2.7: World War III

I guess I should have known this would happen eventually.

Bjorn tried to warn me. And I mean, he’s got two daughters of his own, so he must know what he’s talking about…

Anyway, today our house officially turned into World War III.

Mari and Lina have always had their little bouts of bickering… But this was different. Yelling, screaming… I’m pretty sure Mariana was about to throw a punch before Jade and I stepped in there. The whole thing’s pretty damn ridiculous, to be honest.

And it was all about some dumb old journal, just like this one. Can you believe it?

Anyway, Jade got the easy job this time around. Lina’s always taken punishment pretty well, I must say. Not that she gets in trouble that often. That’s usually Mari’s area of expertise…


And that’s where I came in. Guess I drew the short straw this time. Mari threw such a huge fit when we told her we were taking her diary away. Called me a hypocrite and everything! Now where the Hell did she learn a word like that?


Anyway, I felt bad about it. I really did. But… I really don’t think she’s mature enough to handle it right now. And neither is her sister. Jade and I took a look, and she really did say some pretty harsh things about Lina in there. And some of the kids at school. And even me and Jade sometimes.

And I totally get it. I mean, who doesn’t get pissed off sometimes? But she’s gotta realize that you need to be careful with what you write down, no matter how angry you’re feeling – because someone can always find a way to read it, no matter how hard you try.


And Lina, well… She’s gotta learn to respect boundaries. She tried to pull the sweet and innocent act on Jade, but she knew exactly what she was doing.

God, this whole situation just sounds awful, doesn’t it? I guess Jade and I aren’t up for any ‘Parent of the Year’ awards anytime soon… We try so hard. We really do. But sometimes it’s not easy.

I never even realized Mari was keeping a diary, to be honest. Guess she swiped one of my old notebooks when I wasn’t paying attention. And honestly? If she’d asked, I probably would have let her taken it. How could I have known a little journal would cause so much grief?


Anyway, we made it through this little bump in the road easily enough… But I’m kinda terrified right now… Something tells me things will only get worse from here. I mean, the girls haven’t even hit puberty yet.

Oh God, can you imagine?




38 thoughts on “2.7: World War III

  1. I’m both amused and horrified at the same time! xD Ah, the woes of parenting headstrong and fiery girls! Alex and Jade are doing a fine job, all things considered…they shouldn’t be too hard on themselves! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Awwwww, poor Alex. 😦 *huggles for him* However, I think they’re doing a great job as parents. 🙂 Just imagine what comes during puberty… I’m kind of thinking that they’re gonna be complete opposites… XD But maybe not. :3

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  3. Loved the chapter, per usual 😀

    But…hrm dear Alex, I don’t think taking Mari’s notebook was the right thing to do. It’s much much better for her to write the things then say them out loud. Particularly in this situation since she’d expected no one to read it. Kids need to vent! And believe me, it’s a lot better on paper hidden under a bed, then out of a pissed off little kid’s mouth or fist.

    This isn’t criticism, Citizen! I love your legacy, I’m just talking to Alex lol XD

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    1. Hahaha no worries! Honestly I just needed an excuse for the time jump for Mari going from a child to a teen, so I decided if she got her diary taken away and couldn’t write, that would be the excuse for not seeing her in those in-between years hehehe.

      But yeah, like Alex said, he and Jade aren’t perfect, but they are trying! XD

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  4. Drama with the Rosebrooks. Welcome to Drama with the Rosebrooks, where Mari and Lina are fighting 24/7 and Jade and Alex fight to stop the fighting. Tune into Drama with the Rosebrooks every day at 12 PM Sim Time, only on the CitizenErased14 Network

    Loved this chapter! I knew that there would be drama coming! :O

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  5. Haha, for a moment when I read the title I thought you worked in a Literal Sim-World War into the story. I mean these type of fights can get pretty bad too. I thought you might had Alex switch to a Military career, then I remembered without CC The Sims 4 doesn’t really have a Military career anymore.

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    1. Hahahaha yeah, no literal world wars happening 😉 Thank you for reading, by the way! I think I recognize your name from D2D. ^_^


  6. Ahhhh girls. My sister and I weren’t super bad, but when there’s that awkward age gap between child/tween tween/teen it can be rough. I bet they’ll be best buds in the future, though ❤

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  7. I think Alex and Jade are doing a pretty good job of raising the girls but sisters will be sisters. They are definitely in for some more bumpy roads as the girls grow up but as long as they maintain a “United Front” (that’s what my husband and I call it) they will be just fine 👌🏽

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      1. Oh my gosh! I’m so nervous as I read every chapter now or should I say paranoid lol. I’m trying to prepare myself for the worst as I still enjoy the fantasy that they will apparently be stripped from. Why do I hear an evil laugh in the background lol

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