2.10: Both Sides

Y’know, just when I thought I was finally getting this parenting thing down down, things had to go and get even more complicated.

Figures, right?

Last night we were getting ready for bed when Jade gave me this really weird look… Almost like she wanted to say something. So, of course, I made the mistake of asking.

First, she reminded me that Mari just turned sixteen.

“I know.” I told her.

Then, that she’s been with Diego for a few months now.

I felt my stomach drop.

And finally, that by the time she was Mari’s age, she’d already, well…

Oh God, why did I have to ask?

01-05-16_6-28-40 PM

It’s not like we’ve never talked to Mari about sex before. I mean, she knows the mechanics of it all. We made sure of that as soon as puberty hit.

But this was different.

I always knew this would come up someday. And I knew it was a conversation that wouldn’t be easy. Let’s just say Jade and I come from, uh… different places when it comes to that sort of thing.

01-05-16_6-42-39 PM

Growing up, my family’s values were always pretty ‘traditional’, I guess. I mean, my mom did have my sister two years before she and dad were married… But still. My parents always taught me that sex was special. Intimate. Meaningful. Something you should save for someone you love. Really love.

And that’s what I’d always planned on telling my children.

But when I told Jade that last night, she just smiled.

“You’re such a romantic, meu amor.”

We talked for a long time then. And… it was pretty uncomfortable. For both of us. I guess this is the sort of conversation we should have had a long time ago, huh?

01-05-16_6-44-33 PM

If I’m being honest, it almost bothered me to hear the way she talked about it. Like it’s just some fun little leisure activity. Jade and I have been together for over twenty years. What about the countless times we’ve made love? Did that mean nothing too?

She assured me it did, of course. “Sex can be special.” She promised. “But… only if the person you’re doing it with is, too.”

And… I guess the more I think about it, I can see where she’s coming from, much as I hate to admit it… But should you even be sleeping with someone who means nothing to you in the first place? Is that really what we want to teach our girls?

In the end, it was Jade who came up with our compromise.

“We’ll explain both sides.” She suggested. “And let her decide for herself.”

And of course, I agreed. What other choice do we have?

01-05-16_6-46-04 PM

Mari’s a smart girl. She knows what’s best for her. And, no matter what she chooses, we just want her to be happy… And safe, too. That’s one thing we can agree on.

Of course, once we’d worked it all out, Jade took it upon herself to, uh, remind me just how good we have it. The love, the intimacy… and the fun too. Lots of it.

01-05-16_6-47-41 PM

Best of both worlds, I guess. And that’s what I want for Mari too, someday.

Like maybe when she’s 30. Or 40.

I know, I know, I know. But… A dad can dream, right?


24 thoughts on “2.10: Both Sides

  1. This is such an awkward conversation to have period, let alone when both sides of the fence have such differing perspectives eeek. ::hands Mari a sex ed manual and runs away::

    Liked by 4 people

    1. LOL!!! I couldn’t resist exploring this topic, since Alex and Jade do come from such different places on the subject haha. But yes, awkward for everyone involved!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I couldn’t resist touching upon this subject, especially given Jade’s perspective and past experience with sex haha. But I don’t anticipate doing this every generation.

          Liked by 2 people

    1. I know CitizenErased and I talked about this a while ago but think of the llama herps, and the bunnareah, she doesn’t know where her boyfriend has been… and simgods only know how to cure that crap.

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  2. This is kind of random, but I’m curious as to why Alex would put this in his journal, lol. I mean if Mari found it then I think it would be pretty easy for anyone to find :p Hehe, I couldn’t really think of what to comment on this part so I just went for that XD Just curious though, what made you want to write this part? 🙂


    1. Well, Alex is much more trusting of his older two girls, and has learned to hide his journal much better for Gabriela haha so I think he’s not as concerned about it happening again.

      There are two answers to why I wrote this part. One is because I think the Jade/Alex thing was interesting to come back to, since we know they both have such different POVs about sex, and would also have different ways of wanting to present it to their daughter. It seemed like a realistic bit of plot that would come up in a real family’s life 🙂

      The other reason I need to be vague about because of spoilers haha. This chapter leads into a special chapter next time that gives readers more insight into Jade and Alex’s relationship, so the connection there is necessary. And Mari’s decision of what she wants to do (in terms of sex) after getting this talk from her parents will have a bit of influence in future plot events, so this chapter is helping to set up for that as well.


  3. Lol
    I never had “The Talk” and my school didn’t have sex-ed. You’re just kind of thrown into the world and figure it out as you go 😛
    Mari does seem a little reckless… hmmm… I’m intrigued, but I said I’d only read until 2.10 for now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha good, go do your work! 😛 And wow, you really were just kinda thrown into it on your own I guess XD I bet Mari wishes she was too 😛


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