe almost looked skeptical. Seriously? What kind of girl does she think I am? Like Natalia Jager? Or like SHE was at my age?

They like to pretend that I don’t know, but I do. I mean, I read dad’s journal back when I was a kid. And maybe I didn’t understand at the time… But now I do. WAY too clearly. Ewwww!

Ugh. I try not to think about it too much (or, y’know, at ALL). And I’m trying not to judge mãe TOO harshly… I mean, she and dad kinda explained to me her take on things earlier. And I guess I can kind of understand where she’s coming from, a little.

Of course, they didn’t say it was ‘her take’ or anything, but I knew it was. Just like I knew the romantic, lovey-dovey point-of-view was dad’s. They’re so predictable.

01-05-16_9-35-55 PM

But I guess the more I think about it, I think I’m kinda siding with dad on this one. I mean, I don’t even feel old enough or mature enough to… you know… with anyone yet. Not even Diego, no matter how much I love him. I’m just not ready.

And even if I was… Well, saving yourself for one person sounds nice. Maybe not all the way until MARRIAGE or anything, but… For a while. Maybe until you’re engaged or something? Or at least have been together for a couple years?

I dunno.

Guess I’m a romantic like dad.

I just hope Diego is too.

33 thoughts on “2.11: Ewww!

  1. The pictures in this!!! Priceless and hilarious! I’m kinda surprised at Mari—in a good way. Her, ummm, excitement about jumping into a relationship with Diego right away made me think she was kinda like a love-crazed teen—and she is. But she’s a love-crazed teen with a decent head on her shoulders. Nice!

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  2. OMG at least Alex wasn’t left holding the woohoo talk on his own, thank the SIMGODS or else the conversation would have been as follows…”…you see Mari, the boy has a baseball bat, and the girl…she has a mitt…and well see…the boy will swing his bat and hit his ball…err (ss)…and the ball will fall inside of the girls mitt, therefore scoring see..” ROFL

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  3. More more! I want more! And also, great chapter. I get this is an embarrassing conversation to have with your parents, of all the people in the world :p

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        1. Thank you so much ^_^ I love seeing D2D readers carry over to this story! Very different, of course. But I love this family and I love seeing what happens to Lucas’ descendants! 🙂 I appreciate you reading! Yay! 🙂

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    1. I decided to go traditional (but with alternating genders), so the heir is always the oldest child of the opposite sex of the previous heir. So it’s Mari 🙂


        1. Oh just you wait… Hahahaha 😛 And yeah, I decided to know the heirs from birth, because the heirs are gonna be the only ones who have journals, so I need to know who to have start writing! 🙂

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  4. I don’t know if you’re seeing any of my responses to your comments (I know you don’t have a WP account haha) but I feel like you should prepare yourself for what’s to come haha


    1. I love her expressions hehehe. By the way, I will warn you that you will soon be leaving the light and happy behind. This gen is where things get dramatic and then I never look back and let the thing become a Sim-Soap Opera 😛

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  5. Good girl, I just hoped she doesn’t feel pressured by Diego later on down the line. I keep thinking about that comment Natalia made to her about getting tested…..hmmmm😒. What does she know about Diego that Mari doesn’t?

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